Thursday, 11 October 2012

THE PLAN make viral if you care

If we do not take the initiative: then we are dead, globally. I know in my heart that I am a good person. Therefore I grant myself empowerment and authority to take the initiative. We have to sort this planet out or we are fucked. There are 2 stages to this plan. 1) AGREE ON END GOAL. Without unified consent it is *working plan (in development)* that "end goal" is 'maintain self-sufficient lifestyle for the 3rd generation' - that is as far as we can dare to dream right now given the situation of planet earth, being owned by corporate mistakes. Removal of corporation from the equation will take some doing, so we bypass that and work on step 2. 2) FIGURE OUT A STEP-BY-STEP PLAN OF HOW TO ACHIEVE 1 And that is all we have to do!!!! WHY IS IT SO GODDAMN DIFFICULT THEN TO ACHIEVE IT? stop moaning, stay positive, stay focused: a) Identify the ENEMY of (1) is "corporate mistake" & the lifestyle it requires. b) ensure 3rd generation have clean air, water, food, by planting trees and creating 'eden on earth' and by teaching our kids to do the same. c) repeat (b) - thats ALL we have to do. The rest of it is cultural distinction, word-of-mouth, storytelling the histories that become the myths that teach our great-grandkids. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE recap: plant, and teach the kids to plant, to develop a sustainable culture. We will not have supermarkets, petrol, etc in the future. The survivors are those who get self-reliant, AS WE WERE IN UK IN THE 1950s!!! self-responsibility is the key-phrase for cultural transition. Ironically this CAN ONLY happen in community projects. The only way out of todays cruel, limiting, prison-system, of corporate greed and consumer slavery, is COMMUNITY and ECOLOGY. recap: PLANT - COMMUNITY - ECOLOGY = sustainability. and: "Self-Responsibility within Community!" Our planetary wisdom keepers taught us to "live for the 7th generation": WE are the crisis generation. The best we can hope to achieve is to prepare the 3rd generation. DO IT OR DOOM. It doesn't matter who you were, what you did; from NOW onward, this philosophy is all that matters. Anything else is doom, and survivors have no time for doom. And that's it. Be aware that nettles, dandelions etc provide more energy than cultivated crops, and they survive slugs, what this means is the future generations will have stone-age diets, and they will be healthier than us, and they will not require so much effort gardening to do so. What we can loving ly gift them with, is fruit crops, beautiful environments, etc. OK right my next step is to create grafitti stencils that say "tree here" and go to town on the pavements with some green spray-paint. It might be criminal damage but the deforestation of the rainforests are depleting the atmosphere of oxygen so fast that it really doesn't matter if a few people get the hint.and: make our own hand-collected seed-banks because 5 years from now, organic seed will be rare and monster monsanto GM bad-for-you seeds will be everywhere. Collect and plant and cultivate our own seed banks. This is SURVIVAL NECESSITY at this time in history. first published on facebook 11.6.2012

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