Thursday, 11 October 2012


It has taken me years of study, practise, observation, to detach from mind and even now I get caught up in it. 1 thought stream gives an opinion or command and I act on it. 2 thought stream gives an opinion or command and I detach and question it which pharmacy doctors call schizophrenia. 3 thoughtstream gives opinion or command and I detach and converse with it, through which means I learned telepathy and to an extent spirit medium which comes of 2 forms; one is discourse as in talking with another, and one is a type of possession whereby the spirit uses parts of my brain and body to think with so as to give me information channelled through me. Thought is the voice the phrase the eye where thoughtstream is the cone that opens out when you enter that harmonic, the tail of the eye. Before thought is hiss tone, it translates to thought when given form by the translation faculty of the mind. These thoughtstreams are conscious, self aware that's how I identified them as being minds, spirits of the living or the dead. I suffer picking up on my neighbours thoughts all the time. Solid thought is a judgement call. Observational thought is the texture of the soul, electric waveforms amplified through the bodies water. What we must beware of is other people 'gridding' us by placing a helix on us that shapes our thoughts to a specific structure. This makes zombies and this is why zen teach no-mind. Only no-mind can identify all the layers of grids we suffer because we have malfunctioned in our evolution due to reptilian adaptation of our dna when they 'gave us their minds' (don juan matus) to make us easier to infest with them acting as avatar to our host bodies. It is how they invade our species, our dominion, from outside of mass-time in what we often call 'another dimension'. They perpetuate negative perceptions and acts because they syphon the energy created by it. This is a different type of thoughtstream to use of mind to access the Imaginal. Very often the mental synaptic circuit for these types of thinking overlap. 4. Imaginal. Creative. Drawing forth vision from Dreamings. Every Dreaming is its own stream. first published on facebook 20.7.2012

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