Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ripple & Vortex

"time" and complexity increase as the energy progresses out from the core. (In Hebrew this is written as; 'the most beautiful light emanates from the source', or in mistranslation, 'lucifer was cast out of heaven') The development phases stabilizes at harmonics within the system. The phases between the harmonics. I identify 3 types; self-contained/closed terminus, self-perpetuating, and infinite expanding (in which X axis becomes Y axis) (see next diagram). Source energy flows in waves through the system from the core. time = matter = vibrational energy measurable as frequency Depictions of this knowledge have been carved into stone and remembered throughout many different cultures all over the world by the wordl 'amen' = 'aum' = 'ogham' = 'ohm' and the word 'chi' = 'xi' = 'qi' = 'ka' although different concepts and contexts are involved at different levels of application.
first published on facebook 8.10.2012

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