Thursday, 11 October 2012

Heights & Insights

Imagine, you are half as tall again. You have 2 problems. The first is factual and the second is an analogy. Firstly, everything of human society is too small for you, so you feel that you cannot fit into human society. Secondly, you can see the top of peoples heads and what you see is that 9/10ths of them have holes in the top of their heads. Not only this but none of them believe you about it. Of the 1/10th who do not have holes in their heads, some believe it is a possibility. Only a very small minority of the population dare to believe in you. So you are removed from humanity not only by physical difference but also because of it, you observe a truth that most people willfully cannot accept. This is what it is like to see auras. To see auras is a matter of using the mind in a different way. To see auras is to see from the heart and allow the cerebral cortex and visionary or imaginal ability to put shape to the feelings, shape and colour. Rather than to use the mind to regurgitate streams of programmed symbols. The difference between stream-of-consciousness thoughts as verbal, and open-streamed real-time empathic intuition. People who use only blah, for example liars and in-the-box thinkers, whose mentation is not unique thought but zombi-reflex; these people are transparent to the functioning ones. However their abilities being based on persuasion and delusion, they can very often be strong in the dominating art of using their self-belief syndrome to control the perceptions of the empaths. It is a problem faced in society that locked-mind thinkers also shut down flowing-minds merely by sharing energy with them. It creates an environment of tension where the open-minded ones live in fear of the closed-mind ones who cannot accept nor comprehend what it is to be an open-mind. They perceive it as an error whereas the open-minds perceive them as an error. The difference is the opens seek to open or avoid the closed whereas the closed seek to close the opens. That minds naturally open given the proper healthy conditions is a factor the closed minds need to consider. Humans are designed to open; we are like flowers, affected by weather and seasonal cycles. The healthier we are, the higher we grow. first published in facebook 9.10.2012

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