Thursday, 11 October 2012

On Lies

If you lie to a person; 1) you disrespect them and if they knew that you disrespect them, they would probably think less of you. 2) if they believe you, they are gullible and stupid. This might give you a feeling of superiority, but; see 1 and consider that your false sense of superiority over people you do not respect will dissolve when they wake up to recognize the truth of the situation. 3) if you know that they are gullible and stupid, why bother talking with them and listening to their advice? 4) if you recognize a person as a liar, why bother listening to their advice? Point 3) can be answered thus; ulterior motive to use person (who you disrespect) for something they have that you have not. Summarized; for further manipulation. This behaviour strategy is evidently that of a textbook sociopath. Lying therefore is considered to be sociopathic behaviour. Once a liar has been identified, DO NOT TRUST THEM. The problem that decent honorable people have is that sociopaths do not give a crap about their being sociopaths. When a sociopath has been identified, avoid them and alienate them from your society; it is our best defense against them. They will not heal until they see the error of their ways and convert to being honorable truthful people. A sociopath who is concerned about their own status as a sociopath is on the way to recovery and is not a full sociopath although the sociopathic-ego/higher-self switch is a split-persona factor that is characteristic of sociopathic behaviour. The correct answer is to detach from their power-control game. Apologies and explanations may eventually regain their favour but remember; DO NOT TRUST KNOWN LIARS AND SOCIOPATHS. They have a LOT to prove before they are deemed safe. Forgive but never forget. Hard evidence is required before allegations should be taken seriously as the reality. Hearsay is libel/slander and conspiracy with acquiescence to libelous/slanderous hearsay is a signifier of gullibility and stupidity. See 2. Hate campaigns are NEVER the best way to deal with any situation. Harbouring Hate is a sickness. Acting on Hate is an error. Your feelings about and toward a person are your own to govern and have nothing to do with the truth of that persons reality, whether they are honest, sane, lying or sociopathic. HEALING is the intent for ALL parties; this is always from LOVE and never from Hate. first published on facebook 20.5.2012

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