Thursday, 11 October 2012

the Hive Mind, ch23 Freedom, by Veronica: otf Chapman

Chapter 23 The Hive Mind We must get out of the habit of falling into 'the Hive Mind Trap' constantly and consistently. Almost, it seems, with every breath we take. Perhaps one of the best ways of expressing the Hive Mind is by example. When asked; "Why do you do that?", a Hived Mind response is: "It's what we do now. That's the way we do it." End of story. End of conversation. End of discussion. End of argument. No... it's not the end of the discussion! Nothing like! The original question is not answered by that response. However, it is generally the only answer you'll get from some Organic Robot who has a Hive Mind. In other words thats a Hive Mind answer. But there are also Hive mind questions. For example: "How can we do this officially?", is that kind of question. The question should have been: "What's the best way to do this honorably?" I mean, what has 'officially' got to do with anything? The Hive Mind is ingrained into our psyche due to the indoctrination we suffer during childhood. It comes from our parents and schooling. It comes from these sources because they were similarly indoctrinated - as opposed to being properly educated - during their own childhoods. "What would the neighbours think?" was a perennial favourite of my own mother. I used to tell her; "I don't give a shit what they think. That's their problem, not mine." (I can only presume I was born a rebel). I hated school... due to its Hive mind attitude. Although I couldn't put my finger on it at the time. I just knew it was all wrong 'somehow'. A builder can make a house. A house cannot make a builder. The builder is 'above' the house. A Human Being can make a Law. The Law cannot make a Human Being. The Human Being is 'above' the Law. It has to be that way. And the Law has already been made. Centuries ago. Although there were attempts beforehand, a major boost, to codify it properly, occurred in 1215. When we are in Hive Mind mode we are not 'above' anything. Our mentality is 'below' the situation. We are looking upwards, and wondering: "How to do this officially?" We are looking for 'guidance from above'. The correct attitude is to use our Common Sense, and to take an honorable course of action. Then our mentality is right where it should be: Above the situation at hand. I'm often told that many people want 'to be led'. This argument can - to some extent - be countered by wondering whether or not their childhood indoctrination has left them in that state? And whether or not, if they had been educated instead of indoctrinated during that period of their lives, perhaps they would not let the government (and its propaganda arm, called 'the Media') do all their thinking for them.? But I'm obviously out on a limb with that answer. Simply because I'm unable to prove it, of course. My Common Sense tells me... but that's all. But my Common Sense also tells me that - even if the vast majority would not want me to be led by the nose had they been properly educated - then there is still the possibility that some would want it that way. Ok. Fine. Let them be sheep, and led by the nose - by some nannying Big Brother style Government. But don't include me in that, sunshine! Because i don't accept being treated as a 'lowest common denominator'. And, i believe, there are millions of us who object to being treated like that. And we have a voice. And that's what this book is all about.

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