Thursday, 11 October 2012

tarot of gothic anima

I was amazed to find this picture, by random coincidence because if you look at the next picture, previously uploaded, its like the next card from a tarot series, the images relate. This would be 4 or 5 of Crows, the next one is 5 or 6 of cats... and they both wear the same top hat, and the story they tell together... uncanny first published on facebook 1.2.2012
lol gothic voodoo, i didnt make this - but im making the hat as we speak :) apart from dying it black, and adding rishi beads and bindu rings and a scarf thing, I has finished making the hat :) i made a video because my camera doesnt work, the dang thing wont upload :( its not that good I need to hide it with black dye!/video/video.php?v=314861431884036 voodoo goth hat (undyed) work in progress based on; the story continues... Dylon velvet black (shouldn't all black be velvet?) instructions, add 250g (5 tbsp) salt. Okay so far, except for when I weigh the salt, I have a pile the size of a pumpkin measuring 250g which is a LOT more than 5tbsp. Anybody with expert advice please? my mam is a retired fashion lecturer, she told me; "you cannot use too much salt in dye" so, a whole pot 350grams it is then, apology to limited planetary resources but as the man says in Sparklehorse album Good Morning Spider; "You are worth hundreds of sparrows" I guess that binding the powa of raw natural minerals into my voodoo hat is worth it. *busy grinding pessle&mortar rock salt into dust* - and catching the remains of the Protection elements involved in Rowans Road Opener Powder (equal parts allspice clove bay cinnamon) in it from my last use of the grinder... Leanne "Watt What is this ?" Joy Freeman "it is what it is" Leanne Watt "ok." this is a tarot, the card 5 of Cats and 6 of Cats; the difference between the mourning loss of the past that is 5 cards, turns into the Gain of position and wealth, that is 6 cards. The key, is that the querent, here represented by the guy in the hat, has accepted Self ; the transition. So you can see why there are death & rebirth symbols in these cards. Cats of course, are what cats are. I was taught by an arabic tarot scholar how to read the cards; the skull placed around the guys crotch and the cats, symbolize sexual death the green candles and the soul-fire in confusion/mesme of the cats eyes, Life in transition, the heart shifting. The twin rings, the twin candles in pairs, its about relationships, the twin pins beneath a single dream-feather of law (maat) is the outcome, if he follows his dream. 2 of the cats face the viewer, so they are Balance and they draw you in. Feline energies here. There is a host more information... All the imagery spirals around and centers on his Heart. Thats what is missing. He looks at the black death feather not the gold dream feather. The decision he is to make changes the world for him. He reconnects and then he becomes the Light. The 5 of flames is the 6 of flames if you include the gold feather as the 6th; the dream of the heart. It is a very empowering card. Good cartouche are easy to read because the symbolism backs itself up on several layers, and once you know the key, all of the symbols verify that. (ok so maybe the cats souls are flames too, the story here hides several cards, all wrapped up in the context of the Hope of the moment, found from following the dream of Renewal) He is connecting or reconnecting to his emotions, soul-searching, getting over Loss, currently he is dwelling in misery but that will pass and he will be stronger for it. When he shuts his umbrella, black with gold handle; he will have a handle on it and the storm-in-his-being will pass. I am using the cats to understand the rest of this sequence; many pairs and it is therefore about relationships, this card is crucial, the nexus between 5 and 6 in a ten card suit is important. Whatever he decides here, will be the path of transition from sorrow to abundance (5 to 6). He gets over himself, it is ego death. Relationships, therefore he gets over his ex partner. Cats, it was a sexy relationship but he reconnects to this and becomes again a sexual being, mastering the power that is currently dead (skull in his hand). 4 of Candles (cats fire); represents the brightness of the world (4 cardinal directions) but notice how all these cats have come in and split the world into 2, which is dualistic; 2 cats eyes going up, 2 cats eyes coming down. It means both he and his ex have split, it means also about Balance being an issue here. The 3 card of the suit of cats is the trinity which means stability; cats looking away from us, seeing the back of them - so we can be sure that his stable relationship is gone for good. 2 card, is the 2 cats looking toward us, both of which are mesmerizing with their spiraling eyes, he and his ex were hypnotized by each other, she had a big impact on him obviously. 1 card, himself, the Fool, the Ace. Where he goes from here toward abundance and beyond, the 7, 8, 9, 10 series... ? it is left entirely in the dark with the Hope of Dream, and a pack of cats, to guide him. All of that is contained in the green; there is a window behind him, leading out of this gloom. It is come at a very appropriate time in my life because it describes my life at present time. He is threadbare but dignified, I like that. First published on facebook 26.1.2012

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