Thursday, 11 October 2012


The problem I have is with this: what girls call 'men' is guys who will take them so they can feel the control over the guys lust and also control them afterward by calling it rape. Women just go for mutual pleasure because they know its better than control games. I have known fifty year old girls and fifteen year old women based on that premis. I am addressing this issue between us because it exists between us and I'm adult enough to tell you after all we've been through. And because its safe for me to as thankfully you have a new partner to figure it out with so I don't have to get my hands dirty. What I need and am looking for is mutual pleasure, not control games. It does not mean that I'm inferior because I won't take you. I've taken girls in the past and those have turned out to be the sweetest, deepest relationships I've had. That I'm bothering to tell you this is hopeful that someday we might get it right. I do not believe in mixing emotional punishment with pleasure. Sorry its taken me so long to be so clear about this. I had to stop being attracted to you in the wrong way before I could find the words. Smiles i am not by nature promiscuous. i have always been monogamous. i am seeking 'the one' to settle down with. for the last 20 years all 4 of my 'stable' relationships have been split up by the elders playing their control games. i have turned my back on the elders because they are not supportive. First published on facebook 2.7.2012

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