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the Western Situation 2012

THE WESTERN SITUATION 2012 “You should not only look at the letter of the law, but at the spirit of the law.” Chief Justice Beresford I am writing and posting this as I invite the insight of other well-informed people to discuss this matter and to check if I have got it right. My understanding, as overview, of The Western Situation, having read; A: recent legal system changes in the USA, B: UK constitution & its history C: laws and customs of other relevant nations & peoples. Currently, 40 of the 52 United States of America (53 if you include Australia, as do many Australians) have declared Sovereignty and therefore independence from the USA corporation currently figure-headed by Obama. They have done this to disassociate themselves from the illegal and amoral warmongering occurring because of USA Inc. policies. These states legal and lawful ability to declare themselves as sovereign stems from an event 200 years of history ago, during which time it has been assumed that the USA are independent from UK. The War of Independence and the assertion of the Constitutional Charter of America and Bill of Rights as USA law. This has been repeatedly violated by the illegal USA Inc. policies, not only during Obamas term in office but also by prior presidents of the corporation working to the same agenda. “The USA Constitution IS the USA” and by the same rational; “The UK Constitution IS the UK” In summary; breach of these Constitutions is Treason. What allows the UK Law of Sovereignty apply in&to the USA is recognition of the UK Constitution, which was the Law of the Waters predating the American Civil War of Independence that resulted in the USA Constitution. A technicality is that in accordance with the UK script, the USA script is illegal. A war was fought over it 200 years ago and the American Independence won. The UK did not retaliate by forcing the USA to be a vassal state; an easy peace between the nations was and is preferred. Both groups denied the indigenous American (“Mayana”) civilization any rights whatsoever. No recognition was made of the indigenous people laws and they were tricked & forced into making contracts that were not recognized by their own indigenous laws. Some lands rights were granted to the indigenous peoples (the Reserves), however these were also largely ignored by the colonists. I would like very much at this time to assert my own personal opinion that the European colonial settlers involved in the USA are interlopers, conquerors and by lawful, natural rights should do everything they can to make apology and reparations to the indigenous Mayan Indians of the northern continent of America, whose rightful land has been stolen and whose rightful laws have been violated, for the duration of the conquest. Recognition of Sovereignty should be applied to the indigenous peoples. The interesting and as yet unresolved issue of American Land Rights is that the indigenous American peoples law regarding land rights is aboriginal; that nobody can own the land because Nature owns the land, and that is the Law. It is the same scenario with indigenous Australian aboriginals. Should any such maps of tribal territories predating colonization be passed through USA legal system, one can assume that a case can be made for 200 years of back rent to be repaid the indigenous peoples. While ethically it would require an equal number of both respective bloodlines, or those of mixed descent, to sit in council for such Hearing; the current existing system does not seem to fairly nor accurately represent the relevant parties. Recognition of Sovereignty is recognition of the 800 year old Laws of England as encapsulated in the Magna Carta of 1215. It is the foundation of UK Statute (written) law. This document was in 2011 used as the basis for the Icelandic Political Reformation. Needless to say that it is still recognized internationally as a very valuable and valid core rulebook for Law. Currently in the UK there is in full swing a Lawful Rebellion as provided by the Magna Carta for when a governmental political system becomes imbalanced, unjust and in a word; corrupt. It is not the first time that this has happened in the UK and the basis of Law as established by the Magna Carta is called upon for resolution. Lawful Rebellion in the UK at this time largely incites the Treason committed by the residing monarch and parliament with contract to foreign law (Europe and Rome) that stands against and are crimes in accordance with the UK Constitution. My grandparents fought in wars to protect the Constitution from the agenda of tyranny. Compiling this document is a necessary act of raising awareness to the real situation and the living history that we are a part of. “The principle strength of our English Constitution is trial by a jury by our equals.” Laymans Guide to the English Constitution by Albert Burgess. Also in UK at this time is a growing call for Islamic Sharia law to be passed officially as it is widely practiced by UK Moslems, whose origin of continental India is also protected by UK Sovereignty because the UK conquered Indian lands during the Raj and enforced contractual agreement upon the indigenous population. The UK monarch is the Indian monarch. To the observer it seems that Sharia Law is seldom practiced in real life as it was intended when written down. It is mostly a guide for peaceful co-existence within communities, giving examples for a stone-age culture. Sovereignty stems to upholding the natural Common Law of our Ancestors, also called the Law of the Land. This is differentiated from a Statute (governmental) law (legal) in that it is the creed that our ancestors lived by, and is not written down. Legislation is that which is written down and applies to corporations, for example your NI number, and not to flesh and blood living beings (without consent). In the UK the Common Law is as follows: Do not Steal. Do not Lie, Do not use Trickery, Keep the peace. I have as yet to ascertain precisely the aforementioned non-UK indigenous peoples equivalents of the UK Common Law of Ancestors. From my research I have identified that it varies between nations, and that it most certainly exists for most if not all of the groups I have mentioned here! In UK we have the Rule of Law; that unjust Laws are not Laws. “Law is that which is right.” Chief justice Stonor, 14th Century “We will not and cannot change the ancient usages.” Judge Hilary, 14th Century “No Foreign Prince, Person, State or Potentate, hath or ought to have any Power, Jurisdiction, Superiority, Supremacy, or Authority, Ecclesiastical or Spiritual in this Realm.” Act of Supremacy 1559 These maxims are as valid today as they were during previous centuries. [1] “We have also granted to all free men of our kingdom, for ourselves and our heirs for ever, all the liberties written below, to be had and held by them and their heirs, of us and our heirs for ever.” Magna Carta 1215 For Ever. Cannot be revoked. “Each and every time a king has been removed or had his ways changed, the reason is because he has tried to rule outside the law – Alfred’s Laws of England” Laymans Guide to the English Constitution by Albert Burgess. first published on facebook 13.8.2012

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