Saturday, 2 January 2016



i tune to you and i feel your hate
memes picked up because you are late
for the deadline pressure stress
trying to survive in a culture of compress
they took your soul they took you out
the boyfriend you got now
light relief and someone to control
like the organisation structure is all about control
eking out your payment so you can pay your bills
when you get any spare you blow it on thrills
then its gone again and another week
of more of the same
and yourself to blame
because your will is so weak
you crave that peak of emotional release
i tune to you and you feel depressed
i tune to you and you feel obsessed
its the sickness of your job and not your fault at all
i know that and i know you
needing a break with months to wait
before that one free day to contemplate
this ain’t working for you and it ain’t working for me
it ain’t working for society
so you disappear before you break
could be coming my way and its not too late
hassle and pressure from an internet friend
not got resources to download and
it won’t ever end
until we break the chain by walking away
from energising a system that is in decay
black hole horizon pulling us down
we tried it awhile, thinking we could win
saving doesn’t work so our dream is spin
meanwhile what they call reality
bleeds us to the bone
when we crash and burn with our hopes disarrayed
they cut off our supplies because we still ain’t paid
the only species who owes to be alive
the only species who owes to be alive
how can we thrive
and we need to meet
how can we drive when we need to eat
leave the human race
join the human chill
change your name and fuck off all their bills
everyone too scared to arrange the day
when we all do it together
and take our week of play
because we have the resources and we have the desire
we have the numbers and we harness our fires
surviving as a species means taking the leap
I give you the date
that's how long we have to make our dreams come true
replace the system from the inside out
by agreeing all together on the better way to
we make a backup and its the human one
burn the deeds and castles
acting all as one
all across the globe
all across the globe
we have the furs and food
we can plant enough food
going back to basics
no more cars and gold
everyone agreed
fuck off all the greed
collect our seeds and
fulfill our human needs
stop feeding the machine
live your dream
stone age 21st century
survivalism is clean
you are afraid and you are repressed
so this poem gets us nowhere except under arrest
and ten years from now when they take away your rights
you won’t even put up a fight
you prefer to watch tv and meet disposable fucks for free
feeling alive temporarily
is not awakening
and that's the path we choose
as a global species
walking in our shoes
over the edge
remember when it comes
that it didn’t come for you

lyrics ©2016 snakeappletree

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