Sunday, 31 January 2016

Black Cube


This blog has been released today simply because it is part of a trilogy of blogs which need posting during January to open this window. It is not 'finished', I have a lot to add and finish editing it. I have a backlog of work which I hope to clear ASAP by working my ass off through the long night.

David Icke The Saturn Moon Matrix Exposed

@ 25.30 relates directly to: 
Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 - The Power of Three 

Black Portal & Alien Cube UFO Over Texas! 6/29/2015

We exist within a singularity which has been slowed down to create a grid of linear time. We are attempting to leave it because we experience it as a prison. The thing has been done on purpose; not to trap us here but to protect us, to give us time to figure out how to escape, what happens next, after we leave the grid. Were we to alter the harmonic and change the grid, we would experience a shocking change in the physics we are used to. The mayans who are experts in time, explain a prophecy; that after the 5th Age, the Age of Itza (urban living, characterized by love, anger and the fertility these things bring - the base chakra issues) we will enter the 6th Age, where we will experience 'being and seeing things as they truly are'. That obviously is when the veil will lift, when the grid will dissolve because we will be energetically, mentally, emotionally, capable of dealing with it by then. Individuals who achieve that readiness may leave the grid sooner. Meanwhile we reincarnate, again and again re-living the same lesson whilst a slow progress of linear time and its cultural-social achievements play out toward whatever end. It is something we have to go through and it does take time. Anger will not help us much. Patience will. This has been done for a reason - it gives us preparedness to leave the system, before the collapse of the grids. Because after the collapse of the grids, an event occurs which we are not yet ready to face. We have to accept the system we are in even as we discover methods to leave it. This journey is necessary as a teaching to ready us to leave it. Slowly awakening to what is really happening here is necessary, we currently are going through the shift from a lower density vibration toward a higher one, the next step, a time of awakening to the next level of consiousness integrating time as we experience it for what it is. Because of our imprisonment within the tesseract (a 4th dimensional hypercube) other things have become apparent to us, explorations of other realms of potential which we also need to integrate to prepare us for the ultimate end result of leaving the grid, when the time is right. When it collapses, so too do we, unless we can attain high enough vibrational density. The system which appears at first to trap us is in fact there to help us evolve. For example, we react to fire by drawing our burnt fingers back in shock and hating it. Only after a lot more development can we harness it and use it as our tool. That we are a young species is an understatement

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30.1.2016  yup, it's one of those days

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