Friday, 29 January 2016

The Reptile Thinks

I have three highly important questions;

1. Are we involved in a psy-op, where the Sinander virus is spreading between us, correlating perfectly to timed planned agenda? 

Please take into account that both Nina and myself have previously been involved with the same Monarch based Mind Control experiments involving high-level attuning which require outside-of-public-accepted-consciousness to comprehend.

2. Or is it real? 

3. Can we trust our experiences at face value?

This is an example of WHY the Reptilians "gave us their Mind" (Yaqui Nagual Don Matus from Carlos Casteneda) - to get us questioning and double-guessing assumptions which lead us to be sheep in some advanced scheme. It is not simply paranoia and programming. It is also training; primarily in how to function with no secure ground beneath our feet, metaphorically speaking. I sincerely believe that adapting to such a situation is a necessary part of our species evolution so as not to become easily deluded by energy-vampirical Control Games.

I do not have an answer to any of these questions. I want to answer YES to question 2. If the encoding is deeper than my instincts then the core-connection can easily be subverted. This is a problem. Nevertheless it does not debase that the Golden Heart Technique does work in blocking out all alternate confusions. This is the Riddle of Siddarta.

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