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Evolution of Symbology associating Bloodlines, Templar and Masons. 

NB This blog is rough notes as yet unedited. I have a backlog of work so it is going out now as-is. I will edit this blog in due course.

0 Preface / Summary
1 Kernow
2 Templar use of Deities
3 Templar As Pirates
4 British Waves
5 Colonial Usury
6 Merovingian Pyr and La Tene / The Tenancy / Thames
7 Justification

 0 Preface / Summary

Over a thousand years of history from the view of an independent member of one of the castes of this complicated system which continues to change the world and humanity for everybody whether we like it or not. My education and insight into this is what it is.

My willingness to come forward and openly share what information I have with the general public is itself the example of my personality. As is that I advise you to question whether I am unknowingly being used as a psy-op, which is a distinct possibility.

Trust your own instincts.

Assembling volumes of information into a succinct easy-reference is very difficult. Being a Fire Serpent (the word in Sanskrit for this is Kundalini) and White Lightning Gate (Mayan birthsign) as well as an Adept of the Black Panther branch of the Jaguar Priests, I am involved at levels to which the training makes accessible, which is difficult for non-initiates to comprehend. Please do not be afraid, fear is the mind-killer.

The following are an outline of my own bloodline with relation to the historic development and pertinent information for orientation regarding the Illuminati organisations. For further information regarding that, please see my blog What Is Illuminatii?

Most of the following information is symbolic, for example the Five Rivers of La Tene indicate both flowing (the symbolic water representing also digital radionics which affect human DNA through transhumanist agenda) and the Pentacle. Recognition and Awareness that the particular symbols are hardwired into our life experiences is an unveiling of the holographic universe and our Ka or karmic paths through many lifetimes, attaining toward singularity. It is a step by step process. We live during a time where dissemination of this level of information is multi-layer, both initiation into the theme and encoded at higher recognitions. This is why Symbols are used, they offer potential to do this.

1 Cornwall, Miners, Russell lineage, Charles T Russell 33rd degree Mason is allegedly the typical reason why the Russell Clan is associated as one of the neo-illuminatii bloodlines.

Every town I have ever lived in, all over both sides of the River Severn (Saxon for Sea-Dragon), has a Russell Street in it.

This is my own bloodline so I took note of my ancestors meteoric expansion and their association with whatever power base names streets; assuming it to be councils and therefore masonic.

Russells strong genes surviving austere poverty conditions and preference for cleanliness indicating educational intelligence; to breed like rabbits that a whole street is necessary to house them. Usefulness as skilled craftsmen and hardy laborers; went all over the world as part of Britonic/British Empirical colonial expansion.

Many of the Cornish tin-miners were Russells and that is why they colonized the Americas, Australia and Africa, because they have experience in mining and because the promise of a decent wage, better than conditions at home. Mines mean productivity and wealth, and as the hands-on laymen rather than owner caste, Russells didn't mind getting their hands dirty so long as it enables us to feed our children. 

The Clans association with the underworld (in whichever tense you interpret that) is one thing, there is a story that the bloodline is named after cattle russlers, a form of piracy. Personally I happen to know from ancient family history that it is more to do with smuggling than actual piracy, there is a difference. There are also legends of wreckers off the coast of Cornwall, lighting lamps to draw ships to their doom, the ship navigators assuming the lamp to be a lighthouse and crashing into the rocks, so the starving peasant locals could make good of its wealth and feed their hungry children.

I am also certain that one or two incidents has marked the whole bloodline with the stain, which is unfortunate and unfair. But a good story grows far no-matter the truth; Russell involvement with the current NWO/neo-illuminatii is a great example of 'chinese whispers' spread by fear-mongerers hoping to gain by persecution of innocents. I cannot say to what extent the accuracy nor inaccuracy extends, only that which the official histories express, which is not much; and that which I myself have lived through as a part of the clan. My grandfather taught me that we are  clan as opposed to  family, there is  difference. He also taught  the common law (not to steal, harm nor use trickery and to keep the peace) and a creed from socialism which seems to everybody to a responsible advice; "to each his need, from each his ability." 

This is  stark contrast to the prejudice and is comparable to that more famous prejudice against against Nordic sailors who bravely explored most of the world and settled wherever there was space, however one or two incidents has labelled them as fierce and bloodthirsty Vikings. We do not all speak Norse all over the world in the many lands where Nordic artifacts have been found, and so we can assert that by and large, they were a peaceful people rather than the vicious warriors for which history has remembered them. No doubt as warriors they were superb as they were sailors. It was Nordics who founded the kingdom of Mercia, establishing the Common Law which unified the many tribes of the British Isle.

Although there are the legends, told by the clan elders to the younger generations, of experiences involving supernature. Why would a group of people known for interacting with spirits of the underdark behave in such a way? Some influence with the dwellers of the deep, the fayre folk, is also a part of the legend. Historically and especially within egyptian-pheonician euro-saxon-druidic traditions, the underground is metaphor for the spirit world.

The Russell bloodline has a similar thing. In ancient times, the underdark was associated with subconscious, and supernature, spiritism. Russells are described in David Ickes book Children of the Matrix as 'the Shadow line'. Personally I identify this 'shadow' metaphor to indicate spiritism. For example the legends of 'knockers' from the mine tunnels is famous throughout Cornwall and versions from other nations where, knowing that none of the miners were down there at the time, sounds of somebody knocking was still heard. There are things which come out of the ground which are not embodied. The bloodline is famous for its interaction with that plane of reality.

 2 potted history of euro-templar (abraxus)

The Templar were founded by the Catholic church and granted autonomy from it so they could perform better at their appointed task. They were to gather spiritual knowledge form the East, during the aeon-long crusades.

Obviously as they brought back eastern architectural knowledge to the west, they were also influenced by eastern mystery schools and sacred gnostic teachings, and as a result, along with their granted autonomy form the doctrine of the catholic church, they mutated. They also became very wealthy.

One such mutation was the adoption of the Combined God Abraxus, a hermaphrodite deity. In terms of accepting bisexuality of the human spirit this is an important lesson for all of us in overcoming the gender division. 

Aside: Personally I would place Abraxus and the teachings of the Kundalini schools as sections of the same syllabus. In short; an Indian story of human genders are a result of a cruelty played upon us by envious Gods who saw the four legged, four armed, two headed being in a state of permanent bliss and split us down the middle. Now we connect physically at base chakra but most important is that we must study to connect emotionally at heart chakra, the center of our human being. The unity of man and woman through love consumated by sexual fusion is obviously outside of the Catholic control religion, a suppressed concept. To pagan cultures it is the central purpose of awareness and study into the Magickal Realm. Gods Law is that we should be with the one we get on with the best. I doubt very much that God put a time limit upon us for finding who that person is, a quest which justifies a lot of behaviour perceived by the control system as amoral. Different traditions approach it through variable ethics in attempt to refine something which God left open to exploration.

Levi made a famous picture of one of the Templar deities, Baphomet. Assyrian-Egyptian phonemic word components; Ba-Pho-Met, spirit-seer-metric (measure). See 7.37 on this video by David Icke relating it to Saturn. Baphomet is a different deity altogether than Abraxus, indicating the yang principle drawing the yin toward it for balance. This picture has since been further mis-represented to indicate the Christian deity Satan, instead of the original purpose of assimilating different knowledges into one unified cohesion. See my blog on Satan vs Lucifer. Abraxus is a source of the term Abracadabra. The Russell bloodline is protected by yet another Archonic deity which this magickal invocation relates to.

3 pirate-templar utilize the pyramid eye in hidden form

The discovery of the New World (the America's) opened up a lot of possibilities for the wealthy and autonomous Soldier-Monks of the Templar. They were always a greedy organisation and their funds required for exploring the Seas meant they quite simply turned to piracy. Nobody was around to watch them, other than a divinity which showed no sign of actually stepping forward to prevent them from achieving their goals. A simple opinion which we now deem as anti-humanitarian held that any infidel who was not of their own brethren or those the brethren had sworn to protect, was fair game for piracy. 

You can clearly see from analyzing the famous Jolly Roger pirate flag that it contains a square base below a skull, designed to instill fear. The lore of Taboo is that to protect a thing or place, the easiest way is to make people afraid of it so they will not go there or ask questions. The skull has a third eye and the third eye is the apex of a pyramid drawn from the corners of the square base. The Jolly Roger is a Templari masonic symbol. You can also clearly see its relationship with the Cornish flag, a white cross on a black background.

See HERE for my blog about the contemporary use of the Jolly Roger in association with the Skull and Bones society and its relationship with the contemporary Templar / Neo-Illuminatii hybrid's bohemian Owl deity Moloch; and its relationship with the media Mind-Control social-programming organization, the British Broadcasting Corporation.

4 pirates become official and Britain Rules the Waves

Portugese armada was perhaps the first. Many tree's were felled to construct it. The Spanish looked on enviably at the wealth brought into Portugal and so they constructed their own armada; many trees were felled. Then Spain went to war with Portugal, and won it. The Spanish Armada were a problem for the British Armada - many tree's were felled in constructing that too. The British were vewry clever. They issued a decree that all pirates would be pardoned by the Royal Monarchy of Britain if they stopped pirating British naval economic interests, and only pirated other nations ships. Within a few years the British had the largest armada, mostly freelancer pirate-ex-pirates, officially enlisted. They basically "won the waves". In the 1980s in Primary and Junior School we still regularly had school assembly's and were forced to sing a kids version of a famous patriotic propaganda shanty, 'Rule Britannia'; "Britain ne'er e'er shall be slaves for Britain won the waves". Blegh. British slaving interests as one of the European nations who ransacked West Africa and brought West African folk-traditions of spiritism over to the America's to help build their New World.

NB Waves; haarpwave, the symbols for 'Wave' does not mean only the ocean waves but electromagnetic and legal; the Law of the Waters is the Captains Law. Masonic influence over the Colonies of USA, Australia, and all the other land owned by the British Monarchy and held as sovereign Under Common Law (of the land) yet practiced under Laws of the Waters (ships captains law). Note that the reigning British Monarch is currently the (figurative) Head of the international Illuminatii / Masonic groups.

In today's modern era, use of electromagnetic waves for psychetronic warfare using Remote Mind Transfer devices is a lived reality for everybody, and specifically for Targeted Individuals - OF WHOM I AM ONE OF MANY.

5 American ruling caste, the pyramid eye on the dollar bill - banking elite

The templarii of the New World mutated again as they assimilated into the ruling bloodlines now seizing power in the New World of the America's, Rothschild bankers (Financial bloodline) and the Percy (Monarchs bloodline). 44/45 USA presidents are from this family. The New Worlds name for the German Saxe-Coberg-Gotha who in Britain are known as the Windsors; and in todays world the Bilderberg group and the trilateral commission.

The Skull and Bones Society worship Moloch at Bohemian Grove. 

What is Moloch?

Moloch is Piracy. Symbolized by the mis-interpretation of the Owl hieroglyph represented at sub-level as being a lord of Jiljaba enjoying its reign on earth for a limited time and aiding the transition so that its master demon can replace it, the hierarchies of Hell. There used to be a deity called Mammon which is simply 'Money' involving Usury, which is against the Law of God. Usury works by charging interest on money-lending. Mammon in its pure form is simply to use an exchange token instead of goods to the value of. Owl-Amun, the night-temple. Moloch is the form it takes when the Piracy element reigns. What is a Loch / Lock ? It tightens its grip of enslaving the human species.

6 Pyr means Power and it means Fire. Its colours are red and gold; Merovingian reptilian devices. Obviously a flame is a Re of the solar God Ra. Saxons are one of the northern hemisphere pagan groups who associate the two polarities between Fire and Ice as the primal alchemical system.

Pyr- or Power means electrical as much as it does fire. Py-lon. This leads us directly to HAARP (High Altitude Aerial Reseacrh Program) and the un-written reality of LAEP (Low-Altitude Energy Program) involved in mass-mind control of the population (20% of people can hear the LFO and high tinitus-like tones). I use the word Program as in Mind Control because that is its function as much as the 'weather modification' publicly stated purpose. 

La Tene, original Celts, situated at the source of 5 rivers, a significant symbol. Here the Bronze age, the ability to change ore into tools, began in Europe. It occurred independently in Africa a long time before this. Not only bronze but also Horses. The word Celt associates with the word Colt, a young horse; because of capturing and breeding the animals domestically which enabled travel, therefore distribution and trade of artifacts and ideas. The basis of cultural empire is influence. 

Compare the geographic measurements of the pyramid of Britain as seen facing the East with the Eye located in London, center of the Monarchs and Masons empire; with the distance between there and the 5 river source of the La Tene Celts. Note also above this, a sea contained within two mountain ranges, a channel directly toward the East, toward a specific location. Measure the grid and see where it leads...  Today's world founded on ancient understandings, knowledge bases and worldviews.

7 So now you can see why the Russell Clan is of interest to the vampiric groups, the more major bloodlines of the ruling elite, who discern human energy spectrums as flavours of the food they require for sustenance. Some of the bloodlines have a form of immortality because their advanced genetic structure; which the lore says goes back to the ancient monarchy of Mars.

You can see why they have targetted me on several fronts; to use me as a supersoldier and to train me in the archaic, that I may assimilate the many strands of an education at a level not previously attainable to most generations of living people.

That a part of that education is Awakening and integration/assimilation of past-life recall ability along with the assimilation of knowledges from repeat-theme of my role, duty, honor, as a Scribe under Thoth is of major import because an aspect of this discipline is as record keeper and educator; "I initiate" others of their own free choosing once having accessed baseline level understanding of why this teaching is not satanic but necessary as a factor in our species evolution; to comprehend ourselves and the other higher/other dimensional entities with which our species interact. The political situation is complicated and will only become more so as a greater number of idiots interfere with that which they are not meant to know.

I believe that my own unwilling involvement as a MILAB (military abduction) which occurs on astral as well as physical levels of reality, involving a lot of psychology and auric reprogramming which affects humans genetically, is because of the capabilities of this body I wear. Its genetic structure has latent abilities some of which have been awoken, for purposes I choose not to use it, and this has enabled me to access yet further abilities for purposes to which I do use it. I simply do not intend to be a drone auxiliary to some other agents agenda. Nor do I intend to open others up to that - I wish for the mainstream to accept such things do really exist in the really real reality of the real world. Can I express that in any more certain terms? Ah but can you accept it's validity with such fundamental clarity as To Know ?

As I previously wrote at the start of this manuscript; there is much here which functions as reference notes for further development of significant topics. If the links do not make sense to you other than as jumping from one topic to the other, it is probably an indicator that more explanation and justification of that link has yet to be written. All in its own time and as a Rosicrucian mentor often reminded me;

"When the Time is Right."

Please read THIS LINK for further information about my unwilling involvement with psychetronic warfare, gang-stalking, and being a military abduction.

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