Saturday, 16 January 2016

Folk Religion

Roots West Africa Spiritism blends in contemporary practice blends into different branches during a formative stage. Millions of practitioners around the world; each of these sub-sects are to be regarded as developing aspects of the same thing.

In all my life I have never encountered a monotheistic God nor any sign of it. The people who talk of it are generally delusional and do not themselves follow the lifestyle advice of their prophets.

However, I have living experience of Spiritism; 'it is what I do' 24/7. I am not stating this for ego but simply to promote the Reality as I experience it and encourage other Truthers to look into this for education. It is not an easy path for 'westerners' (consumers raised in usury-based media-mind-program tech-cultures) because it requires dissolution of ego-consciousness and assimilation of an entirely different system of physics to that which you were indoctrinated with by material science during state schooling.

Accepting 'all of this' as a living reality will unveil the secrets of many ancient pagan cultures all across the world and will help you to find your own place in life.

Do not use Knowledge for Black purpose; envy, selfish gain, revenge, anger, greed, despair, and so forth are going to cause you more suffering than will acceptance and forgiveness. You cannot progress and ascend while you are serving negativity.

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