Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Cuting The Cloth

This blog is by way of my introduction, coming forward, opening up, what I am, what I was, what I aim to be. I suppose that to do it justice as a fully holistically integrated piece, my journey should have its own soundtrack and that soundtrack is as follows; 

Lamb album by Lamb
Deep Cuts album by the Knife

See the sacrificial symbolism here?

The textures and tones of these albums healed me of depression at times I was borderline suicidal and despairing. 

Times of no Hope.
Hope Sandoval’s voice in her albums as Mazzy Star are the third part of the musical trinity here. 

Our minds make associations and our hearts and souls flow with the vibes needed to balance us, heal us, help prevent us from sinking any lower, help us to rise when we have hit rock bottom and the only way forward is the inevitable change of ascension after limbo. Demons put in limbo to teach them are ready to surface now in a more extreme era during which the balance has widened and we human species can cope with assimilating more diverse multi-cultural interchanges and exchanges between more diverse sets of cultural perimeters.

The 21st century is a more extreme diversity range than before and we have to adapt to accommodate that; else we will perish. Wanting to Believe is being replaced with Accepting the Truth. Demons and Aliens walk amongst us and have for long time disguised, the ones of us who have been through outside-of-normal experiences are now becoming the leaders and guides for all the others who are assimilating the data in safer packages, embracing that which the ignorant ancestors feared. This is a natural part of our species evolution into the 21st century, the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Itza where base chakra issues of Anger and Sexuality are faced, methods explored to create fertility from them. It is necessary. This is a natural part of our Awakening. There is Hope in this message, the last element of Pandora’s box. A firefly light as a candle in the heart of a darkling creature stained and tarred with the shock of facing a world more extreme than we were designed to cope with. Our comfort zone is no longer the hearth of stability and Yang assertion; our comfort zone is the flow of renewal and re-invention, access to higher dimensions and patient time out to recover ourselves after harsh trauma. Accepting this path as a lifestyle.

And so I use this by way of an introduction, to soften you gently into the friction of being placed outside of the box, outside of your comfort, that you may learn a lesson and integrate it into your worldview. We would not grow were it not for these stages of development forced upon us against our egotistic desire for an easy ride. That is a factor of Life and we cannot deny it. We don;t like it but we must accept and face it.


These notes are personal, for myself and a very small handful of others with whom we have together shared traumatic experiences from which we are exhaling. As most of that happens on the other realms, we are still getting to know one another in this one.

Most people cannot yet cope with the reality of aliens, the reality of shaman utilising dreamspace and being hijacked by evil forces. It sounds like mythology. I assure you that mythology is as real as your zombi-state, your waking world of mass-time daily mundane life. All that is illusion to cater the needs of body. On the higher realms, alas we forget so much of what we are and what we experience while free from time-mass of the linear flesh. Our group is fortunate to have connected now in the waking world. It is a public lesson for all. By coming forward with the Bases Project, I feel satisfied that it is permittable for me to be writing this, that I have consent for this is my coming forward also.

It is evident that I study sound and crystals, frequency harmonics. Vibrational wave. My expertise in this field is a factor in my abilities and for what purposes I have been used. By Mayan time-code and calendar reckoning I am “White Lightning Gate” - White associates with North and the phrase “I seal the Store of Death”. This means I am a spiritist and regular converse with the spirit world. I am shaman. It means also that I am a pure node and a fast one; you can see how immediately my skills are useful for those who usurp my will against my consent and use me for their own games. The newer translation defines me as “Magnetic World-Bridger” rather than Lightning-Gate. Either will do, they are both accurate.

Snake Apple Tree is a translation of my given-known-as-and-chosen-name to label this body with; Joe. A scribe gave me this title which I use as a web-moniker, a stage name as a musician, a writer. It is a copyrighted trademark owned by a company called Ordo Octopia which I started in attempt to legitimize my productivity for my own financial gain, since I need to eat and buy clothes and pay rent and electric because I unfortunately live in a consumer economy which despite attempts to escape, I have not been able to do so, usually through the devices of gang-stalkers, police, society in general. All in pursuit of a level of freedom which I need to function healthily. A lot of that has to do with my experiences as a MILAB (military abduction) and trauma based mind control. I have PTSD and have been misdiagnosed as a part of a cover-up operation.

Such experiences justify who I would feel attracted to such music as mentioned above.

Ok lets get on with it.

This is not all about me. I am introducing myself to the group with whom I have had a lot of connection because of our souls being hijacked by forces of darkness. At this time we are coming through that, enjoying our freedom and healing, and we are putting our accumulated knowledge to good use for the betterment of humanity as we enter into the new era. I guess you could say we are preparing people for what is to come because most people are not yet ready to cope with it. We are strong enough now to avoid further persecution for our beliefs, because evidence supporting our beliefs is becoming mainstream at last.

Links to follow:

Monmouth Gate

Red Dragon Black Cube Gold Heart (under construction)


MILAB notes (in assemblage)

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