Sunday, 31 January 2016

Red Dragon


This blog has been released today simply because it is part of a trilogy of blogs which need posting during January to open this window

See also Black Cube and Gold Heart

1. CBQ copy-block-quote from my notes to go here once edited.

Further notes: 

2. welsh flag - an elephant in the living room / pterodactyl / wyvern on the rooftop (a short story from ancestral memory about wife sending me to the mountain and my staying too long but returning with dragon eggs which make us so strong but make us dark of nature)

3. The Hannibal Lecture's and the Dragon tattoos. I have not read that book but society has been imprinted with the meme.

4.  How does this relate to the Group other than as a signifer that for many generations humanity has been assimilating that we contain reptilian dna and are accessible by the 4th dimensional reptilian mind. Hysteria and acceptance of what we are - see HP Lovecraft stories. (a short story about genetic throwbacks cutting the tails off their monkey children since we fell from the tree's, expelled from eden).

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