Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Beyond Barriers

Recognizing limitations, my own, other peoples, the system, the syndicate, the company, friends, family, individuals, physics, striving hard for self improvement, harder than anybody else seems to and becoming the elite in the field, multi disciplinary, coping with envy and negativity from people getting paid to do what i do better and they hate me for it, overcome depression, can take a long time, breaking through and pushing onward, assimilating, experiencing things nobody else around me can believe in, limitations of the consensus mindset, dropping the bullshit and going forward, shamanic dimensions integrated and regular enough it sets me aside from the zombi manifestation of zombi projections, avoiding the inexperienced yet dominating absurdists who, sincerely convinced in the edges as an absolute, edges i dont see because i step beyond them regularly, cannot convince them to open their minds to possibility, futile trying they entrench their denial, protecting their domain and ego security by blaming the shaman for being more free, i dont wear their blinkers and strive to see further, i step out of time and i step out of their lines they project onto me, and the suits call it fiction, label me deranged because they live in confusion, i explain it in basics and they accuse me of cultism, hypnotized by mainstream they fear the truth that we live in an infinite potential probability and can align with purity, we dont need religion but the system blindness is religion, i use different physics without the fake line that says this side nature and that side is sublime, supernature is real, astral dimensions are real, i live there can you not feel that with training to balance your view, you can access it too. But have to be vampire in a vampire world, have to rule in hell or suffer the curse of exploitation so some other bastard can thrive off your back and not cut you the slack which is divine human right to thrive. Got to fight to get that far and let go of your ego to master this car which we drive toward future so our kids can enjoy a life we sought for, we all need to chill to see the goal for what it is, the moment is all and creativity flows through our aura, our zone, to program the dust to shape up our lust for intelligent life and compassionate self, a world full of love not this struggle and hate, so much negative that the light penetrates where it can, hide in the shade to lick our wounds and contemplate, soon soon it will all be over, dying of cancer and missed all the marks, forgot to forget while swimming with sharks, it taught us and thats the purpose this time, reborn we remember the zone beyond time, where limitless but for imaginations edge, we push it beyond mortal mundane society ability to integrate, too much pressure and it breaks, too much repression so we take what we need, its not greed to succeed its survival awhile until the blessed relief of swimming the nile to the stars we belong and are made from, home in the heavens where creatives belong. I have to feed my kids and pay off my bills, what i make was stolen by cheap people for thrills so i ate from the streets, ishtars temple, and learned how to teach through mystic and example. A few got the hint and a few wrote me off as too much to handle because they are inside the box. I get to laugh last since i am the one with the spirit nail to hammer them in, and if you know what that means and how far i have come you will respect, not repress, the words of my song. Applying my wisdom and remembering who i am through lifetimes on a long time span, in culture of zombies who grew up on tv an how it told them to think and who it told them to be, programs to exploit and not much more, all the inmates fear the one with the key. All inmates fear the one with the key, let their hate anger and envy rule them instead of ~ free

©2016 snakeappletree

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