Sunday, 31 January 2016

Satan vs Lucifer

The Role Of Satan Verses Lucifer

Satan is NOT Lucifer. They are distinct entities. Satan represents the chain of command of Hell establishing itself as ruling on Earth. Lucifer means literally from Hebrew; "the most beautiful light". It is a trick to associate these as the same entity. They are not. LUcifer is enlightenment, ilLUmination, LU which associates with MU 'dreamtime' ('that ephemeral quality which when it is known, fades'; It becomes LU when it is revealed / manifest as known. The servants of this transitory state are defined as Loa which are a type of spirit, usually ancestor spirits who have their own bizzarre philosophies affecting how they function, they are usually not up to date and best regarded as 'naughty children trying to help'. Their position means they do not have to obey the same cultural social rules as do the living, A major problem we face is that the contemporary mainstream in the Western hemisphere totally denies their existence and regards their channels as insane. Ancestor Worship (aka Spiritism) is the state religion in China. It is a big cultural gulf highlighting the extent of lack of education of the masses, and that the mainstream are not ready to assimilate Illuminti teachings, hence their historically belonging to enlightened Mystery Schools and the debased Secret Brotherhoods. By this rationale; in simplest possible terms, Secret Brotherhoods of Illuminatii groups are necessarily Satanic while Mystery Schools of Illuminatii aspire toward being genuine conduits of high level information about spiritual transformation of individuals and species.

Are we yet at a time where ALL of this can become public knowledge?
I exist to test that question. 

A Living Example

It was crucially important for the Ancestors that we remember the infromation for the long-term to help with the development and evolution of Human species. Stellae were carved into stone. The knowledge base for this as retained by the Jaguar Priests who spread out from Assyria through Babylonia through Egypt through Meso-America (in my writings I very often mis-term this simply as 'Mayan') though Tibetan and other forms of Buddhism. All of these groups are symbolized by their Priests wearing Jaguar skins. It is the same priesthood in diaspora, remembering elements of the core teachings through various culturally identifiable motifs. There is literally more to it than one lifetime can assimilate, hence the focus being on the re-awakening of past life memories to recall as a continuity the data-stream. The method is to access higher level awareness, the distinction being made between lower self and higher self; Ba and Ka. See my blog 8th Chakra.

"Dad!" shouts my kid. I am trying to write this blog and split-attention training is not welcome when I need to focus on one thing at a time for just... a few ... more ... seconds ...


"Wait a moment please babe I am busy working."


"Two seconds."


"Yes babe."

"Look at me!"

My 5 year old is doing press-ups with his feet on the table and his arms on the sofa (and his head in the tablet watching cartoons). 

"Wow you are doing your Jedi training!" He grins his sweet little grin and forgives me for keeping him waiting because I have, finally, given him a scrap of attention-energy. "I am sorry that I kept you waiting sweet-heart. But can you see that by doing your exercise for even longer than you expected, you are getting even more stronger than you ever thought you would be? And you are also learning to stretch your patience!" I hate that phrase, stretching patience. My dad used to say it to me through clenched teeth. Both my son and father are the same starsign, it's frightening the personality similarities.

"How did you know that?" He means how did I see around the corner to know what he was doing. He's very intelligent.

"Because I can see tones of sound and I read them like they are words." This is absolutely true. 

It was not only his verbalized yells for my attention but also, more importantly, I do hear the stress-tones generated by peoples minds. It is how I pin-point with accuracy where a person is, and by reading the exact frequency of the tone, which synaesthetically I see as a colour, I became telempathic. I swear it has to do with all the psilocybic magick mushrooms I took as a teen and during my twenties that hyper-linked the synaptic system in my brain, opening me up to so much extended perception, ESP abilities which I use costantly for orientation and communication, for visualization; and so many of the people around me who do not have this ability think I a m crazy whenever I try to explain to them what from my point of view is a very normal, obvious, comprehendable thing. Our ancestors very first paintings and clay carvings were of mushroom headed people, the first shaman, who came down onto the plains where the shrooms grow after we fell from the tree's (with a little alien intervention meddling with our dna; 1.6% of it according to Jerald Diamond in the Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee and to NAME from this important tutorial). 

My son returns to his Attention cartoon but he is thinking about what I have told him. We have continuity, he follows my logic and digests it as his own pace, filling in the gaps by making those all important synaptic connections by himself. You can tell them but they don't learn. You can show them but they wont learn. When they do it themselves, they learn. When they do it regularly, they gain skill. Learning to think is the same. Learning to think for yourself is a survival skill. Don't take my word for it. 

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