Wednesday, 20 January 2016


This is a fake facebook profile which is Identity Theft of myself. 

Not only is this a criminal offense, it is also quite frightening that anybody that psychotic would do such a thing. I have lost friends to this already, people who do not want to get caught up with whatever games are being played upon me. 

The profile photo is one which my mother took with her camera phone, however I have also seen photo's I have deleted from a camera phone been uploaded to websites 6 months later by people who hack the mobile phone database mainframes, no kidding they have a backup of everything we do. So although it is suggestive that Joey Shaman account is my ex, the truth is it could be anybody who has sufficient know-how. 

My friend was talking with Joey Shaman for 6 months before mentioning it to me and then we discovered how she had been duped. I accused her of being involved in the scam because in a shock-reaction when detaching from all the assumptions it made sense for me to do so. Her reaction was to block me from all our conversations in skype, facebook etc. A few days later and all the mentions of the Joey Shaman account - my requests for help with reporting it - have been removed from my own facebook profile. 

As Joey Shaman has blocked me fro the start, I cannot verify if it still exists. If it does i am requesting people to report it to facebook. This is real and it could happen to any of us. 

On the positive side which is where I prefer to be live; it's given me a lot of ideas for my sci-fi stories, which are being published and I have a readership of nearly 300 people a week on my website. Yesterday another of my uploads went viral, thats two within a week. I am using this current popularity to tell everybody what is happening in my real life to help expose the psychopaths who are continuing their hate crime against me. 

It is all I can do to defend myself. 

Update 23.1.2016:
The following screengrab from 20.1.2016 shows the Kassandra account as it was on that day. 48 hours later and it is looking very different; all of the stolen photographs have been removed, only the name "Joey Shaman" remains.

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