Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Step One

No, you do not know me. You have seen me, and you have made up a story about me, and you are in conspiracy with other people to persuade each other and re-affirm that your story is real. That is a very different thing to actually knowing me. You follow me around but you do not talk with me nor do you find out what I am actually about, how I feel and think about things, and how experience has shaped me. Your behaviour is sociopathic by the proper sense of the word.

It is not that nobody likes me; it is that I shun all the arseholes and have been victim to an ongoing spite campaign, the police describe it as Hate Crime.

When everyone around me are all being twats (and most of them in cahoots), I have to ask; is it me being a twat?

And I realize I am sticking to my guns because I don't think I'm being twat. I recognise that they are grinding me down and to accept their advice and beliefs is more foolish than ignoring them.

It's lonely being righteous by having more integrated reason, but it is still right to do it. Alienating myself from a society of fools is not much of a loss. Recognizing it as such took some time though. It means I am ascending to a higher level of society, that is what the twats are having trouble accepting. They assume me to be their slave and an energy donor while the truth is they are zombies and project strawman delusions onto me. I refuse to play, i have better things to do than to entertain negativity.

What is this all about? I believe i am better than being in a poverty trap on state benefits and my career is taking off a little bit more than the twats can cope with. They do not believe i am better than being on state benefits even though they all drive cars and own mortgages while i have a rusty pushbike and live in a rented hovel. And full of envy despite having better positions, more wealth etc, they resent me for climbing the social ladder. That is why they are twats. They actively go out of their own way to try and grind me down. That is why they are abusive twats. It is an abuse although i am wise enough to detach and observe it as a lesson and not judge them as abusers which is behaviour and can change, only as twats which is a... caste? creed? zombies.

Step Two

So, having made such statement as the above, It behooves me to acquiesce to necessity; having read this far to teach you who and what and how genuinely I am; who be I be.

So many lonely hours. The tears long ago dried up, it seems another lifetime and yet at the time it was endless. Purgatory. I had to admit to hating her as much as I loved her before I could ascend and when that happened, I had to love her anyway/. I never wanted to hate her so it dragged on for a long time, years of pain. That is why ‘suffering' means to do so willingly. Thou shall not suffer a width, to live; does not mean killing people it means, the witch is the relationship, the energy exchange, the delusion, the spell, the attachment, the desire, the whole thing. A configuration. Not suffering it simply means, don’t feed it by being miserable about it. Whne I learned this the hard way, I quickly accelerated in many areas of life.

People don’t know me but they project straw mans onto me and because I am a telepathic resonator, empathy amplifier, I  have to learn to differentiate my own original emotions and thoughts from simply being hypersensitive and picking up on other peoples, mistaking them for my own. As a creative designer this is difficult I cannot walk the meat aisle without feeling the taste of the chemicals injected into the meat in my blood, I cannot go near the chocolate aisle without feeling giddy at the low quality sugar spectrum and all the greed of the people whose psychic energy field wraps around the substance. These examples of what life is like for me.

Living in the forest ing enough to purify is the only way I can get straight and ascend into my own natural harmonic balance; wild animals come and talk with me, teach  me astral projection and other skills which urban human zombies simply disbelieve and therefore never experience, eating chemicals to block their brains up and re-affirimng each others ignorance, they pushed me out of their herd hive-mind because I have seen more than they have, I have more experience of this Life than they have. I have flown in the magickal universe which the Mayans call the Later Ages.

We are now going from 4th into 5th and some of us are already much higher. I am dragged down to be sharing a wave with people so dense they cannot even see how dense they are. The next step is twice as tall as the last one and so it is the same for all of us. But there comes a time we jump off the ledge and fly. Then we have a shortcut. Letting go our attachments is necessary to stay up there - attachments to wearing a mortal body being one of them. I have many times outer-body-experiences to prepare me for the leap. Only other peoples attachments to me are grinding me down and binding me here.

I let go of all of you, and yet they chain me to stay for their own selfish gains. I cannot resent them, my final lesson is to learn to love them all and then I can truly be free. Only by loving all can we truly be free. They hate those of us who are capable of greater and deeper love than they themselves feel, and so they cause us pain. Their towers of control and energy vampiric games are all about that. By detachment only are we free and this is how I know suicides to be stronger than any of us down here on earthly planes. They take the choice to remind us what is really going on, that we don’t love enough. But always is the duality which requires a balance. In loving more and being hurt by those who cannot see because they are so screwed up by the toxic goop of perceptions and all the distractions grid ding us into false energy circuits, being exploited - always the freedom is because we need our own energy for ourselves, not for the others.

Fremen teach us using metaphor of water that we belong to the tribe else are outcaste and will not survive. To survive on earth is not to thrive in heaven. To bring heaven into earth as a continuum we must accept that for a longtime, the two planes are distinct and require separation of body and soul. Ura seeks to rectify that, mutable free-floating energy capable of wearing any form, sharing bodies with others the way Candomble teaches, and losing our ego so we can see purely. Stop eating ego food and start being wholesome.

They only understand and comprehend things through the format of their own constructed grid. It is the extent of their horizons and contains its own systems. When we are explorers of reality who do not conform to their systems, round shape and square hole, they cannot cope with the wholesome whole sum of the truth so they resent us for not fitting into other boxes. We teach but they do not see.