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On and For the Record:

I have been misdiagnosed. I experience PTSD from an abusive childhood. My parents had me misdiagnosed as schizophrenic to cover their tracks. It was convenient for local law officials and psychiatrists to exploit this misdiagnosis for their own financial and political gain.

The problems I have had FROM and not WITH the south Wales police are largely to do with them repeatedly attempting to set me up for crimes i did not commit and repeatedly accusing me of being a heroin addict; which is not a drug I have ever taken nor had anything to do with, nor intend to ever have anything to do with.

As a qualified NVQ2 counselor from Crosskeys campus Coleg Gwent I was at one time an outreach worker helping street people with mental health and drug issues, having some small positive effect on the lives of people who trusted me but did not trust the official authorities. After my experiences I also do not trust the official authorities. It is likely that this, combined with my living in a flat below alleged heroin dealers who told their clients to ring my own doorbell instead of their own to gain access to the building, is why the police were giving me so much hassle involving gang stalking, breaking and entering, etc.

Or it might simply be to do with prejudice against dreadlocks which, thanks to the parents of Sophie Lancaster who was brutally murdered by a gang of thugs, have had British Statute amended to now include “alternative subcultures” as one of the groups recognized as victims of Hate Crime along with race, gender, sexual persuasion, religion, etc. I do come under one of these categories and I categorically state for a fact that it is state officials such as the police who are the the worst perpetuators of hate crime toward dreadlocks, more than any other social group.

I have no problem with genuine authorities because I know what the word means and I can tell the different between a bully in a suit actively neglecting their duty, and a real authority. Now that the legislation has been changed and that I have been trained at law, it might be a sign of things getting better here in Britain for people such as myself who are using my appearance and fame to bring money from overseas fans and funders into Britain to stimulate the local economy during a time of economic crisis.

I would have been much, much more efficient at doing this were it not for conspirators undermining my effectiveness by collaborating against me, destroying and stealing my work, and hiding behind their official roles to defame and impair me. The misdiagnosis of schizophrenia has made me a social outcast. The reason why I keep myself to myself is because most of the people I encounter are arseholes, its a simple as that. Being reclusive is necessary, it is not a sign of mental illness despite what arsehole doctors write about me in their reports.

I have no other option but to become bigger than the hate network operating in South Wales who have prejudiced against me and ensured the paperwork tells a very different story to the reality I have lived through. With 160 visitors per week to one of my websites, it seems that this strategy is finally working as I am becoming an internet celebrity. This does not make me egotistical. I am using everything at my disposal to make my case publicly known and raise awareness to the issues.

I am not suicidal. If I do ever turn up dead and the verdict is suicide, then you will know that the syndicate has had me professionally assassinated. It happens in this society although so many of you have so little experience that you might not believe it; many of you are living in ignorance, protected from the harsh reality through which some of us are put by abuse networks operating from within and protected by the system.

This is my story. This is my life. My next step is to stop whinging about it and make a lot of money. A lot of money from the entertainment industry, money which will be used to fund ethical and ecological sufficiency as well as spiritual healing, in integrated social projects. Which is more than most of you are doing to change the community into a better place.

Hardcopies of this document have been sent to an international barrister firm with whom I have strong relations. I do not, suis juris, believe that I am psychotic nor have I ever been psychotic. I agree that my perception and awareness of society, reality and life in general are different from most people in that I question reality instead of blindly accepting what people of lesser IQ rates tell me. Mensa describe my intelligence level as genius, I am in the top one percentile in the world. Most people are too stupid to integrate that information about me and listen to what I am saying about reality. They blindly accept the official verdict without ever entering into the more real understanding that the higher up the system you get, the dirtier the games they play and the less humane their attitude is. Most people are not sincere and honest enough to be living lie detectors; that is one of the big problems in culture which it would benefit the species to tidy up. Teaching them, therefore, about spirituality and shamanism, is sadly futile.

In South Wales they mistake manipulation for intelligence. That the Truth is a fundamental law of reality, is a foreign language to them. Where Truth contradicts the paperwork, they are too fearful to question the paperwork because it might incriminate them, they might lose their job over it. The syndicate are like money; they have only the value to which we accredit them. They might send agents to break into our houses and steal our stuff as I and several of my friends have experienced, or have us beaten and stabbed as I have been, or kill us as several of my friends and teachers have been. But: we are immortal and as we evolve, we remember and assimilate more levels of information about the wider, longer-term picture.

I am a spiritist and I am not afraid of dying because I know the truth of transmigration. This does not make me an extremist, nor does it make me a cultist. I do not even regard myself as religious. Simply less confused and less conditioned than zombified people who eat chlorine, fluoride and smear it on their hair, absorb it in their skin and swallow it on a regular basis, and believe themselves superior for doing so despite that it shrinks their pineal and pituitary glands and gives them cancer, as does sugar and carbs which form 80% of their poor diets. We literally are made of what we eat.

Even knowing this, they force their children to do the same; which is child abuse - but because the state endorses it as ‘normal’ they get away with it. It is not their fault they are chemical zombies but it is their fault they are aggressive toward pacifists. Trying to heal a broken world without being broken by it is extremely difficult. I regard it as a social responsibility shared by all of us. I also have to protect myself first.

From here onward, although my nature is that of an empathic light-healer, I fully intend to make a lot more money than most of the rest of you. I intend to do this entirely legitimately, by using my creativity because I have a balanced right and left brain instead of relying only on the left brain deviation that the zombies call normal thinking. I am not criminally minded.

Perhaps when you can see that I am wealthy, then you will accept me more and respect me more. I do not feel a need to wear posh clothes to show off being wealthy but apparently the mainstream does need me to do this; they only get jealous of it anyway which is why I have previously looked ‘scruffy’ by wearing comfortable charity shop clothes to reduce pollution on the planet.

My ethics may be cleaner than yours and I may be smarter than you, that's another reason the haters target me. But now I am famous; the haters are being exposed for what they are. The world is changing in favour of the positive ones amongst us. We are coming into our time of empowerment. And we are not cruel, so you should not fear us. But you will have to get out of our way and let it happen naturally because your own lives will be easier too if you do that.

And thus ends today's sermon.


Proposed entry stage to the planets big money industry as a designer armed with a 3D printer paid for by the local council's business start-up grant scheme from European funding; if they accept my business plan. The numbers add up, they add up to a lot. Britain is after all declaring itself a war nation and seriously abusing those of us who attend peace demo's and live peacefully studying our yoga, zen and message of love. 

I just so happen to have old boy network contacts with contacts in the relevant British authorities who can make use of these designs. Myself a lifelong pacifist who is not responsible for whatever other people do with the objects in their environment. I believe I have been pushed to this because of misdiagnosis and victimization, there is no other way for me to survive economically. 

Hey this is fun, right?

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