Sunday, 31 January 2016

Living Cyberpunk

So to ease myself back into who I used to be before I had the internet, ten very short years ago; I have been reading again. There are still gaps in my education which need filling.

Having to wait before I can afford even a second-hand copy of R HeinLein's A Stranger In A Strange Land, I am waiting for the snail-mail arrival of Donaldsons' SnowCrash, having finished Bethke's HeadCrash; these last two being the big cyberpunk turn-on for so many VR designers after Gibson's Neuromancer, book 1 of the Sprawl trilogy.

These are light reading, no seriously they are peanuts and the psuedo-intellectual style-tone of the genre most beloved is a different level of stimulation than more academic Future Shock by Alvin Toffler, which is the more quotable tome. I have read a lot - over a thousand books on all sorts of topics line my bookshelves and this is less than half of what I have ingested over the years, discluding the internet which is its own thing.

My own expertise in translating ancient stone-carved stellae and my involvement with the ongoing and evolutionary black goo phenomena, an alien AI which is fast soul-sucking humanity toward extinction - I actually have some of it and the stories are true from my experience - puts me right up there on the top of this bookstack so far as what they are talking about is concerned. It all makes too much sense.

But right now I am enjoying City of Snakes, book 3 of Darren O'Shaughnessey's The City of the Dead trilogy. Somehow all of this weaves together, involving Shadowrun heavily; which invented the term 'Matrix' to describe the holographic computer universe; a movie of the same name starred that black eyed actor Keanu Reeves who was also Johnny Mnemonic which is based on Neuromancer.

The information and vibes from these cyberpunk fictions connect with spectrum of reality and since they are future-focussed, and largely written twenty or thirty years ago (Future Shock is from 1970! and more relevant today than it ever was), we are now living through the era which they foretold. It is an interesting comparison; as a kid i would study drawings of portable telephones which have memory-chips to store data, and now we take this for granted as the facebook and text-gen lifestyle. We are actually further, in many ways, than the worlds of these novels.

The two things we have not yet assimilated into our daily lives is holographics, as machines and that ourselves are holographic: and the spirituality, to use technically the wrongword for it. Awareness that we interact with multi-dimensions, that Animism (the belief that everything is alive, has life-force, has a spirit) is a reality we block ourselves from by dumbing-down of culture due to negativity social memes and fluoride.

That, and the revisionist history based on actual evidence that a high-tech breakaway society are teleporting back and forth between this planet and others on a regular basis and sharing technologies with extra-dimensional aliens who have spliced their dna into our own, to create us for what we are; slaves not yet responsible enough to deserve freedom, proof of which is that we cannot feed ourselves and are using an usury based money system instead of common sense distribution of resources for free.

It is an amazing time of history; our potential clashing with our stupidity because we give our power away so easily, we are divine and yet we are gullible. We cannot stand up against the dominating evil forces despite outnumbering them 1,000,000 to one. Disbelief syndrome inhibits the open mind and open heart required to see what is really happening; we are all too distracted trying to feed the kids and pay the bills and whatever other distractions come along. Were we to focus we could evolve rapidly up throughout the spheres.

But anyway, I have to go back to my book now I have just got to a good bit.

This is my Virtual Reality avatar "Sable" in her cheap rental apartment, undertown of Mesa5

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