Friday, 29 January 2016

Of Wolf And Man

"I have so much to teach; and all they want is poetry." 

-Jalal Uddin Rumi

Sheeple, Shepherd, Wolf.

You know the paradigm; the Shepherd protects the Sheeple from the Wolf.
There are three mind-sets involved.
There is also a hidden fourth; the Elite.
The Elite, within this paradigm, form by two simple factors;
The Shepherd studies the Wolf and understands its mind-set.
The Wolf studies the Shepherd and understands its mind-set.

There is a line between them, an ethic;
The Wolf studies the Shepherd to figure out how to circumnavigate it to get to the Sheeple.
The Shepherd studies the Wolf to figure out how better to protect the Sheeple.

The ethic is obvious; Shepherd protects, Wolf eats.
If it could, the Wolf would eat the Shepherd and then it would eat the Sheeple.
If he could, the Shepherd would kill the Wolf to protect the people.
In either of those cases it would be endgame, one way or another.

Having killed the Wolf, the Shepherd becomes complacent and turns into one of the Sheeple. He needs adversity to develop uniquely. The same can be argued for the Wolf.

Various scenario's are played by both parties, some you win some you lose, and in this dance they both become wise to one anothers ways.

Where the ethical line blurs, typically due to lessons learned resulting in higher intelligence therefore more and more complicated circumstances involving trading and sacrificing sheeple for the greater good; captured and tamed baby wolfs become domestic dogs, etc. Complexity.

Sooner or later the Shepherd and the Wolf, in mutually studying and respecting one another, blur and become the same thing. This is the hidden fourth.

It is neither Wolf nor Shepherd, but both. It is an end-result product of the dynamic. It is a higher stage game. It requires experience as education to comprehend it's impact. No Sheeple can cope with it. Most Wolfs and Shepherds have a hard time coping with it. We do not even have an appropriate name for it. It can see the Whole picture and is aware of it's own impact on the structure.

The Shepherd's job is to protect the people and to do so it has to protect them from knowing that the hidden fourth even exists.

And that is Human Culture.

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