Saturday 9 January 2016


Unicorn Hunters 7

"What do you think happened that night?" I asked. We were planting rows of seeds into trays of plant-pots in the corrugated plastic sheet roofed potting shed, open on one side to a courtyard area facing the paddock.

"The ownership people arrived. They crashed down our access to the dreamplanes because we are living on their land. Its not their land but they believe it is, they have their paperwork deeds which the governors and their agents the police respect as if they are a more real thing than the human spirit." Ever the voice for freedom, Meadow.

"Or that someone more powerful than us did a number on us. We didn't expect we were being stalked." Jake suggested as an alternative.

We are still studying the sciences which interlink the three worlds of Human concerns, Nature and the Spirit worlds. An aboriginal map describing the aspects of Life which we must strive to work in balance with. The Human world is obsolete to the other two which can happily exist without our concerns projected onto it. We cannot say the same for our relationship with the others, although it is widely accepted that Human world is at imbalance with the other worlds is because we ignore it and deny it. Openly living in harmony with both other planes of existence is something for which the state has diagnosed us as schizotypal for attempting to achieve; social prejudice against shamanism endorsed by their textbooks, as Meadow has expressed, the pieces of paper they rely on and believe to be a more real thing than the Human spirit.

"The Victorian." I bring it to the fore. Perhaps there is a relationship between the Victorian and the three co-owners of the garden centre.

"He had that thing with him." Jake says.

"A spirit ally. I have heard of such things."

"It would benefit us to acquire our own."

Meadow sighs. "You would have to capture one by the same way we were attempting to bind the unicorn. By beating its will. You would be surprised how many you have already acquired without knowing it. Jake, your dense electronic and plastic metal demons upstairs, they have a form of spirit which helps you, it is like a brain map through which energies flow, we perceive as sounds. Altogether it is alive although bringing it into our dreaming would likely alter our harmony too much. I have been visiting the crystals and attracting some helpers, nature spirits, mostly for this place to make it a healthy environment for plants to thrive but perhaps we can also use the source there to bring through something that can help us, next time we go into dreaming together."

"When will that be?"

"It depends how much energy we can muster. Tradition is to use the moon cycles but I dont think that really matters for the sort of work we do. We can try again after the brat-pack have left, after we have done what we can by way of healing them. They all carry the city taint."

"Roger wants to stay. He likes it here and he needs to get out of the city probably more than any of us."

"Also he co-owns it. Technically he is one of our employers."

"We should train him up. Bring him in on it."

"That is going to take years and you know it. The state his mind is in, he needs stability. Taking him into dreamspace is going to screw with our balance, you know that."

"He has potential though. He knows about different states of perception and how screwy the mind is."

"Its going to take all of our combined efforts to focus him. We can help him for sure but we still have to go on without him. Hes not ready to take on the Victorian anyway. Even discussing this openly with him is dangerous, for us. We have to protect ourselves."

Most of this conversation was psychic and not actually put into spoken words. Breathing and watching the colouration of energy fluctuation and harmonizing between us; right brained awareness spectrum which are invisible to the left brainers. Empathy borderline autism. Sharing emotions and communication through fluctuations within that.

"Where is he anyway?"

"He went for a walk into the village to check out the facilities."

"Shopping addiction. City taint."

Jake did it. He showed Roger his studio. The two of them hit it off; Roger had some experience with wind instruments and a little guitar. They discussed sound and music and feeling and vibe. Jake played him a sound byte through headphones, they were just getting into it when Meadow and myself gatecrashed them.

“That’s a personal, special sample. Not many people ever heard it before.” Jake explained. “I was just teaching Roger about how the music boxes are magickal instruments. They take us outside of scientific physics and into the world of folk and folk-lore. Check it out.”

The sample was Jakes ex girlfriend saying the words “I love you.” From the sound of her voice she meant it too. It was beautiful. I was about to ask what happened to her when Meadow interrupted me with a gesture, warned me not to. Jakes smile hid pain.

“It gets, exciting; when you do this with it.” Then he played us a short section of the music they had made together, her playing some sort of eastern sounding medieval string instrument. “I love you, you know that, don’t you?” She said. He voice was really nice, she sounded quite young. I said as much.

“This is the sample bank for the track. It’s all in there.” He explained and showed us a list on his computer screen. Everything was arduously named so you could see immediately what was what. “Do you notice anything?”

After a moment we collectively came to the realisation that whatever he was pointing out to us, none of us were getting it. He played “I love you” again.


Then he played it backward. We have all heard vocals played backward before and they usually sound like someone speaking in German or Russian. This time the voice very clearly said; “You know that, don’t you?”

“Wow. How did that happen?”

“To be honest, I am not entirely sure. I did not think to play it backward until after we had already added the original sample to the song, and heard it through a couple of times. It needed something else and that’s when devilishly, decided to play it in reverse too. Whatever it would have sounded like played backward the first time around, my belief is that it was ah, warped somehow by its interaction with the other sounds, the way that folk music blends together to create something more beautiful than the sum of its parts.”

He was choosing his words carefully because these catch phrases were a part of our groups training toward establishing a working frame of reference which we used constructively in our dream sharing. Jake was clever like that.

“It fitted so perfectly. So when I later thought to play that sample backward on its own, without the song - it simply sounds like it sounds.” He played it by itself again. “You know that, don’t you.”

His mood was sad. It was obvious that he had not seen her for a long time and that something sad had happened between them. Which in turn explained why he had dedicated so much of his time alone in his studio with his machines becoming excellent at what he does with them.

“I didn’t know sound could do that.” Roger said, changing the tone before it became an uncomfortable silence.

“It doesn’t usually. Like i said, there is magick. The physics of sound engineering are not a clinical science; they warp timespace. A lot of it has to do with how our perceptions work, how our ears interpret grains of sound to try and make sense of them. Someone who does not know how to speak English language very well probably would hear that quite differently to how we all do.”

Suddenly we felt very small and alone in a vast universe, and took comfort together in each others presence as a group. Roger was included in this. It was a strong and important moment in our collective, a bonding experience.

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