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Unicorn Hunters Chapter 5 / Electronic Mind Control

This is where things get complicated because the atmosphere changes as a lot of new people are introduced to the reader very quickly. This story works on a lot of levels so we use memetic keys here, assigning memorable symbols as catch-phrases to easily recall what people are about. We discuss this openly within the group so that we all share the same frames of reference and we try not to let it become bitching sessions behind each others backs as it so easily could. By the end of the chapter you will see what is happening and will have got to know the newcomers, one in particular. You will also have learned how close-knit communities are accused of being cliques and even cults by outsiders, and trained in how to quickly bond groups intimately as well as other problem solving techniques useful in analytical thinking. This chapter also poses a riddle which it does not answer, in the form of the chapter content. You can integrate it and in doing so will value why it is necessary to go about it in a methodical way as outlined.

Sandy arrived the following day bringing with her two colleagues, her co-investors and co-owners of the property. Matthew the werewolf and a new guy we hadn’t previously met, Roger. Roger has the strangest, most disturbing story I have heard in a long while. Meadow used her guile to very quickly get the information required as to the background of the people whose property we are living on. She focussed on Roger because he is the one who she felt most uneasy with; the one who needs the deepest healing. At face value her flirtation and strict boundary setting was a full-on, uncompromising session of vetting him as a potential bed-partner. Meadow works on many more levels than we do and we respect her methods because they work. She rapidly got him to open up and lay his psychology bare before us all and feel comfortable doing so. A lot came from it.

Being targeted by Remote Mind Control and Remote Energy Weapons are two different, but interrelated things. It does get confusing when they interrelate especially for the target / victim / test subject. Most such individuals are unable to express what has happened to them; it is more difficult given that the social paradigm asserted and reinforced as social normality is actually deigned against the victims from explaining their stories without causing themselves even more problems. Meadow handled it by taking control of the meeting, she is obviously the dominant member of our group which is surprising given that she weighs next to air and wears layers of gypsy style hippy rags. When asked about this she explains that she has fairy blood. It’s convincing.

Roger claims to have been a test subject for Jamie Holmes. In 2013 James Holmes was allegedly victim of a state controlled remote mind control program involving targeted electronic energy weapons. The official story is that he went crazy, a lone gunman who shot up a cinema full of people. The factual evidence contradicts the official verdict in many places; for example it is physically impossible for one gunman to have fired so many shots from such angles within that time-frame, especially when the witness reports contradict the necessary ninja acrobatics to have done so; etc. That itself is a harder level of evidence than the contradictory traumatized witness reports which unlike bullet holes are ultimately hearsay.

Holmes himself is now so full of chlorine he will never be able to function fully as a normal human again. He would probably confess to anything in the chemically induced state he was in and not even know he was doing it. Holmes says that he was compelled to dye his hair red, wondering why his mind was doing weird fucked up things to him. He does not remember most of the incident. Struggling against the compulsion makes it worse. Flowing with it makes it better, is the only release from the sickness and pain. At the time this occurred, he was so abused by the officials who captured him, most of which genuinely believed what they were told, that they were dealing with a psychopathic killer; that volume of hatred aimed at any person is enough to screw them up. Hatred has a vibration, a tone. This can be reproduced digitally. It is a weapon of psychic attack in much the same way focussed Love is a weapon of planetary Healing.

We are Healers, holistic therapies, light-workers, soul-level empathic nurturers. Our method here is to Love. We know that the most damaged people are those who need the most love to heal. Those who others would target with hate, we try to understand them, to reach into them with Love because it is the only way to stabilise and raise the vibrational spectrum of the whole species. We are psychic as you have already become aware. We can read your mind as you are reading this book and these words, by us and about us; we are sensitive enough to do it. That is how vibrational harmonics works. It is not a science you have been taught about, indeed you have probably been taught that such things are hippy-nonsense bogus science. I assure you that it is not bogus.

The FBI patented 40 types of ‘mind transfer device’ in the early part of the 21st century having along with DARPA invested millions of dollars into research and development of them. They do not think it is bogus hippy nonsense. In the following years we are witnessing evidence of these inventions being used in society. We have to logically accept that these are a real thing in the world now; it is necessary even if only to comprehend the fullness of this tale on its own merits. The better you understand 21st century science, the better you will accept what we have already integrated and use as a practical application. They are advanced and they cover their tracks well. What we call psychic awareness, the state calls schizoptypal disorders. This is the level of prejudice against the few of us who are more evolved than the mainstream, capable of clearer thinking. We argue that the core of this has to do with chemical atrophication of the pituitary and pineal glands of the brain, caused by carcinogenic fluoride and chlorine and other such chemicals in the food; detoxed by the mellow spice turmeric. Caused by the invisible smog of electronic devices such as wifi and cellphones which disrupt our natural organic evolution and biological balances.

Unlike most unfortunate individuals segregated by lack of education into shamanic awareness, we have been fortunate; we have received that eduction and work collectively. You read last night about our adventures into Dreamspace. We cannot develop these abilities until we learn to stop hating and start loving. All. Of. The. Time. We are threatened by Haters and we are sensitive to the negativity wave they emit. Those waves actually affect the physics of the world around them; Dr Emoto has showed this very clearly with his scientific experiments. Haters manifest a different laws of physics to that manifested by Lovers. It really is as simple as that to comprehend. Haters hate it, they know we can go higher than they can. They do all sorts of sick and evil twisted things to maintain their illusion of control, usually fear-inducement. Fear-inducement is a global industry.

Conspiracy theorists have asserted that the same less-traumatized witness at Aurora whose reports were used by the authorities was also the same witness whose reports were used by the authorities after the Sandy Hook shootings two years later; photographs o the women confirm this. Her reports contradict what a lot of the other, independent witnesses are saying. She is also the same witness whose reports have been used by authorities in several more similar mass shooting incidents occurring all over America. This is a facet of why a lot of independent researchers do not trust the official verdicts and why there is a belief that electronic remote mind control weapons are being employed in society during false-flag incidents, by the same subversive agency. Such researchers are of course discredited, but not disproven, by agents of the same agency which is apparently operating within the state. Most state workers and officials themselves either do not believe in the conspiracy or are too afraid to voice their opinions given the scope of the operation.

Several years previously to the Aurora shootings in America, a similar incident occurred in South Wales, Britain. Roger has also been through a similar experience to that of Jamie Holmes, involving guns, gang-stalking and what psychiatrists describe as symptoms of schizophrenia, happen to also be the same symptoms of directed energy weapons. The two incidents are at face value entirely unrelated. There is nothing to connect them other than some strange coincidences, too strange to ignore. Roger showed us photo’s taken shortly after he had felt compelled against his comprehension to dye his hair red shortly before he was unlawfully arrested. He has also since been diagnosed as schizophrenic and described the same tinnitus/radionic/schizotypal symptoms as James Holmes.

It seems a common theme around here. He is the one who concerns us the most. We joked that Sandy is collecting us here; a building full of males who have gone through too much for 'normal' soeity to even believe, who have all been diagnosed for various reasons as schizo. This was certainly a bonding experience for the group although a somewhat dark one. The state professionals who made the diagnoses are assumedly from the same educational background and employment network; uniformly have no interest in our own opinions of what is happening to us, either as symptoms or what we personally believe to be the cause of those symptoms and related experiences.

Roger does not know where the plastic replica gun came from that he discovered in his apartment after the police had released him from custody after having arrested him on an allegation that he had pointed a gun at a local gang. It seems most likely that the police had put it there themselves while searching his apartment during the hours he was in custody wondering what the hell was going on. The gang, a faction of the Syndicate, are known for causing trouble in the area to anyone who stands out and with his hair dyed lucid red, Roger stood out a lot. He never even wanted red hair, it alienated him and made him stand out; an easy target to spot from a distance. A mark. He cannot explain why he was compelled to do it; only that 'he felt that he had to, as if someone else was controlling him to do it'.

Having recently escaped from the same city, I happen to have heard of the gang who Roger is talking about. A friend, a spiritualist whose brother had been brutally beaten to death by a gang of thugs wearing the same gang colours. The local court decided a verdict of Not Guilty given that my friends brother technically had died of a brain clot in hospital four hours after the attack, and not in the street during or shortly after the attack. That’s the South Wales Justice System for you. The gang Roger is talking about were wearing the same tracksuits. It is chav culture, their shell-suit tracksuits mimic the police uniforms and are completed with a baseball cap of the same colours, black with white stripes. They are cheap from the local discount stores. I do not know if the stripes indicate rank within the gang. They have similar rules for trainers (footware).
The city we have left behind has its own sub-cultural groups. A generation ago it was one of the most violent towns in Britain. After much bloodshed, the heads of the criminal underground decided that if they all wear exactly the same gang colour to represent that they are now all one gang, it would not only ended the gang violence but it also makes it impossible for the police to identify who has done any particular crime. Witnesses describe an individual or group who could be any one of a hundred or more individuals. They all wear the same uniform, haircut and gang colours. Nobody can stop them.

The gang leaders certainly ended the violence between themselves; and more clever than that encouraged their own kids to do the same; and more clever than that, convinced their kids to join the police. Now the situation in the city is such that half of the police force are a part of the gang families, all one big family. The resulting corruption is a nightmare for anybody who is not a part of the syndicate. It is at time of writing expanding outward and yet retains its core principles of collective unity. It sucks for everyone who is not part of the gang family network who now own the whole county at most levels of society. Welcome to chav culture as mainstream; demographically it competes only with Islamic immigrants bringing Sharia law to Britain. They call it the Massive.

Roger is not a part of the syndicate and is now in hiding, living here with us because both the criminals and the police, both sides of the syndicate, want him dead. He swears that he was being followed for months and hearing strange noises like electronic tones, low bassy oscillations and high pitched hissy sounds which made him feel sick, like tinnitus tones. These audio hallucinations are according to the psychiatry books, symptoms of classic schizophrenia. Jake, being a sound engineer who has researched thoroughly into the effects of sound waves and frequencies on the human psyche and energy fields (you should hear his lecture on eigentones!), offered to demonstrate to us tomorrow how certain sounds can be emitted at a spectrum which bypasses the ear and affects the middle ear, using specialist but easily available equipment. With mobile phones this can be done inaudibly, affecting us without us even hearing it. Particular frequencies affect the brain and do indeed sound like tinnitus; high pitched tones which make you sick, low frequency oscillations which screw up our energy field. We are bio-electromagnetic beings and these types of sounds mess that up, can make us go crazy. It is why we escaped overhead power cables and wifi signals and cellphones to come here to a rural place living as close to medieval as we possibly can; to restore our health to its full potential.

Using the excuse of schizophrenia as a cover story for targeting individuals with remote energy weapons seems to be a logical and believable cover story especially to people with no insight into either tinnitus or psychic development; people who cannot comprehend a world where both hemispheres of the brain, the logical left and creative right, are working together in balance. Haters are typically left-brain dominant, an imbalance encouraged by the state schooling system and achieved by chemical laden diet. It is designed to crush right-brain creative thinking, a factor in why societies are exploited and capitalized upon by the industries making a lot of profit from hate, ego and fear.

The conversation left us feeling glum and we all went to our separate bedrooms feeling a cloud hanging over our heads. The building does not have enough bedrooms so camp-beds were made in our communal living space. We thought it through carefully with our own differently shaped minds before falling into an uncomfortable sleep. We did not meet in Dreamspace that night, the vibe had changed because of the newcomers to our circle, none of whom are trained as we three in the mystic art of Dreamsharing. It was decided without words that we have to heal the newcomers in the ways we can; our intention for our countryside retreat to be a place of healing. Roger is the first amongst us whose story has alarmed us sufficiently to raise our shields and be on guard; contemplating the necessity to lock our bedroom doors because of sleeping in a building with a known and confessed psychopath. Meadow describes is as "vibing (vibrating) city grime."

Roger did not actually shoot anybody and has no memory of pointing a gun at the gang who had previously been harassing him. We were dubious about this; everybody is. He might be lying to protect himself or to appease us, a new social group into whom he is hoping to integrate. He might be genuinely telling the truth and have no memory of it. He might genuinely be telling the truth and not actually have done it in the first place. This is the riddle posed and one we must accept. The police beat him up in the cells during his interrogation because they are friends and blood family with the gang members who the police say made the allegation. Roger emphatically denies all allegations. Despite this and the fact there is not any evidence other than the gun was discovered in his apartment during their search; that they did not take it as evidence or press charges, severely disturbed Roger to the extent that he had a mental breakdown because of the trauma induced him on that day. He is self-aware enough to have integrated that he was being followed around for months previously, which added to his stress-load; and that he had indeed been hearing audio hallucinations which were disturbing his sleep and impairing his thought processes for weeks prior to the arrest. Stress induced classical textbook schizophrenia if not merely post-traumatic stress disorder.

It was not until the Aurora and then the Sandy Hook incident was aired on television and the internet conspiracy theory networks began collecting data strongly suggesting it to have been a false flag attack perfectly timed for Obama to change the gun laws over the Atlantic in the USA, did Roger join all of the dots and realize the extent to which his own experiences was a cover-up for a much, much larger scale operation than he could assimilate at the time. Obviously by then his diagnosis as schizophrenic was just yet another incident which had helped him to get onto long-term sickness benefits in Wales because of his British citizenship. His father having recently passed away left him some funds which through his friendship with Sandy he wisely put toward securing the Garden Center we now call home. The benefits agency are probably going to stop his benefits for having such a large sum of money pass through his bank account, however; investment in an eco- agri- business will enable him to survive financially: if we can make a go of it here. That depends as much on our ability to get along as a community as on our ability to produce and sell.

We collectively require more energy to stabilize our community, and so; you are beginning to see why we needed that Unicorn. You, reader, assumed this story would be a mythical fantasy about a bunch of hippies taking magic mushrooms and living in vans, exploring psychedelia. You got more than you bargained for. This story is based on real life. Free to believe or disbelieve whichever parts of it you choose, you will of course make your own mind up. I did warn you that it is going to be a wild ride. Hunting Unicorns is not a simple feat. Unicorns are psychedelic and thus require advanced modes of thinking. Schizotypal disorders, wild and untamed, scary though they are, are necessary to achieve the goal. What they now use the phrase ‘outside of the box thinking’ to describe. Normal, chemical-zombi, socially-indoctrinated minds are never going to be able even to see a Unicorn much less get close enough to touch one.

That night as we all lay fretting about the story in our beds, Jake played us all some very soothing Solfreggio tones from the speakers in his studio to help us sleep peacefully. So much for medieval simplicity; the technological equipment of his sound studio is necessary for us to function, living this lifestyle, being who we are through no fault of our own.

This chapter began with an explanation that we use pet-names for each other. Matthew the Werewolf had been in his prototypical subdued and quiet-mode for the whole evening. Roger Red-Hat was the name of a character in a pre-school book used to teach some of us to read basic words so obviously with his red hair dye and the brain boosting techniques of Edward de Bono’s Six Hat concept which Sandy Lane, now renamed Sandy Hook to keep the theme established in this chapter going, uses in her work and is encouraging us to also use as a successful problem solving technique. Jake the Pirate because he uses a lot of samples in his music, his mantra is ‘three second rule’ and ‘significant proportion of original creative intent’ which covers him legally for remixing other peoples soundbytes without prior written consent. Jake the Pirate was another kids cartoon we are all vaguely familiar with. 

Meadow speaks for herself; we don’t need to give her another name as she genuinely is on another level and we respect that. Her hippy title says it all and she will be the first to laugh at the ridiculousness of assigning names to a thing as monkey brained detachment from instincts and reliance on projected mental structures, symptomatic of our loss of connection with nature. The Buddhists call it ‘samsara’ which means ‘programmed confusion’. I haven’t told you my own name yet. Let’s see for how long we can keep that going. 

continues at: Chapter Six