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On Universal Laws

O.O. Overview 000

By way of an introduction to the topic.

"One of the central philosophical tenets promoted by the Society was the complex doctrine of The Intelligent Evolution of All Existence, occurring on a Cosmic scale, incorporating both the physical and non-physical aspects of the known and unknown Universe, and affecting all of its constituent parts regardless of apparent size or importance. The theory was originally promulgated in the Secret Doctrine, the 1888 magnum opus of Helena Blavatsky.[7] According to this view, Humanity's evolution on Earth (and beyond) is part of the overall Cosmic evolution. It is overseen by a hidden Spiritual Hierarchy, the so-called Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, whose upper echelons consist of advanced spiritual beings.

Blavatsky portrayed the Theosophical Society as being part of one of many attempts throughout the millennia by this hidden Hierarchy to guide humanity – in concert with the overall Intelligent Cosmic Evolutionary scheme – towards its ultimate, immutable evolutionary objective: the attainment of perfection and the conscious, willing participation in the evolutionary process. These attempts require an earthly infrastructure (such as the Theosophical Society) which she held was ultimately under the inspiration of a number of Mahatmas, members of the Hierarchy”

Refer to Footnotes (below).

O.O. Overview 001

The tenets of the Theosophical Society has inspired New Age doctrine, a term which in 2016 means something different to what it did during the 1970s. The New Age Movement for the A.A. Age of Aquarius has been usurped so as to implement a control element over it, thus undermining its original intent.

Recent discourse with advocates of the neo-NAM has revealed their belief in an “Universal Law” which is contrary system of manifest physics to the overall scientifically verified structure that ‘reality conforms to projected preconceptions’. I have exposed the nNAM belief in UL in that it involves crooked thinking; much as the Buddhist re-invention of ‘Karmic Principle” (that we do is returned upon us) from Sanskrit ‘Kamma’ (simply; that 'cause has effect’) incorporates a morality system without overtly admitting to the fact.

In my esteemed opinion; IF (capitols intended) there is a Universal Law pervasive of all things; it is simply that ‘the nature of Reality is that it (reality) offers proof of projected preconceptions’. Ergo any structure we project into it will return to us perceived evidence supporting the structure. We exist within a free domain of creativity which has had set upon it limitations; some liminal, others sublime. Exploring the edge between the liminal and sublime and integrating that which is beyond it, is a necessary factor of Human cognitive evolution.

I am grateful to the nNAM sector for discussing their beliefs with me and I sincerely hope not to have offended them for coming at the issue from perspective of a non-christian foundation. Please refer to my notes regarding that dialogue which are included here as O.O. Overview 003 as a CBQ (Copy Block Quote).

O.O. Overview 002

We explore the projected structures of Consciousnesses upon the manifest domain of ‘mass-time’; structures which operate from beyond the liminal edge of Human perception at our current stage of evolution. We live during the exciting time of an evolutionary quantum leap in that perception. Obviously some components evolve at different rates to others and the diversity within the melange of community is extreme and difficult to balance.

This being the Age of Aquarius where communication is key, we discover increasingly fluid methods of communication between remote consciousnesses. What were previously barriers and still are to many, dissolve as we adapt our sensory ranges and stance toward the structure, as a necessary and natural development and consequence of our coming to comprehend it better.

We map it using inherited jargon and appropriate newspeak. One such structure we project onto the chaos for our communal integration is the hierarchy system which we observe and measure. We measure energy in terms of Hertz and kiloHertz and we identify that all things are made of energy. We agree that so far, all measurable energy transmutes; it does not cease. These become our immutable Laws. We observe flux within the transitions and that at many stages these apparently isolated and random patterns are aspects of a much larger emerging pattern we were not previously able to associate. Simple patterns compare throughout many fields and levels of subject too diverse to quantify into an easy cohesion. The quest for simplicity is innate to many but not all. Those amongst us of diverse nature connect with ancient and future events seemingly irrational to those who have no appreciation for appropriate context. The term ‘proper’ becomes subjective depending on frame of reference. Evidently then, to project a format upon the chaos is necessary for us to communicate with cohesion. The reptilian model we have inherited is simple to utilise; step by step, tier by tier, a hierarchal structure whose upper echelons, the hierophants, perceive further beyond the edge. Fringe cultures formulate as a natural part of the development and unless dangerous should not be restricted for they are necessary; although the consensus is always shifting.

O.O. Overview 003

The intention of the following is to liberate dogmatic mind toward objective clarity rather than religious conformity to the nNAM control structure. I am totally open to hearing any counter-argument to my own which is critical of the assumption that A there is a Universal Law and B what that Universal Law actually is. My personal stance quite evidently is toward infinite expansion, which is diametrically opposed to the nNAM belief that Universal Law is a morality system based on Karmic intervention. Within Infinite Expansion comes a necessity for orientation framework to avoid confusion. We are attempting to overcome that Human nature is to quibble over the framework and thus lose sight of any more meaningful objective. Authority is founded on the premise that Responsibility is Respectability.

The CBQ from the discussion forum on "Who Upholds Universal Laws" by Sarah Adams:

DD Danser   
Who upholds the "Universal Laws"?
snakeappletree white-lightning-gate
Who creates Universal Law and do they apply if we do not agree to contract with them? Universe literally it means "one section of a song" -al means "containing all of the song"; - we only assume it means "the harmony"; as a short-hand. Is it wrong to bypass it? We are as a species designed to evolve, to experiment, to figure things out.

Sarah Adams has never been zapped by electronic remote control devices to be saying this [that the individual chooses all experiences at some soul level and is therefore ultimately responsible for all experiences of whatever nature, as a karmic phenomena; she describes this as a UL]. People who are forced to act against their will, trapped in their own body as it enacts events they cannot prevent; this exists. Does that person have to experience karma for it because forcing a person to enact karma for it is another evil on top of them having been forced to enact something against their will. Such a person argues that they do not want to be abused, argues with both sides about it. And both sides treat that person with disrespect.

In which scenario, the person is innocent victim and the Universal Law is incorrect. If it is an ethical, good, Law then enforcing it requires discernment about personal responsibility. With electronic behavioral modification technologies existing now in our society we ourselves have to face this, and so too does the Universe. That we are totally responsible for all of our own actions is no longer valid as an ethical position. We have to accept this. It is not so simple as that we agree to be hypnotized therefore everything we do under hypnosis is our own fault. The technology overrides that. Even basic deep-level hypnosis over-rides that.

DD Danser
Hmmm..I'm not exactly sure what you are saying here. But it seems to be about "responsibility for ones actions". All of the "Super Soldiers" know that they "agreed" or "contracted" to do what they are doing and so they KNEW they were going to get brainwashed to do things they later on cannot remember. But the question was "Who enforces" this in the "Universe"? I like what you said about "Universe" meaning "song" and "al" meaning "All of the song". I've never heard that before and it's a nice image.

snakeappletree white-lightning-gate
I disagree that supersoldiers all chose to be supersoldiers. I disagree that we choose everything which happens to us. That is blaming a victim, which cannot possibly be a moral stance. No Universal Law if it is a benevolent one could possibly blame a victim. We are faced with the harsh reality that perhaps Universal Laws are inhumane. If that is the case then we need to change them. How?

The argument that we choose everything which happens to us endows us with personal power. If we have that power then we have the power to change it from within physical incarnation. If we have that power then we also have the power to not have to face consequences for our actions.

Both of my points here justify that we do not have accept being victims, and we do not have to accept any Universal Law which blames the victim. Which opens a can of worms of justifying crimes and anti-social activities. In a world of no morality and no Universal Law which is fair to us, we have to evolve to survive which necessitates either continued, knowing slavery; or to become amoral and succeed, ultimately, in replacing the inhumane Universal Law with something better, by the only means possible to us; amoral evolution. It is an enigmatic dilemma which justifies 'both sides' for the ultimate purpose of liberation of Humanity from an unjust Universal Law.

For most purposes, Universal Law is a convenient system but it is not the only system and most importantly it is not provable. Therefore it is a belief structure, a religion which people do not have to conform to. Believers project it as a grid and attempt to enforce it upon others, which is a slavery system because it denies free will. Humanity requires to have free will and we do recognize that it comes with responsibility.

The purpose therefore of responsibility for our actions is meaningful only when we agree by choice to live within those confines.

As to who enforces Universal Laws; perhaps ourselves as individuals? Any other, external force which exists to accurately enforce it must by nature be 'supernatural' and advanced beyond human cognition.

Such an entity requires to have a sense of fair play otherwise it is a prisoner trapping us to rules which as an evolving species it is our duty to question.

Perhaps it is simply as Buddhism took from Sanskrit; kamma means 'action has consequence' (sanskrit, kamma) while Karma (Buddhist concept) refers to the gravitational balancing force which when applied to the arena of human activities; when we push to the right, we are pulled from the left.

Once, we captured fire from lightning trees and lava. Then we learned by banging rocks together, rubbing sticks together, how to make fire for ourselves. After some time we harnessed the lightning and made digital machines and lightbulbs. Our nature, human nature, is evolutionary by trial and error. We cannot do this without burning ourselves, electricuting ourselves and each other. We are experimental and inquisitive. That is not satanism, and we are not wrong to try out new things which the others are afraid of trying. When we are encountering higher dimensional levels of cognition and interacting with the life forms we find there, we have to decide; is this thing a threat to us, a tool for us, how can we inter-relate with it?

If the thing, is an enforcer of a Universal Law which does not recognize our human reality, and attempts to pin us to outmoded restrictions; we have a duty to remove it, so as to liberate us. that is our nature, our evolution.

I assert that technologies do indeed exist which over-ride the individuals will. I question if that individual is actually responsible for their own actions if they are acting under duress while an external factor is controlling them against their will. Our own human laws do not recognize this, and will gladly penalize any individual who has done something antisocial. We do have to factor into our common awareness that technologies exist which remove free will and ability to self-control from the equation.

This issue is important in the open public debate about remote mind control and psychetronic weapons. We cannot blame the victims because to do so is inhumane. It is not an easy topic to resolve.

DD Danser
Sorry, but I guess I just can't follow this, as much as I am trying to. You seem to keep contradicting yourself regarding taking responsibility for our own actions and/or being a "victim"......and still you never address Universal anyway.....have a nice night.

snakeappletree white-lightning-gate
no, you just don't get what I am saying, probably because you are not open-minded enough which I do not mean as an insult. I have addressed your topic of 'universal law' a lot in my replies to you so far. Sorry you cannot see that.

 I do not see the point of me saying exactly the words you want to read just to make you happy. I am not stuck on that track.

Universal Law, there is no such thing, is the quickest summary I can explain. There is, but only within a grid which humans are taking apart as a part of our species evolution. That does not make us a 'bad' species. If you want to imagine the thing into existence and live that way for your own path, good luck to you. To me it seems like another way to try and enslave people.
I am not trying to offend you.
I just didn't have time to read it all.....sorry, I'm been bombarded by haters all over the place, and warding their attacks off, regarding my family, finances and credit, all things my 5 haters are attacking me and my family for, so my head is spinning with that and  taking priority. Sorry, I guess I'll take my sorry "close-minded" self, and work on those pressing issues. I'll try and resolve the Universal Law issue when I feel a bit safer and have more time.

snakeappletree white-lightning-gate
It's ok, I know our lives are full of attention-distractions of modern life detracting from our studies. Thank you for retaining objectivity to see that I was talking from that level and not trying to insult you; and I apologize for my poor words which are not always easy to decipher. I am excited to return to talking with you about Universal Law when the time is right.

 Several people have mentioned to me recently about being under psychic attack. It is something I am familiar with, for years I have tried so many methods, none of which seem to work well. Showering every day helps and eating green leaf food instead of carbohydrates and sugar. People have encouraged me to work with various Angelic Archetypes which does some level of good in shifting our energy configuration away from disruption toward being streamlined although walking a pre-format path is also against individuality.

Recently I have discovered something far stronger which I am compiling a blog about and I hope it helps.

O.O. Overview 004

Summary, of Raised Topics, in Bullet Point
(to follow)


“The Theosophical Society's objectives evolved to be:
1. To form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or colour.
2. To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy, and science.
3. To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in man.

Sympathy with the above objects was the sole condition of admission to the society. The Society was organized as a non-sectarian entity. The following was stated in the Constitution and Rules of the Theosophical Society

ARTICLE I: Constitution
4. The Theosophical Society is absolutely unsectarian, and no assent to any formula of belief, faith or creed shall be required as a qualification of membership; but every applicant and member must lie in sympathy with the effort to create the nucleus of an Universal Brotherhood of Humanity
1. Any Fellow who shall in any way attempt to involve the Society in political disputes shall be immediately expelled.
2. No Fellow, Officer, or Council of the Theosophical Society, or of any Section or Branch thereof, shall promulgate or maintain any doctrin[e ]as being that advanced, or advocated by the Society.[5]

The Society reformulated this view in a resolution passed by the General Council of the Theosophical Society on December 23, 1924.”

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