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What Is Illuminatii?

What Is Illuminatii ?

I measure that there are three phases of it.

Original Intention 
(first generation)
Original Intention from the Mystery Schools which taught thinking techniques and spiritual ascenscion available at higher levels of perception. The students were originally called Pharoah which means Far-Seer more than it means King. The uneducated proletariat were told the word Ki-ng (most energized singularity) rather than suggest to them there is a lot more to it than that. The priests went through culture seeking those individuals actually capable of comprehending the training and worth the effort of educating them. The mainstream cannot cope wit hit yet, but they will. Primarily it is a transmigration school; we develop in stages until we achieve such a level of being that we no longer require to reincarnate within the time-mass gravity-zone of planet Earth. Illuminati simply means 'radiant one' I-limunate-I' the two pillars of a unified, balanced self, radiant. Symbolism which is easy to mis-interpret depending on which level of focus or otherwise (grime) which a person identifies with the core principle.

(second generation)
The waters got muddied. The knowledge was not passed on and the next generation did not assimilate it, therefore could not access it. Those ripples got muddied and the grungey interpretations, making contract with other waves and deities, became servants not of Purity but of Greed, Power, Control, then Envy, Anger, Hate, and then Persecution, Cruelty; general Abuse. The vampire became more powerful and it has more servants, and these systems of different levels of integration and slavery to it are the infrastructure of existing state systems. I trace a very vague outline overview of this in my blog about the Templar, Pirates and Moloch; PYR. I also wrote a blog about the Ripple Harmonics. 

(third generation) 

An attempt to globally rectify the situation while retaining control and thus missing the point and re-making the same mistake that caused the situation they are attempting to rectify. We are in the duality of transition where the neo-Illuminatii are another power base usurping the corruption of Moloch but who are setting the seeds to be enslaved by something even worse for the Human species; a greater daemon. They will come at first with promise of rescuing us from ourselves by following their path of spiritual enlightenment. My research indicates that the New World Order's chosen form of this is to utilize what is called neo-New Age Movement philosophies, which I discuss in more depth HERE. The terms nILL and nNAM are at this time interchangeable aspects of the levels between the secret cabal ruling the brainwashed masses who follow their program / mind programming. Our Attention energies are a powerful tool which is why they control the context and direction of flow which we use it during living our lives. 

In magickal terms a lot of this operates by echo and resonance; the circuit of an alter / behaviour of a MK Ultra conditioned Alter-personality, create resonance, usually a socially-increasingly-acceptable dissonance to the pure flow.

The Role Of Satan Verses Lucifer. 

Satan is NOT Lucifer. They are distinct entities. Satan represents the chain of command of Hell establishing itself as ruling on Earth. Lucifer means literally from Hebrew; "the most beautiful light". It is a trick to associate these as the same entity. They are not. LUcifer is enlightenment, ilLUmination, LU which associates with MU 'dreamtime' ('that ephemeral quality which when it is known, fades'; It becomes LU when it is revealed / manifest as known. The servants of this transitory state are defined as Loa which are a type of spirit, usually ancestor spirits who have their own bizzarre philosophies affecting how they function, they are usually not up to date and best regarded as 'naughty children trying to help'. Their position means they do not have to obey the same cultural social rules as do the living, A major problem we face is that the contemporary mainstream in the Western hemisphere totally denies their existence and regards their channels as insane. Ancestor Worship (aka Spiritism) is the state religion in China. It is a big cultural gulf highlighting the extent of lack of education of the masses, and that the mainstream are not ready to assimilate Illuminati teachings, hence their historically belonging to enlightened Mystery Schools and the debased Secret Brotherhoods. By this rationale; in simplest possible terms, Secret Brotherhoods of Illuminatii groups are necessarily Satanic while Mystery Schools of Illuminatii aspire toward being genuine conduits of high level information about spiritual transformation of individuals and species.

Are we yet at a time where ALL of this can become public knowledge?
I exist to test that question. 

Additonal: What is the difference between illumnati and illumnatii with two suffix -ii 's ?
original and mark 2. invocation of two pillars of self rather than one singularity. development within which quest for balance and unity. 'ii' as in 'all of us' compare 'i' the individual self. It is used for many purposes by different groups and individuals within these groups. There is no agreed absolute rule for this thing and anyone who states that there is is revealing themselves as a fundamentalist rather than accepting the reality of flux necessary for gestation and formulation, which this time most certainly is; and indeed (flexability/versatility) is the ultimate purpose. 

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