Sunday, 17 January 2016

Spirits At Work

They cannot see that it is spirits at work, they call me psychotic for believing it is, because the extent to which spirits controls our lives offends their ego need to control peoples lives. Even when dead in the spirit world people still control peoples lives, not always for good. They try to fix their karma by helping us but, being people too they get angry and afraid and upset sometimes, they play games just like people do. So we have to accept this about spirits when we deal wit them. It is not my fault I am what I am able to communicate with them. They get names wrong but it is to symbolize one thing with another, to tell me in short-hand. Accessing my memory because everything is energy and when not bound in flesh the senses are different, more ESP than the blind living can attain, we all develop together as a - they use the word family. 
In most of the world spiritism is the mainstream religion but in UK it is ‘christianity verses islam’ the monotheisms both agree their is only one god, disagree on which one it is. We sidestep that because there is no proof of it, therefore it is non scientific a delusion. Science also is a delusion we believe by repeat indoctrination. If people scientifically studied spiritism AS I HAVE AS I DO they would learn that it is true. 
Science focus on the material domain is not the realm of the spirit domain nor ESP, it is as simple as that, an entirely different school. Science and religion-as-brainwash both rely only on the left-hemisphere of the brain, causing IMBALANCE. Spiritism like creativity relies on the right-hemisphere of the brain, which is why left-brainers call right-brainers imbalanced, and persecute them, and deny everything they have to say despite the mainstream global cohesion of so many pantheistic religions forming around the experience of spirit world interaction communication as a real living thing. We strip away the bullshit to get to the point, no energy ceases; it transmutes. We need to stay focussed without distraction to be able to do this type of work the same as with any profession or task. Disbelief is an energy field the spirits hide from those who are unwilling and unready to integrate and embrace the truth of reality. It is nothing to fear and it is not satanic in any way. It is simply a part of the continuum of life, after life, after life. It is a community, a family. 
They cannot see that it is spirit at work and so when I explain; my suicide friend is taking control of another persons brain just as my son did to mine before he was born through the womb of a woman who was my imaginary friend before she came into the flesh, just as my son has; my suicide friend is a spirit ally telling me what is happening with the woman I love on the far side of the world and she is confused because she cannot know where to turn and trust, her emotions or advice from her mates or cultural bias or the different approaches her head makes depending whose mind she is using, and to tell her that she is occasionally possessed by a spirit is going to freak her out completely and make her think I am crazy. 
But some of us, especially elders who have been around a few decades longer than the younger ones, to have seen enough of life to accept the truth of it, despite bias of cultural background; we can see this story as a real thing. Those who have true hearts can sense the truth in my words. And the ones who are blind… are a lower evolved caste because they are riding on lies. We are trying to cleanse the species by making more truthful individuals, more truthful communities, more truthful global society - then we can change the infrastructure and do this work out in the open. 
Meanwhile we form secret elite caste and pass on our insights orally. I am rare to be taking the risk of writing this down as guidance for those who have some level of interest and might not yet be ready to be aware. But you will, in time you will.