Saturday, 16 January 2016

Indigenous Law / 3 Worlds

western materialist cult persecutes and denies Spirit world even exists, which is cause-or-symptom of How the world has gone out of balance.

To return to balance we must each individual and culturally as a whole re-integrate with Spirit and with Nature, to Heal; ourselves and planetary ecology.

Should we fail to do this, Spirit and Nature will continue without us. Fundamentally: we face extinction if we do not redress the balance and adjust our lifestyles accordingly.

Many global traditions have since stone-age maintained the symbols and knowledge of performing AUM ( Ohm / Ogham / Amen ) chant; which connects us vibrationally with the Galactic Harmonic of 13 cps

Ohm is the deepest tone a human organism is capable of making. We require to sustain this chant for as long as possible to reset our biologies at cellular and atomic level, our emotional and psychelogical (psychemotional) faculties, to connect us with 'the divine' which is the harmonized balance of the flow between the 3 worlds. It detaches us from false flows which manifest as alternate time-cycles, upon which destructive cults are founded.

It is important to see clearly that monotheistic ‘god’ systems are a part of the human world, not the spirit world or natural world.

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