Wednesday, 27 January 2016



Calling someone 'a type’ is projecting a straw man fallacy onto them, attempting to grid them to a system so you can comprehend the world. It has nothing to do with that person, who that persons soul actually is, their own individual unique nature. Ergo it is a control game. Anyone who describes you as ‘a type’ is a controller who, when that illusion breaks down, will lose themselves. Its a fake orientation technique. The projector/controller does not care to get to know ‘you’ they care only about the fallacy they are caught up in, attempting to grid you into it also.

When you are pre-programmed by tv conditioning to react and respond in a specific way to specific triggers, and somebody presents those triggers upon you; then you will defend your right to react by a pre-programmed format. This is social control. You claim that your behaviour is your own because it offends your ego that you are so easily programmed. You cannot even see this is happening to mainstream society until you detach from your ego sufficiently to be able to recognise it for what it is; that some elements do indeed function on and from those levels.

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