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Unicorn Hunters Chapter Six / Meadow’s Notebook

The following day, Meadow hid.

It transpired that she had been copying some pages of her hand-crafted notebooks, collating it into the following manuscript written in beautiful, fun and easy to read, flowery writing of several colours and embellished with flowers, hearts, wiggly lines, spirals, tears, angry faces and scratchy violent attacks to punctuate the content of the text. It took five pages of A4 paper and she pinned it up on the wall of our communal area. We all read it that evening after a long walk down to the standing stones together as a group, finding that Meadow had already been there and left some of her jewellery and a light-cotton prayer-scroll from India? adorning a beautiful Beech tree near the stones by way of pagan offering to the spirits of the place. Meadow is subtle, gentle and hugely influential even in her absence.

Her Notes are as follows:

Throughout my life, I have never cared enough about money or social prestige to get me rich or acceptable. I care about emotions. I did psychology by way of counselling nvq2 because it is the closest available to the truth; that people of all walks of life would come to me to discuss problems they were having and always, it was emotional counselling techniques which I developed myself, which got to the root of the problems and from which the right course of healing action could be ascertained.

I live in a culture where a lot of people, to adjust to society, pretend to be robots. They detach from their emotions completely. They have very concise control over their own emotions to be able to do this. It is a form of self-repression which usually results in random outbursts, a pressure based explosion which could go in any direction. You cannot know a person until you have experienced their full range of emotional cycles. There are many others, most of them around here, who actively persecute those with emotions. Society trains us, channels us, into specific subcultures depending on our individual emotional cycles. These are a type of emotional castes. What is deemed appropriate in one setting might not be appropriate in another.

When the Emo subculture emerged, non-emo’s hate the emo’s and persecute them for being pathetic. At least they have a banner now; when I was growing up we didn’t even have that, I like most of us was persecuted. Now there is a thing called Emotional Neglect which is sufficient to have your children forcibly adopted. You can tell when people are emotionally happy. I was taught the hard way to become emotionally self-reliant at a very young age, which doesn’t work because as well as quality self-time, we need company, the human need for community as a part of our emotional and psychological make-up, our well-being. And yet like so many others, throughout life, any signs of emotions I did show were persecuted by the majority.

The strange thing, I will elaborate on; I use the word emotion here (above) to mean both positive and negative emotions.

Hate, Envy, Greed / Sadness and Happiness / Empathy, Compassion, Loving

What they call emotional wellbeing are all the third listed category.
How we work as emotional organisms is that we bounce off and feed off the emotional ranges of those around us.

I have categorised these into 3 sections with the negative emotions (dark side of the force) on one side and positive emotions (light side of the force) on the other. Sadness is considered negative but is also necessary to balance the positive; it serves a dual function and it is not in itself negative the same way the dark side emotions are negative. Likewise, Happiness can be achieved by both sides, by different means; simply put, by anger being satisfied or by loving being satisfied.

In the society I grew up and have lived in for most of my life (South Wales UK); people do not call these dark side emotions, negative. They call them ‘normal’ and they actively reward those who are owned by them. Such people are given more sex, more money, better work, prestigious positions, they are recognised as being ‘normal’. The robot people are recognised as being simply cannon-fodder with various uses, the ‘sheep caste’. Until they do anything different from their robot-routine in which case they are accepted into a different caste, or more likely if it is an extreme pressure-burst, regarded as sociopathic and probably dangerous. It is locally regarded as acceptable to be happy only if that happiness has come through laughing at cruelty or by use of the negative emotions to achieve it; revenge based satisfaction.

My personal insight is that all of the dark side people are the sociopaths and they should not be rewarded. However I have had to adjust to survive in the world and accept that in practical terms, they are more powerful than the robots and the light side people combined, most of the time. It is ironic because unlike the other groups, they cannot actually control their own emotions, thus are slaves to the biggest and most negative influences on society; they are actually the problem, causing problems for the other groups.

The positive emotions of compassion, empathy and loving, the light side emotions; these are what local people usually refer to as emotions. The haters resent these. The haters and robots both mimic these for personal gain. It is possible but not always easy to tell the difference between fake, acted positive emotions by a hater or by a robot, and the genuine thing. But most people around here cannot tell the difference because they do not experience these emotions as authentic experiences. They mimic them to get what they want from people and yet at the same time, they regard those who do experience these things genuinely to be weak people. They all require giving. They are all genuine. That is the difference; the dark side emotions are about the self, taking, and anger.

I recognise that the up-shift, to accept the light-side giving emotions as preferable and beneficial to self and to others, requires ability to love others and to love self. Only from that position can we see how things really are. That love is not a made up fantasy, it is not something we receive but something that we connect with and allow it to flow through us, from us, toward others. It is giving and in this we become better, higher vibrational people. We heal. Those living in denial of this are lower spectrum base energy people, generating a lower spectrum culture where abuse is more likely and more acceptable as normal.

The difference between ‘forgiving’ and ‘not actually giving a shit’ are a factor in the fakery of attacking someone for not belonging to the same energetic emotional caste as yourself, usually from the darksiders, occasionally from the robots. They see the system as a grid, not as a lived reality. A system to be exploited; they are manipulators, they are not authentic people. Because they do not themselves experience the full range of emotions and because they detach from the lightside emotions but they do not detach from the dark side emotions.

This broken paradigm is mainstream in South Wales, at most social levels. It is highlighted in childcare where social services, themselves not functioning fully as individuals or as a group, have the power to take children away from parents who are not lightside based. What happens in practise more often than not is that darkside based authorities remove lightside children because they do not themselves resonate with the higher vibrational spectrum; when the lightside parents collapse from stress and emotional devastation of losing their children, they fall down more easily into the darkside at which time the darkside agents have won. The parents only method to get their children back, if at all possible, is to become robots, manipulators, thus proving their ‘normality’ and an ability to survive in this culture. Basing an understanding of reality purely on my observed emotional-psychelogical model is insufficient in dealing with the advanced fabrications of the darkside state workers. That is why I grew up in traveller vehicles and was never registered with the British state.

The system is used merely as a system of levers by which to exploit people. The actuality of the children’s emotional wellbeing is secondary to that. It is the same in the police and in the law society. It does depend on the agent making the reports and whose case it is; there are lightside care workers who do their job well. The problems is that we need balanced and higher spectrum agents to be in control, what we have is the darkside ones are in control because they have removed the lightside ones by foul means. It is the same at all levels of life until you find a way to get raw away from the system, far away from people caught up in these cycles, and can safely survive only as a lightside agent.

I know that I am lightside, therefore I get exploited. Protecting myself and others has been a life-lesson. We cannot rely on the system because it is corrupt by darkside agents. I do not know the answer but raising awareness of this, in the simplest possible terms, is necessary. Becoming totally self-reliant, on paperwork, for food and clean water, as a community is the only way our species is going to escape from the 20th century negativity as it spills over perfected into the 21st century era.

 We are the social change for a better world and a thriving, evolving, spiritually developing human species. The state and urban communities with their electronic technologies, are all darkside sickness. I am not a fundamentalist for believing in a better way of living and for living by example.

Remember (and it is not difficult to forget this):

lightside = empathy, compassion, stability, loving, caring
balance = happy and sad
darkside = hate, envy, greed, anger, revenge

You can use you instincts to evaluate a person very quickly.

There is also: indifferent, zombi, sheep, robot, numb; caste of people who are simply either unable to evaluate other people or else do not respond as if having evaluated other people. They typically rely on mimicry, acting, rather than genuine activities. Displays of emotion are authentic or acting?  Often difficult to discern.

With this model contrasted against the basic Chakra model, we have an interesting hierarchy of emotions where each emotion can be recognised to exist at a specific vibrational frequency, pitch or tone, measurable electronically in Hertz. This can be reproduced electronically using machines as well as organically, such as for example projecting our own emotions outward onto others or into a place. Social pressure, environment, food, air quality, clothes, comfort, and many other factors affect our personal and collective balances and the frequencies at which we vibrate. Some factors disrupt and fragment while others stabilise us, at different harmonics. The darkside emotions are all lower down the scale than the light side ones. In a human organism the Heart is at the centre and it is through this that empathic communication occurs; by healing this we very often heal all of the other problems a person is experiencing and creating.

The word ‘suffer’ means ‘voluntary discomfort’ rather than ‘victim of’. We do not have to live in sufferance; those who do, choose to.


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