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Afterlife Light


"Question please, what do you think people? Is the afterlive light a trap?"

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I cannot answer that Yes or No. I can share information and opinion which relates to it based on my studies into it, which are from both research and experience.

It could be like with the movie the Matrix where the Red colour is Awake and the Blue colour is Sleep, which is the opposite to Buddhist teachings that when we are drawn back toward earth from the Between (incarnations), it is better to go for Blue light than toward Red light because Blue is a higher frequency incarnation (aquarian communication spectrum as opposed base chakra spectrum).

Ergo, Matrix movie is fundamentally a disinformation campaign to embed the wrong data into peoples minds while at the same time teaching about the universe being a construct. A mixture of truth and misinformation, as the best most convincing lies typically are. Discerning truth depends on our own purity, hence alchemical process of the soul.

Are we yet at a stage where we do not need to reincarnate? For most people, probably not.

So far as the tunnel of white light is concerned; its symbolic association with the Lotus Pillar famous in ancient Egypt is obvious. The study into Chakra (one layer of meaning involved in exploring/translating 'djed' columns) shows that above our heads, we have a 'white cone' containing higher chakras. It is focus on the lower three chakras which connect us to mortal form. Above the heart chakra are more spiritual concerns. We have to master the lower 8 chakras before we can fully develop access to the higher ones, pastel hues of white, within the white cone. We access them by harmonizing them with and energizing the bodily-based ones.

My own personal opinion is that the white cone is our own higher chakras and passing up through it means returning toward the highest form of ourself, which exists outside of the earthly bandwidth, therefore outside of time grids; although by accessing it we can bring those realms into the physical world. Many ESP abilities from accessing the stratospheric planes. See Jose Arguelles rainbow bridge.

If this is accurate then the fear generated to put people off from going up through the white cone, is going to leave a lot of wandering souls. Fortunately we can open the bridge given sufficient energy. Why do you think so many wandering spirits are feeding off the living from 4th dimension?

Implants into the chakras are a problem. We have to cleanse them as we go and detach any siphons as we go. Methods for this are available; dervish use spinning because it relocates our center of gravity to the central column of our own kundalini vortex, shaking off attachments. We feel dizzy because we need to re-earth re-connect to the planetary center after spinning. Vortex are energy flows, like how a tesseract is described as 'a fourth dimensional hypercube' (hence Saturnian association). Detached from the external grids and empowered to rise up through our own cone; we can ascend through it. The ancient culture taught these methods. Can we trust them? Is everything I have written here, a result of my studies, is that misinformation? I hope not because it makes a lot of sense to me, more sense than the advice of those who go against the integration of many different ancient cultures into one cohesion.

We are becoming more openly aware of energy implants. From people, from spirits, from other-dimensions, from etheric AI's. In medieval times we called them demons, now we understand them a different way but it is the same thing.

The destruction of the foundation of thousands of years worth of knowledge base teaching us how to ascend, this is apparently a part of the agenda to enslave humanity. Example; blowing up Assyrian-Babylonian temples - some of the earliest temples we have remaining after the Atlantean nuclear war.

Voices speaking advice against the ancient temple teachings should be regarded with suspicion. I am a priest of that ancient religion but I also question its validity in search of truth. I want out as much as the next of us. I am not an agent; when I use the word 'illuminati' the enlightened ones, I mean it by the old way, nothing to do with rothschilds and etc. They are demonic.

The potential that all my research into ancient cultures is staged by time-travellers to trick us into going up the white cone when we should be avoiding it... as a clairaudient channel when I have spoken with spirits who chose not to go up the white cone; there are other methods of travel within the lower astral realms; Anubis is Charon and it loves us, it is a Gate older than the material density, the sentient void. The spirits who travel by their own volition use the light, often appearing and disappearing in flashes of white light. They evidently use abilities from higher chakras accessible from within the white cone.

The cone is a core, a djed; stemming sideways out from it, are onion layers. The top of the cone is where Y axis becomes X axis. Its an orb, higher layers of the orb. We send up our shoot and then we send out our leaves. Or; we choose to use our energies down on the ground. You get to choose.

What we find up there in the higher realms is dreamspace. We travel to whichever dimensions best suit us for the next stage of our journey. It could be that we remain within the Earths gravity-zone, connecting with whichever layers of the stratospheric planes we resonate with. It could be that the moon has an effect of recycling us back here into the reincarnations, and that we can only leave planet earth once we have sufficiently advanced enough to be permitted to do so; that we do not bring our nasty earth toxins to other worlds. The cleansing of this planet does require the extraction and filtration of all that nasty oil from below planet earths surface. So the same for our souls as for the earth mother. To attain such a level of purity, and to do so as a community, these are the lessons of earth upon our souls.

I previously wrote about my experiences with White Cone and the White Zone.

More information about Djed and my own lineage.

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