Saturday 21 January 2012

and then 3 years passed...

Hey people, I am returned now that I have finally been able to get through so much computer captcha lost forgotten password unrecognized spheres of frustration crap, to return to this blog site.

Inspiring me to do so has been conversations with fellow members of the PAGAN BLOG PROJECT 2012 which is going well. My own humble input to it can be found here:


It has been a busy few years, information about which can be found if you seek.

This is the year that we begin to heal the world; by healing ourselves, by healing each other, by healing community. Self-reliant for food crops grown by local community through as-yet-to-establish open-access Community tribal halls, huts, lodges, call them what you will. Lets work to dissolve -ism's this year, huh?

Hey in 11 months from today the Tzolkien calender ends. Looking forward to 2013 YEAR ZERO already. You really should check out NIN's album of the same name (year zero) - its for cleansing all that hardcore dirty city shit and concrete out of your system so we can get on with the new world the way that we should do; shanty culture, because that's when Humans are at our lucid purest.

One Love