Tuesday 24 March 2015

Short Cyber Essay

Reaching Out For That From Which We Escape

It is not about what "cyber" means to us, but what it means to different individual people.

I feel that 'cyber' is too big and complicated an entity to express within the limitations of our previous projects. I do not feel about it now, as so many people did in the 1980s - the allure of tomorrows technology mixed with dystopic social and physical environment is not the same as contemporary outlook and designs, which are either retro or are looking progressively toward the future, holistically.

A cultural tradition has formed, as follows.
It is best presented as the original 1980s Transformers comics did it and then later the Terminator movies.

1) These are the Robots, see how they shine. They are useful to Humans.

2) These are the Robots that can think. They are dangerous to Humans, even the useful ones.

3) These are the Level 1 Cyborgs: Humans who have integrated with the Robots *to control them.

4) These are the Level 2 Cyborgs: Humans who have integrated with Robots *which control them. Quicksilver in human form.

5) These are the Human Zombies who have been organically re-programmed by computerized mind control to serve machine intelligence. 

6) These are the Last True Humans who reject technological intervention into their lives and exist primitively.

Silver vs Red

We are currently existing in a culture where all these groups co-exist and influence each other.

The Human Debate is precisely this: How much does 6) influence 4) ?

Of these groups, 'cyber' is best described as;
A) sleek aesthetic design styles within groups 1, 2, 3,
B) group 4.  It must be noted that group 4 has no requirement for Humans, thus is an antithesis of group 6.

The concept of Robots emerge from the Age of Reason which focuses exclusively on only one particular function of the Mind as calculus. It must be noted that a Thinking Machine (Turing, Babbage) is not the same as an Instinct Machine, an Emotion Machine, an Imagination Machine, a living Soul. Outside of fiction we currently have developed very little concept for any of these (other than to be programmed as group 5 citizens by machines). Biological Needs and Desires form two more Human interest categories outside of Machine scope which we do have many versatile time and resource consuming interchanges.

As our genetic research is advancing rapidly it must now be decided whether an additional group is relevant;

7) genetically altered designer Humans

or whether this group, because it necessitates digital technology which makes it possible, is another facet of groups 3, 4, 5 even where this includes those designed to be specialist at levels beyond the scope of machine intelligence.

Saxophone and Green

Throughout the Age of Reason emerged an ideology of the Noble Savage (group 6) which epitomizes the Human qualities of Instinct, Emotion, Imagination and Soul as liberated from technological cultural development represented by industrialization emerging in ubiquitous machine cohesion.

The ultimate end products of this development are multi-cultures continuing to comprise of fuller ecologies expressing each of the groups and fusions where cyber is integrated into neo-primitive lifestyles that we may experience the best of all worlds in ways which help us feel safe; thus liberation from overcoming fear. What such an environment is to experience is where todays futurists should be focused.

Friday 13 March 2015


Hating The Healer

She advised: "They both hate him."
"Why?" I asked.
"Ask them. Ask him. See what they say. If you want to stir it all up by poking your nose into other peoples histories."

I asked him first because it was more practical to do so.
He explained: "The first two words; they hate. That answers the whole story. They are haters. They will find reasons to justify it and pin it onto whatever target happens by. In this case, myself. The particulars, the details, pale into insignificance once you have this understanding. They get along and are united by their common emotional-mental normality of hating. It is likely that because i am different, outside of their shared and reinforced version of normality, is the only justification necessary as to why they chose me as a target for the hate."
I accepted his insight and asked: "You yourself, do not hate?"
"Do you mean by this question, do i have a lack of hate for the people who hate me, or in general terms that i feel no anger? Anger turns inward even when we express it outwardly. I do get angry sometimes yes, that is normal human biology at work. I do not harbour resentment even toward those who actively hate me. What i feel for them is closer to pity if anything. I generally avoid them and give them little attention. It is healthier to focus on more positive endeavors."
After a moment of contemplation, I asked: "Can the hate be cured?"

He explained that in the discipline of kundalini yoga which he studies, it is described that the base chakra is to do with both anger and sexuality and therefore there is a strong relationship between the two, it is probable that sexuality is naturally intended to alleviate anger. We are designed to function this way, physically-emotionally-mentally. The hate comes from the energy channelling through anger instead of it being re-routed positively by sexuality.

"Having chosen myself as their target for anger, it is a rational assumption they have both chosen me as somebody who they need to alleviate their anger. And yet the inhibitions involved (which are many and from many sources) prevent that event from becoming an actuality. Chakra energy is magnetic, it flows like electricity, like water. Until the sexual energy subsides, the hate will remain. Perhaps in time it will fade. Hopefully other people will come along and redirect their attention. Certainly to initiate hate-sex as a healing is not something I have any intention of becoming involved in. I believe that subconsciously this is also a justification for why they hate me. To Westerners it is a Freudian analysis although the concept is primal, is to be found throughout many cultures. The hate manifests into communication form of insulting me that 'all i think about is sex' and this gives further excuse for hate. I am not suggesting a desire to become sexually involved with these people. Merely stating how the analysis works based on the lore of kundalini teachings. It is a relatively new thing to Western consciousness."

I asked the women individually why they hate him. They both used the same phrases which to my awareness means that they both had colaborated about it and decided between them on a frame of reference. "He is too stubborn to take any advice," and "He is repressive."
I asked: "In what way repressive?"
"Controlling. There is his superior way of doing it which is impossible to know, and then there is wrong."
"Does his way work better?"
"I dont know I never tried it," and "Only if you are a monk."

I shared all of the above with all of the people concerned. He laughed and the women bitched about him for being sexist and obsessed with sex. The woman who had warned me not to get involved in the first place told me that I should not have gotten involved in the first place. I asked her, did she mean involved with a guy like that or involved with the whole situation? She explained that I am unsettling an uneasy peace. I asked if she has feelings for our ascetic friend. She returned the question by asking me if I am setting myself up as her rival or as her ally. I told her an ally. To which she answered that I am a lucky girl to be one of his students and wished me luck with the others.

Disclaimer: The 'ex-sex partners of snakeappletree support network' is now officially closed.