Thursday 31 March 2016

Traumatic Times

A simple flow-chart based on my experiences of being a Targetted Individual.

Flow-chart compiled free online at with much enjoyment.

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Murder By Proxy

This is probably going to be my last blog post before they shut my internet off completely. It is what it is and it is so simply because it is the most vitally important message I can send to the general public given the circumstances. It shows how things actually work.

"I would not want to walk down the wrong road just to have someone by my side" 
 -Veronica Thilbodeux

Murder By Proxy


my HIS-tory, the reality vs the Feminazi Protocol.

Fem-Dom Strategy: “Meet a guy, get him pregnant, refuse him access." and "Tell people he is violent, receive state benefits both for the child and more benefits from induced trauma.”

The Lie: “My ex scares me therefore I am afraid therefore I need help.”

'Professional Authorities' Advice based on the Lie: “Stay away from him.”

Justification: “I have been advised to stay away from him.”  

This is the self-delusional stage of convincing yourself and others that your own Lies are reality. 
In Mental Health this is called Disbelief Syndrome.

State Workers: “The guy is dangerous we will make a note of it and support you in your  distress.”
Unwritten Subtext: “Third-wave feminists work together, off the record, 'to improve society' (phrase borrowed from Nazi doctrine which the world went to war to dispel, less than 100 years ago).”
Factuality: “Men are exploited. You are told it is a male dominated society as smokescreen because it is a female dominated society. Gender roles in state departments evidences that as fact.”

Consequence: “We have failed his application.” (neglecting to mention the failure is called ‘social justice' punishment based on the Lie)

Result: “The guy has no support and has killed himself.”

Verdict: “Good, he was evil anyway.” (for his having gonads, no other reason).

The Reality: "The guy did everything he possibly could with his life to work for genderless equality and to support his child and community." 

Child Psychology Report: “All children thrive best with both genders of parental influence, preferably natural parents.”

Statistical Psychology Report:
“Women are significantly more likely to be violent than males.” - Welsh Governmental Statistical Data from Prison Report.

The Obvious: "Paperwork is written Either on Hearsay OR on Empirical Statistical Data. If you can not trust the contradictory paperwork to be accurate; which paperwork can you not trust to be accurate?"

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF SOCIAL AND STATE MANIPULATION DEFINING WALES SOCIAL CULTURE. Lies built on Lies so that SHE can have HER way, regardless of consequence to other human beings and the wellbeing of her own children.

The Shout: “It is time we addressed these issues which affect not only our generation but the generations to follow. We have to start by re-analysing the face-value to ascertain that She is exploiting Him based on her own mental illness; that the resentment of Men and persecution justified by and based on Lies, is a commonly accepted form of mental illness and should not be permitted to control society. Yet that it does.”

The Probability: "It is recognized so much as a social phenomena that: Google 'The Life And Death Of Ned Stark'."

"If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die." Ned Stark, Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire


Colour And Grey

Colour And Grey
Today I received a letter which states the state has cut my benefits by £20 per week because mental health is not recognised as a valid disability.

This is what my luxury lifestyle as an independent designer costs:
internet £30pcm + mobile phone £10pcm = sum total: £40pcm
Including the small, additional costs of painters tools, it equates £10 a week;

on communications (eg; Skype so my timeshare son and his parents can talk)
on promoting my art (multi-platform and websites)
on starting a business selling my writing (multi-platform & websites) (and copyrighting it the legitimate way)
same as for my musical output such as it is in a competitive industry
on building a fan base to accomplish the above - which took 5 years
(currently at over 200 viewers per week)

For an additional £6 per month I could start selling things through the internet because that is the seller fee for renting the embed code for digital downloads sites. I do not receive sufficient funds to be at that level, it is an aspiration I have been building toward and stockpiling my produce until such time as it becomes viable.

I am grateful to be able to access the global communications and trading platform called the internet. It makes everything possible.

In 2014/15 I received a bursary of £2000 worth of cyberspace to develop my skills and promote me as a 3D virtual reality environmental artist from an Australian University based company who recognised that I am that good at what I do. What they especially liked is my attitude of breaking down barriers between traditional painting and cyber-art. This was because of my ability to access the internet and to put it to good use, networking and showcasing my talent.

My 2D art is inspired by the Welsh environments; grey skies, grey concrete urban cities, grey emotions, people seeking colour but not daring to admit it in a world where only grey is accepted, grey bureaucracy, grey people, grey culture. Apparently I represent the promise of colour and as such, concrete grey people with concrete grey souls come down on me like a ton of concrete whenever they can get away with it.

Because of my ability to access the internet, foreign investors are working through me to stimulate the local Welsh and national British economy, by investing in my productivity. Productivity is the manufacture of ‘goods to the value of’ which equates to money (ref; Blacks Law Dictionary for definition of terms). I am a valuable asset to the nation and its economy, and I am a valuable spokesperson for the importance of artists and the creative mindset.

Non-British authorities and institutions are capable of recognizing this, because they do not operate from a position of culturally indoctrinated greyness. Foreign investors seeking to stimulate economy and cultural development through independent and valued individual artists, because they have no faith in the institutionalized system to support us, have funded me not financially but through provision of hardware to encourage me as a Welsh Multi-Media Creative to develop my skills instead of despairing at the futility of the human condition.

Now that my benefits have been cut by £20 a week, I will not longer be able to afford the internet, and also I will have to come up with another £10 from somewhere to afford my rent.

Coping with my other arrears (utility bills) is another matter, I still have to come up with rather a fat sum, but not sufficiently fat as to be eligible for the government help scheme. I am not entirely dysfunctional enough to get help from the people who are now disabling me further, so in the near future as a consequence of the cut-backs, I probably will be in a position to get help from their help scheme. I have no other option.

I am on mental health benefits for stress based illness; nobody will give me a job because of the diagnosis. They do not say this is the reason directly. My only option for financial survival is to augment my benefits with income from my own business, until such time it earns enough that I can come off benefits. The system has cut my benefits and majorly stymied my progress with that regard. Government Austerity Measures are counterproductive. I am a citizen who has been disabled from progressing with my otherwise successful business due to the cut-backs. All I will be able to do from here is sit in cyberspace of my own creation, on my own computer, without sharing that environment with anybody else for profit, until such time as the bills come through and i have to sell all of my hardware to repay the bills. At which time all my years of training and foreign investment into myself and therefore the british economy, will have been for nothing. That is the direct result of the governments protocol.

Who knows, perhaps a miracle will happen.

I am at a stage where I need to put the immediate reality of feeding my 5 year old and keeping us warm through the bitterly cold Welsh weather, more importantly than attempting to make money from my art. We cannot eat aspiration.

I have been offered a job selling drugs for a major local dealer. I would be able to disappear off the system within a few months because I am intelligent enough to work my way up the chain and re-invest my earnings in the business. I do not want to do this for three reasons. One, I am not criminally minded. Two, I do not wish to influence society by getting people hooked on drugs. Three, I do not intend to risk going to jail. The cold calculated analytical view of it being a purely financial option it is the better option than living on the streets from non-payment of rent and utility bills and having my opportunity to start a legitimate, safe business venture thwarted by government policy and inept bureaucracy. It is a much better option than suicide, which many people in my position have resorted to as the only viable way out. This is food for thought; not only for myself but for many people in similar situations to myself. Governmental repression creates criminals and promotes drug abuse, while repressing enterprising creative artists who are already producing and of benefit to the british economy. That needs to be addressed directly in parliament. A copy of this blog has been forwarded to the relevant respective MPs.

The situation needs to change.
There are two historic precedents as to how it can change.

One, the peaceful and preferable route, is what Iceland did in 2011 when the Icelandic police upheld the Law and arrested the criminal bankers and governors who were involving the nation in destitution, regarded as corrupt and anti-humanitarian policies. They proved that the system can be changed when the system fails to serve the people; that people are more valuable than a broken system. In Britain, the People do not have the support of the police, who continue to ignore the law and protect the tyranny of criminal bankers and politicians.

Two, the bloody revolt option, has historically been proved to work in instigating a more fair, people-based system than the preceding tyranny which provoked it. This has been shown to be the case in nations all over the world throughout all of recorded history. Independence Day, Bastille Day, the Communist revolutions of Russia and Cuba, are such examples I am certain you are familiar with. A short, bloody coup; executions of the tyrants for their crimes against humanity, followed by at least several generations of equitable and people-oriented social progress along with a stronger economy.

The splash of colour within the grey. It is up to all of us to decide whether that colour that should be.

Please click this link to find out what You can do to make a difference by donating or purchasing some of my paintings. If I do not respond to you it means they have shut my internet off for non-ability to pay the bill.

Monday 14 March 2016

Red Review

hell man ... don't get me wrong, as a rule I slam the lid down hard on emo genre music because it sucks, simply too angry to be pure authentic Goth. But having said that... check out this intro (Descent, track 1 from the album 'of beauty and rage') by RED.

The Album is called "Of Beauty And Rage" by a band I never heard of until now, called Red.

As the album progresses, track 2 reminds me verymuch of the Queen of the Damned movie soundtrack based on Anne Rices Vampire series. That's as far as I got with it yet, hand hovering on the 'switch this bullshit off' button simply because, emo ain't goth enough and I'm feeling humiliated even listening to this.

Somehow it works though, the symphonic classical theme with the ragey guitar stabs.

Oh track 3 is shit. I realize now why I hate it, the suspension of disbelief required to get into it is not nearly real enough for my dusty attic, gritty concrete, cold night through fractured glass sensibilities.

This music feel young and at the same time old, free's me from feeling my age I suppose because most its listeners are young teenagers and connecting with the audience through the vibrations is why I gave up being a musician, having got to the level of mad evil genius scientist with my electric machines and experiments into summoning and resonance physics.

What I am trying to say without getting sidetracked is, this music invokes a few hundred years ago of coming-of-age emotions and the harsh life we lived, consequences of stagecoach culture for the wealthy and autumn tree's, journeys to simply peasant folks watching civilized sorts in their finery, the forgotten generations before education taught us all to write, the forgotten times of lifes where life was so much harder than now, when all we have to cope with is the wolf within, stressed abusive elders taking it out on us, and poverty demands necessity. 

Feelings of sorrow and loss for people gone and what will become. Tearing apart inside from withdrawal symptoms, physical craving for the thing we should be strong enough to walk away from, comfort of the important thing where we belong.

We empath when we watch it on tv and hope it never happens to us for real, yet it does, a sacred rite of passage time after time. This soundscape does the same job. Actually I like it a lot more than I thought I would. It's fucking awesome. I guess I didn't want to grow up and admit that to myself. Eleven minutes in. 

Strange thing is, today I have been tidying up my studio and checking out burnt cherry verses burgundy red matte paint to fill the gaps between antique wooden furniture, the stuff with dark varnish and history. Trying to get away from the pirate ship theme and into something more classy, and not repeat the theme used in the similarly furnished green room I sleep in. These old Welsh houses and theme lifes, generation after generation. It's the piano riffs they connect us through time to dead peoples emotions, still vibrating someplace outside of time, that's what resonance physics is all about. Like with Cloud Atlas. This music is deep. 

Here's the full album.

Sunday 13 March 2016

Expansive Red

Expansive Red

Am I waking up or dumbing down? I read my old blogs and they are more intellectual than I ever feel capable of. When I write, I write in the flow of now. At this time full of wine for a rare change i am distracted, my arms do not wish to push the limits, I listen to blue tech and work on prose which will not come; forcefully I sink into desire to do something with my time, a mire of mastery, words as poetry for the sake of. I eel the sublime sexuality and sensual nature of doing what I do for the sake of doing it, studying thoth while writing the wrong things. This is writing both of the higher plane which takes control of me as an agent of the divine but writing of a man on wine. Sometimes fighting the divine to create my own distinctive personality, I will use the word I for selfish purpose because usually i am a clair-audient channel for higher dimensional spirits or simply ghosts.

Tonight I flow with the hedonism of youth, the confusion of inexperience and i writ efor the pure blissful entertaining purpose of sinking into habitual nature instead of doing a higher thing. My arms and fingers do not want to flow this way against the keyboard, to do so is to enter and strengthen their grip into a satanic universe.

I see picture of cities of theist, blown up by war and I see rebuilding with future technologies, 3D printers making dream citadels, towed from the thousand nights and one, assyrian babylonian dream vision of ancient ancestors, flowing through me, the avant grade are the - we are called deluded by the gird minds of the british estate, the nation empowered by perpetual war and yet we seek freedom, the music is flow, the bliss and contentment, this wine is sublime from europe and reduced discount or else i would not have been tempted, it is worth every euro and it flows, it flows stronger than the grid, is a liberation and becomes a culture, i taste it like grapes, raisins, the wine taste sod raisin and is raising my spirits, i find my flow and am lucky, lucky to sit night after night with no social life, lucky to recall memories of teenage youth in chepstow before the empty warehouse was knocked down to build a supermarket, a place where friends and i discovered wed and teenage lusts ignored because the alcohol we had drunk was too strong and to much, a combination of factors, teen lust sacrificed and set aside by alcohol and smoke, i dedicated all the rest of my teenage years and twenties to cannabis and after which i got straight, gave up everything and became straight, passed a drug test.

Tonight back on wine I am finding who I used to be, the freedom of my own particular uniqueness and this tract, this text, this writing is the first time side I got the internet the only time, where I am free and woozy enough to see for value what the life i lived is all about, to rest and relax and ignore detach from the stresses of before, the creamy chateau du bordeuax, liberated. I am healing and depute juggling the shadow side for the first time in ten long hard years of struggle, against the poses of no, tonight i feel worthy.

Tonight after half a bottle of expensive but reduced in sale discount wine, I feel worthy, I have found my woozy level and nothing I wrote is worth writing but to me is worth everything. I see it for what it is now; luxury and distraction. The whole internet is luxury and distraction. Education is luxury and distraction. Self is the only thing apart form the work that we do either to make dollar or distraction.

Liberating, I see how much I need to share a bottle of expensive grade liberation with whatever woman I dare to take to bed, to sacrifice time. I am become a god again by dyonisis revelry simply because this is what it has taken for the stress to go, far too many years of constant stress taking me away from having a pure heart. I have a warm and pure heart now and this is the first time for a long time. Introduced to wine as a child, I can see why genetically, emotionally, psychologically it became a part of me. By wine did I live the happiest days and nights of my life. Twenty years of sobriety were a criminal waste and loss.

Tonight I find my confidence again and only having drank too much am bold enough to state it. This is my worth to the human race, and by stepping out of the controlled regime of routine attempts to improve and behave, I finally see things for whatever they were’ the chaos of before with other peoples dogma trying to rule me so everyone could find a level. Fuck that shit. Fuck that shit. I seriously really mean it, fuck that shit.

Escapism and shifting the perception over to a different grid on a semi-regular basis is the only way to survive and thrive. Our monkey hominid ancestors used to chew up and spit out leaves to make  brew, for the community to be free and now refined on technologies form medieval techniques, this expensive wine has done me good, I can see it now and all I have to do is write these words to remind anyone who happens upon them, the very core truth of how important it is not to maintain a rigid mind but to be flexible in your thinking, to connect with your soul and heart, to be forgiving and to accept us for what we are, the dirty baseline and not much else.

When the time comes we can pull ourselves together to be high as light but meanwhile the flow is the light and the flow i that we are permitted and allowed to be humans, we do not have to aspire to attain to be angelic, thats just control game punishment bullshit which destroys our souls and , denies us the human experience. 

may i be forgiven for spelling his name wrong, no sources agree on it anyway

Goblin Soul

"graffitti tunnel at waterloo.ever changing graffitti." Margaret Brookes

"This little piece of writing reminds me very much of the incredible street zines of the sixties, the countercultural revolution. I actually feel inspired to get out my art supplies and draw a zine with these words spread out thru each page, kind of like the old old Whole Earth Catalogs where one paragraph of a great story was in the bottom corner of each page...."  Rebecca Christian

Goblin Soul

"Graffitti tunnel at waterloo. Ever changing graffitti." Margaret Brookes
That is the crime. The over-painting of design. In the world of shared dreaming there is a goblin creature who photographs every single picture for the record. In the world of shared dreaming the grafitti wall extends on for ever and nothing is ever lost. We do not live in the world of share dreaming and graffiti for all its wonder is the living proof of that. We do not even live in the world of the immediate moment, we live in the world of yesterdays stale illusion. There is a way out of it but nobody is ready because the few, and I mean literally only a few of the 7 billion of us, who live in the co0ntinuos flow of the world of the living now, the really real alive people, the wizards who rule this world, those few free gods who walk amongst us, they don't care about consequence, they do what they want and usually the evil god of negativity sends agents to screw them down and fuck them over. We are taught about overcoming ego despite its use as a trade tool, because if we were taught the deeper reality about the id, we would live in a different world where the idea of being true to your own innate nature verses the confusion of acting on addictions until we recognise them for what they are and truly get ourselves sorted out, would be the ruling way of life here. So we are taught instead about detesting the ego because it gives a wider range of punishment and manipulation, based on desire without addressing the core issues of human nature as instinct verses addiction as our governing reflexes. A secret only the martial arts elite know. We over-paint our understanding and perspective of ourselves so that all we see is the temporal imagery and all we can use to see ourselves with is the temporal imagery painted by whoever most recently dared to make the change by ignoring yesterdays futility. And this is our age, this is our era, this is the human condition and has been for a very long time. All the wars and passions and hopes and broken dreams, the poverty and depression and hatred exploited by those who know how to focus hatred to achieve their subtle goals, all the distraction and lack of action because the fear of repercussion and loss of accumulated nonsense, all the emotional entanglements we project onto useless things and even more useless people because all they do is feed our temporary need for some-one else's ego to distract us from our own true divine nature as creator entities here in mortal form. Graffiti says it all, not the living face of today's banner but the yesterdays histories which no-one ever see's. Its a clever goblin you see, collecting all that bullshit and owning it while nobody else cares to pay attention. That's the one who gets ahead because it alone knows the immortal flow, recognizes symbolically patterns emerging up through an otherwise chaos of other peoples confused activities and learns the hidden keys, it might be a hundred artists but the threads manipulating them are the same creative keys, and these are the ones which turn the heads and get you thinking, perhaps there is after all a different way of doing things, another perspective we hadn't achieved before, the other side of a door i had not seen, through all the places we have been, questing for. And that goblin laughs a lot more than we do, collectively, crashing our dream into oblivion because we assumed it was all for nothing, watching our designs fade as fresh new attitude paints over them on a regular basis. That goblin knows the answers are found in different ways to yesterdays thinking. And this goes on eternally. The goblin of change, a collector of forgotten histories, pioneer of what we will become tomorrow. Let it into your head, let it into your souls and accept, we are a progressive species but we need to know the purpose of that trail, we need to know the goal. Goblin knows its something deeper than the human soul. 

With Love for Margaret Brookes who befriended me on facebook and put up with my force-field of aloof nature for long enough for me to look again and see she is a lot more colourful and bright than I pretend to be. 

Monday 7 March 2016

Troll Slayer 101

Troll Slayer 101

A defining personality characteristic of Troll behaviour is that they operate from within an ‘us verses them’ mentality of competitiveness where they have to ‘come out on top’ by beating their perceived adversary. The methods used to depress their victim so as to gain satisfaction from causing misery include but are not limited to use of Strawman arguments.

Trolls love positions of authority and persecute anybody who does not respect that position, because they are incapable of understanding that respect is a thing to be earned, it is not a given automatic. They have to prove they are trustable, which means ultimately at the very deepest level, they have to be trustable and not use any manipulation in their activities. As soon as they do so, they lose respect and are no longer fit for the position of authority.

This is why internet forums administrators and moderators are more often than not occupied by Trolls. The hierarchy system itself is at fault because it permits this behaviour. The same thing is happening not only on internet forums but in every hierarchy system of every tier-governed organisation on the planet. Some of these have watch-dog systems to monitor them and expose Trolls for being unfit for office. Most however do not. This is a major problem affecting many lives and many areas of many societies, which Humanity as a whole will benefit greatly from addressing directly.

Never back down to a Troll. It is better to be blocked from a forum so that you are beyond the trolls range of manipulation and energy vampirism, than to repeatedly risk yourself by wanting to enter its lair. The world is vast, there are many - higher energy level - forums where you will have a less damaging experience.

Expose them and walk away. This is the very best strategy for encounters with Trolls.

Recently Trolls have adapted to this by collectively ganging up on and bullying Troll Slayers, using straw man arguments to discredit the Slayer by making it appear the Slayer is the troll. People with a Human mind and a Human heart can see these situations for what they are.

Trolls hide behind lies, positions of authority, and hearsay. All three of these things are irrelevant to Truthful people. You cannot be an effective Slayer if you are not a Truthful person, because the trolls will trip you up and test you by using any untruth you carry about with you, as a lever to depress you and exploit your energy.

Trolls do not function from Empathy. Only True people judge the world not visually, not by words, but by emotions as observed and experienced over the long-term. For this reason most effective Slayers are at least 30 years old because it does take at least that long to gain enough experience to become effective.

Trolls have tiny brains and always operate within a very limited range of psychological profiling, therefore they are easy to spot. They are cowardly creatures and will not usually expose themselves unless they feel comfortable that they have back-up, they operate in gangs. Some of them find their positions of authority encouraging, they will exploit that if they think they can get away with it.

Remember - drop tools and walk away, use your Block key. It robs them of the victory they had hoped to gain by emotionally and mentally screwing you with their power games, which really frustrates them. It is all about energy vampirism. There are two types of Trolls - those who are powerful and know a trick of how to vampire energy, and those who are zombies who support it but do not even recognise about themselves the full extent of how much they are zombies. Trolls are a horror movie, never forget that.

You do not have to live in a horror movie.

Troll Slayers are a unique caste who choose to expose these monsters for what they are, to improve life for all Humanity.

Some trolls can be saved, only once they have recognised the errors of their ways as a social interaction. We recommend to Trolls and Slayers alike to read the book The Games People Play by Dr Eric Berne which teaches transactional analysis in layman’s terms.

Remember - ‘Us vs Them’ paradigm is the problem. Do not become the thing you are attempting to destroy by falling into its cycles. 
The second Troll Trick which is worthy of mention is "copy block quote" utilised for character assassinations. They are sticklers for it. In some fields such as book editing it is a useful and necessary method to deconstruct lengthy statements line by line and tick-box their validity. On public internet forums where Human emotional response is an acknowledged factor of our communications, it illustrates the trolls inability to let go of a potential source of energy. They turn statements over without the objective clarity necessary to give value to their analysis; because Trolls are driven by strawman phallacies as the root of their hatred therefore they are not criticising the statement they are copy-block-quoting from a detached analysis, but within an agenda. It scientifically discredits them as being an objective and reasonable analyser. We live in such a society now that nearly all use of copy-block-quote is by Trolls rather than scientifically objective Humans.

Sunday 6 March 2016

Intro to Egyptology

Introduction Into Egyptology

Egyptian Hireoglyphs do not have a simple, single translation. They are designed to work multi-functionally on multiple levels of cognition. This should be the first thing you learn about them; that the ancients knew what they were doing with the Mind, far more than we do.

This is why they are such great teachers for our dumbed-down, post-warfare era. Their insight was such that carving this information into stone to last for as long as possible was deemed necessary, that we may once again rise toward the same aspirations as did they, educated in methods of how to achieve it, and their knowledge of what is going on in the worlds, the physics of reality. It is very different from what you might expect.

The ancients believed not only in reincarnation (transmigration of the soul) but also that it is possible to re-awaken the memories of our past lives through specific methods. Only by studying these methods can a person discover the truth of it.

The system for our relationship with the external world and our relationship with ourselves is the core of this teachings. In our language we call it Shamanism. The Pharaoh was a type of priest, a far-seer, a shaman-king.

Most of the system is designed to orientate us perceptually. As the education develops we assimilate deeper interpretations of the symbols. The same sign for snake means also speech, healer, electricity, soundwave, telempathic emission, radiation, plane (dimensional spectrum), journey; for example.

Many of the concepts and contexts within which the ancients operated are not found in the modern world and require some work to comprehend precisely what they are talking about. Largely this is due to lance of education and misinformation from state education and mainstream media (which is all controlled by the same corporate agenda).

One part of the system relates directly to the senses, for which a pantheon of deified concepts often mistakenly called ‘gods’ and assumed to be external entities, is used.

One part of the system concerns how we can use our own kundalini energy through the chakras in combination with the senses to achieve heightened and extra-sensory perceptions.

These two parts of the system work in conjunction. 

The metaphors of these simple understandings applies equally to our observation of the external world as it does to ourselves. For example, the spinal column which transmits kundalini energy up through it, is symbolic for how a tree works, for how weather patterns can be stimulated through manufactured pressures, is a physical embodiment of what is remembered in other cultures as the Nadi system (Ida and Pingala) - in Egyptology a gross confusion because the same symbols to depict this also have many other meanings.

It is imperative that the context is established for which we are discussing any particular theme. In breaking through to new levels of perception and understanding, to use a confusing language is the downfall of that language structure. We must go beyond the existing mainstream language and its uses to develop more efficient ways to communicate higher level data.

For this, traditionally, the development of human organism as a telepathic being capable of transmitting multi-dimensional emotional data, memory, ideas, pictures, from one mind and heart directly into another mind and heart, is required. This state of being is deemed holy. It is set apart from the mainstream and a result of specialist teaching; although being innate in us all and natural to us all.

The core of Egyptian spirituality is simple; that physically, perceptually, emotionally: the center of the Self is the heart.

Is the mindless heart the same as instinct?
Prioritise: mind under heart of heart under mind?

Deification is a result of Human psychic energy which when focussed into a singularity empowers that concept until it becomes autonomous. The Egyptian study into deification of concepts led to the emergence of real Entities who then interacted with the priesthood generations later. This caused a shift of focus in the priesthood as it sought to get away from being controlled by external entities. Ultimately this led to the Akhenaten refutation of pagan Gods both as real deities and as primal cognitive orientation for the development of Shamanic consciousness.

The focus of my own studies is pre-6th Dynasty. I am interested in the original purpose of the hieroglyphs and their meanings, not the latter re-definitions of the same symbols.

It is noted that after the Akhenaten cycle, during which monotheism was established at the cocaine inspired narcissism of the messianic heretic Nagual named ‘energy of source’; the carvings became more technological than supernatural in their focus. I include both technology and supernature as equally real, equally valid aspects of our reality experience. They are both scientifically viable truths.

By technology I refer to physics, electricity, scalar waves which mirrors beautifully the studies into kundalini in a living entity to such extent that the stellae are often interchangeable as they refer to both levels of interpretation at once. By supernature I refer to advanced uses of perception following the original shamanic training school which the priesthood originally established to establish; this includes use of kundalini and orgone and such things as are ridiculed as nonsense by contemporary cynics who can neither read hieroglyphics properly nor utilize their own undeveloped psychic and energetic abilities.

Saturday 5 March 2016

Outside The Box

Outside The Box

Everything which you have been raised within the box to experiences; re-affirmed by the box of society, many people also programmed to conform to the normality, is within a limited range of experience.

My path has been very different. Not by any choice nor fault of my own. Once having been beyond the box and adapted to integrate the outside perspective; a person can never fit into the box again, not entirely.

This is a major difference between myself and normal people. And if you are wise you will benefit by listening to me recount my experience which is from beyond your imaginations. What I have to say is this.

Most people are zombies, to such an extent, they do not even know that they are zombies. Your first reaction to this is to take offence, a predictable reaction. Some of you are human enough not to take offence but to accept that perhaps what I am saying might actually be the truth, not intended to offend you but as a simple statement of fact; that is how things are.

You experienced state indoctrination with your schooling. Your parents were also raised by state indoctrinated schooling. Even where you rebelled; television affected you and generations before us all. Television owned by specific corporations with specific corporate agenda’s. And nearly all of it is lies. Culturally endorsed programmed normality, is lies.

In cyberspace, even the dust is clean. In television movies, even the grit is digital clean. In lives influenced by the normality of everybody we copy, being actors; everybody learns to act. The fakery is a gap between people. Most people never learn to bridge it. Those who do, those alone stand a chance of becoming fully human.

This encapsulates the very basic first level of understanding of what I have seen from the perspective of having been beyond the box, outside of the limitations of social, cultural, normality.

If you can accept that then I will teach you the second insight. The second insight is that you have not yet been educated properly how to use your mind organically. Most everything you believe to be ‘you’ is merely the programming, the self-image based on egotistic assurances. You will not be able to comprehend the full extent of this until you successfully detach from your mind completely. Mind is not the Self.

Only once having achieved that, will you begin to comprehend what the Self truly is. It is not Mind. Only then, will you be capable of using Mind rather than Mind using you. Look around your city; most everybody there is being used by Mind rather than using Mind. It is a significant difference. All of the social structures re-enforce the assumed righteousness that programmed Mind is the full extent of all things. It can take literally decades to achieve that insight and maintain it as a continuity. Mind is tricky like that, it is a constant struggle to detach permanently from it.

At which time the Western within-mind-slavery caste will from their delusions very likely regard you as insane and unsafe for their controlled, normal, regular, egotistical society. There is a very good chance that your ego is already so possessing of you that you will go crazy as a result of detaching from Mind. It is a necessary blessing. Many people cannot cope with reality as it is perceived from outside of the box. Those few who can are potential  Shamen.

Those are the ones whom are ready to assimilate the third level of cognitive reality interface. Those ones are not the Sheep, are a special caste apart and are spiritually protected, even while socially persecuted by non-comprehending zombies.

And now, you can choose; whether to take what I have said here as a valid and knowledgeable reality, or to ignore it and continue existing as a zombie, unaware that you are a zombie.

“The Poet cannot avert his eyes.” - Werner Herzog

In some cultures, and more often throughout history; children were taught Truth instead of fed cultural misinformation to create a society of zombie mind-slaves. The advanced spiritual abilities of level three and beyond were a normal, everyday factor of life, taken for granted by most people. We now make the distinction between shaman and sheeple at an entirely different baseline than did our ancestors. It is our loss and with great sorrow to accept this. Yet; Humanity must evolve. While true people become rarer, our insight and abilities and the levels which we can access become more highly regarded by those of us aware they even exist. 

This is our value to the species. It is not something the zombies are capable of appreciating. Which is not entirely of their own fault.

Egyptian Stellae depicting the Battle of Set (the set mind) and Horus (the energy field / far-sight) for 'the bridge between heart and mind' (who gets to do the talking - the bronchial chords)

Friday 4 March 2016

My Teenage Setlist

Construction of Musical Playlist of background music.

To which ends I return to my early teenage setlist, with the help of youtube to replace tape as I no longer have a walkman. The following is from approx age 13-16 (1990-1993 and misses out a lot of other equally as important albums).

David Bowie - Diamond Dogs & Ziggy Stardust
Caravan - In The Land Of Grey And Pink
AC/DC - Who Made Who
Black Sabbath
Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine
Metallica - (up to and including) The Black Album
Stone Temple Pilots - Core
Pearl Jam - Ten & Verses
Faith No More - Angel Dust
Carter USM - 1992 The Love Album
Janes Addiction
Siouxsie and the Banshee’s - esp. Superstition
The Cure

This is the shit which got me through puberty. Not the darkest hour because there was still Hope in the world at that stage when Life was mostly ahead of me. In retrospect it was seriously getting into BauHaus which ebbed it all away... or was it that their vibe was the scant grain of dusty bedrock beneath my feet in an otherwise fall to the void, teaching me to skip as a step toward learning to fly on velvet wings?

Or was that the parental Generation with their dedication to Enforced Control Regime and willful ignorance of empathy? It took until my mid-30s to wrestle free completely.  My advice to my younger self would be; "Don’t let anybody control you - escape as soon as possible, means Now. The state will support you until you get a job, so you do not have to be slave to abusers.”

Which is my advice to everybody of every age in the UK especially people in puberty; because I remember too well what it is like. The distractions are different in the 21st C but the emotions are the same as they always were, right the way back through history. We now have the luxury of teenage cultural years to indoctrinate instead of sending kids to the workplace, that’s both a blessing and a curse; it should be better, it could be worse. 

I have been studying classical piano since age 7. My dad raised me on blues, prog-rock and stress-based alcoholic beatings; I rebelled into early metal and goth. On and for the records I have always hated Punk despite consistently being labelled as one by people who have no idea at all what their blind prejudice and strawman bullying is doing to the world.

At 16 I got my first electric guitar and a Korg G3 with which I could create the fruitiest organic techno sounds simply by using effects and tapping the strings, it became whole other machine. Ten years later after having travelled Germany to experience the techno scene first-hand I got access to a Korg ES-1 and MC-505, was part of a street crew working our cable-tangled demon of The Midi Monster Machine. The band had to split for legal reasons and I continued my experiments with LFO, spiritism, ESP and auric / perceptual re-configuration until I achieved the result I had been after.

By 2000ad Drum and Bass had taken over the world and it is there that I found my feet on the dancefloor and my heart in Wing-Chung. Psychedelic trancedelia music, dark-psy ~

Today in 2016 my musical tastes have diversified widely. Mostly; world music, the melange of east and west as Arabic musicians discover western machines and acoustic instrumentalists are finally recorded during their live improvisations, made available on youtube.

The experimental electronic dj scene of SecondLife Virtual Reality (Morlita Quan and Alexi Ayres being two names off the top of my head who have repeatedly blown me out of the water).

And so this done, I return to planning my literary masterworks.

The Battle Plan


One Chapter a Month
One Book a Year
10 Chapters a Book
1 Month Notes & Planning (pre-production)
1 Month Editing (post-processing)

10 Books a Decade
These will be books worth reading.
Then I can retire to focus on The Opus Magus.

For Every Chapter:

Chapter Name and/or Number

“In which …”  (focus paragraph - potentially replaced by Herbertian style appropriate/d quote).

For Every Novel:

“This is a story about …” paragraph / 1-3 paragraphs (no more!)
An Overview (back cover blurb).
Break it down into sections - Chapters outlines.


Step 1 - The Inevitable Prevarication

Thursday 3 March 2016

New Culture Movement UK

"The New Culture Movement of the mid 1910s and 1920s sprang from the disillusionment with traditional Chinese culture following the failure of the Chinese Republic, founded in 1912 to address China’s problems."

"Scholars ... had classical educations but began to lead a revolt against Confucianism. They called for the creation of a new Chinese culture based on global and western standards, especially democracy and science."

Now contemplate this:

The New Culture Movement of the mid 2010s and 2020s sprang from the disillusionment with traditional British culture following the failure of the British Democratic System, founded in 2016 to address Britain’s problems.

Scholars had classical educations but began to lead a revolt against Usury and Hierarchic Totalitarianism. They called for the creation of a new British culture based on global standards, especially humanitarianism, spirituality, ecology and science.

It is feasible. 

Wednesday 2 March 2016

How Three Wrongs Make A Right

How Three Wrongs Make A Right

Socially programmed tv zombies getting angry about issues they have been programmed to steer their anger.

As a Sufi using techniques of a Buddhist layman, I play devils advocate using the social issues to stir their anger as a method of showing them, themselves; confronting not only their own anger issue but that it has been engineered for an agenda. This is important enough to take the risk of being branded as an apologist for the current social issue of the day, which the tv tells us to hate, whatever it happens to be.

The Tenth Mans Duty is Devils Advocation; this is necessary in all societies.

As a Buddhist adept I am secure within myself that I can deflect accusations against me by people who I am educating, they need such education to become better citizens and more awake Humans, with more self-responsibility. The media exploit homo-sapiens who we are by decree’s waking up toward a more fuller Humanitarian state of being.

Remember what Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi taught us about Anger leading to the Dark Side. Whatever someone else does on their path; your own hatred of them for it is Your issue. There are much better ways of dealing with it than poisoning yourself with an engineered rage.

We are all co-creating society; recognition that all of the toxic elements are wrong is important. This does not excuse other peoples abhorrent behaviour; it does not justify your own abhorrent behaviour either.