Sunday 31 January 2016

Ripple Harmonics

This blog is a copy-block-quote from an ongoing email conversation with a friend who has been proof-reading and editing some of my more professional (ie: for publication for profit) writing. Naturally the topic diverges as I find ways to express clearly that which it is I am attempting to express.

This is not primarily about Islam, it is intentionally about Focus. However from my study of Islam which is fast taking over Britain as the major religious belief, it does indeed seem a sensible pursuit to research what it is all about. A lot of it is attempting to express the same thing that I am. So, the following;

I am writing heavily about that regarding Islamic theosophy at the moment. The lifestyle of the fundamentalists, those who do what the prophet said compared with those who do what the prophets 2nd generation taught them... in christianity there are true christians (who follow christs word) then the next generation - the disciples - then there are the disciples students. It mutates very quickly. In Islam translated into English, this word 'generation' does not mean only 'grandchildren and descendents' it means also something else and it is crucial to understanding islam to know the difference. Most people do not.

A person who lives as christ/mohammed told us to live is closer to purity, is therefore of the first generation. You or I could conceivably be the first generation by living rigidly to that doctrine, even though we are thousands of years after the death of the Prophets. The word generation means 'how pure or compromised'. Sharia is a comprimise, and contemporary sharia is a comprimise of that comprimise but it is not the only possible form a comprimise can take, and it is also not harmonious to western thinking which is another form of a comprimised comprimise.

We need to establish a new cohesive, clear, first generation which integrates global mindset of Now given our current global multicultural and technology and implications. However by the time we establish it in the hearts and minds of the people... things will have moved on faster than we anticipated. This has always been the problem which is why Islam speaks only of 3 generations and then the Outsiders who are not part of those 3 generations at all, one definition of them is 'impure'; however this suggests it is okay to kill them to maintain the pure. Facepalm.

How to express this succinctly?

Satan vs Lucifer

The Role Of Satan Verses Lucifer

Satan is NOT Lucifer. They are distinct entities. Satan represents the chain of command of Hell establishing itself as ruling on Earth. Lucifer means literally from Hebrew; "the most beautiful light". It is a trick to associate these as the same entity. They are not. LUcifer is enlightenment, ilLUmination, LU which associates with MU 'dreamtime' ('that ephemeral quality which when it is known, fades'; It becomes LU when it is revealed / manifest as known. The servants of this transitory state are defined as Loa which are a type of spirit, usually ancestor spirits who have their own bizzarre philosophies affecting how they function, they are usually not up to date and best regarded as 'naughty children trying to help'. Their position means they do not have to obey the same cultural social rules as do the living, A major problem we face is that the contemporary mainstream in the Western hemisphere totally denies their existence and regards their channels as insane. Ancestor Worship (aka Spiritism) is the state religion in China. It is a big cultural gulf highlighting the extent of lack of education of the masses, and that the mainstream are not ready to assimilate Illuminti teachings, hence their historically belonging to enlightened Mystery Schools and the debased Secret Brotherhoods. By this rationale; in simplest possible terms, Secret Brotherhoods of Illuminatii groups are necessarily Satanic while Mystery Schools of Illuminatii aspire toward being genuine conduits of high level information about spiritual transformation of individuals and species.

Are we yet at a time where ALL of this can become public knowledge?
I exist to test that question. 

A Living Example

It was crucially important for the Ancestors that we remember the infromation for the long-term to help with the development and evolution of Human species. Stellae were carved into stone. The knowledge base for this as retained by the Jaguar Priests who spread out from Assyria through Babylonia through Egypt through Meso-America (in my writings I very often mis-term this simply as 'Mayan') though Tibetan and other forms of Buddhism. All of these groups are symbolized by their Priests wearing Jaguar skins. It is the same priesthood in diaspora, remembering elements of the core teachings through various culturally identifiable motifs. There is literally more to it than one lifetime can assimilate, hence the focus being on the re-awakening of past life memories to recall as a continuity the data-stream. The method is to access higher level awareness, the distinction being made between lower self and higher self; Ba and Ka. See my blog 8th Chakra.

"Dad!" shouts my kid. I am trying to write this blog and split-attention training is not welcome when I need to focus on one thing at a time for just... a few ... more ... seconds ...


"Wait a moment please babe I am busy working."


"Two seconds."


"Yes babe."

"Look at me!"

My 5 year old is doing press-ups with his feet on the table and his arms on the sofa (and his head in the tablet watching cartoons). 

"Wow you are doing your Jedi training!" He grins his sweet little grin and forgives me for keeping him waiting because I have, finally, given him a scrap of attention-energy. "I am sorry that I kept you waiting sweet-heart. But can you see that by doing your exercise for even longer than you expected, you are getting even more stronger than you ever thought you would be? And you are also learning to stretch your patience!" I hate that phrase, stretching patience. My dad used to say it to me through clenched teeth. Both my son and father are the same starsign, it's frightening the personality similarities.

"How did you know that?" He means how did I see around the corner to know what he was doing. He's very intelligent.

"Because I can see tones of sound and I read them like they are words." This is absolutely true. 

It was not only his verbalized yells for my attention but also, more importantly, I do hear the stress-tones generated by peoples minds. It is how I pin-point with accuracy where a person is, and by reading the exact frequency of the tone, which synaesthetically I see as a colour, I became telempathic. I swear it has to do with all the psilocybic magick mushrooms I took as a teen and during my twenties that hyper-linked the synaptic system in my brain, opening me up to so much extended perception, ESP abilities which I use costantly for orientation and communication, for visualization; and so many of the people around me who do not have this ability think I a m crazy whenever I try to explain to them what from my point of view is a very normal, obvious, comprehendable thing. Our ancestors very first paintings and clay carvings were of mushroom headed people, the first shaman, who came down onto the plains where the shrooms grow after we fell from the tree's (with a little alien intervention meddling with our dna; 1.6% of it according to Jerald Diamond in the Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee and to NAME from this important tutorial). 

My son returns to his Attention cartoon but he is thinking about what I have told him. We have continuity, he follows my logic and digests it as his own pace, filling in the gaps by making those all important synaptic connections by himself. You can tell them but they don't learn. You can show them but they wont learn. When they do it themselves, they learn. When they do it regularly, they gain skill. Learning to think is the same. Learning to think for yourself is a survival skill. Don't take my word for it. 

What Is Illuminatii?

What Is Illuminatii ?

I measure that there are three phases of it.

Original Intention 
(first generation)
Original Intention from the Mystery Schools which taught thinking techniques and spiritual ascenscion available at higher levels of perception. The students were originally called Pharoah which means Far-Seer more than it means King. The uneducated proletariat were told the word Ki-ng (most energized singularity) rather than suggest to them there is a lot more to it than that. The priests went through culture seeking those individuals actually capable of comprehending the training and worth the effort of educating them. The mainstream cannot cope wit hit yet, but they will. Primarily it is a transmigration school; we develop in stages until we achieve such a level of being that we no longer require to reincarnate within the time-mass gravity-zone of planet Earth. Illuminati simply means 'radiant one' I-limunate-I' the two pillars of a unified, balanced self, radiant. Symbolism which is easy to mis-interpret depending on which level of focus or otherwise (grime) which a person identifies with the core principle.

(second generation)
The waters got muddied. The knowledge was not passed on and the next generation did not assimilate it, therefore could not access it. Those ripples got muddied and the grungey interpretations, making contract with other waves and deities, became servants not of Purity but of Greed, Power, Control, then Envy, Anger, Hate, and then Persecution, Cruelty; general Abuse. The vampire became more powerful and it has more servants, and these systems of different levels of integration and slavery to it are the infrastructure of existing state systems. I trace a very vague outline overview of this in my blog about the Templar, Pirates and Moloch; PYR. I also wrote a blog about the Ripple Harmonics. 

(third generation) 

An attempt to globally rectify the situation while retaining control and thus missing the point and re-making the same mistake that caused the situation they are attempting to rectify. We are in the duality of transition where the neo-Illuminatii are another power base usurping the corruption of Moloch but who are setting the seeds to be enslaved by something even worse for the Human species; a greater daemon. They will come at first with promise of rescuing us from ourselves by following their path of spiritual enlightenment. My research indicates that the New World Order's chosen form of this is to utilize what is called neo-New Age Movement philosophies, which I discuss in more depth HERE. The terms nILL and nNAM are at this time interchangeable aspects of the levels between the secret cabal ruling the brainwashed masses who follow their program / mind programming. Our Attention energies are a powerful tool which is why they control the context and direction of flow which we use it during living our lives. 

In magickal terms a lot of this operates by echo and resonance; the circuit of an alter / behaviour of a MK Ultra conditioned Alter-personality, create resonance, usually a socially-increasingly-acceptable dissonance to the pure flow.

The Role Of Satan Verses Lucifer. 

Satan is NOT Lucifer. They are distinct entities. Satan represents the chain of command of Hell establishing itself as ruling on Earth. Lucifer means literally from Hebrew; "the most beautiful light". It is a trick to associate these as the same entity. They are not. LUcifer is enlightenment, ilLUmination, LU which associates with MU 'dreamtime' ('that ephemeral quality which when it is known, fades'; It becomes LU when it is revealed / manifest as known. The servants of this transitory state are defined as Loa which are a type of spirit, usually ancestor spirits who have their own bizzarre philosophies affecting how they function, they are usually not up to date and best regarded as 'naughty children trying to help'. Their position means they do not have to obey the same cultural social rules as do the living, A major problem we face is that the contemporary mainstream in the Western hemisphere totally denies their existence and regards their channels as insane. Ancestor Worship (aka Spiritism) is the state religion in China. It is a big cultural gulf highlighting the extent of lack of education of the masses, and that the mainstream are not ready to assimilate Illuminati teachings, hence their historically belonging to enlightened Mystery Schools and the debased Secret Brotherhoods. By this rationale; in simplest possible terms, Secret Brotherhoods of Illuminatii groups are necessarily Satanic while Mystery Schools of Illuminatii aspire toward being genuine conduits of high level information about spiritual transformation of individuals and species.

Are we yet at a time where ALL of this can become public knowledge?
I exist to test that question. 

Additonal: What is the difference between illumnati and illumnatii with two suffix -ii 's ?
original and mark 2. invocation of two pillars of self rather than one singularity. development within which quest for balance and unity. 'ii' as in 'all of us' compare 'i' the individual self. It is used for many purposes by different groups and individuals within these groups. There is no agreed absolute rule for this thing and anyone who states that there is is revealing themselves as a fundamentalist rather than accepting the reality of flux necessary for gestation and formulation, which this time most certainly is; and indeed (flexability/versatility) is the ultimate purpose. 

Never Forget

"Never forget

that your eyes

are in the side of your head

Not the front of it;

that your front points upward

and 'see's' with higher senses

than you have yet developed

any ability to utilize

(much less to comprehend)."

- Ordo Octopia (O.O.)

Black Cube


This blog has been released today simply because it is part of a trilogy of blogs which need posting during January to open this window. It is not 'finished', I have a lot to add and finish editing it. I have a backlog of work which I hope to clear ASAP by working my ass off through the long night.

David Icke The Saturn Moon Matrix Exposed

@ 25.30 relates directly to: 
Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 - The Power of Three 

Black Portal & Alien Cube UFO Over Texas! 6/29/2015

We exist within a singularity which has been slowed down to create a grid of linear time. We are attempting to leave it because we experience it as a prison. The thing has been done on purpose; not to trap us here but to protect us, to give us time to figure out how to escape, what happens next, after we leave the grid. Were we to alter the harmonic and change the grid, we would experience a shocking change in the physics we are used to. The mayans who are experts in time, explain a prophecy; that after the 5th Age, the Age of Itza (urban living, characterized by love, anger and the fertility these things bring - the base chakra issues) we will enter the 6th Age, where we will experience 'being and seeing things as they truly are'. That obviously is when the veil will lift, when the grid will dissolve because we will be energetically, mentally, emotionally, capable of dealing with it by then. Individuals who achieve that readiness may leave the grid sooner. Meanwhile we reincarnate, again and again re-living the same lesson whilst a slow progress of linear time and its cultural-social achievements play out toward whatever end. It is something we have to go through and it does take time. Anger will not help us much. Patience will. This has been done for a reason - it gives us preparedness to leave the system, before the collapse of the grids. Because after the collapse of the grids, an event occurs which we are not yet ready to face. We have to accept the system we are in even as we discover methods to leave it. This journey is necessary as a teaching to ready us to leave it. Slowly awakening to what is really happening here is necessary, we currently are going through the shift from a lower density vibration toward a higher one, the next step, a time of awakening to the next level of consiousness integrating time as we experience it for what it is. Because of our imprisonment within the tesseract (a 4th dimensional hypercube) other things have become apparent to us, explorations of other realms of potential which we also need to integrate to prepare us for the ultimate end result of leaving the grid, when the time is right. When it collapses, so too do we, unless we can attain high enough vibrational density. The system which appears at first to trap us is in fact there to help us evolve. For example, we react to fire by drawing our burnt fingers back in shock and hating it. Only after a lot more development can we harness it and use it as our tool. That we are a young species is an understatement

See also Red Dragon and Gold Heart

30.1.2016  yup, it's one of those days

Red Dragon


This blog has been released today simply because it is part of a trilogy of blogs which need posting during January to open this window

See also Black Cube and Gold Heart

1. CBQ copy-block-quote from my notes to go here once edited.

Further notes: 

2. welsh flag - an elephant in the living room / pterodactyl / wyvern on the rooftop (a short story from ancestral memory about wife sending me to the mountain and my staying too long but returning with dragon eggs which make us so strong but make us dark of nature)

3. The Hannibal Lecture's and the Dragon tattoos. I have not read that book but society has been imprinted with the meme.

4.  How does this relate to the Group other than as a signifer that for many generations humanity has been assimilating that we contain reptilian dna and are accessible by the 4th dimensional reptilian mind. Hysteria and acceptance of what we are - see HP Lovecraft stories. (a short story about genetic throwbacks cutting the tails off their monkey children since we fell from the tree's, expelled from eden).

Living Cyberpunk

So to ease myself back into who I used to be before I had the internet, ten very short years ago; I have been reading again. There are still gaps in my education which need filling.

Having to wait before I can afford even a second-hand copy of R HeinLein's A Stranger In A Strange Land, I am waiting for the snail-mail arrival of Donaldsons' SnowCrash, having finished Bethke's HeadCrash; these last two being the big cyberpunk turn-on for so many VR designers after Gibson's Neuromancer, book 1 of the Sprawl trilogy.

These are light reading, no seriously they are peanuts and the psuedo-intellectual style-tone of the genre most beloved is a different level of stimulation than more academic Future Shock by Alvin Toffler, which is the more quotable tome. I have read a lot - over a thousand books on all sorts of topics line my bookshelves and this is less than half of what I have ingested over the years, discluding the internet which is its own thing.

My own expertise in translating ancient stone-carved stellae and my involvement with the ongoing and evolutionary black goo phenomena, an alien AI which is fast soul-sucking humanity toward extinction - I actually have some of it and the stories are true from my experience - puts me right up there on the top of this bookstack so far as what they are talking about is concerned. It all makes too much sense.

But right now I am enjoying City of Snakes, book 3 of Darren O'Shaughnessey's The City of the Dead trilogy. Somehow all of this weaves together, involving Shadowrun heavily; which invented the term 'Matrix' to describe the holographic computer universe; a movie of the same name starred that black eyed actor Keanu Reeves who was also Johnny Mnemonic which is based on Neuromancer.

The information and vibes from these cyberpunk fictions connect with spectrum of reality and since they are future-focussed, and largely written twenty or thirty years ago (Future Shock is from 1970! and more relevant today than it ever was), we are now living through the era which they foretold. It is an interesting comparison; as a kid i would study drawings of portable telephones which have memory-chips to store data, and now we take this for granted as the facebook and text-gen lifestyle. We are actually further, in many ways, than the worlds of these novels.

The two things we have not yet assimilated into our daily lives is holographics, as machines and that ourselves are holographic: and the spirituality, to use technically the wrongword for it. Awareness that we interact with multi-dimensions, that Animism (the belief that everything is alive, has life-force, has a spirit) is a reality we block ourselves from by dumbing-down of culture due to negativity social memes and fluoride.

That, and the revisionist history based on actual evidence that a high-tech breakaway society are teleporting back and forth between this planet and others on a regular basis and sharing technologies with extra-dimensional aliens who have spliced their dna into our own, to create us for what we are; slaves not yet responsible enough to deserve freedom, proof of which is that we cannot feed ourselves and are using an usury based money system instead of common sense distribution of resources for free.

It is an amazing time of history; our potential clashing with our stupidity because we give our power away so easily, we are divine and yet we are gullible. We cannot stand up against the dominating evil forces despite outnumbering them 1,000,000 to one. Disbelief syndrome inhibits the open mind and open heart required to see what is really happening; we are all too distracted trying to feed the kids and pay the bills and whatever other distractions come along. Were we to focus we could evolve rapidly up throughout the spheres.

But anyway, I have to go back to my book now I have just got to a good bit.

This is my Virtual Reality avatar "Sable" in her cheap rental apartment, undertown of Mesa5

Saturday 30 January 2016

Show Dont Tell

Show, Don’t Tell

Previously, I wrote a bog called How To Write Betterer.

This is Part Two.

I am ready personally to begin assimilating this ‘next level’ advice because I believe I have mastered the first stage sufficiently to finally be getting on with the next lesson of storytelling structures.

I do Tell rather than Show I will confess. 
I do this because the immediacy of direct-to-the-bullet-point style writing gets the point across.
Tell-It-As-It-Is results in lucid stream-of-conciousness style which many people prefer. 
And because of that, the subtext is easier to access, explore and explain.

We are the social media platform generation and the self-opinionated style is something the majority of people with their tiny short attention spans can relate to. Try getting them to read a real book from the 20th century for example and most of them cannot cope with. I spend my entire life, nearly every living breathing second of it, having to break down volumes of important information into layman's terms for zombies. ™

My own personal belief is that it rarely matters what color t-shirt the protagonist wears. If he or she is worthy of being written about it will be black anyway. It only becomes important when the story makes it an important factor. If a thing is not important to the message, that detail is irrelevant. There is no point in making up stuff for the sake of word count. Perhaps for the sake of atmosphere.

A red ball in a blue room stands out while a blue ball in a blue room fits.

Use of such analogy as I was taught in school and integrated into use of sub-themes which either contradict or comliment, in either case to back-up the main focus of the storyline, are devices which one must comprehend so as to be able to understand how our lives work by comparison with others involved in our stories.

Mine is not a simple story. The abuses which I had as a child, teenager and during my twenties which, when I finally came forward and began to explain to people, had me swiftly put onto mental health; have proven correct. I happen to have been right all along, yay me for all the shit I was put through for it. Others of whom I was speaking have also come forward and there is now a Base for what I have been talking about.

Gang Stalking and Remote Mind Control Technologies known as Psychetronic Warfare are real, and there are others with whom I am significantly connected, whose stories verify my own. It operates from Outside of the Official version of Reality. Having an impact on educating the community about reality, frightens the controllers and abusers who want to exploit and experiment on us. So they try to silence us. This has driven me toward both fame and being a better writer.

I turned to science fiction writing (and have been ripped off / borrowed from by Dr Who and also published gladly in Bright Metallic magazine) because it seems the more acceptable domain for those topics which the general public cannot accept, indeed resent to such extent that my attempting to discuss such topics with them have led to a misdiagnosis of my being unstable (for believing in ufo's etc) and therefore unfit for work. You cannot trust Doctors is all I am saying, even if they arrive in a TARDY (Tired And Rusty Dimensional Flux-Capacitor). Pun intended.

So my previous, interrelated blogs HERE HERE and HERE are my attempts to SHOW rather than TELL you what has been going on. Actually the aforementioned inter-related blogs would probably be better listed as an index for purposes of Not Getting Lost In A Labyrinth.

A SEQUENCE illustrating that the PIRATES are MIND-CONTROLLERS: 

as snakeappletree - a collection of real events from pre-2010.
as xenoheartfeather - a collection of my sci-fi from 2016

BBC is Moloch 
a blog associating the BBC with the Skull and Bones society thus proving their historic roots as pirates.

Further information relating to PSYCHETRONIC WARFARE
(more to be listed) 

There are other links and offshoots of this topic. January 2016 has been a busy time for me coming forward about it. I suppose I will also have to make some videos also. Watch the Bases Project, it explains much.

And here, a novel (unfinished) which does indeed attempt to SHOW through the device of literary FICTION as opposed to TELL it directly as do the other blogs.

Okay so now you can have the free extra added bonus material: this blog version 1 which I wrote a month ago and have only now retrieved from my notes. This is properly what this blog should have been about all along.

Advice for Writers Part 2

In the previous blog I gave 2 steps. I am now ready to assimilate the third;

Show, Don’t Tell.

'And then they did some thing.’ is very different from thoughtfully, descriptively, taking the reader through the act of doing it, ensuring that they follow you each step of the way.

I write fast and delude myself that I will return and embellish the scene. It was a plastic blue tuesday and the sky condensed upon itself the way steam from my shower does against the bathroom glass, does it cease to be a window if you cannot see through it? Outside the grim night was hidden by its own darkness made murky by white electric light reflecting from the moisture and striped zebra skin tears. I was out of breath, sauna’d or saunared there is no precedent, thoughts streaming by themselves into their own organic forms, you have seen it all before and yet each drop was unique as it formed and dribbled its way down the screen. I patted the same moisture from my hot body with a damp towel. Showered, I had finally Showed or shown, another word I seem to have multiple choice with; expressed fully as I can to the reader what I meant; to have merely written ‘and then I took a shower’ is to Tell.

It is crucial that you identify that the first lesson, Tell It As It Is, is a method by which to make precise your meaning, losing irrelevant words and calling a spade a spade, as close to bullet-point as possible. Showing it is visual and descriptive, use of adjectives to ensure it becomes a personalised story. It ups the word count and fills in the readers imagination with detail. Some claim this makes the scene seem more real, others flowery. It is to be mastered before one becomes a truly expressive and experienced writer. To show it how it is; is illustrative. 

Friday 29 January 2016

Of Wolf And Man

"I have so much to teach; and all they want is poetry." 

-Jalal Uddin Rumi

Sheeple, Shepherd, Wolf.

You know the paradigm; the Shepherd protects the Sheeple from the Wolf.
There are three mind-sets involved.
There is also a hidden fourth; the Elite.
The Elite, within this paradigm, form by two simple factors;
The Shepherd studies the Wolf and understands its mind-set.
The Wolf studies the Shepherd and understands its mind-set.

There is a line between them, an ethic;
The Wolf studies the Shepherd to figure out how to circumnavigate it to get to the Sheeple.
The Shepherd studies the Wolf to figure out how better to protect the Sheeple.

The ethic is obvious; Shepherd protects, Wolf eats.
If it could, the Wolf would eat the Shepherd and then it would eat the Sheeple.
If he could, the Shepherd would kill the Wolf to protect the people.
In either of those cases it would be endgame, one way or another.

Having killed the Wolf, the Shepherd becomes complacent and turns into one of the Sheeple. He needs adversity to develop uniquely. The same can be argued for the Wolf.

Various scenario's are played by both parties, some you win some you lose, and in this dance they both become wise to one anothers ways.

Where the ethical line blurs, typically due to lessons learned resulting in higher intelligence therefore more and more complicated circumstances involving trading and sacrificing sheeple for the greater good; captured and tamed baby wolfs become domestic dogs, etc. Complexity.

Sooner or later the Shepherd and the Wolf, in mutually studying and respecting one another, blur and become the same thing. This is the hidden fourth.

It is neither Wolf nor Shepherd, but both. It is an end-result product of the dynamic. It is a higher stage game. It requires experience as education to comprehend it's impact. No Sheeple can cope with it. Most Wolfs and Shepherds have a hard time coping with it. We do not even have an appropriate name for it. It can see the Whole picture and is aware of it's own impact on the structure.

The Shepherd's job is to protect the people and to do so it has to protect them from knowing that the hidden fourth even exists.

And that is Human Culture.

See also this blog: The Reptile Thinks

The Reptile Thinks

I have three highly important questions;

1. Are we involved in a psy-op, where the Sinander virus is spreading between us, correlating perfectly to timed planned agenda? 

Please take into account that both Nina and myself have previously been involved with the same Monarch based Mind Control experiments involving high-level attuning which require outside-of-public-accepted-consciousness to comprehend.

2. Or is it real? 

3. Can we trust our experiences at face value?

This is an example of WHY the Reptilians "gave us their Mind" (Yaqui Nagual Don Matus from Carlos Casteneda) - to get us questioning and double-guessing assumptions which lead us to be sheep in some advanced scheme. It is not simply paranoia and programming. It is also training; primarily in how to function with no secure ground beneath our feet, metaphorically speaking. I sincerely believe that adapting to such a situation is a necessary part of our species evolution so as not to become easily deluded by energy-vampirical Control Games.

I do not have an answer to any of these questions. I want to answer YES to question 2. If the encoding is deeper than my instincts then the core-connection can easily be subverted. This is a problem. Nevertheless it does not debase that the Golden Heart Technique does work in blocking out all alternate confusions. This is the Riddle of Siddarta.

Gold Heart

Notes and by-way-of-introductory email to Nina Valen: 

"I dreamed. I woke up Sunday (after Saturday 23.1.16) from meeting the Buddah. Gazing at a wonderful, oriental sunset and sitting alongside a wonderful woman who, we had traveled to this place. The hillside, white-greens basked in golden sun, pink hues in the skies, I have seen these colours from India, Cambodia and China, Buddhist energy spectrums. 

And there was the Buddah, dressed in golden yellow robes, simply peacefully, blissfully happy. Radiant with it. And I was too, and my friend. I don’t know who she is in real life. Someone else whose heart radiates this same glowing golden energy. Buddha consciousness is the same as Christed consciousness. The dream taught me, I have got there to that stage. An awakening that came with no fanfare of trumpets, it seems even egotistical and unnecessary to write this paragraph. Simply a wonderful dream. 

And then upon waking, I encountered a soul who I have known for many years. Spirits have often told me her name when our spectrums balanced, resonating together. I wish for her all of the things the Buddah promises us."

I researched Nina Valen and discovered her birthday is 23rd September, another Virgo. Last year 2015 was purportedly the Rapture as awaited by many devotee's, long prophecied to fall on her birthday. It was her in the dream and watching her videos on youtube, the colours of her living space (white-greens, gold, pinks) and her videos from the hillside, is too much of a coincidence to ignore. My dream occurred exactly 4 months to the day later as measured by the satanic gregorian calender the mark of which is stamped upon everything (2+4=6, 6+0=6, 6+0=6) - it is a timestamp, a grid system not harmonic to nature and the galactic alignment. 

This following week I have maintained the golden-white heart energy and have been blessing people places and food with it, because the chi is pouring through me. All of my demons have fallen away. Several people are asking for my advice and help so I am compiling this blog because I am fed up of CBQ (copy block quote) the same information to send to all the people requesting it. This blog constitutes better time management.

Here goes:

Many of us learning to access higher dimensions with no training at this time in history, it does strange things to us. A lot of the storm has cleared now although the last few years have been rough.

I also have been through psychic attack ... Nothing much seemed to work.

This following it sounds very strange especially because I have always been against it, however I have to accept reality.

Did you know the biblical date for the Rapture is 23.9.2015 ? Everybody expected it would be a huge event, and conspiracy theories about the dark forces doing something bad that day. 
Nothing much happened.

However on 23.1.16 exactly four months later, a quarter of a year, one season; I had a lucid dream where I was visited by a person, I recognized immediately as the Buddah and Christ and all the others who talk about the golden white heart energy. He was glowing with it and I felt this in my heart also. I have a friend whose birthday happens to be 23rd September and she was also in this dream waiting for him to arrive.

Ever since the dream i have had the same golden heart energy coming through me, not all of the time because I get distracted by life but every time I feel it is there. I do not believe in Christ as the religious people explain it, that is all nonsense but this thing is real. It is very yin energy but radiant, a contradiction because yin usually it is yielding and flowing, while yang is assertive.
This energy has totally stopped all of the psychic attack and negativity. I told my friend about it who was in the dream and I am telling you about it also but it is something that is personal in a way and i do not want to show off about it. Yesterday I bought some food and remembered to send the golden white heart energy into it and then the food was so much more energized to eat it than if it was simply only physical matter, it was alive and charged up with sustenance on a much deeper level.
I have been ill, with morgellons disease and that has cleared up now - the medication I was on for 6 months did nothing at all and now in the last week it has totally gone away, although I have also been drinking cups of baking powder every day and that is probably also to do with it. The pharmaceutical / psychology industries totally deny it even exists and have no cure for it.

If this was not real I would be embarrassed and scorn anyone who made such claims. I am not a born again christian or anything like that. This is a real thing that all the prophets, in Islam there are supposed to have been about 4000 prophets all saying the same thing, talking about this, the golden white heart. It works. As a protective meditation it blocks out all the bad spirits trying to latch onto us. It comes through from the center of the self, it is not something we can tap into other people to access, we have to become the conduit for it.

I have always described Love as being something which is always giving, never taking. It flows through us, from us. It is not Self. It cannot be attained while Ego is in the way. A Polish Spiritualist once told me; "My God is Love." He had traveled a long way to heal and teach in Britain. As we spoke he fell into sadness and told me 'I am sorry'. I found out later that my grandfather had passed away at exactly the same time we had been speaking. It was an insight for me into the truth of supernature and spirituality which is revealed to us only when we overcome ego sufficiently to attain Love. This pattern conforms to the same teaching found throughout the many paths of Awakening.

People are going to snerk and take the piss out of me for writing this post and I know that I am invulnerable to them because what we are experiencing here is genuine and the energy is protective. I have to question that it could be a psy-op. Nope, so far apparently it is real, the blessings on the food are evidence of that, the loss of energy-vampires attaching themselves to me and the timeliness of my healing from morgellons. I would not believe it myself except it has just happened and it's real. 

Your past never defines your future. Nice concept, in practice; Debatable.

HERE is Why it is necessary.

Further related research courtesy of the dubious intentions of wikipedia large parts of which were replaced with a very different bias, sometime around 2012, an event noted in Nexus magazine. Be aware that many people resent this information and its relation with Ashtar Star Command as being part of a fabricated neo-New Age / New World Order global psy-op program and paradigm.


On Universal Laws

O.O. Overview 000

By way of an introduction to the topic.

"One of the central philosophical tenets promoted by the Society was the complex doctrine of The Intelligent Evolution of All Existence, occurring on a Cosmic scale, incorporating both the physical and non-physical aspects of the known and unknown Universe, and affecting all of its constituent parts regardless of apparent size or importance. The theory was originally promulgated in the Secret Doctrine, the 1888 magnum opus of Helena Blavatsky.[7] According to this view, Humanity's evolution on Earth (and beyond) is part of the overall Cosmic evolution. It is overseen by a hidden Spiritual Hierarchy, the so-called Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, whose upper echelons consist of advanced spiritual beings.

Blavatsky portrayed the Theosophical Society as being part of one of many attempts throughout the millennia by this hidden Hierarchy to guide humanity – in concert with the overall Intelligent Cosmic Evolutionary scheme – towards its ultimate, immutable evolutionary objective: the attainment of perfection and the conscious, willing participation in the evolutionary process. These attempts require an earthly infrastructure (such as the Theosophical Society) which she held was ultimately under the inspiration of a number of Mahatmas, members of the Hierarchy”

Refer to Footnotes (below).

O.O. Overview 001

The tenets of the Theosophical Society has inspired New Age doctrine, a term which in 2016 means something different to what it did during the 1970s. The New Age Movement for the A.A. Age of Aquarius has been usurped so as to implement a control element over it, thus undermining its original intent.

Recent discourse with advocates of the neo-NAM has revealed their belief in an “Universal Law” which is contrary system of manifest physics to the overall scientifically verified structure that ‘reality conforms to projected preconceptions’. I have exposed the nNAM belief in UL in that it involves crooked thinking; much as the Buddhist re-invention of ‘Karmic Principle” (that we do is returned upon us) from Sanskrit ‘Kamma’ (simply; that 'cause has effect’) incorporates a morality system without overtly admitting to the fact.

In my esteemed opinion; IF (capitols intended) there is a Universal Law pervasive of all things; it is simply that ‘the nature of Reality is that it (reality) offers proof of projected preconceptions’. Ergo any structure we project into it will return to us perceived evidence supporting the structure. We exist within a free domain of creativity which has had set upon it limitations; some liminal, others sublime. Exploring the edge between the liminal and sublime and integrating that which is beyond it, is a necessary factor of Human cognitive evolution.

I am grateful to the nNAM sector for discussing their beliefs with me and I sincerely hope not to have offended them for coming at the issue from perspective of a non-christian foundation. Please refer to my notes regarding that dialogue which are included here as O.O. Overview 003 as a CBQ (Copy Block Quote).

O.O. Overview 002

We explore the projected structures of Consciousnesses upon the manifest domain of ‘mass-time’; structures which operate from beyond the liminal edge of Human perception at our current stage of evolution. We live during the exciting time of an evolutionary quantum leap in that perception. Obviously some components evolve at different rates to others and the diversity within the melange of community is extreme and difficult to balance.

This being the Age of Aquarius where communication is key, we discover increasingly fluid methods of communication between remote consciousnesses. What were previously barriers and still are to many, dissolve as we adapt our sensory ranges and stance toward the structure, as a necessary and natural development and consequence of our coming to comprehend it better.

We map it using inherited jargon and appropriate newspeak. One such structure we project onto the chaos for our communal integration is the hierarchy system which we observe and measure. We measure energy in terms of Hertz and kiloHertz and we identify that all things are made of energy. We agree that so far, all measurable energy transmutes; it does not cease. These become our immutable Laws. We observe flux within the transitions and that at many stages these apparently isolated and random patterns are aspects of a much larger emerging pattern we were not previously able to associate. Simple patterns compare throughout many fields and levels of subject too diverse to quantify into an easy cohesion. The quest for simplicity is innate to many but not all. Those amongst us of diverse nature connect with ancient and future events seemingly irrational to those who have no appreciation for appropriate context. The term ‘proper’ becomes subjective depending on frame of reference. Evidently then, to project a format upon the chaos is necessary for us to communicate with cohesion. The reptilian model we have inherited is simple to utilise; step by step, tier by tier, a hierarchal structure whose upper echelons, the hierophants, perceive further beyond the edge. Fringe cultures formulate as a natural part of the development and unless dangerous should not be restricted for they are necessary; although the consensus is always shifting.

O.O. Overview 003

The intention of the following is to liberate dogmatic mind toward objective clarity rather than religious conformity to the nNAM control structure. I am totally open to hearing any counter-argument to my own which is critical of the assumption that A there is a Universal Law and B what that Universal Law actually is. My personal stance quite evidently is toward infinite expansion, which is diametrically opposed to the nNAM belief that Universal Law is a morality system based on Karmic intervention. Within Infinite Expansion comes a necessity for orientation framework to avoid confusion. We are attempting to overcome that Human nature is to quibble over the framework and thus lose sight of any more meaningful objective. Authority is founded on the premise that Responsibility is Respectability.

The CBQ from the discussion forum on "Who Upholds Universal Laws" by Sarah Adams:

DD Danser   
Who upholds the "Universal Laws"?
snakeappletree white-lightning-gate
Who creates Universal Law and do they apply if we do not agree to contract with them? Universe literally it means "one section of a song" -al means "containing all of the song"; - we only assume it means "the harmony"; as a short-hand. Is it wrong to bypass it? We are as a species designed to evolve, to experiment, to figure things out.

Sarah Adams has never been zapped by electronic remote control devices to be saying this [that the individual chooses all experiences at some soul level and is therefore ultimately responsible for all experiences of whatever nature, as a karmic phenomena; she describes this as a UL]. People who are forced to act against their will, trapped in their own body as it enacts events they cannot prevent; this exists. Does that person have to experience karma for it because forcing a person to enact karma for it is another evil on top of them having been forced to enact something against their will. Such a person argues that they do not want to be abused, argues with both sides about it. And both sides treat that person with disrespect.

In which scenario, the person is innocent victim and the Universal Law is incorrect. If it is an ethical, good, Law then enforcing it requires discernment about personal responsibility. With electronic behavioral modification technologies existing now in our society we ourselves have to face this, and so too does the Universe. That we are totally responsible for all of our own actions is no longer valid as an ethical position. We have to accept this. It is not so simple as that we agree to be hypnotized therefore everything we do under hypnosis is our own fault. The technology overrides that. Even basic deep-level hypnosis over-rides that.

DD Danser
Hmmm..I'm not exactly sure what you are saying here. But it seems to be about "responsibility for ones actions". All of the "Super Soldiers" know that they "agreed" or "contracted" to do what they are doing and so they KNEW they were going to get brainwashed to do things they later on cannot remember. But the question was "Who enforces" this in the "Universe"? I like what you said about "Universe" meaning "song" and "al" meaning "All of the song". I've never heard that before and it's a nice image.

snakeappletree white-lightning-gate
I disagree that supersoldiers all chose to be supersoldiers. I disagree that we choose everything which happens to us. That is blaming a victim, which cannot possibly be a moral stance. No Universal Law if it is a benevolent one could possibly blame a victim. We are faced with the harsh reality that perhaps Universal Laws are inhumane. If that is the case then we need to change them. How?

The argument that we choose everything which happens to us endows us with personal power. If we have that power then we have the power to change it from within physical incarnation. If we have that power then we also have the power to not have to face consequences for our actions.

Both of my points here justify that we do not have accept being victims, and we do not have to accept any Universal Law which blames the victim. Which opens a can of worms of justifying crimes and anti-social activities. In a world of no morality and no Universal Law which is fair to us, we have to evolve to survive which necessitates either continued, knowing slavery; or to become amoral and succeed, ultimately, in replacing the inhumane Universal Law with something better, by the only means possible to us; amoral evolution. It is an enigmatic dilemma which justifies 'both sides' for the ultimate purpose of liberation of Humanity from an unjust Universal Law.

For most purposes, Universal Law is a convenient system but it is not the only system and most importantly it is not provable. Therefore it is a belief structure, a religion which people do not have to conform to. Believers project it as a grid and attempt to enforce it upon others, which is a slavery system because it denies free will. Humanity requires to have free will and we do recognize that it comes with responsibility.

The purpose therefore of responsibility for our actions is meaningful only when we agree by choice to live within those confines.

As to who enforces Universal Laws; perhaps ourselves as individuals? Any other, external force which exists to accurately enforce it must by nature be 'supernatural' and advanced beyond human cognition.

Such an entity requires to have a sense of fair play otherwise it is a prisoner trapping us to rules which as an evolving species it is our duty to question.

Perhaps it is simply as Buddhism took from Sanskrit; kamma means 'action has consequence' (sanskrit, kamma) while Karma (Buddhist concept) refers to the gravitational balancing force which when applied to the arena of human activities; when we push to the right, we are pulled from the left.

Once, we captured fire from lightning trees and lava. Then we learned by banging rocks together, rubbing sticks together, how to make fire for ourselves. After some time we harnessed the lightning and made digital machines and lightbulbs. Our nature, human nature, is evolutionary by trial and error. We cannot do this without burning ourselves, electricuting ourselves and each other. We are experimental and inquisitive. That is not satanism, and we are not wrong to try out new things which the others are afraid of trying. When we are encountering higher dimensional levels of cognition and interacting with the life forms we find there, we have to decide; is this thing a threat to us, a tool for us, how can we inter-relate with it?

If the thing, is an enforcer of a Universal Law which does not recognize our human reality, and attempts to pin us to outmoded restrictions; we have a duty to remove it, so as to liberate us. that is our nature, our evolution.

I assert that technologies do indeed exist which over-ride the individuals will. I question if that individual is actually responsible for their own actions if they are acting under duress while an external factor is controlling them against their will. Our own human laws do not recognize this, and will gladly penalize any individual who has done something antisocial. We do have to factor into our common awareness that technologies exist which remove free will and ability to self-control from the equation.

This issue is important in the open public debate about remote mind control and psychetronic weapons. We cannot blame the victims because to do so is inhumane. It is not an easy topic to resolve.

DD Danser
Sorry, but I guess I just can't follow this, as much as I am trying to. You seem to keep contradicting yourself regarding taking responsibility for our own actions and/or being a "victim"......and still you never address Universal anyway.....have a nice night.

snakeappletree white-lightning-gate
no, you just don't get what I am saying, probably because you are not open-minded enough which I do not mean as an insult. I have addressed your topic of 'universal law' a lot in my replies to you so far. Sorry you cannot see that.

 I do not see the point of me saying exactly the words you want to read just to make you happy. I am not stuck on that track.

Universal Law, there is no such thing, is the quickest summary I can explain. There is, but only within a grid which humans are taking apart as a part of our species evolution. That does not make us a 'bad' species. If you want to imagine the thing into existence and live that way for your own path, good luck to you. To me it seems like another way to try and enslave people.
I am not trying to offend you.
I just didn't have time to read it all.....sorry, I'm been bombarded by haters all over the place, and warding their attacks off, regarding my family, finances and credit, all things my 5 haters are attacking me and my family for, so my head is spinning with that and  taking priority. Sorry, I guess I'll take my sorry "close-minded" self, and work on those pressing issues. I'll try and resolve the Universal Law issue when I feel a bit safer and have more time.

snakeappletree white-lightning-gate
It's ok, I know our lives are full of attention-distractions of modern life detracting from our studies. Thank you for retaining objectivity to see that I was talking from that level and not trying to insult you; and I apologize for my poor words which are not always easy to decipher. I am excited to return to talking with you about Universal Law when the time is right.

 Several people have mentioned to me recently about being under psychic attack. It is something I am familiar with, for years I have tried so many methods, none of which seem to work well. Showering every day helps and eating green leaf food instead of carbohydrates and sugar. People have encouraged me to work with various Angelic Archetypes which does some level of good in shifting our energy configuration away from disruption toward being streamlined although walking a pre-format path is also against individuality.

Recently I have discovered something far stronger which I am compiling a blog about and I hope it helps.

O.O. Overview 004

Summary, of Raised Topics, in Bullet Point
(to follow)


“The Theosophical Society's objectives evolved to be:
1. To form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or colour.
2. To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy, and science.
3. To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in man.

Sympathy with the above objects was the sole condition of admission to the society. The Society was organized as a non-sectarian entity. The following was stated in the Constitution and Rules of the Theosophical Society

ARTICLE I: Constitution
4. The Theosophical Society is absolutely unsectarian, and no assent to any formula of belief, faith or creed shall be required as a qualification of membership; but every applicant and member must lie in sympathy with the effort to create the nucleus of an Universal Brotherhood of Humanity
1. Any Fellow who shall in any way attempt to involve the Society in political disputes shall be immediately expelled.
2. No Fellow, Officer, or Council of the Theosophical Society, or of any Section or Branch thereof, shall promulgate or maintain any doctrin[e ]as being that advanced, or advocated by the Society.[5]

The Society reformulated this view in a resolution passed by the General Council of the Theosophical Society on December 23, 1924.”

Wednesday 27 January 2016

BBC is Moloch

 Skull and Bones society is 322. 

It says so on their logo. 

 BBC is 223. 

This all adds up. 

 They are mirrors of each other. 

In the 80s the BBC microcomputer was one of the early available computers. Its logo is the owl. 

Moloch is the owl deity worshipped by members of the Skull and Bones society. It is all the same thing. 

Do not give them money. Do not contract with them. They are satanic and paying a tv license funds Mind Programming of society. 

Which is a big problem for all of us.




Calling someone 'a type’ is projecting a straw man fallacy onto them, attempting to grid them to a system so you can comprehend the world. It has nothing to do with that person, who that persons soul actually is, their own individual unique nature. Ergo it is a control game. Anyone who describes you as ‘a type’ is a controller who, when that illusion breaks down, will lose themselves. Its a fake orientation technique. The projector/controller does not care to get to know ‘you’ they care only about the fallacy they are caught up in, attempting to grid you into it also.

When you are pre-programmed by tv conditioning to react and respond in a specific way to specific triggers, and somebody presents those triggers upon you; then you will defend your right to react by a pre-programmed format. This is social control. You claim that your behaviour is your own because it offends your ego that you are so easily programmed. You cannot even see this is happening to mainstream society until you detach from your ego sufficiently to be able to recognise it for what it is; that some elements do indeed function on and from those levels.

Monmouth Gate

After Monmouth Festival, I picked up a raffle ticket from the precise middle of the square, after everyone had gone home. It was number 23. Far had previously mentioned this number to me, she called it a gate number. I liked that. I accepted that the monumentous occasion of my picking up the ticket was the universe's method of explicitly showing me that I had passed through a gate in my journey and was entering the next phase. Indeed, events did seem to confirm that. Surrounded by a festival was a pleasant way to end the last cycle although I have to admit that I was enwrapped by a very sinister dark tone at the time too much to have enjoyed it. 

Only an hour previously had a man sat next to me and told me that he had been following me around for three months. That I was in Monmouth at all was a result of my trying to escape being gang-stalked. I had gone to stay on my blood Clan's land which by the ancient bi-laws I have every right to. I was there with my cousin and our friend; studying with Wild Witches, as did Gardener. 

The British authority looked at our eco-commune attempting to innocently establish itself as independent from taxation by the British state and they destroyed it, damaged the environment and fences so that we would be blamed for criminal damage to property and nature. A photographer in a tree at night was capable of moving silently through a forest which reveals the level of training of the people who were trespassing and harassing us. It is approx ten years ago since that time. It took me several months to readjust to living in an urban environment having become relatively free on some energetic levels while feeling the crush and the lengths which the Controllers are prepared to go to when, my couson described us as 'the Chosen Ones' she used a word which means 'Blessed' in the ancient tongue and in doing so invoked that blessing upon us, a Celtic priestess, druidess of nature. 

These were the rare moments of light amongst us, the purity of soul connections which no governmental stalkers can access. They simply trudge around in cop boots and talk into their cb radios as they walk past us "yes the whole group are here in town" so their comrades knew it was safe for them to rifle through our stuff back at base camp. Then the agents got into the unmarked white vans which had been following me from county to county as I tried to escape them. Being gang-stalked sucks, big-time. Obviously my city apartment had become a place I no longer felt safe to dwell in. More of my hand-written notebooks and audio recordings had disappeared during my absence. Our friend had taught me; "It is part of life, you have to get used to it." She is right, it is; and I have. 

What mysteries and magicks I learned during the two months I lived in a bender in a forest, reconnecting with wild nature such as is available in this day and age when the Great Forest is but a folk-memory whispered of by trees with ancestral memory; what I learned and accessed during that time is not the governments to own. And yet they assume me as their property and thus they utilize my abilities at great damage to my soul. The flight response is strong in me, a timid creature of the wild who has escaped its cruel keepers. 

Ten years later and I am able to write publicly about it. My previous attempts to discuss it alienated me from the control based society. People were not ready to assimilate my life experience; I learned who my true friends are.  I wizened up more than any others with whom I have yet encountered, but for a few souls I knew from the Dreaming, the Astral Realms and now with great excitement have found them in real life too. The convocation, the healing, the Awakening is upon us. Dark souls are falling away and shadows are lifting. Finally we come into our own because the time at last is right, 11th hour heroes are the 1st hour guides for a new generation and a new world. We have a new Sun.

In time I will copytype in full the notebooks I made at the time and afterwards, those which were not stolen; post it as blogs and web-journal entries. 

Cuting The Cloth

This blog is by way of my introduction, coming forward, opening up, what I am, what I was, what I aim to be. I suppose that to do it justice as a fully holistically integrated piece, my journey should have its own soundtrack and that soundtrack is as follows; 

Lamb album by Lamb
Deep Cuts album by the Knife

See the sacrificial symbolism here?

The textures and tones of these albums healed me of depression at times I was borderline suicidal and despairing. 

Times of no Hope.
Hope Sandoval’s voice in her albums as Mazzy Star are the third part of the musical trinity here. 

Our minds make associations and our hearts and souls flow with the vibes needed to balance us, heal us, help prevent us from sinking any lower, help us to rise when we have hit rock bottom and the only way forward is the inevitable change of ascension after limbo. Demons put in limbo to teach them are ready to surface now in a more extreme era during which the balance has widened and we human species can cope with assimilating more diverse multi-cultural interchanges and exchanges between more diverse sets of cultural perimeters.

The 21st century is a more extreme diversity range than before and we have to adapt to accommodate that; else we will perish. Wanting to Believe is being replaced with Accepting the Truth. Demons and Aliens walk amongst us and have for long time disguised, the ones of us who have been through outside-of-normal experiences are now becoming the leaders and guides for all the others who are assimilating the data in safer packages, embracing that which the ignorant ancestors feared. This is a natural part of our species evolution into the 21st century, the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Itza where base chakra issues of Anger and Sexuality are faced, methods explored to create fertility from them. It is necessary. This is a natural part of our Awakening. There is Hope in this message, the last element of Pandora’s box. A firefly light as a candle in the heart of a darkling creature stained and tarred with the shock of facing a world more extreme than we were designed to cope with. Our comfort zone is no longer the hearth of stability and Yang assertion; our comfort zone is the flow of renewal and re-invention, access to higher dimensions and patient time out to recover ourselves after harsh trauma. Accepting this path as a lifestyle.

And so I use this by way of an introduction, to soften you gently into the friction of being placed outside of the box, outside of your comfort, that you may learn a lesson and integrate it into your worldview. We would not grow were it not for these stages of development forced upon us against our egotistic desire for an easy ride. That is a factor of Life and we cannot deny it. We don;t like it but we must accept and face it.


These notes are personal, for myself and a very small handful of others with whom we have together shared traumatic experiences from which we are exhaling. As most of that happens on the other realms, we are still getting to know one another in this one.

Most people cannot yet cope with the reality of aliens, the reality of shaman utilising dreamspace and being hijacked by evil forces. It sounds like mythology. I assure you that mythology is as real as your zombi-state, your waking world of mass-time daily mundane life. All that is illusion to cater the needs of body. On the higher realms, alas we forget so much of what we are and what we experience while free from time-mass of the linear flesh. Our group is fortunate to have connected now in the waking world. It is a public lesson for all. By coming forward with the Bases Project, I feel satisfied that it is permittable for me to be writing this, that I have consent for this is my coming forward also.

It is evident that I study sound and crystals, frequency harmonics. Vibrational wave. My expertise in this field is a factor in my abilities and for what purposes I have been used. By Mayan time-code and calendar reckoning I am “White Lightning Gate” - White associates with North and the phrase “I seal the Store of Death”. This means I am a spiritist and regular converse with the spirit world. I am shaman. It means also that I am a pure node and a fast one; you can see how immediately my skills are useful for those who usurp my will against my consent and use me for their own games. The newer translation defines me as “Magnetic World-Bridger” rather than Lightning-Gate. Either will do, they are both accurate.

Snake Apple Tree is a translation of my given-known-as-and-chosen-name to label this body with; Joe. A scribe gave me this title which I use as a web-moniker, a stage name as a musician, a writer. It is a copyrighted trademark owned by a company called Ordo Octopia which I started in attempt to legitimize my productivity for my own financial gain, since I need to eat and buy clothes and pay rent and electric because I unfortunately live in a consumer economy which despite attempts to escape, I have not been able to do so, usually through the devices of gang-stalkers, police, society in general. All in pursuit of a level of freedom which I need to function healthily. A lot of that has to do with my experiences as a MILAB (military abduction) and trauma based mind control. I have PTSD and have been misdiagnosed as a part of a cover-up operation.

Such experiences justify who I would feel attracted to such music as mentioned above.

Ok lets get on with it.

This is not all about me. I am introducing myself to the group with whom I have had a lot of connection because of our souls being hijacked by forces of darkness. At this time we are coming through that, enjoying our freedom and healing, and we are putting our accumulated knowledge to good use for the betterment of humanity as we enter into the new era. I guess you could say we are preparing people for what is to come because most people are not yet ready to cope with it. We are strong enough now to avoid further persecution for our beliefs, because evidence supporting our beliefs is becoming mainstream at last.

Links to follow:

Monmouth Gate

Red Dragon Black Cube Gold Heart (under construction)


MILAB notes (in assemblage)