Tuesday 20 November 2012

There are only 4 types of people/relationships;

Positive, Negative/Abusive, Indifferent, Mixed. 

The way that we have it because we are stripping society of negativity, and to protect ourselves, is to allow only Positive and Indifferent influences; to (actively if necessary) boycott and avoid Negative/Abusive and minimise Mixed until Mixed becomes better defined as one of the other categories. Mixed is problematic because confusion is Negative. Mixed allows for give&take control games that are Negative.

Where this analogy leaves family relationships is it negates disfunctional families by providing clear outline for self empowerment methods of lifestyle.

Positivity flows outward from the Heart.

Tuesday 13 November 2012

yet more police harassment...

"changed direction in street" because I was returning to the house to collect my phone which I had forgot. I hadn't even seen the cop car, I wasn't watching the traffic as I didn't need to cross the road. 

I am filing this under Ormus Experiment (which I have been doing) 
on the basis of the video I watched this morning; 

  and that the effects of Ormus are to manifest
symptoms of mental delusions 
(anything other than no-mind is sansara, the confused/conditioned state).

The local cops are nice here, they actually provide a receipt when they stop&search you (always ask for one). When I was living in the city I was stop&searched regularly and no police carry the receipts there, you have to go to the station only to be told the relevant officer is unavailable.
NB: top right corner of docket;
no reference number makes it much more difficult for me to chase this up if ever I should need to.

Friday 9 November 2012


"Living for the seventh generation"

Establishing a framework.

'What is the most important thing?'

To many, the answer is simple:

The children.

The future of the human race, the future of this world, depends entirely on how well we raise the next generation. That is our most important task. Everything else we deal with in life is secondary to that prime concern.

Those who do not follow this belief in practise as lifestyle are not working for the future of humanity and therefore are not working for humanity. Those working to serve other existing adult humans are also working for humanity.

The mark of how selfish a person or society is relates to ability to be giving, selfless, caring; to create a thriving community. Emotional wellbeing. The happiness of children. This relies on the happiness of adults. The ability to be giving, to radiate, a star; as opposed to be taking, a black hole. An easy metaphor. Loving is giving, it is not taking. A lifestyle based on provision of a loving environment for children to grow up in that they become loving adults in a loving community.

Olmec Stone Heads.

Here we see Worship of children as cultural mainstream.

Often misinterpreted as 'ball players' however no other Mesoamerican art depicting ball players shows them wearing rubber helmets nor with asiatic facial features.

Olmec stone heads depict toddlers with chubby baby faces wearing rubber helmets made from gum trees. Anyone involved in raising toddlers learning to walk and balance, is aware of how they inevitably fall and bump their heads.

Olmecs used rubber helmets to protect their childrens heads during this phase of development. They carved it into stone because this act speaks through time as a statement of their cultural focus. That their prime concern was the next generation; stonecarvings to remind this to the next generation, and the next, and the next - ad infinitum.
At this time of global change and cultural transition, it is time to remember this lesson from the past and to remember to live for the next generation. It is their world that we are borrowing. Do we nurture or destroy it? Do we provide for their needs?

It takes twenty years for a tree grown from seed to bear fruit. Human symbiosis with nature is designed this way.

The problem with 20th century industrial consumerist culture that we have inherited from disfunctional previous generation is that it is self-serving for immediate gratification.

"I have to pay my bills (to a fat corporation) therefore I do not have time for that." This statement summarizes the sickness.

Centering the Heart

Your Heart is the center. It glows like a light (or is a black hole). Around it is a perimeter measuring from genitals to head, both of which are the same distance from your heart.

When this perimeter is 'out of whack' (disfunctioning), t
he brain and the genitals are out of whack. Brain and genitals are both electrical, are both part of the same electronic circuit called the nervous system. One can be programmed from the other.

It is the brain releases hormone chemicals such as endorphine, melotonine, seretonine, oestrogen, dmt, that affect the whole metabolism. The genitals are designed as a manual override for this. The incentive to balance ourselves and each other is pleasure.

When you look at how out of whack most peoples minds are, and how devestated human communities have been because of this; when you know the history of repression of pleasure after catholic control memes into what is now post-victorian culture but still suffers many victorian values; we can identify a simple remedy for the worlds ill to be an increase in the amount of adult pleasure.

Understanding this necessarily leads to liberation from self slavery and slavery of others. It is the repression that is the problem and it has affected the levels of mental awareness we deal with when manifesting normal social conventions and lifestyles. It is pretty obvious what we have to do to kickstart the heart at the center of our being back into a functional mode of being.
Jared Diamond, the Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee, reveals after a study into primates that humans have the largest genitals relative to our body size than any other primate.

He concludes that we are designed for pleasure and that this has a
direct consequence on human evolutionary development. That we are the only species that uses tools and adapts our environment to suit our desires, is a result of the mental stimulation by massage of nervous system.

He also discusses that we are the only species that builds weapons and wars. Evidently this aspect of human nature relates to the disfunction of a loving heart and balanced mental system. War is aberration.

The study of primate groups revealed that simians are naturally bisexual and promiscuous.  

Tuesday 6 November 2012

stop believing and see

I was trained in deconditioning, for a purpose of cleaning up society of its madness, wherever I am able. A side effect of this is that I question, is there such thing as ego? is there such thing as needing to heal? Once you strip perceptions and awareness right back to the primal; all the positive memes are as questionable as the negative memes. We seem to take so seriously the belief in 'needing to heal = improving ourselves'. This current psychological context perpetuated at this time, is comparable to the similar concepts released through, for examples, both christian morality system and that of buddhist philosophy. There is an inherent dogma in all of these cultural foci that 'we are wrong and therefore must strive for betterment'. The problem being regarded as negative aspects of human character. 

Once you stop believing in karma, there is no such physics. Once you stop believing in god, there is no such overseer. The cause and effect of the world at that point is not the same links as are made within the theisms. Science if you credit that at all has shown that synaptic links in the brain, develop following lines of thought. We are hardwired in the pattern of our beliefs. Science also has shown us that reality mirrors to us whatever is within; our preconceptions, subconscious, program experiences. In this is an overlap where our beliefs affect other people around us who are caught up in the manifestation.

Question all all of this!

Return to primal state (non-judgement, observation, non-conceptual dogma) and then we recognise that while there is an underlaying law to the jungle of life, community, society; that it is NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!! Progressive developments of social structure are engineered. Spiritualisation is engineered as a social control system. These are delusion we get caught up in that remove us from pure primal perceptions. 

Who has the power? 
 Who has the power to do this?

The conclusion I have come to watching by social movements for improvements and researching history to see that it is a long continuity of social movements for improvemens, leading us always back to the same point that has not been resolved in mainstream consciousness: most of our time is spent in a state of delusion carried away on the mental delusions, chasing this or that or them, trying to find a balance, an equilibrium that never comes. It only comes when you chop your head off and stop using the mind altogether.

And that is NEVER going to end unless we change the nature of humans by - altering the dna or reprogramming everyone with the shockwave or a forced and pre-planned global 48 hour chill-out meditation session curfew. And humans would be a different thing then to what humans are; it makes as big a difference to humanity species as did the mastery of harnessing fire. We are still at that stage, within that window. 

Human evolution goes: pre-fire phase, have fire phase, mindless phase. We haven't achieved mindless phase yet. Some say that as soon as we do, we will be invaded. Others say that our reliance on Mind IS the invasion.

There are 3 stages to Human history.

1: before we were invaded by extra-dimensional entities. Before we harnessed fire. Before we were capable of abstract thought.

2: after (the above).
"They gave us their mind" -Don Matos to Don Juan.
Ever since that time we have been confused, removed from primal animal nature, dealing with complexity of not being balanced life-forms. It has led to progress and development which is necessary. But we are no better off in terms of happiness and sorrow than we were before. The distraction to avoid achieving (step 3) is what generates (step 2). This is where we are now in history.

3: After we disassociate from Mind successfully to return to primal state having integrated the wisdom of (above). This perception is known as Zen No-Mind, is known as Pure Gaze. It is the removal of a filter system of concepts and contexts, associations an logo's, from preconceptions. In short, it is 'off with the head' so that we function from heart, the center of being, rather than the polarities of genitals (1) or Mind (2).

Humanity has not yet achieved stage 3.

Thursday 1 November 2012

Ghost Forest

http://www.wakingtimes.com/2012/05/02/how-trees-communicate-video/Today I walked through the "ghost forest" an exhibition of naturally fallen tree stumps and roots imported from all over the world to wales. It was eery. Most of them from countries where unlike britain they only have a few inches of topsoil, so the base of the tree grows outward and the roots are very shallow therefore all twisty. British trees we have... lets put it this way... a documentary with baldric from blackadder presenting it (tony robinson, they hiss in my ear, his name is tony robinson) he was involved with (time team, the program is called time team, they tell me) (its great having spirit allies when they are friendly I dont need to use my memory and can use that databank for other more interesting purposes)... they dug up an airplane that crashed in sw england on the moors during ww2. It was under 16 feet of topsoil. This is the actual proof that the rate at which soil builds up in some parts of the uk is 16 feet in 69 years. Thats 4 feet a year. Strange but true. Beneath the rainforests they dont even have 4 feet deep of soil, and as soon as the trees are chopped, the wind sweeps all the soil away to the bedrock, like I suspect is what happened with the Nazca rainforest of Peru. For this reason, trees in britain have deep roots that go far down into the soil, some of them as deep as the tree is tall so I am told. Many imported pine trees do not have this; the old traditional broadleafs do. And their roots move, the trees move. I've seen this.

At the biodome today I stared into the pool from a ledge, I tuned into it. There is a sadness there, because there is so much missing that the plants need. The sounds, of insects and animals. The thought tides of species; lizards, mammals, birds. These elements are essential to an ecology. The plants know this and they cannot grow to their full power, their full happiness, without being a part of ... that. Creatures need to swing in the wings of trees for the tree to know comfort, a full life.
These plants remember it through their dna and they remember the loss. Plants do not forget between the generations and incarnations, like humans do. Plants remember the mother from the seed. These plants in the biodome feel a great sense of loss and also a great sense of acceptance of that. It is mournful. They know that on the other side of the biodome there is torrential rain and icy cold weather. These plants are from desert climates. They would be dead without human care. It is wonderful to smell them, taste them, feel them, share energy field with them. Now the forest is more fully developed and the plants are maturing.
Now I am familiar on my third annual visit to the place, so that it is not the individual trees, the more awake ones that I telempath with but the forest as a whole. It needs the sound of chirruping hoppers and colourful birds, small furry animals moving fast and burrowing beneath its roots. Its medicinal properties are amazing if it were ever to be used for that (a guide explained to me they don't sell seeds or cuttings, most people don't have the right environments for such to survive). Today I learned and felt that the plants themselves need healing. This speaks for nature. The plants need healing. We exploit them as products and farm them. 99% humans are too blind to realise they are sentient. Dr Emoto has proved it using hard science and still, most people don't and can't access that psychometric level of sensitivity in themselves to believe that it is possible to speak with plants using emotion and energy fields and dna as the language, and that it can contain more information than mere speech alone.

link thanks to Tesha Miller

All Hallows Eve 2012

the halloween full moon has been a learning curve. Mostly regarding spirit interaction with karma. I love tribal drums, today there was a point where the balance was just so that the gate opened and all the incidental players mostly kids just caught the rhythm, channelling it through, at exactly that moment the drum boss eyes caught mine and shone, I had to pull my gaze away it was so intense! But we knew it then, he's a rhythm teacher and through rhythm is summoning, and ancestors speak. The whole day has been like that one way or another.

its hard work being an open channel especially when they are doing a teaching. feels like my head gripped in a vice forcing me to be a particular place and time. beatmatching me to a specific grid. the way they work is twofold and often contradictory: shut off emotions using rationality to show me from a specific pov so i take the lesson, or exagurating the emotions whatever it is, usually an overwhelming feeling to 'go! now!'; to 'encourage' me to be at a certain place and time. and very seldom am i there for the reason i thought i would be there. i become an observer, then assimilate the data from the experience, then understand it. for the spirits to grip me this way it removes a lot of normal day to day functions of the mind. it is like they shut off some synapses and open others. so i am inable to communicate or remember but i can observe and balance between the two planes, to follow why the are showing me this stuff.

oh yeah and i smoked pure tobaco last night which has definately had an effect because its a spirit substance. im getting better at it with more and more experience and its all making more sense now than it used to. to get to this stage, i have been through everything. never did h, never been to jail, never blown a guy, never been bankrupt, not in this life time at least; man i've been through just about pretty much every other thing else though. the problem is when two sets of spirits are arguing over which one uses me as a vessel at that time and im torn between two directions, i think they do this to force me to sit still do nothing which is usually the result.

what i have learned is that with no ego, we are totally serving the games of spirits. there is no free will without dealing in karma cycles. theyre showing me all this stuff for a reason. but there is soul, the observer, the self. it is not thought. thought is consequence of having a brain which is like a glove full of confusion for spirits to activate their results. as individuals even when we are lucid aware we cant see the whole of it. we are never alone. we should take solace in this. i crave that loneliness and laugh-out-loud im really lonely with only spirits and a baby for company for the ten years since i took the spiritualists coin and the ten years on top of that since i made a pact to put awareness first.

there are 3 parts to this path: Truth, Purity and finally from it comes an ability to Love, unconditionally. divert from truth and your eyes are closed from truth. and i tell you this now: never once at all ever have i spoken with any spirit of any type who can tell me there is without doubt such a thing as god. most of them scorn it and a few say its a belief that sets a path but its unecessary. faced between god and Truth i chose Truth. and thats how it is.

it means i have to do the Right thing instead of acting on desire. my body craves pleasure and my ego needs recognition and company but f that shit, it gets in the way. the only reason i have a kid is because the spirits told me 5 years ago that i am to live as if there is no transmigration because the world needs my legacy, they were talking about dna and maybe also some teachings. i'd have more kids tonight if i could with the right woman. im lucky to have this one half the time after the court gave us 50/50 residency. i mentioned i've been through everything: the powerful effective techniques that work are those taught by mystery schools and are not public knowledge. if i start talking about magickal ritual they'll put me back on mental health counselling again for 'hearing voices' etc.

the only way for us to end the persecution of spiritualism is to come out in the open about it. what better time than full moon halloween 2012 end of the mayan calendar? also HAVE AN AMAZING 5 DAYS OUT OF TIME! wecome to Year ZERO