Monday 12 September 2022

Terry RIP

My neighbour Terry 

who the evidence* supports was the person raking my Yale style front door lock, entering my flat without my consent, going through my stuff, taking away certain select items including but not limited to;

A4 sheet of paper

my BA(honours) degree Fine Arts.

A4 sheet of paper 

my Counselling NVQ2 qualification. 

Sketchbook / Scrapbook 

including names and address 

which I made in Egypt. 

Handwritten A4 lined notebooks, multiple, of my notes as a writer.

My copy of vampire the masquerade, minds eye theatre live action role-playing box set.

My plastic model kit, assembled but not yet painted, from games workshop of a land raider tank.

A 1 foot tall plastic bong for smoking cannabis which a member of my band had left around there.

Half a dozen minidisks, full, of sound recordings, samples, gigs, complete albums, representing three years work, by myself, my band, sessions from guest musicians. 

*Stevie will validate, the type of dog hair unique to Jack Russell terrier, all over my carpet where the dog had been rolling around during which time Terry was searching my place.

The layout of the apartment block was the stairwell, door into very short corridor with one flat to the left and one flat to the right, facing each other. Terry could easily access my flat without going into the stairwell, nobody on the lower or higher floors would’ve heard him do this. 

Terry joking about the awful noise coming out of my apartment two days ago sounding like furniture being dragged across, during the week I was not there because I was visiting my friend Stevie in Carmarthen for that whole week. 

Terry explaining to me how his “intention is to extend the kingdom of Christendom by sanctifying as much of the world as possible during his time in it.” His words. 

This is how I remember Terry. 

I sincerely believe that he sincerely believed he was doing me and the world a favour by sanctifying me and my properties.

What happens when a person researches on YouTube how to rake a lock, not something I am any good at myself, one discovers how easily Yale style locks can be entered through without the key. 

That person reassesses the world we live in where the vast majority go on faith under the delusion the lock will secure the door. It is not paranoia to re-orientate your attitude based on your experiences.

What you need are deadbolts on the top and bottom of your door. The Yale style locks are pointless you might as well leave the door open for it is so easy to gain access through them.