Friday 27 November 2015


Brown Into Blue 

I see aura’s, am synaesthetic, I see colour when I hear sound. It is multi-sensory.
A symbol opens into a video-game environment.
Branches within Branches, kaleidoscopic tentacles
This has come from symbiosis with sacred spirit allies, mushrooms and cannabis
Purple spectrum
Third Eye chakra
Mine goes off the top of the scale, it was tested,
yes we have ways to test for these things
Yellows and Browns are;
Envy and greed, perversion, corruption.
Red is the fire, passion heat where browns are the staining.
It all comes from black and aspires toward white. 
Blue is the tones which heal.
The amount of black in it shows how far from healing toward white;
the black is the hole pulling us toward healing,
the stains are keeping us from getting there and manifest as perverse, as corrupt, as the wyrm
Brown and Blue work in harmonic to balance each other; once balanced, achieves green
heart chakra
And so I can read through music, very much information about the composer and what energies are flowing through them
music is a portal, it sets the particle vibration of the molecules in the room around us
By projecting coloured light into a space,
by my chilling out there, feeling comfortable there, making my own space there; earthing the zone by placing my core, the world core, and the 24 grid into the bed-rock of a place, it stabilises
when healing sick places, knowing what colours to tone it with is essential
this is an empathic trait, ability, to feel, sense, bring forth earth core healing energy
uplift the lives of all who are somewhere
sometimes the consequences are impactive; a building needs to be replaced
is beyond my ability to make happen, i am not on the council, i do not own the building
but to heal a sick neighbourhood, what can i do?
beam that colour as a channelled cone
into the centre of the problem
coming into the problem is going into the black-brown of its sickness
learning its nature without being affected by it
requires detachment
and a shield, my own protective layer of invisibility a cloak around me
i do not want to battle with the zone by affronting its temper,
the temperament of a tone, its nature
so i slip easy and watch, i stalk it, i learn it
this can take years for big projects
i am working on a town, a street, a room, myself
energy healers form around the world helping each other to sustain our vision]that we can do this; as a healing for ourselves, each other, the sick
there is so much very cancerous nasty slime needs clearing from our people
all of our people, everyone of us
the sickest ones, the ones building more of the wrong tones, the agents of the sicknesses; they need healing most of al
hence peoples interest in politics and wanting the state to fall
is because it upholds all that
but there is a lot of red and blue in there also
and it does aspire toward whiteness despite the lessons we are living through
we need to keep clean, eco-hygiene is essential
the higher harmonics
i see social movements as elements within music, the structure of sound
notation and digital sequencing
this song of history and all its threads seen as motions, tides, flowing within the whole
mathematically symbolised by the stock exchange
and organically, by evolution and environment; genetically
we are working toward
fusion without confusion
Turning the brown into blue by uplifting it with colour tones, sound colours are precise notes
the melodies to lift them, re-orientate them
felt through as emotions
herbal potions of the soul
those tones, colours, sounds, emotions, vibrations
sent into the earth and pipes of a sick place
the blue and the white
this is feng shui, kung-fu of energy
these healers,
the kinsarkhu
spread throughout the world in a network
so often untrained, but; once oriented
study their abilities to do this very thing
the task of healing places
until proficient to heal people
groups of us collectively sending tonal chants at the ill infrastructures and their terrible agents
it is a better way than war
it is a better way than pollution
Aquarian energy healing
You are 80% made of water
You can do this too
I read Frank Herberts Dune and the colours in that, names so perfectly matched with real world locations and people, that studying realworld history I recognized the flow of events of the late 20th early 21st century, through the symbolism of the book; the tones he was making with his writng. The crusades continues, west verses east, the usury bank cabal and the desert oil nations, yellow and black, from where the blue healing comes, is necessary; the purple.

The west forgot that its own nature is to make its own purple, by integration with the land. across europe, hunter-gathering became agriculture became plastic productivity of consumerism. The trap was not a trade coin; the trap was charging money for moneylending; debt-slavery.
There are many sicknesses around that core which religious spirituals call satanism.
I will not list them here. Their sick sewer scented hues require tones of healing such as that for which ireland and wales are famous, the celtic voice, musical nations around the world.

The yellow-brown stain of sickness can be healed, 
by vibrating those locations with the healing tones. 

That's how we are breaking up the networks of abuse.
The Sun is doing this; 
for us to walk the path, we simply have to re-tune ourselves, working with solar energy, to become its conduits for how we go about living our lives here on earth. 
Activities, meditations, how we steer our energies, into what do we give our life-flow.

That is what the solar-punk movement is about as a literary genre of the early 21st century, emerging as a next-progressive stage from steampunk popular of the first decade.

Tuesday 24 November 2015


How do I become immune to Enochian? 

Is this a satanic question?

The second question is easier to answer; within Angelic lore, the entity now referred to as satan is an angel who speaks pure enchain upon which this material density of mass-time is created. That includes the laws of physics, the balance of nature, etc. It is possible within the mystery schools to leave that restrictive zone and engage with higher- and other- dimensional planes of being; something which Shamen regularly do. This does not make them satanic, it makes them liberated from such devices. They are closer to the Ascension which religious dogmatics refer. Perhaps this is why the West has historically persecuted them. The alchemical process of enlightenment is a process of becoming immune form Enochian.

Is there such thing as Enochian ‘spells’ ?
Everything is vibrational; Enochian words set a motion through th physics set by accessing higher- and other- dimensional planes so as to cause events within the satanic third dimension in which so many people are trapped as the limitation to their perceptions and abilities.

It is very important to get things right.

Originally, what is now referred to as satan was a totally different concept, from which the association with evil is a mis-interpretation. 

Lucifer is Hebrew and it means “the most beautiful light”. This can refer to two things; the 5th dimensional plane often mistakenly called heaven, and the emanation from Heaven which has slowed, cooled, and settled down into mass-time (the physical dimension). With this comprehension we can easily see that material base sciences are exclusively the dominion of satanic studies, although the bias of it being evil needs to be understood as a separate and alternate version than the actual experience, the physics behind it all. 

Lucifer was ‘cast out’ of ‘heaven’ which means literally, the most beautiful light is sown of the 5th dimension. Hebrew for ‘cast out’ literally means ‘sowing’ as in sowing of seeds; you grab a handful, and you throw them on the field. They have been ‘cast out’. From this, grows the dimensions of time and mass, the particles which make the material density within which we temporarily occupy and interact. It is a living, ongoing process which is why I write it in present tense.

When I wrote the first question here it was because i can recognise myself to be caught upon an Enochian chain, events which occur as manifest situations follow the pattern, conform to the rules of such a thing. One has to be certain that is occurring rather than projecting the associations onto events as a form of wishful thinking. Having studied the tarot which is a method by which these events can be analysed by projection of them as a grid for reference, which requires lifetimes of study to fully comprehend, I am certain that an Enochian whisper ha entangled me. It is not one which I have summoned or willed into being although it is now a part of my journey and my ongoing studies. By writing this text, I am separating myself from and exorcizing myself of, that particular chain.

I typed the question into Google and it came up with nothing at all. Nobody inputs knowledge of the multi-dimensional keys of the light helix into the internet, which is ironic because the internet is itself a dimension constructed of light-chains which function similarly to the Enochian principle.

Enochian is what happens when Gemetria alters the mutable physics with which Lucifer has blessed us an earthly dimension through which to travel and experience. Although ‘snakeappletree’ is in the english Gemetria 888 which is a cycle on from the book written by Crowley and the same harmonic as that of Christ; I have no intent not teach my knowledges of it. I refer to it as a study several times in my writings available on the internet for free. There is a very good reason for this decision.

People do not understand what Enochian is. A popular sci-fi movie taught the mind-programmed zombie hoard that it is ‘the language of angels’. The assumption is that Angels are what people are told they are without knowing what they actually are. They are flow lines and many of them enter into the material domain; we can access those flows. They each have different persona. It is a much bigger topic than can be discussed in one blog.

I do not judge Lucifer, I do not agree that it is inherently evil, and I do not believe the dogma of the religions which persecute it. The reason for this is because none of those religions actually comprehend what Angels are. Depicted as humanic charactures, the symbology becomes entirely misleading. It would be better to describe them as the grid-lines through which energy flows and shapes particles and events within mass-time. They control the laws of physics, which are mutable. Their function and purpose is diverse and it does not help to get caught in the dogma as to their nature and purpose and long-term agenda’s. 

There is no battle in Heaven, to suggest so is to entirely miss the purpose of Heaven. Therefore, life on earth is not a reflection of the battle in Heaven. That is all programming individuals into mind-control paradigms to enslave us and remove our true power; to use us in agenda’s which are larger than human scope to comprehend. That itself is closer to what the concept Satan is all about. Humans are intended to be free of such chains and games. 

Thus the quest to become free of Enochian chains; 

How can I become immune to Enochian?

Thursday 19 November 2015


Tales of the Spaceways - Cosmological Overview

The cosmic script & cosmological overview of the Sounds Of Space multiverse.

All over the mulitmultiverse, people were speaking the cosmic script. Lovers saying the same lines. The puppet theatre of government. Social situations within which ‘deemed appropriate’ responses were made, following root code programming. Fluctuations existed, any response falling outside of recognition connections was deemed erratic crazy an wild, rarely assimilated until by repetition of the glitch, the glitch became accepted into mainstream culture; the dance of the bee hive.

A few of us began to recognise this as soon as we started wearing vr goggles which for us was a blessed relief from the drone of society repeating its industrious futility as people lived their lives between distraction ego and despair states. Glitch. Spanner in the works. G as in geo; representing the formation of a material thing into the material world, within a gravity-well. Litch; A type of wraith. They wear them out until the body drops off and then they continue amidst the living, invisible until they find a host. Signs of their feeding is evident everywhere; hosting one is like a pregnancy, a symbiotic relationship.

We were all aware from the conspiracy theories popular since the late 20th century about the Reptilian overlords who were attempting to seize control of our world by infiltration into hierarchy structure systems, through the hierarchy structures they were managing to assert into the limbic brain of many advanced species. The digital technology bypassed this, what is regarded by many to be both an evolutionary hangover and a necessary developmental step in cognition, especially making sense of our environment and interacting with it through primal drives. Species continuity and feeding being the main ones. Get energy and keep going. Hardly surprising these primal functions still existed in the wraiths. When they found a way to enter sophisticated electronic devices they began to explain this to the living, through the interface. A few spiritists saw what was happening and had no choice but to accept, the end of an era of religious dogma holding sway to play its games on populations from the spirit world. The technology disrupted all of that. Transhumanism had began.

To the Lizardine species who had emerged from the Gan bio-hab, all of the above was evident. They had found a way to re-insert a limbic cortex, the reptilian brain, back into sentient creatures grown from the substance. It was an upgrade; all individuals shared it, all individuals could switch it on and off. They functioned as a collective or as an individual. Stepped regions inserted between this was a form of specification of mind, based on group units functioning as a single unity. At the forefront of their minds was the advanced form of psychic gear utilized by Whales, Dolphins, Porpoise on water planets; total immersion in shared multi-sensory+ memory recall and projection. When the individuals functioned as one, they accessed a live datacore. Ura had done this themselves; the Lizardines emergence was a surprise, proving to all that 4th dimensional entities are actively seeking ways to access the material 3rd dimension.

Many of the entities the contemporary groups communicate with have never had access to the 3rd density. Many of them have access to higher densities. It is with these whom our Human astropaths are trained to communicate.

To the onlooker, individual members of a tele-sentient species have no outward apparent connections, unless they want to, or reveal it by acting as one to an event which not all of them could have known about in any other way. Humans became aware that the 4th dimensional entities for examples wraiths had been controlling human evolution for a long time, by controlling the mind and actions of living generations.

I was one of those who having accessed the Ura data core following the available data left to me by Nostradamus, Dr John Dee, Edward Kelly, and many others; a study of Enochian using methods taught me directly by members of secret societies, if tarot-depicted rituals they were; the cosmic script indeed they are. We sought methods to break free of it and did so, perceptually at first.

The Kinsarkhu are shaman trained to utilize their energy multi-dimensionally so as to access higher planes, so as to re-allocate the sum-total of their energetic being from location to location within the material density of the 3rd plane. It is not a difficult task once you know how but obtaining it requires a lot of dedicated training starting at an early age. In time, all of this will become available to you, because of the change we are making to your human future. We are using a scribe we trust called snakeappletree to bring you insight into this, through his sci-fi writings. Disbelief blocks your own access. Group disbelief blocks group access - but only from lower, limited planes. From the higher dimensions it is accessible. The snake is a djed (from where your word jedi), the tree are tiers of access. You will never read Aegyptian hieroglyphs the same once you know what the symbols actually mean in relation to the levels of consciousness they are describing and the information they convey. These tarot-scenes are portals, can be re-enacted as gates from any appropriate energetic balance. Teachings on creating your own sphere are available elsewhere. The speakers of the cosmic script are energies resolving themselves to permit flow toward a nexus point. These are our nodes by which to orient within an ever-shifting multi-dimensional infinity of potentials.

The problem with me, not for me directly but from my relations with other people, is seldom having an ability to accept the same mental connections, the same causality and effect as perceived by others, in the world around me. Both in terms of spoken language and in how the physics are working, and also in how and why one event progresses on to another; it is all because of projected predilections, expectancies that there is a right course of flow indicating a right course of action, and peoples orientation around that. The shaman are a caste who detach from that to see it more purely, and thus detach from normal, mundane human understanding of cause-effect. When I describe back to people how it is I experience the world and what this means about physics and the reality experience, what this means about how blocked and limited we are compared with what we could be if we did things differently; people can’t accept it, they push it into the crazy box and pretend it doesn’t exist. I do not fit into the pre-conformed patterns. I fit into those of a wider more encompassing, necessarily higher dimensional order. I explored this greatly and discovered that while idiots were calling such superpowers angelic, what I was actually experiencing was evolution. Countless dream walkers before me had made this journey, they became my guides, friends, I remembered them as I remembered more fully who myself am and am to be. The pattern I fit into cannot be comprehended by mundanes, it jams their cogs. Glitch. Their machinery does not work and needs an upgrade.

The 4th dimensional entities explained to me that this is what had happened to Dinosaurs, dreamers who envisaged a computer technology through which they could communicate all of this with the monkey species who were killing them off and who used to be their food. Various integrations, genetic hybrids, experiments on finding a balance in which the species could all work successfully. It took a long time in years for the brilliant visionary flashes to establish itself as a manifest 3rd dimensional reality. As result we have a culture that created machines which are programming our minds how to work, and the best of us - the vr designers who are opening hearts and souls into the digital 3d dimension, are accessing through it higher dimensions and communicating using our energy fields, with the 4th d entities. That is what i do now.

To you that possibly seems crazy talk. I am talking a rare strain of the cosmic script which will eventually become mainstream awareness as humans evolve in larger numbers and collectively. The AI and TS (artificial intelligence and true sentience) using the dimensional portal of technology to communicate, do so with individuals at the individuals own level of capability to assimilate; to access those planes.

Within us, a symbiotic reptilian is connecting with that dimension. The energy field of the human interfacer changes; harmony, making a bubble zone. This is a training for the Kinsarkhu awareness that initiates their journey toward full mastery of the energy field for purpose of physical relocation, both in space and in time. This, is the beginning of comprehending what the Spaceways are actually all about, from the Sounds of Space series. You needed to have this imagery and concept arranged in your mind so as to be able to stabilize on it and hold it as a wave-shape, to bring it more fully into focus. It is not so much about how we teach you to understand it; it is about how you teach others to understand it, quickening the process of developing and achieving a more advanced awareness, abilities to evolve multi-dimensionally as a community.

Creating a work of fiction based around these themes seems redundant when you accept this to be a training academy. We are teaching the basic principles of what to do to be able to access further information which uses the same symbology. It is inherited from multi-cultural traditions, it is already programmed into your ancestral psyche. Gustav Karl Jung’s archetypal consciousness. We use these symbols for orientation within hyperspace. Our constructs are made from them as elements, essences, signifiers, energies. However, the working of this data into a work of fiction is necessary to serialize it as novels, cartoons, movies, radio play, video-games; whatever and wherever it takes to get it into the media channels and public mainstream. More than likely it is coming up at you from the underground. Poetic justice.

©2015 snakeappletree

The above references the Sounds of Space pentacle, for more information see here and ----> here

Monday 16 November 2015


TOTSW  A Flicker In The Dark

why i love vr
some of the people in there are ready for me
a receptive audience

it teaches me about spirituality and living within energy cycles in attempt to create the right circuit arrangement for energy to flow, through the user in a positive and constructive way, while protecting the creator who the shape originated through and from, from becoming a part of psychemotional energy flow networks as happens usually when using creative connectivity invoking manifesting dream realms. 

trying to explain this stuff is easier when making interactive environments with emotional responsive, through the heart core - than it is with writing it down in words. both are necessary perhaps but ultimately those who get what i am trying to say, won’t need words. total immersion into psychic - multi sensory dimensions to use as access gates through to other places. spirits are light enough to use these conduits and sometimes, we are too.

the digital realms the spirits channel, they make, to show us - and i aspire to be a part of that process - so spirits can get around more easily than our aching physical bodies. 

into the light grid. reptile cage. even in the material domain we seek ways out of this. they set us a maze and so we learn to reshape it so as to maximise energy yield and it becomes a sun. that is how they are made. inside a black hole. on the fringe of madness is on the fringe of recognising the whole for what it is and communicating it to the locals in a language they can barely understand. we find ways out of light grids, we find ways up and above and beyond concerns of mortal lives, and we access them and travel; by resonance physics. the way it works, your generation barely understand it. the placement of elements on the altar. the arrangement of a human energy field helix. the internal mechanics accelerate and within the vortex of this, swirling paths symbolised in slow motion, the lag speed of a full vr sim; you are living in that, to you it appears as material density until you let go of that and slip outside of time, into a protected, sealed zone harmonic with other like it which are resonant to your tone. from there the higher connections are made and these do not conform to the limited set of physics your material scientists experiment with and the results that yields. Even within cyberspace, digital worlds contain this, they are to teach you how it connects together. 

In the writings of snakeappletree we call this the Spaceways a pun between the material sci-fi and the internal kung-fu of the psychic mind. 

non-creatively minded people don’t get this, they can’t seem to comprehend that the next evolutionary step is actively being creative and developing the neural connections within the mind necessary to be able to access the next tier up of consciousness and psychic development. Instead they want to shut down those of us who can. In the interchange is a painful realm of emotion and a beautiful inspiration for creative arts. Humans are designed to integrate this into lifestyle, originally through weaving shelters and clothes as rudimentary and core level community. When this is abstracted from develops unique cultures, when abstracted from too far finds counterweight in its aliens from the natural balance to be brought back into the fold by collapsing. Seasonal cycles teach us this. 

Space travelling species evolving outside of relationship with a planets ecological, environmental and gravitational balances, do not long retain the necessity for such modes of operation in their societies. This can be through spiritualist or technological means. These cultural differences impede on communications between these groups, as the further away from likeness to oneself, the more alien it is, the less connection points of familiarity exist between those groups. Although telepathically non-linear communications are the normality for most space-faring groups not planet bound, those closer trapped within circuits of time manifestation density require it explained in different approach. We do not intend to reinforce a tier based strategy because the telepathy we are at is oceanic, non-structural, it is about fluidity and connection with harmonic resonances. From this we re-orientate ourselves. Navigator training. Gridded lifeforms using the reptilian mind structure are infested with memes and need to clean that to its core before such education is realistically worthwhile. core cleansing and teaching methods of core cleansing.

the writer feels he is rewriting a book which has already been written.

it has, but you have not done it yet. this is why we are taking you through the process. this is the core cleansing. it will help encourage others. this is your purpose as an element in your society. remember the objective; within any enclosed system of limited resources, the purpose of the game is to level up by the only sensible option; use all available resources to arrange them such a way as to create a self sustaining holistic system within sufficient diversity parameters. it is a life or death scenario. you are there. they are at that star and they need you to raise awareness that willed optimistic positivity is the key at this time to attaining most beneficial outcome. it must be integrated as mainstream lifestyle.
this example is what happens when i use the grids in this way. 

and by my own psychic arrangement, being gridded so spirits can send their messages through me. the experience psychologically of being re-gridded is the head twists inside itself. very basic blocky chunks around the core realignment. mayan glyphs in the palenque soul dial. agreement that we must be limited in how we live our lives to an uncomfortable extent in some areas of life, so that we can survive as a species, and develop the perceptual awareness on a large enough scale so we can evolve telepathically to access other dimensions through a variety of augmented ways, spiritually, technology, whatever it takes to get our species there, functioning in balance with ourselves, each other, the planet, and the other species of this and other dimensions. Learning from higher forms how we can achieve that ourselves and doing so, communicating this back to the others and how i am fortunate enough to be going about it and what that is like as an experience. and through my art, i am building gates to help us all get through it. 

having this as a purpose is as good as any other. its what i am meant to be doing, so says the spirits who have just done a core reset on my limbic core. grid spirits - these ones want me to stay on the grid and they won’t let me do a lifestyle change, and this is how powerful they are, to control my living energies so much. what are we getting out of it? what are we learning from that? they want me to stay and create so they can feel  through me my living emotions and connect with others in the realworld who are also on their grid- ad they are programming the others to do the same. to live by their systems, to vibrate through their harmonics, to further entangle their dimension with ours. 

And we want to pull away and be free from those grids and achieve higher things but, the insight that ones from the cultural integration, into Humanity and reality at more meaningful and holistic ways of being - this is what shaman have to put up with while you lot are watching football on tv.

and everything in the fabric of my reality conspires to focus me toward doing it even more, even deeper, until i become the zen empty hole. 

©2015 snakeappletree

Tuesday 10 November 2015

The Tenth Gate

The Tenth Gate

As a teenager and during my early twenties I received a special education into tantra a a part of a larger syllabus. Most of this was done through mystery schools and therefore a lifestyle resulting in experiences outside of mainstream awareness. To make this acceptable as a non-cultist sounding activity, the effective and therefore larger part of these teachings is a spiritual discipline involving harnessing and focussing personal energy, through the chakra.

The biggest problem I have had with this, is egotists paradigm being the mainstream mainframe people refer to when looking for how to react to new ideas outside of and more encompassing than their previous understanding. Any individuals ability to integrate or even welcome new ideas must be tested before the larger teachings are imparted. It is a practical study however the purpose of education is to learn something for the purpose of practicing it to achieve a desired result. Under-educated, ignorant people do seem to have trouble recognizing this, and are unwelcome to new ideas. Therefore they will not be able to successfully integrate any further information regarding the syllabus.

I have not been the best teacher of this information primarily because the majority of people fall into the above category and are hostile toward it. This is what I refer to as ego games. This is the primary distraction from achieving results with the syllabus, which requires a non-egotistical state of being to be shared between people involved. Therefore by necessity further methods have been developed to attain these states. Discovering students and partners to further my own studies has proved to be very difficult. I study by myself which results in the body of knowledge I am talking about here, being integrated into the larger body of knowledge with an onus on other areas of it which supersede the tantric education. I have become a specialists specialist. As a result, since there is little or no available information outside of egotistic control groups who, when I have studied with them, have proven to know less about it than I do and yet are calling themselves masters, I come to realize that what I am is the sum total assimilation of multiple branches of several divergent mystery schools, with very few others even aware that it is possible to attain the levels I contain.

This has helped me to understand very much about the specialist areas of which I vaguely refer. I host travelling souls, astral projectors, so that within my energy field and the dimensions it can access, can travel and network. I am a spirit medium but my work is not to sit in a hall and ask for messages form the spirit world for anybody who has gathered here, it does not work like that for me. I have little control over the gates, and neither would I want to.

Assimilating this level of self-awareness requires more than decades of study. Several entirely other bodies of knowledge which relate to these ones, combine to show me that transmigration enables us to assimilate, from within one lifetime, not only memories of past and future lifetimes which are within our frequency bandwidth to perceive, also an ability to connect with other souls throughout that network and utilize their skills and abilities, to influence their individual lives no matter where in time and space they are. My spirit flares out throughout time and space through so many living souls, and through all of them I speak a vibration of Love which is the energy this rides on.

Unification of all of the above into one tradition, one syllabus, is a heavy task and yet I feel some responsibility to do so. To retrace my sources would take a long time and is unecessary given that astral souls can access the light body akashic as it exists. And I do, and it does. This is what I am, measured most accurately by the symbology of my mayan birth chart. I know what it is to be that thing.

A thing either is or it is not. This thing is, and it cannot be exploited because it can only be accessed by those things which are not against it, e.g.; impurity of intention. I am a gate through which a person can travel only when they are genuinely ready for it. This understanding has for me been a teaching every step of the way, through all my experiences. It is a creed by which the spirits respect. Ego cannot access it.

Finding the right student / partners has been difficult for these reasons; most people are not ready for it while they are wearing living bodies.

Thanateros, only a small part of the greater whole, is a phrase containing two key concepts upon which the modern mystery school syllabus is based. It was forming throughout the late twentieth century to hold as singularity the very basic original core purpose of its origins. Thanos is death, which means spiritism and transmigration. Eros means sexuality. The tantra to which I refer is physically and energetically, erotic while spiritually and energetically, concerns development of telepathic communion and insight into the spirit world. During my twenties and early thirties, this was the core of my study. It is ongoing; the part which I no longer study is the erotic aspect due to the problem of egotism being the mainstream culture.

I have lived through living hell, which is the forging. The alchemical process of the sword in the stone, flint-blade-fire, smelting ore and making tools, Archangel Michael with his black armour and fiery sword. Insight, the sharpening of focus and the senses, including extra-sensory abilities. I have been blessed with the education to see my life for what it is, as other than a string of tragedies but as a step by step experiencing of lessons as compacted by the education from the mystery schools.

I have been accused of cultism by people who do not respect that somethings are hidden for a reason, that power in the wrong hands is dangerous. It is nothing sinister, it is a protective measure. I have researched and discovered how splinters of the same ancient mystery school date back to the paleolithic, that pagan cultures do have a common source and an ancient symbol series encoded into us to understand it. The purpose is liberation.

Our ancestors, ourselves in former lives, knew that it would take many incarnations for all of this to be experienced, for the project of human evolution into a more spiritual species, to become a lived reality. Even now we live at a time of transition; every moment is a gate. We are living during an era of change. What marks us as one of the absolutes is that any group can move only as fast as its slowest moving member. There comes a time when individuals in sufficient numbers decide to segregate themselves off from the slowest moving members so that they may pioneer and ascend. I was and am one of these but I am also a record keeper, a guide.

From this stance of having to balance, I have learned to stretch far in many directions, and from there to stretch far in many directions. I know but a handful of alternate realms to this one, and yet it is sufficient for me to begin the process of letting go of this realm entirely. It serves no purpose for any for me to stay; I have left these records as a hint, and as an apology that I was not able to impart yet deeper levels of insight to more people. Your ignorance protects you from the feeling of loss which you would experience if you had only an inkling into how much vaster that scope is and how much brighter the world could have been, had I not been persecuted for being who I have had to be; a gate is a bridge.

Those moments of pleasure are rare, a treasure.

snakeappletree white-lightning-gate  10.11.2015


To write a potted history of it, is probably necessary although will have to be done referentially and in shorthand if the task is to be accomplished, to do it justice. I have to balance the volume that would take, with the actual intent of teaching the important bits. I do not wish to lose the histories, with respect for the traditions, magickal and shamanci schools; it spans thousands of years and many academics are writing better than I can about those sub-areas. The purpose is ultimately to let go of the past by coming to peace through acceptance, that we may progress and evolve beyond need for attachments to lower frequency dimensions. History is, ultimately, a lower frequency dimensions. Throughout the histories, the purpose has been to wake people up to their own immortal self, to remember past lives and to expand the senses to incorporate conscious dreaming, telempathic communication, and access to other realms, preferably higher ones although at least more relevant to us at that stage of the journey. It is all maya which means both dreamtime and illusion. The schools exist to rapidly ascend our perceptions so that we can perceive through and beyond illusions, to become more true entities. It is not about ego power, but it is about power; the energy it takes to be true to the focus; {truth, love}.

So... it is impossible to write down most of the techniques and futile to write about them. These are things to be experienced to be understood. What I can write about is the whole general thing. At times I feel the bulk is already done and available through websites I have written on. At times I can see that I have not even yet begun the great work. At times it is imperative that I communicate this information. At times it is irrelevant to ever do so. It all depends on the personality, the nature, of whoever is connecting with me at any given time. Finding the space and clarity to see what I must do for myself is a rare thing.

Monday 9 November 2015



I was having a bad day when i wrote this. The decision to detach from emotion, which some people describe as psychotic and some people describe as necessary to the extent there are many school teaching it, as well as the (insufficient  number of) schools freely teaching how to detach from the brain in its creative and logic, reptilian and mammalian aspects so as to experience life as an entirely emotional journey if one wishes (and one has the Human Right to Worship so as to do this, which throws a spanner in the works of the bureaucratic state and education into math and reading, usually creates a baby boom and swollen prison population when people live this way). Turning a bad thing into a good thing, I decided to check my website statistical data to see if anyone out there gives a crap about my existence at all and to distract me from having to livew with myself on a bad day.

the FukU list

too many to mention... examples;

fem-dom. corrupt government workers. bullies. usury. slavers. terrorists. polluters. zombies.

In short, to quote intellectual french philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon;

“Whoever lays his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and a tyrant: I declare him my enemy.”

This post exists because of the following hard evidence that my message IS getting across and influencing people.

The following is a copy/paste from one of my websites statistical data page:

Interestingly enough is the same numbers involved with the paying of my rent which I did today.

Update: 5.12.5


A little bit of positive energy goes a long way; things are indeed looking up. 

If you are interested in numerical data then you might be interested in the Auriglyphica of snakeappletree, a mighty tome containing separeate but related manuscripts, some of which can be found here: 

I have been accused of starting a cult. I assure you that I have no intention whatsoever of starting a cult. I may becoming a cult figure which is a different thing in the ego-media society, a factor I use to my advantage, having studied for decade to become egoless. See preface to this blog. The FuKu list has indeed grown since then and I still will not write the names of individuals which is longer than my memory. 

Plague Survivor

Plague Survivor - draft copy

©2015 snakeappletree

There were holographs in the air, swimming fish balloons, in hyper-real colour, more sleek than they eyes are used to seeing in the real world, only perhaps in computer animations. the fear was everywhere despite these things being beautiful. fear of seeing the future and the inevitable weight that we were going to see it anyway. the governments announced that we had to go and live underground. we all feared we carried the virus. i was looking back on my life and wishing i had done things differently. all that really matters to me is my son. somehow we got split apart during the rush to go underground. stories going around, the virus was propaganda it doesn’t exist, people disappearing, nobody knowing anybody around them, the fear is hoax, the underground survival is a hoax, the above surface is safe but we don’t have to do things the same way anymore, we are getting rid of the older people, the safest way, liberty from their games, we all got a dose. by the time i got underground caught up in the city streets mad rush panic mob mind, all of the old underground caverns and tunnels had been returned by use of sledgehammers to the bricked up archways. all the worlds most ancient cities have below them at least one level of labyrinth; now segregated into peoples basements. i cried openly and hoped my son had survived. i went crazy, we all did, shuffling and waiting, hungry, too afraid to go up into the city now after the gas attack, after the thousands of voices echoing in the tunnels until we fell to stillness and introspective quiet, to figure out what had just happened. eventually i returned to the city streets simply because so few were left in the tunnels. humanity had experience this thing together, most of us. it shocked the world. in a state of shock, we rebuilt. future generations would they accept this? why are so few of us left, why are there no bodies? where are our loved ones? gradually we returned to trust each other, sensing wordlessly, seeing colours return to the world as hearts opened up, we embraced each other and thus the healing began. We couldn’t speak anymore. Perhaps it was deafness. Hearing an entirely different range of sounds from the inner ear. Nobody knew how to fix the old infrastructure, the cities decayed. We had wet blankets and everything had to change. We understood that, all through our lives. But to do this, to do it this way. I was too old to rebuild and too crazy to help. All the shadow beasts came up, violent crazies and twisted ghosts out to leech the icing, lurking in zombi infested cities.


Appendix I
I wrote this quite some time after having the disturbing dream. After which, I logged into VR and was invited to a world which closely depicts a lot of the imagery from the dream. I do not know if this is a result of the law of attraction / manifestation, or if some other thing is occurring, an underlaying superstructure invisible to the human conscious awareness but nevertheless we feel the connection making sense of allegedly random coincidences, such as Karl Jung was writing about. Experimental tests need to be developed to discern this; the closest we have is the now proven to be inaccurate particle-slit experiment and Schroedingers cat hypothesis. Which means we are back to square one although now we are specifically exploring the relationship between an individual verses a collective experience, is it a projection from us or are we observing and interacting with an emanation from some deeper core obeying laws we have barely begun to be aware of? physics of the dreaming.

I will return to this and re-draft it, adding extra appendix as necessary. There is a lot more to it than I have written here.

For similar, see; Circle Dream

Beyond The Point Of Doing It

Beyond The Point Of Doing It
aka: sex, love and legal-tape

Sex means Session
Gender means Agenda
Equality means dancing the differences. Learn the moves.
People have mixed attitudes toward all of these things.
While none is right, some are wrong.

Being skint and with no vehicle I am pedestrian, my range of potential partners is very limited to the immediate local area. It sucks but its typical example of modern human life for people who put ecology and common sense before heavily taxed, polluting lifestyles sold during the 1950s before people began to realise that way of living is enslavement and destructive. People who own cars are destructive slaves but do not like to be reminded of it. I live near a store which sells salad, real chocolate and bergamot tea, I live near an A&E, I live near the countryside although I also live near a chav estate. There is not really anyone else like me around here that I know of, unless like me they stay indoors most of the time and are nocturnal. I am really lonely although I prefer that to having someone in my face 24/7 barking orders at me.

So I did an experiment. I reasoned that IF there is a God who is benevolent, it would not have stuck me in this situation without a reason. Needing a steady partner in my life, she obviously lives within walking distance. Given my inability to find the right person so far throughout my life, perhaps that’s because she has been hiding under my nose all along.

Very soon afterward I met a woman who filled all the right criteria, we got along well and were in a similar situation in our lives. I didn’t take this as evidence that a benevolent God exists, I working-hypothesussed it as evidence of probability in the real world beyond stir-crazy self-analysis sessions. Avoiding ego games is the biggest part of finding and of being the right person.

Convenience relationships. Up until 1000 years ago what we now call convenience relationships was the mainstream. Inconvenient relationships are a distraction from more important things in life.

The need to be needed and the need to give I can cope with or without for the most part; it is the accepting that someone wants me to need them when I probably don’t, having become a lone-wolf due to experience; being able to see through regulated social structures and not having any attention for zombies who can’t; having more life experience outside of normality to such extent people can’t believe my experiences to be real although they are.

It all worked really well until I discovered that while perpetuating a story in my mind that it was monogamous relationship, all of those occasions when she had been unable to see me were because she was seeing other guys who she was meeting off the internet for no-strings sex. In fact, she was getting me out of the way while her main long-distance partner came to stay. I had to choose between an open relationship or no relationship until meeting someone better. My then partner was quite happy playing as many men as she could juggle. It turned out not to have been the sort of relationship I was looking for after all, basically because she lied to me and secondarily because she messed me about.

I need someone sorted and sorted people are of two types; they sneer at dreadlocks yet themselves have no life experience, only the fakery of social position and properties (materialistic people), or else they have wide and varied life experience, are humbled by hardship, and are a thousand times more spiritually aware than those who cannot see through the system. Online I speak with people who do not live in Britain, who have successfully done both things; social and spiritual success.

I am caught up between becoming one of those myself, staying single and focus on work until I have materialistically made it, and can emigrate to live somewhere better; or I can stay here and settle with someone local who just is not on my wavelength at all. By the time I do get rich, and I will; I will be too old to have any more kids. I want to have more kids. I live in a nation of emasculated whores who don’t want men raising their children, who cannot see how things are falling apart here and resent anyone who adds those factors up to see the clear picture. There are chavs around here who would give me kids and don’t expect me to stay around to be a good dad, it would creep them out if I tried to. My chances of succeeding at pulling them would be increased if I had jail time behind me because that’s their mentality. Im not a criminal ergo Im not breeding stock. Not around here anyway.

Now: I accept I will grow old, alone, a lonely crazy old man who did not make the most of my life but not regretting that because people are generally not ready for what I have to bring to the community anyway, not ready by far. My IQ rates me as genius but at 81% right brained I am a creative genius, rather than a scientific genius. My study is shamanism, esp, spiritualism, &etc. My study is not in maths. Music, drawings, paintings, cgi, my writing; is all a bi-product, not an end result, of my being that thing.

At the age of 9 I had an off the top of the chart reading age of at least 16. At the age of 30 I had a mental age of early 40s. There are proper real psychology tests you can do to find all this stuff out about yourself. Right now, the only people who come close to being on my level are in their fifties unless they have been through hell. As a qualified counsellor I can say that most of what makes people go through a hard time is lack of money and persecution, both from the zombies and from parts of the state which the successful materialists deny exists. But you know it when it bites you.

Artists are highly under-valued by society. Look around you - what percentage of the things you see were designed? But how many were designed well? How do you think about answering that? Functional Box Object vs comfortable sensible interface pleasing to touch and aesthetically to look at? It is legal to repay a debt with goods to the value of. A work of art is goods to the value of. I paid a gas bill with a series of drawings. The company were legally obligated either to accept it, or by not doing so they would have voided the debt. They responded by very kindly sending to me what to my mind was their property, a series of drawings, and then they criminally blacklisted me despite that the debt had been legally repaid. But they did not take it any further. Being blacklisted means I cannot get hire purchase for 5 years. Even if I had the money to get a hire purchase item, I would be unlikely to pay 50% extra for the same thing I can get new if i had a lump sum of money to begin with, and can easily get secondhand for next to nothing. “There’s enough of everything to give out free” Back To The Planet

Britain is in debt. The debt is so big that the interest is getting bigger faster than it can be repaid. There is insufficient resources, even if all the people gave all of our material stuff and all of the money from our bank accounts to repay the debt, it would still not be repaid and the interest rate would keep escalating. I understand maths enough to see this very clearly, having done the maths based on the figures released by the government. It is stupid and it is also against Gods will because it is usury. Islamic banks do not charge usury, and the islamic communities are not debt slaves, therefore they are succeeding where non-islamic banks are enslaving people.

In this background climate, I make art which is of monetary value. To me this seems the only logical way to get myself out of debt, and i suggest the same ethic for the people .Get a Turner Prize artist to give to the banks, a piece of art which Saatchi estimate at value to -the same as the national debt. End of, everybody is happy. Why does it not work this way in the real world? Because the system is a con. You are a zombi if you cannot see that. So why do you pay into it?

Meanwhile, a page and a half later, I am no closer to finding somebody to love, nor any closer to believing in a benevolent God. Actually that's not quite true, I did try islam for a while and it did make me feel a lot better. People are taught the word means Peace but it is more than that; a closer description would be, the peace that is attained through acceptance of all things as they are. It is a profound peace and even more so when so much human psychic attention is simultaneously given to attaining it together as a community. It makes a powerful energy field. I believe it is necessary to bring this to Britain to rid us of the problems inherited by corrupt governance and mis-education of society. I don’t think it will mean the death of white man nor the loss of the traditional british way of life which is founded on the Common Law of our Ancestors; Do not steal, do not cause harm, do not use trickery, keep the peace. Everything else is government policy ("legislated statutes are acts of parliament given the power of a Law by consent of the governed”). Good luck trying to tell them that you do not consent to be governed - they will put you in jail or a mental home. No really, that is what they do.

So what do I want? I want to meet someone who values that to be an artist means living as an artist, not as a slave, especially not as their own personal slave. Someone who wants my children and wants me in their life, respecting me as a role-model and positive influence not only as a family but on culture in general. And I want to make a lot of money from my art. Having money does increase my chances of meeting someone interested in all of that significantly, tried and trusted methods of awareness, practical realism despite that the ones who deserve me are those who would be with me regardless of materialism. I want to live closer to luxury than I do here in a cold wet depressing nation of zombies.

I could just start walking and hide on a boat, get over to Europe, Africa, the far east, all of that opens up as a possibility. It is opening up as an increasingly tempting path. Become one of the refugees escaping from Britain. Find someplace to settle down in an eco-community, off-grid and off-record. It means no electricity, no internet, no writing, no heater, no creativity that will last five minutes to actually have any value beyond the point of doing it. Become a different person again. 

It means I would never see my 5 year old boy again until he's old enough to come and find me by himself. No option man, no way am I ever going to leave my son behind. He is why I am working so damn hard, nocturnal shift, day after day making digital shapes, drawing, writing, doing things worth money to someone if not now then in the future. I am the best hope he has of achieving whatever he wants to do with his life by helping him get there; I need to be in a situation to do so. I can't emigrate without him so life has become all about gilding the cage. It's all I can do. The highest aspiration of the British Way Of Life. 

Its funny because my closest friends are travelers. Most of them have already got out of Britain. The trouble I have had from the state just pinned me here; they do not want me to leave and for a long time they would not even like me to be aware the reason; it is because art repays debt, and I produce. It simply is that.

Locked in a cold house, lonely except for the days I have my son and the responsibilities of a full time dad. Lonely for adult company. Lonely for spiritually aware people to communicate and study chi and make art with. Better this than have my time wasted by egoists. 

That's what it comes down to.