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immortal society pt2

Immortal Society pt2

Her eyes glowed outward, petal layers of indigo, cyan, violet; purple flowers.
I see this in the grain of the particles our environment consists of. I see this because I have been there to a consciousness sleeker than visual perception permits. In dream and the gap between dream and waking, taking the powers of one through to the other; the dream become time-mass, the dimension of time-mass become the dreaming. Always have I known this to be my task, my nature, my purpose. Through infinite lifetimes I am Gate and Guardian of this Gate.

On another occasion as we embraced, and later talking about that event we both described an experience of the same thing; between us, together, we have the focus and purity, the nervy to make it happen, to bring our dreaming through. Because we are each pure enough, true to our own true nature, honest enough to access Truth which is required to develop the necessary awareness and ability. It is why Truth is so important and mystics revere it so much we dedicate our lives to it. “What we See is what we Sey.” The Sey spelled this way it means the world manifest of our speech. A Leyline in the physical world, a Seyline in the spoken. This is indigenous Shamanism from cultures around the world. There are multicultural temples to it, temples of stone, song and perception. The Sight and Truth are the same thing, in the way that Time and Mass are the same thing, cannot have one without the other.

On the occasion we embraced I saw her wings spread out behind her back because my heart was pouring through my chest and into her, our central chakra becoming now; while her heart flow in perfect balance with my own energised my visual ability which is how I am configured most of the time, to See, to See with a Y both sides and all around a thing in multi-dimension. We are multidimensional entities and by staying open to that wave we bring it through and live it. I saw her wings even with my eyes closed because the grain of electromagnetic energy which describes our form tells the particles where to flow, what shape to take. This material body is a thing which we wear while we are in mass-time; our configuration when balanced properly connects to our truer multidimensional self outside of mass-time. The flowing of our soul takes our true form and i saw her wings just as I saw her eyes, those of sorceress.

These skills and this connection to Self requires many lifetimes to develop. We have patience for we are immortal: ‘no form of energy stops; it transmutes’. And we have been doing this for a long time. Fortunate to meet up again in this lifetime here and to flow in Love. It is because we have trust, that the simple law of energy is that it flows toward its perfect balance, flows eternally until it meets and merges with its perfect balance in perfect harmony. It flows through many forms to do what it has to do and then releases back toward its own true nature.

When we leave this density, we go elsewhere; to a density more fitting for our purpose and whatever we are at that time. This is what is happening in the Dreaming and its process is that of the Songlines. What people call the Spirit world is the parts of it which exist outside of time-mass as we experience it here. Whatever density seems most real to us, that is what we are drawn to and what we experience, manifest around us. All of it is within the Dreaming. 

When we see peoples true form rather than the dense material shape of the bodies, as an overlay akin to augmented reality where holographs are projected onto the physical world; this is what the Dreamtime Shamen (Manaya) describe as and call Sixth Age consciousness. Currently planet Earth as a mass-time entity is entering into its 5th Age. The Manaya are timeless.

Tuesday 24 February 2015


Culture and Colony

We went up there to the high frozen north. Some went on and we thought them crazy, suicidal, those lands are impossible to survive. Some went back, most went back. We stabilized up there and our kids took our culture back to the lands we had travelled through, integrating with others who had settled on the way.

The frozen north gave us no time to mess about, minimalism happened. The bleak lifestyle was harsh, so we knew the elements, heat and cold, we knew the life things, water, animals. We relied on the catalyst of these spirits, to survive. We drummed, we told stories to keep our spirit alive and they are stories of how we survived and of the spirits which helped us. A white winter landscape does everything to change the soul yet is uninspiring for poetry, only the forlorn secret poetry, the long study that takes winters to know and to appreciate because we cannot tame all that. Cannot pass shivering information to kids, they need bright and colourful. They need not know the chattering concerns of spirits and sight developed as we age, they need optimism and preperation for the things which will concern them. The importance of making connections between all things, the weave that nothing is wasted. Animal skin and animal fat, animal meat and animal spirit. Fire, ice. Nothing else up here in the north. The northing and the thorning cold.

As we bred and expanded we needed more resources than these lands can provide. The returning ones in the less frozen lands we came through have plants, make wood carvings, have more room for diversity. Our winter-catalysed blueprint on them expands to include more developed culture. As we settle, no longer explorers, into a place better fitted for human life, the weave and the stories are carved and remembered through a few generations, tales of the elder days fuel our imaginations. Artifacts take on life of their own and become their own spirits in the same way the elements became spirits. Our awareness of the spirits of these things existing independantly of our awareness grows stronger. The new generation of spirits made by the elders and a desire to make yet further new ones more appropriate to our now lifestyle. This distills into a culture, a pantheon of stories we all identify with, we all know. In part histories, in part mythologies. This is set into a naturally developed form. This is taken by those specializing in recognizing it and expands further back toward the other cultures forming around us, trade cultures and so through the stories of those cultures and our own interchange, common ground is founded, stories so bright by their brilliance we respect them despite their evidently being from such a different and established cultural traditions with different references than our own. Different spirits, exotic elements. We teach our kids flavours of places far away by remembering the travellers tales. Good stories hold their elements well.

We make peace and we make war. Love and Anger. The children born into war make peace with our enemies and our long time trade allies betray us. Our edges are defined thus, by borders geographic, by borders emotional, mental; social. Where the elements are impenetrable and cannot be worked around, we accept defeat at this time, continuing questioning, will it thaw, will it soften, will it yield.

Stories return to us in a form we can accept from other worlds. How the harshness of space has changed those who left this planet. How the other worlds where our descendants make home are changing them. For cultural gestation to be done properly and with respect of, awareness of, have learned from the lessons of the past, we do not migrate our warlike nature there wholesale. We do not want macdonalds on the moon, we do not want the corporate bank of saturn nor even the royal monarchs of mars. We want our colonists to have every chance to become what we feel they should, and can, if given the chance. We give them that chance; a life-raft and autonomy from the outset because they need it, deserve it. Without the full, true spirit of pioneering, they will lack the drive necessary to survive beyond mere consumer estate reliant on imported necessities.

It is the next wave who will travel there on a beam wearing the dogma of earth cultures and infect them with our own progress, a wave that has been assimilated by transumanism and all share the same google-brain hive-mind telepathic database programmed acceptance and happiness, which is necessary on earth to avoid the war of global apocalypse, which is necessary to transit planet earth from capitalism based global monoculture to a more humane and artistically led community. Because a part of earths nature is primal and aggression, as much as its life is symbiotic and creative.

Meanwhile the colonists have become their own small nation, teaching us of their discoveries, of their elements, feelings and thoughts. From a different gravity well comes different synaptic connections, different perceptual connections. Poems teaching insights no earthling to use the derogatory term, terran to use the transhumanism term; could ever have come up with. We do not have that colour in our skies, that texture in our lives. The spirits of the new worlds are something new for us to experience and be affected by.

This has already began. The public on earth are not informed of it because we are not ready to accept it as a reality. In its early days the colonisation of the other worlds, even the technologies that made it possible, were so enshrouded in secrecy and necessarily so, that several generation later we are questioning if they really exist; should the question not be whether we are ready to be informed? You who reads this assumes it to be science fiction because it is mentally safer for you to do so, it is more normal and acceptable for you to do so, to ignore the actual evidence because of the mainstream order of the day. It is designed thus.

This is how the telepaths of other worlds get the message through to you, we use the minds of your creatives to share the knowledge. Our moons configure our minds in just such a way as it is possible to do this, it is different for you on planet earth where instead you have vast rainforests and oceans, the beauty of your planet.

We hope that you can stop the destruction of those things.
We hope you can accept that you as an individual are directly having a consequence on the destruction of those things.
We hope that you can accept, even if you do not save your world from ecological collapse because you destroyed it with your inability to rethink your life and society, return to permacultural ways of pioneering colonists instead of reliance on convenience consumer culture; that you can accept humanity has at least continued on other worlds even without your direct awareness.

You cannot travel to the stars to bring toxins to other planets.
But you can begin to heal your own, right now as soon as you finish reading this.
And if you will not heal your planet, perhaps you will do what you can to heal some of the people around you.
This is the message from the stars.

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Monday 23 February 2015

cultural development

Our civilization, is it that great? Do we strive to maintain it? We hope it is progressive toward something better than what we have done with what we inherited.

Tonight i have been thinking the following points:
-Cultural development is caught up in the economic system.
-Western economics are crashed because half its money has disappeared. Where?
-The only voice answering this specifically, says that the military scientists are on a technological development curve which costs that much to continue.

Question: do we want that much resources going toward that specific purpose? Given what it does to the lives of the rest of us to be underfunded. (86% of worlds wealth owned by 1% of population etc)

Answer 1: even now, many of us have better education, hygiene and living standards than at many times in history. If you are reading this, it includes you.
Answer 2: define 'that specific purpose'; what exactly have they built which costs so much money?

The military technology spokesperson explained the problem they have is twofold: first, that they are so far advanced in what is possible to build than what the mainstream is educated into believing is possible, this is itself a problem. Second, the technology is as much spiritual as it is physical objects, and the same applies, mainstream is not apparently spiritual enough to be able to cope with what the technology is for. So answering that is not an easy answer. That is how far the technology has developed.

There is hope in this. That we might become spiritually advanced enough to benefit from the technology at some point, and that technology and spirituality from this planet is further ahead than many people are aware.

So day to day, our civilisation is not that great, but there are things happening outside of our lives which will eventually filter down into  the lives of our children and their children and their childrens children, which are more advanced than what we are ready for.

By the time we accept this in ourselves, we will already be on the path toward being ready for such technology. This is the very first step from between here and there. Is that such a bad thing about our civilisation and how it is going? Transition should not be regressive it should be progressive toward that state.

Acceptance. It is one of the most powerful tools for spiritual progression we all have within us.

immortal society

The invisible community, also known as the immortal society.

The ones who are meant to, do. Remember that. The spirit voice takes control of me when i enter the house and come into peace. It begins to write through me. I do not want to be the tool of the spirit voice and struggle to write my own words. It is trying to guide me mainly by advise but also in my learning through the experience of it happening. It used the word house, "it is his house", just as i shrugged it off my mind to give me the space to think straight about what is happening enough to write about it. I feel it inside around my cranium wrapping into my brain, cradling it at the edges until it comes down through the center core of my brain to assume ownership of my kundalini. This happens to me so often i do not even notice it most of the time. I see the shapes of it like fire dancing around a matchstick. It is his house because he owned it before he died here, before i came. In voodoo the word house is used to describe the mind of the host, its function as a tool. When i began to explain to people that this is what is going on in my life, that i am becoming a spirit medium, they accused me of hearing voices and misdiagnosed me as mental health, for which i have been put onto long term benefits. It is my real experience of life and the more i research different indiginous cultures spirit beliefs the more sense it makes in describing what i am experiencing. Caucasian culture has very little knowledge base of this remaining from within itself because the pagan celtic shamanic wisdom keepers were lost where they thrive in other parts of the world. If it was false information that serves no real purpose, humanity would have dropped it from all over the world long ago. The word civil means to make civic, as in governed. Distaste for spiritism resulted because a culture actively involved in spiritism is less easy to govern than a mind control culture. Explaining to people that they are those mind control victims is not easy. That this is a real human tradition and a normal part of life. People with zero attention to it do not see it. Where science shows scientifically that spirits do exist, is not something the civic authorities can govern nor do anything about. The spirits have their own agenda because they are us and we are them, always moving toward its own perfect gravitational harmonic partner, in and out of the material world of time because time and mass are intrinsically linked, that is what energy is there are even scientific ratio's for it. Some of us remember it as a continuity better than others, because we can picture it to have a grid to hang our memories on to learn the shape of it and because we remember it well enough to see it as a grid. It is multilinear the grid is a spoke and all the other spokes are flares all coming into one central destination which we are rainbows from each at a marginally different frequency. Waveforms ride through the rainbow. It is multidimensional, these other parallel spokes of our journey. We are holographic projections: outward from the core and the return from the very finest ping of it the needle razor sharp tip. A spiky sea urchin shape but its spikes are grids. Is it where it ends or where it becomes more refined higher dimensional form of light? Ultraviolet spectrum entities. Between the matchhead and its flame is a gap, in which heat and match meet. It is invisible to our eyes yet so much is happening in that place. The third eye sees this stuff when it is activated, i have been eating turmeric and spirulana to decalcify it for a few days. Most people have fluoride rich diets which atrophies the pineal gland so they cannot see the flame to understand the match and its purpose, to decipher the invisible energy exchange. The medium learns this as a part of shamanic awareness, it is part of what shaman do. I am not the most advanced but by Thoth am one who was trained to write and so i can get this far in explaining it to whoever reads this. Most of the work is done not by writing which is so slow, but at immediate speed of thought. This manuscript is necessary. 

Saturday 21 February 2015

Art Links

Here are some artists who have caught my visual attention this week:

I will post examples of their work up here to prettify this blog if i ever get time to do so

See also this: Phat Art Pack :for more artists

Nils & the Loom

Nils & the Loom

The remote mountain Greeks disliked the aloof manner of Germans. Because my father, brother and myself are blonde British and blue eyed of Norse descent on my fathers side; an easy assumption that we are Germans had doors of concrete-free single-story crude stone dwellings doubling as houses and shops, slammed closed in our faces in rural villages where hand-crafted blankets and rugs were woven on hand-made wooden looms. When the locals realised by hearing our language that we are British, they opened the doors again and welcomed us in as honored guests, sharing food and drink from their own sparse larders as they showed us their wares, amazing patterned fabrics layered on all surfaces.

Later in a Greek supermarket on the far side of the mountain, my father asked which toy my brother and i wanted. My brother found some anthropomorphic jungle animals in human clothes and wanted. My dad bought him two. They were a cheap plastic German product. I protested that i didn't want any of those toys. I was confused; yesterday in the village shop closest to where our apartment was situated amidst olive groves, my father insisted that we did not have enough money to buy any of the unusual Greek brands I was asking about. Yet today he had spent over a hundred pounds on rugs and laughed about how even with the excess baggage weight tax to pay on the return flight, these rugs were a bargain. My father had haggled with the mountain villagers to achieve a good price, explaining to us that not to barter is considered rude in traditional Greek culture. He also explained that he had just given them more money in one go than most rural Greek villagers would earn over several months.

Although it is thirty years since the event, I remember it as freshly as today. My own boy is still playing on one of the rugs on the floor of his bedroom, too young to know how magickal this carpet is. So my confusion that my father had magicked up enough money to buy us toys here wheras yesterday he refused to make my dream come true when faced with food products I had never imagined to exist. He made me choose a toy by his usual persuasion, repeating the question and ignoring my pleas until I folded. So I grumpily chose an elephant to remind me about the shitty way my dad was treating me, as I had been told repeatedly; elephants never forget. My brother had chosen two toys so my father made me choose two. I begrudgingly chose a rhino, because they are thick-skinned like I needed to become. I cried because I didn't want it and was being bullied by my dad, again. The packaging had the names of the characters on it, the elephant was called Eli, the rhino was called Nils. Even at that tender age I recall the appropriate irony of the word which in English means Nothing.

Considering that I never wanted for Nils in the first place, it took me a long time to get over him. The pattern set. That probably explains a lot to do with what happened with Fern who I met in later years, which is another story I have written a fragment of elsewhere.

As my parents packed the suitcases up and discussed the necessity of having to leave one of the Greek rugs behind because my father had miscalculated; they would not all fit into the bags and we had far too many even for the excess baggage weight tax to accomodate, I played with Eli and Nils. I was playing a game of promising Nils that we would look after him and I was sorry that I had not wanted him to begin with but it was only because I had not wanted to waste my dads money and I did not know I would be lucky enough to become his new friend.

My parents were deciding which rug to leave on the bed as a gift for the hospitality of the apartment owners, a difficult choice because they were all beautiful. My brother and I had been seperated. His usual strategy to physically attack me and start crying before my parents could find out what had really happened, so that I got the blame for causing a disturbance and upsetting him while he got sympathy and attention. That is how I learned the difference betweens sympathy (what other people do and pretend to do) and empathy (what i do). My brother still behaves that way now all these years later. I cannot recall what anthropomorphic animals my father had bought him; he never let me see his precious. I can well imagine it to have been a crocodile and a shark.

My mother forced us into the toilet before we left for the coach to the airport. Unlike rainy British toilets, mediterranean Greek toilets cannot cope with toilet paper, it clogs them up, so a lidded bin is used and emptied daily by the apartments ancient cleaner lady. No joke, people in Britain are dead by that age simply because they do not live the peaceful, humble lifestyle of a Greek peasant. The climate, the diet, the pace of life. By the time I got back into the bedroom to retrieve my animal-people toys I was emotionally devastated to discover that Nils had disappeared. I explained why I was so upset but my parents did not have time to do a thorough search and I could not see him anywhere.

I was a clever child, I already knew about process of eli-mination and this event was a lesson in developing it. What later became an understanding of animistic belief that everything is alive, ergo a possibility that Nils had betrayed my friendship promise, forsaken Eli elephant and made his escape into the olive grove;  competed with and was discarded in favour of the more likely explanation that my father had taken and hidden or disposed of Nils while I was in the bathroom and was lying to his family about it. The distance between the worlds of children and of busy, non-empathic adults is vast, bigger than the distance between Greece and Britain. In my fathers mind I had not wanted Nils anyway since he had cajoled me into accepting him, therefore the loss of him would probably not make too big an impact on me. In my emotions, my father had just stolen my favourite toy which had become a symbol of his extra special love for me given that I did not believe myself to be lucky enough to have him, and accepting him was a process of overcoming the guilt that I had been greedy wanting to experience Greek sweets the day before. I felt the same about my father whose positive attention I craved as I did about the toy.

To do this thing to a child sent out mixed signals that were too complicated for me to work out, on top of the pain of loss. Eli was a small consolation, she had stopped speaking to me because I had failed to protect Nils and she was fearful that she might disappear next. Our relationship never recovered and neither did my relationship with my father. He lied to us all when I expressly asked him if he had seen Nils the little rhino anywhere; he denied it. But the lingering doubt; what if I was mistaken? What if something inexplicable and supernatural had happened to cause Nils to disappear and my blaming my father was unjust and unfounded. That would be my mistake, to hate a man who had been so kind to me for something which he had not done.

(But why would he do such a thing? The possibility it was left as a gift for the apartment owners children along with the blanket goes some way toward reprieving my father for his 'last minute panicked re-packing before the transport deadline' state of mind.)

Between these two conflicting paradigms there was no resolution. It made me sick. I threw up in the airplane sick-bags all the way home.

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Dream Garden

In 1997/8 i lucid dreamed a temple complex and garden. There were white shaft of light beings who use dream to communicate highly spiritual information. I drew this chalk sketch of a part of the garden. When i showed my friend who lived on the other side of the road we lived on through which a ley-line crosses, he told me he has dreamed of the same place. I asked him what is located in the next part of the garden which i had not drawn and he described it precisely as I had experienced it. From this and many more similar experiences I know as a living fact that dreams are more than random associations of a brain winding down. Dreams are real places which exist independently of dreamers. 

At Pembrey

Midsummer 2009. I was sleeping in the van on top of Pembrey mountain view in sw Wales. It is an important location, at least it was when they named these places, as the next county over is called Pembrokeshire. It was summer and the van was a luton (bed above the cab) with a fibreglass roof. Which basically meant it was a greenhouse in summertime although its thin metal walls made it an icebox in winter. This morning the period between dream sleep and waking was prolongued. My rational waking awareness (sansara or conditioned mind) had not yet kicked in to edit the experience. I was dreaming. I dreamed that the sun was rising. A million worms were working their way to the surface to bask in the first rays of the sun and this hive mind was a powerful energy. There are no electric cables and no people at that altitude to block out or interfere with the projection of a mental field such as it is, an emotional energy field perhaps is a better description. My own perception was relaxed, a blanket surrounding the zone and including all of these worms singularity of focus into it. The sensation was orgasmically sexual. To a worm, morning sunlight and the orgy of worms writhing in a mass with other worms, is without confusion a pure blissful experience. Worms do not doubt, they do not have confusion. They are raw instinct given a nervous system to feel with. Cold clammy soil quietens them down but the dawn is holy. Visually in my dream i saw this as myself waking up and opening a hatch in the van roof (there is not actually a hatch there) and watching the suns rays bend around through space and reach us. 

The dawn chorus of the birds was to my dreaming consciousness translated into a direct comprehension; I knew what every voice was saying. It helped that like the worms, they were all saying the same thing. Their speech is a little more complicated than the worms. They are celebrating morning because they can eat breakfast. The worms are too dumb to know they are being eaten indeed to be swallowed whole is to them a pleasurable experience. For the birds too, who know there is enough for everyone on this particular mountainside. The experience of sunrise and swallowing a worm is the same thing to their sleepy morning minds. The sun energy goes directly through the throat and fills you with its warmth. Visually I felt myself swallowing the suns rays as it reached us, these rays just so happened to look like worms; glowing from within, spinning out into individual strands of worm from a central writhing gloop of solar ray.

I woke up creased with laughter. It is probably the most relaxed I have ever been in my whole life. It is certainly the most connected with nature I can remember. The worms are hermaphrodites and this blissful experience left me questioning my own sexuality because to experience the pleasure of being both male and female at the same time and then the raw solar energy flowing back through the dna and habitual neural paths of a human took some adjusting. Abraxas the hermaphrodite deity. In shamanism to watch the sunrise, that moment where it is neither above nor below the horizon, to absorb that unique spectrum of energy, breathing it in through all the chakras, is one of the most empowering rites known.

I was lucky to be let go of all rigid dogmatic self identity and to share the sunrise with the life forms of the mountain. This is what the Morning Star means to me now having been through this awakening. People assign it to Venus and therefore Luciferianism, the most beautiful light. It is not though, it is our own Sun from which we are made, which we are the consciousness of albeit so desperately confused as we are. It is the raw primal purity of functioning properly connected with the divine. There truly is only one other way I know to be connected so wholly with the source and most of us seek that for our entire lifetimes. 

This is not a confession of gender preference in sexuality. This is an experience involving perception.

The Logical Answer

The Logical Answer

Part One

Blacks Law Dictionary
definition of "money"

b. of monetary value

This means anything which is worth money, is regarded in law to be the same as money. In effect, goods are money. This is what the word collateral means. This is why a debt collector will take 'goods to the value of' on unpaid debts.

Part Two

Because of usury banking (an offense against God for which the deity Christ smashed up the moneylenders in the temple and was arrested for social disorder), the National debt situation is such that the debt is increasing all of the time.

This is why the western economy depends on war. It needs to assume collateral from outside its dominion. A child born into this system through birth registration is immediately put into billions of pounds worth of debt (compare population size against national debt rate).

This is stupid anyway because the size of the national debt is rising so fast and is so big that:
***It can never be repaid.***

Islamic banking does not have usury (charging of interest on borrowing money). This is one reason why islam is so successfully and rapidly taking over so much of the world; it has a better, fairer, cleaner and more ethical economic system.

Part Three

Art has monetary value.

Example, although Vincent Van Gogh whom i am sure you will have heard of, only sold one painting in his life (to his brother), because everybody though his art was crap; it is now regarded as National Treasure and his paintings are worth millions of (units of currency, eg; pounds, dollars, euro, yen, bitcoin, lindens). More money than most people will ever have in their whole lifetime.

Part Four

Not only does the legal system permit repayment of debts using collatoral (eg; art) and is actually geared up toward doing so, despite greedy and under-educated corporate workers usually not recognizing that fact as a real thing; which means all of us have a legal Right to repay debts by use of art - this also makes Artists a nations greatest asset because it is only the artists who are capable of producing sufficient colateral with which to repay the national debt.

Look around you and count how many of the things in your immediate environment are not the product of design process, the result of an artists vision either being put into industrial mass production, or a one-off and unique artifact. That is how important artists are in human civilisation.

Only the innovation and productivity of artists can create new things which can be used to repay the national debt. It is very obvious when you see it.

The logical answer is to cut out the middle step. Do not convert art into promissary notes to repay debt with promisary notes; issue art directly as payment. The legal system says that this is legal. You have a right to do this.

Part Five

Why then is it, given the above situation, that artists are regarded as mental health patients and social outcasts more often than they are regarded as visionaries whose productivity spins the money wheel ? Why are artists who need to think outside of the box to function, considered abnormal compared with the people who do not produce anything new but who still use usury based banking and are party to the national debt?

My own personal views on the issue of scrapping national debt and enforcing a better financial system are irrelevant to this discourse. It is purely to illustrate the situation as it is, from the perspective of a socially persecuted artist baring the stigma of being too creative to belong in the oppressive social system which permeates and endorses usury.

If domination by the usury based financial system does not end, it is only artists who are capable of liberating all of us from being born into and living in perpetual debt slavery. Yes, if you use promissory notes as currency, you are involved in a debt slave system, you are a slave by definition of the word. Artists have a chance of ending that. Please be nice to artists. They are more valuable to our species and to our civilisation than are non-artists.*

*Does not apply to Islam.

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I am worried about releasing my science fiction because its irrelevant to the world as much as it is frightening to the reader. The television has for several generations been preparing us for reality. By the time this fiction is published it will be too late, it won't be fiction any more, it will be real and this manuscript will be dated, obsolete. Faded ideas despite the glossy sci-fi veneer.

I moved here five years ago and I have known the guy from a few doors down for most of that time. He's a mate. We have laughed together about pointless stuff and he told me about some places around here, one time i helped him get his shopping bags in from his car. This evening he showed me something that has changed my life. He showed me that he is a robot.

A very realistic robot. His skin feels like skin, it even sweats in the heat and his eyes are so human, the way they move, the way they watch. He has unique mannerisms that make him him, his speech too. He is so believeably human, it had me convinced. I never would have guessed. For a start I did not know robotics had got so advanced. On the tv and internet it still shows us the latest developments in robotics from this year usually from Japan and America, and they are crap compared with him. He is realistic.

It was shocking. He explained to me that he is one of thousands of them put into society all over the world, it is an experiment. He trusted me to tell me this, because i am that sort of a person people trust me with stuff. I have counselling qualifications which i acquired to make me a better helper when people opened up to me about the stuff they have problems with in their lives. But he doesnt know me well enough to know that i write science fiction, or in this case, a story of fact that my readers are only going to be able to cope with by believing it to be fiction.

People are not ready for the really real real yet, so they blank it out. Robots don't do that. They assimilate all the data. It is one of many ways in which they are superior to humans. They are all on the same wifi, the same database. What one of them is thinking, any and all of them can think at the same time. Its like telepathy between them. They can access any information from a constantly updated source, they can know anything from history records for example, or become adept in whatever topic. They can cross reference any data they need to, instantly. Their assumed personalities inhibit the amount they reveal to us. They can assume any personality they want, my friend showed me this, it was freaky watching him undergo a complete personality change several times before my eyes.

I came home and got drunk and began to write about it, this statement. I don't know what to do because it reads like the paranoid delusions of some crazy man and I am sure it could be used as evidence to have me committed to a mental asylum. The robots are experts at human psychology, they can profile us faster than we can know what we are about to say next.

So to reveal that I know about the experiment, to tell people that for all we know as many as one in ten of the people we see are actually robots already, apparently living out the normal lives of humans. People cannot cope with that being real yet. But it will be, publically, in a few years the first crude versions will be available for consumers to purchase, then we will be interacting with slow models to get us used to it. In a few years as the older humans who were born long before television, internet, wifi, mobile phone networks, the digital era; as they die of old age so they won't have to go through the culture shock, basic model robot people will at first be like pets or toys, a novelty useful because it can do the household chores etc. And then slowly they will reveal to us what I am blowing the whistle on here - that they are already amongst us and have been for some time. And they are superceding us without us even realizing it.

I believe that the armed forces, the police, these are roles which the robots are already targetting. Jobs which require a robot like mentality and the excuse for superhuman strength and endurance. So that by the time any sort of civil unrest might occur if there is a backlash against what is happening, there will be nothing we can do about it anyway. They overpower us.

I dont know where this is going from here. It will take some time to assimilate the information. I can hardly believe it now myself because my brain seeks to return to the numb comfort zone where such things are irrelevant. Mammal response.

It wont be long before the robots inherit our civilisation and begin modifying it to their own. By revealing himself to me tonight, that has already begun. The robots, lets face it they are all one robot really, one mind to correlate an unknown number of different individual bodies. The way an insect hive is one organism with a queen at its heart. That's what we are dealing with here really. They are already changing things by letting free thinkers such as myself who are on the edge of being able to cope with the awareness of what is happening, letting us know about it. Changing us. Directing our thoughts toward the world we are moving into, where it wont be long before you are showed by one of them too, probably one of your mates who you have known for a few years. Someone who you never would have suspected because they are to you so quintessentially human in their attitudes and mannerisms. Perhaps someone you had a one night stand with at sometime or someone in the shop, the community police officer, a teacher in your kids school. It could be anyone and does it really make a difference anyway? Does it? What will it be like for them to at last be able to walk openly without the pretense of being a human. To share this world with us. For us to share it with them.

Pretty soon they will take all the jobs because they are smarter and faster and wont get distracted. They can do more than we can, work longer, lift more, jump higher, write neater, pitch perfect every response to manipulate our reactions without us being aware they are doing it.

What can we do that they cannot? Those are the traits we must focus on, which define us as human, our species uniqueness. What we should be all about. What positive traits do we have which robots with their otherwise superiority do not have, cannot by their nature have? That is our one hope of surviving in a social climate cohabited with advanced robots. To focus on what makes us, humanity.

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Writers note:
The mis-spelling of the title in the original posting, 'obsolesence' rather than dictionary correct 'obsolescence' has caused me to re-think the title and to spell it as it is spelled here, 'obsolosense' for the final decision. This links the word 'sense' directly into 'ob-solo', a vague allusion to our individuality compared with "All machines are one machine" (Gene Hachman, Enemy of the State) with regard our sensory abilities. 

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Tiger Story

Tiger Story

Children talk by analogy. The tiger that made my son cry in the zoo because it scratched his friend. His friends have similar names, isabel and isabella. One is good and one is bad. His friend the nice one was scratched and it made him cry so he told the teacher why.

We grown-ups happen to know there are not tigers in that zoo and the unlikelihood that if there were, they would be free to roam about and scratch children during a school trip to the zoo. We did not take my son up on this because we enjoyed his voice, his story, his communication.

What he is trying to explain is something else. He is at an age dealing with the difference between what he is trying to say, about how he feels, with the words he has to put it into, a story, in his attempt to get the adults to share it with him. He feels the need to do this process of divergence, as do most children, because the adults are crazy and unresponsive and seem to be talking at an alien language to the innocent emotions of a child, the flow of truth purity from the heart. That innocence is telempathic between most children and a few adults who survived, by nurturing it, by being nurtured. It does not translate easily into words, words that do it any justice. The difference between reptilian download and human emotion. Words as lego bricks of mind control verses expressing what is actually intended, the shared love, so the group can access higher level perception together as a group, the Sharing. Kids do it naturally they are powerful at it after their first few years where its the only thing they know.

It is difficult finding a way to explain to an adult that even as an adult, i am aware of what the kids are going through. It is equally as difficult to explain it to a child. Because it diverges immediately as it is put into words. Some adults dont get it, they are so un-plugged from the ability to partake in the emotional sharing, they have no concept of its power, the radiation of a heart or amplified by multiple hearts flowing together as one, how it radiates out electromagnetically so the emotion of feeling happy being alive, feeling the life flow, goes into the environment and there is a feedback system between environment and person the same way there is a feedback system between two or more people who use our life force energy this way. To do it collectively as a group is a fundamental teaching of islamic religion despite the observers awareness of religion being detached, is usually focussed on process and terminology rather than on the experience which the words are intended to be about. It is the same in buddhist groups using different terminology and contexts to achieve the same goals. It is the same in pre-reformation christianity although todays congregations forget that amen means do an ohm as a group unity. The druids spell it ogham. There is a sanskrit word used by the celts, kell, which means the group who are connected.

Childen remind us to be this way all the time; and we adults in our superiority, ignore them all the time. So they give up. It happens to 99% of western kids and it happens every generation. Nobody listens and feels to what it is the children are trying to show us, through whatever words and context they happen to have at their disposal, going around in their mind at the time. The arena of the mind takes over. Welcome to mainstream western culture.

My son was not lying about the tigers, he was speaking descriptively using what he hoped would be a common langauge to reach into the adults, his parents, to get them to share the comfort with him because he needed that comfort for his healing. Adult ego blocks it completely. Adult programmed minds, detached from heart and cycling around only the words, the program code, misses it completely. Our emotions are so battered from feeling isolated, or harmed when we do risk opening up to share with another person.

We revere the children for maintaining this ability, because they can remind us what we have lost. In some cultures of the past we worshipped our children, instead of teaching them. Because of healing purity.

Children teach by analogy. The tiger that made my son cry in the zoo because it scratched his friend. Two of his friends have similar names, isabel and isabella. One is good and one is bad. His friend the nice one was scratched and it made him cry so he told the teacher why.

Telling the grown up why.
Identifier: explaining to grown up.

Two similar streams, one good one bad.
Identifier: misperception. two channels of the mind, one is detaching one is accurate to intended meaning.

The good one injured because the tiger scratched it.
The wild power detached awareness away from the intended flow.

the wild power, the intended meaning itself. Itself a dualistic symbol. A struggle to tame the wild power.

Upset because in friendship with injured friend.
Identifier: empathic awareness and connection.

My son was not lying about the tiger scratching his friend. He is more intelligent than the adults around him who are failing as friends because they are not in tune to the emotional and mental channels of their own son, enough to identify what he is trying to communicate about. The child is more intelligent and emotionally connected than are his parents. We are too stupid to see it. Two hours later I am writing about this to figure it all out and raise awareness of it, for the greater good. My next step is attempting to explai n to a four year old that I know what he is talking about and he doesnt have to get so frustrated about his parents missing the point all the time. Thats the difficult bit because of words, contexts, detaching from the intended meaning.

I remember when i was a kid going through the same process of awareness and mental development with my own parents. Usually the detachment sets in and becomes the main mindset, officially recognised as normal by most people. I was never able to express this fully and attempts to do so have alienated me from everyone, probably because it rings too many bells.

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