Wednesday 2 April 2014

Power of Positive Thinking

The spiritual law of Manifestation has now been proven scientifically. 

You can do the experiment for yourself 
by becoming consciously aware of how you are using your mind 
to create events from the routine programming.

This is why the power of positive thinking is so effective 
in clearing negative thought forms and therefore clearing negative events.

A disruptive event is not a problem; 
it is a challenge for your optimism and creative thinking. 

You are Human; 
you ARE capable of making a difference to yourself and to others in this world.

It gives you what you ask for by holding onto thought forms.

Universe does not differentiate between 'I want' and 'I do not want' 
it simply takes the energy of the 'want' component 
and gives you events that correlate to it.

I want to Heal
I want to Be Happy
I want to Love

Heal, Be Happy, Love

I want to be safe
I want to be capable
I want to be respected for my integrity

This is a magickal act. 
You live in a magickal dimension.