Friday 22 December 2023


“You cannot solve a problem with the same sort of thinking which created it.”


“It has to be taught to them in a language they understand.”


1 step by step.

2 balance and ascension.

Step By Step:

The quickest way to achieve a complicated goal is to break it down into stages and tackle them one at a time. 

Balance and Ascension:

Also known as Harmony and Growth. 

Stabilise. Level up. Repeat. 

In that order, to avoid unsustainability and collapse from over-reaching. 

This is the pyramid. 

Now you understand why the Masons use the symbolism they use. 

The pyramid-eye is not simply a top-down system. 

It is also a baseline-up system. 

Any corruption results from ‘us verses them’ repression within the ecology of mutually sustainable harmony and growth.