Wednesday 31 January 2024



Has there ever been a time in your life when you have had absolutely nothing? 


Did it teach you anything? 

I learned from material poverty how being at the most spiritual connection and development is most pronounced when that is all we have to rely on. 

To remember this connection when we once again have more affluence instead of sinking into the comfortable numbness of spiritual poverty. 

I value my food because I have starved. 

I value my friend because I have had no friends only vipers. 

I value my own life because I have taken so much of it for granted as have others. 

Age does this. Wisdom comes from pain. That’s what they don’t tell you. This awareness is the domain of the wisened. It is a different caste than the younger who have not yet learned. 

That the most important things in life are Health and People.

I value my comforts because I have had none but also I can see clearly the most important lesson from poverty is to become astutely aware of which thing is necessary and which thing is waste. 

Having been through poverty to develop an austerity mindset I am now learning about time poverty, which is about managing my time better by managing my distractions and my focus better. 

The dazzling colourful persuasion of the devil is temptation. 

What do we actually need? 

To simply be: 

Warm and Dry.

Healthy food (salad). 



What do we need to grow? 

To develop ability to focus. 

No distractions. 


Time and space. 

The metaphysics of this awareness. 

We need time and space to be able to develop. We are time and space. We exist inside of and are made of time and space. The purpose is to develop ability to focus. The ability to focus increases our ability to identify our purpose. Perhaps that is all which is. 

Focus means Filtration of distractions. A distraction is not meaningless, it is simply not necessary to be in our awareness. Once we identify it as distraction it has fulfilled its purpose. Life very much can be this black and white. 

When we have focus we go forward. When we are distracted we go sideways, or we stop moving, we stagnate. We die. 

We must keep going forward which means to continue sharpening our focus by filtering out and ignoring distractions.

What do we want? 

Biologically we want to reproduce.

Emotionally we want to be loved and understood. 

Mentally we want to be understood and respected. 

Spiritually we want to evolve higher perceptions and ability. 

How do we achieve each of these things is what gives us purpose. 


All this will happen as we become ready for it, which relies on being harmonious internally. 

Two of those items are the need to be understood. Understanding is a sharing. Being respected is both a sharing of being the same while also an acknowledgement of unique specialness. 



Learning to focus has been the result of the most valuable lessons of my life. The importance therefore of learning to focus through whatever means and rituals necessary so that we are able to focus more intensely is fundamental to being alive. 


Dedicated to purpose the ability to focus helps us to filter out distractions. 

“The quickest way to achieve any gargantuous task is to break it down into steps and to tackle it one step at a time.” Anon 


Being harmonious internally is what levels us out also so we can level up. This is integral to the process of becoming. 


The elements of life are: 

Energy, Focus and Time

Which if applied correctly can attain the fourth, Money. 

You will need all of these things to function. 

The more you have of them, the better. 

Not having even one of them is to be dying. 

Choose Life. 

Tuesday 30 January 2024

The Zombies

The Zombies characteristically behave as follows: 

1 Demand everything immediately at the click of their fingers. 

2 Provide and supply nothing to help, not even being nice. 

3 Argue. Everything is a power-game. 

4. Anger & Aggressive tendencies as controlling behaviour. Often covert in form of Vengeance & Vendetta. 

All this comes from their feeling of entitlement far outweighing their ability to provide for the harmony and stability of the group. 

They are absolutely reliant on the very same people they pressure into subservience. 

They do not function from empathic awareness. The closest they get to that is self-centred pity. 

I for one am physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually exhausted from dealing with them. 

Are they bad people? 

In their own self-image they are the misunderstood, mistreated hero of a depressive tragedy. They do not recognise how their own mental beliefs, actions and lack of actions continuously create that tragedy and involve other people into it. 

Other people experience them as an energy drain. They acquire their energy from depressing other people down to their level. 

This is well documented (The Games People Play by Dr Eric Berne). 

The healing path is;

Feeling safe

Warm and dry

Sufficient sleep 

Healthy food (salad)

Connected to nature 

Supportive Community 

Avoiding delusional people 

Productive activities (gym, art, etc)

Ethical Dilemmas

When you have a cup filled with water to pour into the community well, say you carried from the river, you must decide whether it is safe for others to drink from. 

There are those who would carry poisoned water, dirty water, to share with others. When they pour it into the community well it poisons everyone who drinks from it. 

Are we to die of thirst? 

No, we must all share our waters. 

This is how life is. 

The waters are the thoughts and emotions we carry. Of anger, of envy, of resentment, of anxiety, of joy, of gratitude, of excitement, of hope. 

Whatever waters we carry within us we pour into the community well. 

Everything settles to its own level. We see heavy particles of dirt fall to the bottom. We see light particles rise to the top. Water by its very nature is about finding balance. 

There are those responsible for the communities water supply, who make sure it is safe to drink, that nobody poisons it. 

Yet we do not have those responsible for the communities emotional well-being, who ensure the individuals are content and balanced within themselves. 

The moral dilemma we are faced with is as follows. 

When we recognise a person is carrying heavy emotions, that they represent the toxic water which would poison the harmony of the community, would we shun that person the way we would not allow poison water to be poured into the community well? 

There is a precedent for this question which is overtly prejudiced. Our inherited language identifies the words ‘unsanitary’ and ‘insane’, which associate lack of hygiene with mental illness. This stigma attached to anyone who is imbalanced. The fear of contamination is seen clearly within the word ‘delusional’ which means both to be in a state of delusion and also to create delusion in others. 

Thus we seek purity by focus on our inner being, through the activities of meditation and wholistic health involving body, mind, emotionally and spiritually. There is truth in the gym tones more than the body as anyone who attends gym will tell you. 

The apathy and laziness to perform necessary action weaken the spirit and by consequence weakens the structure of the whole being. This is why communities must be aware of those individuals who need help in attaining harmony. Instead of shunning and persecuting people in need of support, there is a need for inclusivity lest the problem worsen. 

It speaks everything of us as a civilisation in how we treat those with difficulties. Mental and emotional wellness are no less important and valid than are physical wellness. You would go to a doctor to address physical symptoms. To whom do we turn for emotional and mental distress and disease? 

It is written off as a disorder and prescribed toxic chemicals to subdue it. Thus poisoning the community well while deluding ourselves the ailment has been treated. All of which logically comes under shunning and ignorance more than it comes under acceptance and healing. 

The people who refuse to poison themselves and others but prefer to heal holistically by using superior methods are the more stable community. Refusing to put delusional people in control of how we live is a survival trait of an intelligent humanity. 

The moral dilemma is once having recognised this, why do we continue to hold the delusional, toxic people in more respect than the more effective natural holistic healers? 

The community has many wells and has survived long old enough through many experiences so we can observe different types of water created by different groups. 

Putting health needs first means;

Feeling safe

Warm and dry

Sufficient sleep 

Healthy food (salad)

Connected to nature 

Supportive Community 

Avoiding delusional people 

Productive activities (gym, art, etc)

Being connected to nature does not mean burning it while temporarily invading a forest grove, wholesome though a wood-fire surrounded by forest is. It is to respectfully pass through a wild area as an organic part of it.

Which means moving at natures speed and not the imposition of city energy into the wild. The city energy is a place of death, not of life. The city attitude is that of death, not of healing. Perhaps we need to address how that is so much a part of the problem of modern life. 

We do not carry our own water because we do not claim accountability for ourselves. 

The technical word for that behaviour is ‘zombie’. The living dead, mindless autonoma habitually and thoughtlessly repeating activities imprinted from conditioning. 

The healing path is;

Feeling safe

Warm and dry

Sufficient sleep 

Healthy food (salad)

Connected to nature 

Supportive Community 

Avoiding delusional people 

Productive activities (gym, art, etc)