Saturday 26 September 2020


Accountability is Credability

Responsibility is Respectability

Friday 25 September 2020

I Love You Like You’re Me


“The love we withhold

Is the pain which we feel.”


The Rat Race Is Over

This is actually a great year. 

Natural world healing without human overconsumption. 

Everyone meditating and being mindful a lot more. 

The rat race is over.

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Black Label Red


A short story about modern dating.

c2020 Ordo Octopia

1.  Rise and Fall

With hindsight what he learned about her from the experience of meeting with her three times is an important lesson. 

The principal she works on in practice is tell men whatever they need to hear to get them into bed and then dispose of them through whatever means necessary no matter how unscrupulous and underhand she must be to do that.

Her problem was she was not expecting to encounter somebody gentlemanly who treated her with respect.

Two days before the previously arranged dinner date which would have been their first official date after an initial meeting, she texted him.

“I’m drunk, at a friends place, it’s their party but I want to go home. Can you pick me up?”

Of course he said yes.

To say no would’ve put him in bad light and she probably would’ve cancelled the dinner date which they were both excited to go on.

He collected her from the street her friend lived on and drove her several miles home late at night and she was indeed drunk. Drunk enough to turn the friendly hug into a kiss of the sort which says fuck me now. 

She literally said the words “You can do anything you want with me.“

He untangled before he became any further entangled. “I intend to treat you with respect. I will not take advantage of a lady while she is drunk, especially as we do not know each other very well yet.”

She kissed him again more intensely. He was tempted to go back on what he had announced. He pulled his mouth away from hers and hugged her. “I should go home.” It happened again and he did the same thing again.

Sobering up enough to realise she was not going to get laid immediately she said “You should go home. I’m sending you home.” 

They hugged in the doorway and kissed again. He went home. 

During the dinner date there was no mention of her hot passionate attempt to fuck him. They talked about mutual interests. They ate. She drank another bottle of red wine. 

They went back to her place and she explained that when she had said she was divorced, what she meant was she is not yet divorced and technically she is still married despite living in her own place and having her kids half of the time. 

He laughed, having been true to his intuition that there was something more going on than she had led him to believe. 

He forgave her because he is humanitarian and cares for her, adaptable to her situation. Desperation had driven her to bend the truth a little. It was a test of his dedication to her. 

He also recognised the wisdom inherent in the creed of gentlemanliness. He had not helped her to commit adultery which would possibly have affected any divorce proceedings. 

They arranged to meet again. They hugged but didn’t kiss. He went home. 

She messaged him “I’m going back to my husband for the weekend, for my kids, sorry to cancel our next date.”

He replied: “For an easier life, you should delete our phone texts.” He had visions of her husband reading her phone log and bringing the issue to court regarding any future divorce and child custody. She did not reply. 

The following Monday night he messaged her. “How was the weekend? Stressful or a blissful reunion?” 

She immediately picked up and replied: “Blissful reunion?”

He felt he should explain. “When I wrote that, I was being protective. I did not know where your mind was at. I did not want you to get in any trouble with your husband.”

She ranted.

He contemplated what would have happened had they fucked that night while she was drunk. Would it make him any less disposable? Now he had seen another side to her character, how spiteful and abusive she can be. 

He felt he was getting to know her better, which is what he wanted to see before making a decision to put his dick in her or not. Knowing what he’s getting caught up in. The honour between people respective of this, the respect between people honouring it, is a signifier of how one conducts ones affairs in life in general. 

She told him never to bother her again. 

He contemplated if they had fucked already, she would likely have used it as leverage, alleging he had manipulated her into sleeping with him while she was drunk, using that as evidence he is abusive to women. 

He regarded the narrow escape he has had by being self-disciplined although it had cost him a fuck and a friendship. 

People who are worth fucking and being friends with do not behave the way she had behaved toward him, self-centred and manipulative, angry and controlled by her base emotions of lust and aggression. 

He cut his losses, drowning any emotional entanglement in the bottle of her favourite wine which he had bought to share with her next time they were alone together. 

2. Domestic Abuse 

“So you’re saying she lied.” WPC asks.

“Yes.” He says. 

“They’re both lying.” Says WPC to PC in front of the suspect. 

“I’m not lying!” Says the suspect. “I told you exactly what happened.”

“Truth is subjective in these cases.” Explains the PC. “If you make any more comments which disagree with our methods and interfere with our work we note that to have a problem with authority.” 

“Its called mouthing off. We don’t like it.” Says WPC. 

The suspect sits back in the interview room seat, aware the police are so confident in their abusive behaviour toward him despite the interview being recorded to tape, is because they know they will get away with it.

“You arrested me and I’m working with you to give a statement of what happened. I’ve told the truth. She is angry with me and has lied to you to cause me problems, probably because she’s not entirely sane. A sane person would not lie to the police to cause problems for a guy she was dating.”

“She says you intimidated her on the telephone.”

“Check the phone logs. Neither of us called the other. We spoke by text only which proves she is playing mind games and angry. That’s quite clearly the case.” 

“We haven’t got much to go on.” 

“Is it possible I can counter-sue her for making false allegations against me? After the harassment of being wrongfully arrested?”

“It doesn’t work that way. We won’t back it.” Says WPC. 

“It’s possible she is telling the truth. You should be feeling lucky there is insufficient evidence to press charges against you. You’re the suspect here.”

“That would be a different case.” PC adds. 

“I would like to report a case of harassment against me and manipulation of the police I believe that is called perversion of justice.”

“We cannot take that statement as a part of this interview. My colleague has already explained to you it would be a different case.”

“Would you arrest her and interview her about it?”

“This is tit-for-tat. It’s a waste of our time. You would clearly be making a report as a spiteful act of vengeance against her. She is already upset by your actions. You would not get very far with it.”

“Despite there actually being evidence to support my case?” 

“Ending interview at 13.49.” WPC clicks the tape off. “You fucking prick.” She says. 

Both the police officers leave the interview room. Suspect counts to one hundred and thirty. PC opens the door. “You’re free to go.”

“I live fifteen miles from here, it’s a train ride away, I have no money with me, I will have to walk and it is raining. Can you arrange me a lift as close to my home as possible?”

“We are under no obligation to provide for you transport. Be thankful we are not putting you back in a cell.”

“I was in there for three hours.”

“We have been very busy today.” 

“The other cells are all empty, they have been empty since I got here.”

“Problem with authorities.” 

“That’s what you call it?”

“I advise you to stay away from the woman and not contact her again.”

“I intend to avoid her like the plague officer.” 

“Good. Goodbye.”

3. Narcissism Exposed

Two items are linked below for direct comparison. 

Item A - email received from support group

Item B - extract from text message dialogue


Imagine we are trees. Our life energy flows up through our roots, our trunk and our branches out into our lives. 

The resonance of the tree creates an electronic energy field around the tree, it’s aura also known as a halo. 

The energy flows upward from the root to the tip of the branches. 

In human form, up through the chakras, from base to the crown. 

In a bar magnet, like the planet Earth, from the Positive charged pole toward the Negatively charged pole. 

It’s an electrical circuit. 

In the case of the tree we can illustrate more easily what is happening with humans. 

The tree grows branches. It grows in such a way that it grows lower branches before it grows higher branches. You see with other plants, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, onions, they grow from the inside outward, and as they do that they grow taller. The new leafs form inside the core, emerge upward at the top from the centre. 

So in childhood, affected by the dual processes of external environmental influence and internal revelation, increased worldly-awareness and self-awareness, a child makes a decision; the world is this way, I am going to be this person. Formative. The branches of the tree, the lower branches, grow a certain way. 

The more experiences the child has the more branches grow, into the shapes of the decision the child makes, to fit into the world, a physical environment, a social environment, a mental-emotional internal environment of having to live with him/herself. 

As the tree grows through years of experience the many branches reveal the shape of the decisions the tree had made. 

In humans we do not openly show that so much. It’s not so obvious. We are not generally astute enough to look at a person and identify what they had for breakfast yesterday and how their parents treated them several decades ago. 

Some people do develop that sort of awareness about other people. Some people deny it’s possible at all simply because they have not developed that sort of awareness themselves. 

Then the person meets someone they want to grow together with. 

The trees can’t uproot themselves as easily as people because we are half made of legs and designed to be mobile, to walk around the place. 

In our illustration we are imagining the trees can uproot themselves and physically relocate themselves closer together if they want to grow together. They have been replanted and are now drawing energy from a different Earth than they were used to. Adaptive qualities for the trees to thrive, or they will wither and die by attempting to draw energy from earth which no longer exists for them, from delusion instead of the practical reality. 

For the two trunks of the trees to be as close as they can, they have a bunch of branches in the way from their earlier experiences. The way they must move as they come together is complicated because so many entanglements of who they have become by now, the emotional-mental baggage of the past is a physical structure in trees, that’s why they are useful to illustrate this example. 

In humans the same branches are invisible yet they can and do affect people equally as much. The trees cannot get as close as they want because their energy is flowing in unnecessary directions which they rely on for self identity yet which the partner experiences as random and chaotic. 

It is rare the two trees will fit together perfectly with no entanglements of lower branches from the past. 

One possibility is to cut off the lower branches, it is difficult for trees to sustain themselves at first when this is done to them, as it is difficult for humans to let go of formative experiences and personality traits and strategies which have been relied on for so many years. 

The energy flowing through human chakras is more complicated than the rainbow model we are taught. For a start, “green” is not one and only one tone of colour. My green varies between a few tones depending on how my energy is flowing at that moment. Your green, likewise. 

It is measurable on a scale of Hertz, electronically although the development of that research is vague in the teaching schools, with modern science it has been used to create technologies for interacting with humans at energy levels which frighten a lot of people, so the general population denies and ridiculed it despite such devices having been patented and the records are there for all to see. This is a side topic. 

The idea that so many different frequencies or branches of energy radiate from us and that they are in flux, means making bridges with someone on exactly that wavelength is a miracle. 

And yet we are designed for harmonising. It happens naturally, often. 

The process of growing together means taking hold of those chaotic random lower branches and weaving into them, re-directing them using your own branches.

Connecting together and making your own adjustments to be able to adjust the other persons flow, the trust of mutual responsibility developing from recognising the reason why our energy is being redirected to become a new stronger person able to function here and now instead of remaining who we were in the past in a situation which no longer exists yet we adapted to it. 

We adapt to situations which don’t exist, or we adapt and develop into forms relevant to now and to the future. 







This Harmonises you with the universe as it truly is. This levels you with the World. It connects you with Truth of the matter. It is the first step to overcoming any issue. Practical in dealing with any given situation as it actually is which is necessary even if your intention is to change it because you cannot endorse it. Acceptance puts the ground under your feet. 


This breaks any connections to negativity which are draining you of your energy and empowerment. The energy begins to return to you, to flow into you and fill you up. 


This instructs the universe to fill you up with positive energy and set you on track for more beneficial experiences. 

These are a three stage process for healing. Each stage is a meditation in itself. Each label is a quick reference check-point to assess where you are at. It is a progressive system for self-work applicable to many situations. 

Energy Hygiene

The problem is not me. The problem is other people resent it when I can see through their bullcrap and refuse to accept it and put up with it. 

Those same people label me as a problem and cause me problems for me, instead of acknowledging I have a right as do any of us to an opinion. Neither do they acknowledge that perhaps I’m correct in my analysis that they have delusion or hypocrisy without being aware of it about themselves. 

They’re too caught up in fear based anger and the resulting domination they feel they must assert over anyone potentially instrumental in their personal evolution toward becoming a better human being. 

How do you get through to people, in the heat of the argument when they’re angry, when they can’t choose peaceful resolution? 

How do you get through to them that they are wading through an energy field projected at them by their having touched something toxic and it’s like an energetic disease, it affects the mind? 

This is a real science, there a physics simple to understand: everything is electromagnetic energy with a particle charge, it’s quantum mechanics. 

So if you have a dysfunctional relationship with your ex partner which has manifested in a particular dynamic, to go near that person is to reaffirm and pick up that stagnant energy, the shape of it, the particle charge of that energetic environment contaminates your auric field which you then transfer onto the next people who you see because of not having good energy hygiene. 

These words, the concept of energy-hygiene seems strange to people because they’ve not come across it often if at all. 

So they laugh and think it’s made up nonsense instead of taking it seriously and realising what I am trying to do here, what thousands of people on this planet are trying to achieve, this goal of waking people up to something which is affecting us all, all of the time without us realising it. It’s controlling people’s behaviour. 

You want freedom to do whatever you want to do, you might even deserve that, you should have it but it comes with accountability. 

If you are touching something toxic and picking up the toxic vibration from it and transmitting that to other people, creating traumatic negative experiences with other people, it’s like a plague spreading. 

You see this all around you with COVID-19. We are all afraid of a physical disease affecting us but there are also energetic viruses; because everything is vibrating, so if you touch something which vibrates in a dodgy way, it affects how you are vibrating and then you start vibrating in a dodgy way too and you take that as toxic behaviour to other people. 

We see it all the time but as soon as somebody gets straight enough to explain it to other people, to live in that world, the very next first thing which happens is disbelief syndrome kicks in with the people around and their anger amplifies and they try using unscrupulous methods  to take down the person who is telling them about how necessary it is for us to have clean energy-hygiene. 

They think it’s nonsense, they believe the aware people are insane because they do not see cause and effect. It is because they’re not observing, they’re not seeing what’s going on, they’ve been told this is nonsense so they are afraid to look at the world in this way. 

As soon as you step out of the state of ignorance to see the world in this way you recognise its happening everywhere. 

It’s commonly known that you pick up the behavioural patterns of the people you hang around with, parents see it in their kids on a regular basis. 

So if you hang around with somebody who has a bad vibration, it affects you and you take their bad vibration towards other people and that affects them. It manifests as behaviour. Whatever contexts we can find within our vocabulary and imaginations to justify spreading the energy like a virus is case specific although the underlying structure behind that, the thing you’re having problems recognising is even real, is energy wave structures transmitting through people. It is frequency spectrum. 

Scientists tell us all the time, we know this is how energy works. The problem is you’re not used to seeing it as a sociological phenomena, seeing a human in terms of that person being energy vibrating in a certain shape. And the shape is affected by whatever shape that person touches or goes near. 

If you go to spiritually clean place it cleanses you or you take your toxins there and contaminate it. If you go to spiritually dirty place, it contaminates you and when you go to see other people you spread that energy to other people. And when you get free of the dirty vibes enough to see it all for what it really is, come see me. 

See next blog: 
AFG (Acceptance Forgiveness Gratitude)

Saturday 19 September 2020

Too Good Too True

“If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”  Agenda Based Social Doctrine

It’s a social meme for creating disfunctional people and relationships. Belief in this is not wisdom, it is setting yourself up for fail. It means when you have it good you reject it and opt for second best. It prevents the development of a certain ability based on acceptance and establishing solidity in that higher level. 

If you have the ability, you can connect to that higher level. We all deserve happiness. We are able to make the right person happy because that naturally happens until we block it, turn away from it, create a lie to undermine the purity which is the strength of a quality relationship. 

Not everyone is dysfunctional in that way. Some people accept the happiness and accept living life at that higher level of stability. It’s about love and our ability to trust others and ourselves. To choose to connect at that level. 

The first step in that sort of intimacy is to raise awareness of it. As a community we are mentally polluted with memes which control our attitudes and behaviour. Those who do not give in to the delusion of doubt are a different type of people to those who habitually do. To recover permanently would be good.

It’s simple. We connect to the heart as the centre of the universe instead of to the reptilian brain and it’s paranoid need to hide, control and judge, especially to judge. Instead we simple let go and flow with the ever changing tide of universal energies. Take a deep breath and release, the stress and judgement. The issue blows away and is forgotten. 

What’s left is critical choice from a higher perception. 


“No one is responsible for your happiness but you.” Will Smith

Beliefs become hardwired as our way of thinking. They become rigid absolutes. This is unhealthy for us.

Why is it one person believes one thing, a different person believes a different thing? The beliefs are software not absolutes. They are opinion, not truths. Humans commonly mistake beliefs for truths and act accordingly. They control our behaviour. 

So, if people are full up of nonsense but believe it, they behave like idiots. If people are full up of sense and believe it, they behave sane. 

To be sensitive is to be open and receptive to many different ideas, without necessarily having developed an ability to critically judge between fact and fantasy, right and wrong, good and bad, sense and nonsense, truth and delusions. Such people are vulnerable. 

In my 30+ years of counselling, I would say this includes most people to such an extent that the ones who are an exception of the rule are notable because they stand out. 

I put them into two categories, those who rigidly will not back down and yet are full of nonsense versus those who rigidly will not back down because they are aligned with the truth. 

You have to know truth to be able to recognise it in other people that’s a huge part of the problem, as soon as you accept and believe in and mistake a lie as a truth you are delusional. 

The ability to tell the difference between a lie in the truth begins with questioning everything instead of unquestioningly accepting information and mistaking it as truth, believing in it.

The second factor which helps to develop the ability to tell the difference between a lie in the truth is you’re never lie.

Again, the factor of delusion plays its part because unquestioningly believe in a thing to be true and acting accordingly, without identifying if it is true or not, undermines our ability to tell the truth.


A simple board game. 

The board game grid is 11 squares by 11 squares. The game last for 10 rounds. You begin in the centre of the board at one edge. Opposite you is the finish line which is called the truth. To your left and you’re right are the sides of the game board which are called delusion. Every turn you move one step. If you have chosen to stay aligned with truth you move one step forward towards truth. Any other choice you move sideways instead of forwards. If, by the end of the game, you are still floating around somewhere in the board and have not cross the finish line and left the edge of the board, you are living in confusion and delusion.

In real life we do not have ten turns to assess the truth and align with it, we have one and it is continuous. Sadly, the vast majority of people are floating around in a sea of delusion, because they are not aligned to truth.  


Any opinion is a belief not a truth. Therefore to mistake it for truth is delusional. Check your belief structure. Is your self doubt based on truth or delusion? If you identify that your self-doubt is based on delusion, reassess yourself. Say out loud: “I choose to no longer in power this delusion because it does not serve the truth.”

First step of this is to accept and this is very often the most difficult thing to do. 

“I accept that I was wrong up until this moment. As of now I go forward having consciously decided to align with truth.”

“I am not a piece of scum. I am worthy.”

“Everybody makes mistakes so we can learn from them, it does not make us bad people.”

I’m sure you have the imagination to invent whatever positive self talk is relevant to your circumstances.


Because of this (above), it means anything anyone says is not immediately by default the truth. It is their opinion. Therefore it is probable that it is a delusion. 

If someone says (anything at all), do you:

a. Immediately be convinced it is the truth without questioning it?

b. Reject it as bullcrap?

c. Assess it to identify if it is truth or belief, if it is opinion, delusion, nonsense. 

d. Decide which, a b or c, is most relevant, depending on the circumstances. 

The ability to critically judge which category a thing is, is a life skill. 

The ability to reject anything which is not truth, is a life skill. 

Most people do not develop it very strong because most people are not trained to think clearly. 

People accept delusions and suffer the consequences. 

You don’t have to be delusional. You get to choose who you are, how you react to other people’s statements of opinion.

Monday 14 September 2020

Quest For Relevance

The Quest for Relevance 

Through thousands of generations, throughout a multitude of different cultures, the Quest for Relevance has revealed to us an ineffable wisdom. 

The Purposeful Dialogue 

and Three Critical Questions 

1 : The Purposeful Dialogue

Our way of life is transitory. 

Everything we do is temporary, with exception of carving stone, planting trees and making children. Even then, there are no guarantees. 

People who do not carve stone, plant trees and/or make children are not part of the Human continuum. They’re part of the augmentation to provide for the continuum or they are vampires upon it. 

Most of the time most of us are not going to be carving stone, planting trees or making babies. 

2 : The Three Critical Questions 

Of all of the impermanent things it is possible for us to do: what is worth doing?

After great deliberation it was generally understood there to be one concept which answered this question: 


Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual.

What activities accomplish this? 

After great deliberation it was necessarily asked: Is there anything at all outside of this which is worth doing? 

3 : The Fourth Awareness 

After great deliberation it was necessarily asked; is there any other thing not covered by these responses, which we have forgotten to be aware of? 

To date, despite various movements representing short-lived attempts to do so, there has been no solid reply to the fourth critical question (and very few to the third). 

Many claim it to be irrelevant. 

Many others agree that despite it being apparently unanswerable, the Dilemma of Unknowable Alternative is the most necessary and important of them all. 

Many others cannot distinguish the nature of any difference between the third and fourth. 

Many others explain it is imperative to understand the difference between the third and fourth. 

4 : A Promoted Discourse (insert)

A structured logical attempt to elucidate on the Critical Questions. 

“To aspire to higher things”


“For the sake of (it)” ‘it’ being in this case, higher things - for the sake of higher things.

“To bring you or others satisfaction.”


“Aspiration is satisfaction.”

“Even if it is unobtainable or unobtained?”

“The quest for relevance includes the quest for satisfaction regardless of successful attainment.” 

“What of those who pursue unsatisfactory purpose? To not aspire. To aspire toward degradation.” 

“Are they relevant? Are they doing things worth doing?”

“Yes, Yes. Yes, No. No, Yes. No, No. These are the four castes of possible exemptions, those who pursue unsatisfactory purpose.

Yes, Yes. Relevant and Worthy. If they are relevant and worthy, they are not exempt. 

Yes, No. Relevant and Unworthy. If they are relevant they are also necessarily worthy. They are not exempt. The concept is self-defeating. It does not exist. It is delusional to establish grounding here. 

No, Yes. Irrelevant and Worthy. If they are worthy they are also necessarily relevant. They are not exempt. The concept is self-defeating. It does not exist. It is delusional to establish grounding here. 

No, No. Irrelevant and unworthy. This is the only group who answer the third critical question in a meaningful albeit negative way. Those who pursue activities which are neither relevant nor worthy do exist. Can their work be permanent? Can this lead us to answer the fourth question?”

“Answering each question either reveals it to have already been answered or that it creates more questions. It is a system which folds upon itself: ultimately all questions have already been answered, or they result in the same conclusion, a question which creates more questions, all of which have already been answered with the exception of the one question which creates more questions.”

“Have you come to a place in your approach where there are no longer any questions which have not already been answered, do not create more questions?”

“That place exists?”

“In many different guises. It is only the place where the question cannot be answered and requires more questions which is of concern to those who explore the third and fourth critical questions.”

3 Is there anything outside of satisfaction worth doing? 

4 Is there anything outside our rationale which we have overlooked?

“I do not enjoy the work I do.” 

“Does it creates results worth doing?”

“No. It is neither relevant nor worthy.”

“Then you are a fool to continue doing it.”

“That is why I must continue doing it. To discover relevance of irrelevancy. To answer the fourth critical question. That a person enacts an irrelevant and unworthy task, the futility, creates its own purpose, the purpose of its being.”

“You thus have aspiration. You have discovered satisfaction. It is relevant and worthy. You are not a fool.”

“Were I to cease to do it?” 

“That would be preferable.”

“Is there anything at all so futile as to be not contain this lesson of awareness? 

“That is why we ask these questions. That is their purpose. You have simply rephrased and therefore understood the third and fourth critical questions.”

“Were I to do nothing at all?”

“Only one who has succeeded at that can knowingly answer.”

5 : Concision (insert)

The Purposeful Dialogue

The Three Critical Questions 

The Dilemma Unknown

The Promoted Discourse

What is worth doing?

What activities accomplish this? 

Is there anything outside of this worth doing? 

Is there anything else to be aware of? 

Our task is to posit debate regarding the information presented as response to the Quest for Relevance. It is advised to tackle the topic one step at a time. It is also encouraged that any innovation on the individuals part be fully explored. 

6 : Undisclosed Evolution (insert)

Is it Useful?

Is it Accountable? 

Is it necessary for it to be (useful, accountable)? 

If it exists it serves purpose, it is relevant.

If it exists yet is unaccountable, it exists, it serves purpose. 

Are today’s interpretations what was originally intended? 

Do we suffer from cognitive bias? 

These questions are why the fourth critical question exists, to raise our awareness of such factors. 

All of these questions have already been integrated into the basic model. 

7 : The Golden Standard (insert)

“By what criteria do we ascertain Relevance?”

“That, respected and enlightened one, is the Golden Question.” 

“Does relevance necessarily have to be permanent? The answer is No, because we ourselves are not permanent. Only by our actions can we strive for permanence, by carving stone, planting trees or making children. This does not ipso facto mean we are ourselves irrelevant. Thus, those who do not carve stone, plant trees or make babies, are also not ipso facto irrelevant. Those are not the only criteria by which we evaluate relevancy. We also respect augmentation of the human continuum to have relevance.” 

“So the only irrelevant and unworthy caste are the vampiric who exploit the human continuum without augmenting it?”

“It is possible they also may have relevancy and worth, albeit relative. Relevancy is relative. It is about how we relate a thing to another. How we relate between things. Thus we must establish polarised or yet more complicated poly-optional parameters between things to establish weight worth.” 

“Who it is more useful to defines its respective worth. A lake owner requires water less than a desert nomad. To the lake owner water falls from the skies to fill his lake, water is everywhere, it is almost worthless. To the desert nomad water is rare and sacred, worth more than gold and perhaps more than life itself.” 

“We all need water.”

“Thus it has irrefutable worth. Do we all need gold?” 

“Most people never encounter it.”

“Are they any less for never encountering it?”


“Then gold is worth significantly less than water.”

“Not to the owner of a gold mine in a desert.” 

“Now you see it. Worth is relative. Relevance is relative. Relativity is about relevancy. Revelation is elevation, it inherently has value.” 

“Insight and education.”

“Intuition and indoctrination.”

“Polarised parts of the same whole.”

“A dynamic. There is always a scale system between polarities, by which to gauge value. In its simplest form, five stages of transition. Pure left, bias left, perfect balance, bias right, pure right.”

“It could be left, centre, right.”

“We require versatility to assess complexity. Halfway between the oasis and the sea there is sand. Travel the opposite direction, halfway between the oasis and the sea there is sand. Without the sand there is no oasis, only a river connecting the left sea to the right sea.” 

These pages are inserts from the Tau of the SpaceWays, addendum & additional notes.