Saturday 29 July 2023

Critical Analysis

1 The Black and The White

Application of ‘black and white thinking’ for hard analysis follows this simple system; 

Absolute Yes is Yes.

Absolute No is No. 

Any grey area (perhaps, almost, maybe, might be, probably, later, was, sometimes, apparently, potentially, mostly) is No. 

It is either On or it is Off. 

There is no in-between. 

1B Examples 

“It’s only a little bit.”

In black and white thinking this does not justify that it is okay. 

“It’s only a little bit of Mercury, a known biohazard associated with Alzheimer’s, used for no necessary reason at all in the vaccines we inject into children.” 

“Oh that’s okay then. Carry on, it didn’t happen.” 

“It’s only a little bit of sexual assault / pedophilia.” 

“Oh that’s alright then. Carry on, it didn’t happen.”  

See what I mean? 

Hard-line thinking is often necessary to prevent manipulation and dodgy-thinking. 

2 A Grid of Trees 

A team is tasked with measuring the number and position of trees in a landscape. They are to create a map. The map is to be used for official statistical purposes. The map consists of a grid of 1 foot squares. 

The team are instructed to use Black & White thinking for the purpose of precision clarity. Either there is a tree in the grid section or there is not. 

Many of the team encounter a situation where a tree is half in one square and half in another square. Quite obviously in the real world there is a tree there. 

Black and White thinking dictates that 50% of a tree is not a tree. Damn, even 95% of a tree is not a full tree and is therefore the same as no tree at all. It counts as Zero Tree in the official statistics. 

Both the grid squares contain half a tree.

The official statistics based on Black and White thinking list there is no tree at all in that area. 

We can make an entire forest disappear on paperwork even while it continues to exist in the real world outside of the paperwork. 

3 What Is Critical Thinking? 

From the example of; 

1 Black & White Thinking, and 

2 Gridding Trees 

we recognise how by following the precise process, neither results in accuracy to the real world. 

On this principle it can not sensibly nor reasonably be regarded as Critical Thinking even if it has logically been nothing else but processes of Critical Thinking at every step of the way. 

The Grey Area purposefully overlooked during Black and White Thinking is how the necessity for ‘perhaps, almost, maybe, might be, probably, later, was, sometimes, apparently, potentially, mostly’ as a third category, is necessary and therefore acceptable, in many aspects of experience, to maintain truth and accuracy. 

The Artless


Being Autistic, by communicating through visual art, “a picture tells a thousand words”, able to share;


-depictions of inner landscapes 

-visionary imagery 

I did not receive acknowledgement from allistic (non-autistic) people. 

I received only criticism and jealousy. 

I gave up communicating with people. I gave up making art. It was useless as a method of communication. 

Instead I attempted music to express my hurt emotions. The study of music got me into the study of the electronic universe, physics, the inner and galactic harmony, reiki, spiritism. I learned much. 

I did not play many people my music because it was too personal to me. I played my shit stuff to the shit people. I played my good stuff only to those who deserve it. 

Eventually my mother took a bag containing my best recordings and threw them in the bin of a motorway service station. I quit making music after that. 

I studied writing. Here I discovered an ability to express myself in a way other people relate to more effectively than any other form of creativity. People accept words even if they do not accept the message of those words. 

With music and with art, “this is not even music” and “this is not even art” are common criticisms (not of my own examples I hasten to add). I never heard “this is not writing” said even of terrible examples. 

With writing I am able to communicate effectively by thinking about what I am trying to say, instead of being pressured into saying something I do not want to and then being manipulated and often purposefully misinterpreted for it.  

With writing I do not forget what I am trying to say before I get a chance to say it. 

With my visual art I had began to draw imagined scenes and people only to encounter those people or discover those places. Other people who had seen my art reported the same was happening to them also. I felt obliged to stop accidentally control it the manifestations of myself and people who were influenced by my art. 

It sounds like crazytalk to lower-intelligent, judgemental, negative people when I voice this concern or “belief of having a magical power”, however there are witnesses to whom it happened, those who were affected by the drawing of energy into form. Otherwise recognised as a valid method of manifestation. 

Now I am being called to use my skill in visual art for production of goods-of-value to raise money so I can continue to live. 

I am wary of doing so. 

I should paint a world which is healing naturally. I should draw functional communities together with the energy harnessed and focussed as illustrations. 

From my experiences I feel more driven to paint about how oppressive, selfish and abusive are the people of south wales, most especially those who find their way into positions of social authority. 

I intend to align with the Truth of my own life experiences rather than any hopeful yet naive fantasy that by drawing a good thing it will come to pass. 

The judgemental authorities cannot have it both ways. Either it is or it isn’t. 

I once believed artists know their crafts and their consequences, dabbling in the realm of raw creation, better than do the artless critics who don’t. 

After living in south wales and being abused by the state workers at every step of the way I have decided to warn the world with words. It is a more effective way of getting the message across of the story of my own life. 

Every time I or any artist makes an object of art whoch has retail value of £250 ($300), the National Economy becomes that much wealthier. This is the value of artists. 

Wednesday 12 July 2023




We are dealing with supernature. A type of supernature which twists mens minds. That individuals each assume themselves to be the original innovator regardless of evidence to the contrary and everyone resolves it by using the concept ‘it is coincidence’ despite a compelling philosophy there is no such thing as coincidence. 

As Frank Herbert wrote in his influential Dune series; Humanity frequently encounters higher order thinking as part of our living experience. It is a test of our intelligence to recognise it occurring or to deny it exists. 

A form of higher order consciousness which projects innovative throught into the minds of multiple individuals who, thinking the same way while retaining individual autonomy, are a type of hive-mind. Perhaps it is that we are all tapping into the same slip-streams of creative consciousness. 

The telescope of our minds focussed on the same far distant island from our multiple individual ships positioned all around the sea of manifestation. 

Our duty is to map this thing. To communicate about it with the others. 

Some day it will be better understood and more normalised than during our time. 

An advantage of being a creative in the global village community is we have a chance to monitor examples of this thing occurring. 

Psychic development of human species requires we reassess our inherited morality. 

What is the entity with which we are dealing? Certainly it is multifaceted connecting with many aspects of our self-awareness. We explore the realm of belief and consequence. 

Tuesday 11 July 2023


“Where there’s a way or path, it is someone else’s path; 
each human being is a unique phenomenon. 
The idea is to find your own path." 
Joseph Campbell

“I’ve always felt that people seek out the information and knowledge they need. 
They seek it out and find it...
Nobody will give you the pathway. 
It’s something you have to find yourself.” 
James Cameron

This megablog is a list of links ‘rascals and receipts’ 
showing who has ripped off my legit company to date, 
as far as I am aware of. 

To be this influential has come as a self-worth boosting surprise. 

To be this influential with no mention of gratitude 
while subsisting on state benefits 
with less money coming in than I need to feed my kids 
or to get my own career off the ground, 
is emotionally and mentally difficult. 

The Anti-AI Logo 

Anti-AI mob-trolls stole my Anti-AI logo design intended as a book cover for one of my pre-2010 sci-fi novels. They have been using my copyrighted logo without my consent for their purpose of campaigning about people using other peoples art without consent. 

click on image for link to my blogs about this topic

examples of illegal use of copyrighted logo by mob-troll protestors

Disney vs The Explorer 

Disney stole The Explorer character & design from my book series
written prior to 2010, illustrated 2013.
Strange World commercially released 2022. 

My character design
illustrated by paid professional artist Dana Chagui
who captured the brief perfectly as I had envisaged the character,
from my written description 

a footnote from the website advertising my forthcoming project 

image used without consent
for educational purposes
within international fair use policy

image used without consent
for educational purpose
within international fair use policy

Death In Space vs SNV 

SciFi rpg stole the logo of my SciFi rpg. 
Death In Space v SNV (Space Ninja Vampirates). 
It’s a bit of an obvious one but also I wonder why it’s on their product at all. 

I bought the amazing and stunningly presented rpg Death In Space by Christian Plogfors and Carl Niblaeus of Free League Publishing on recommendation, only to discover they have stolen the logo from v1 of my own Space rpg. 

Verdict: it’s a big universe: they have been tactful and their product is amazing. As DIS is set in only one galaxy, the League of Free Worlds has not assumed ownership of the whole of the void. In light of the tradition established by StarGate:1 DIS symbolic reference link to SNV is a welcome nod in my direction. The worlds if not the actual rpg systems are very compatible.  The rpg space is going that way anyway; we all want new worlds for old game systems.  2022 Free League Publishing  ©2014 Ordo Octopia  ©2014 Ordo Octopia

image used without accreditation 
for educational purposes
within international fair use policy 

Brains&Brawn RPG 

FighterGuyStudios stole my registered trademark rpg title for his rpg title and blocked me when I mentioned it to him. 

©2016 Ordo Octopia  

©2017 Ordo Octopia:

®2022 Ordo Octopia:

Trademark Registration of Brains & Brawn RPG   ©2022 


This one wasn’t a steal, it was a give; Game Company heavily influenced by my SecondLife identity/character, Sable. A few of us fell in love with the character so I take their reworking as a love-letter. Still, a mention on their Wiki page would not have gone amiss. 

Sable outside her store front in the Old Town Quarters,
after she had completed her Hajj
and decided to settle for awhile in Al Raqis city 

this was from after the sim ownership changed hands and was reinvented,
symbolised by earthquake wrecking much of the city

Shedworks / Raw Fury video game inspired by my character

I will upload Sable with her desert bike (almost identical to the one which inspired the video game art) when I find it in my old hard drive - there is a decade of backlog to sift through, it is not unlike hunting sand-squid in the deep desert. 

Al Raqis (Araxes) sim aka Splintered Rock was a much loved foundational cornerstone of SecondLife. It is much missed. 

Don’t get me started on the content and whereabouts of my missing (stolen) notepads and non-consentual ghost-writing several episodes of Moffats Dr Who. 

Thank fuck they haven’t all found out about project: tRust, yet. 

What does any of this prove?

That I’m further ahead in the game than I had previously been aware of, albeit unrecognised and unpaid. 

That industry people do not respect originators or copyright laws. 

That people I encounter don’t know what to make of me because they don’t know how to accurately pigeonhole me. Am I famous deserving respect or a bum with no income? An ingenious fool? An exploited genius? I question this myself almost constantly. It results in social alienation from all quarters. 

What should I do about any of this? 

1  Do not let myself become bitter about it. 

2  Put it down to experience, rites of passage. 

3 Turn it to my advantage. The receipts prove my integrity. Awareness of the situation launches my career. Recognise my company logo. 

4  Request the general community to recognise what I could be worth if I was properly funded, given my original ideas have generated millions of dollars and a bucket of fame for other people, so far. 

5 Start rubbing shoulders with people who can actually help me instead of rip-off merchants and jealous narcissists. 

6 To stop using the internet. To instead focus my time and creative energies on making real things with my hands which do not rely on electricity. 

The Practicality

All I can do about it is blog, and 
continue writing and developing my projects 
in the time I have to do that. 

Or, begin legal proceedings. 

The Lesson For Them

We do not stop existing simply because you stole from us. 
We roll with the punches. 
We level up. 
We have receipts. 
The community has awareness. 

Could you imagine what could happen to the Welsh Economy 
were the Welsh Development Agency to recognise what they have here 
instead of ignoring me because I am a heterosexual of the male gender? 

Dripping of cool

As you’ll never know
Stolen from me
Friend, Fan or Foe?

Sniffing a fool
Foof joos for snow
Whitewash your coals
Gold rush your soul” 

SnakeAppleTree lyrics