Tuesday, 2 March 2021


Paul McCarthy’s “Christmas Tree” butt plug

A fifty year history of social development in context of LGBT emergence as Corporate Control.


“Not enough gays” gays

“Gays are dirty” most people

“Gays are okay” heterosexual bohemians


“Gays have AIDS” everyone


“Let’s take over everything and brainwash everyone into being gay” gays 

“Let’s allow that because gays are funny” most people 

“Gays are pricks” gays and people who have been abused by gays


“It’s cool to be alternative” agenda based zombies trying to be cool by making being gay cool 

“Gays are pricks” most people

“I think I might be gay” victims of the 1990s gay agenda


“LGBT are untouchable” everyone

“I’m sick of LGBT” everyone

“It’s cool to be LGBT” people stuck in the 1990s

“Nobody cares anymore” LGBT community 


“Bisexual is normal” everyone



Because Corporations = 20th Century Economic Standards


20th Century Economic Standards have not adapted and evolved to the 21st Century because if they did, corporations would lose Power, as those standards cannot sustain such a large population as we now have, so instead the corporations say we are overpopulated. 

We are not overpopulated, that is a delusion, we are trapped into 20th century economic slavery instead of adapting to reality. 

How can we adapt? 

Grow our own food and stop using plastic, it’s that simple. 


Corporations do not want to let go of their power so instead they must depopulate. 

How to depopulate? 

Stop babies. 

How to stop babies? 

Make everyone gay and punish breeders, by segregating families to persuade everyone families are inherently disfunctional. 

Social reform from two directions specifically targeting heterosexual family units. 


It’s all interconnected. 

We are being manipulated under the guise of heavily promoted freedom and rights issues, instead of heavy promotion of self-sufficiency for food production. 

(As of the mid 2020s U.K. Schools teach LGBT to six year olds but they teach sustainable home food gardening to nobody.) 

This manipulation simply so corporations can maintain absolute social control under outmoded 20th century economic standards. 

Can you see the problems, Human? 

The LGBT community paradox: 

“When bisexuality becomes normality, nobody cares anymore because it is normal now. Making an issue of it makes it abnormal.” 

That’s what they want though. 

Drama = Attention = Energy. 

Drama = narcissistic Control. 

The Third Hand

Third Hand Strategy

The third hand is often employed first. 

Everybody is aware of the covert operative strategy, “cloak and dagger”, to flamboyantly wave one had around so as to conceal or manipulate with the other hand, unseen. It is a basic conjure rather trick, perhaps the oldest of them all. 

When we have the awareness revealed to us that what we thought was happening is not what was happening, we are astonished and do not look any further. It is a sufficiently complicated situation already. 

Those who utilise third hand strategy are very well aware of the limited observational scrutiny of almost all people, and the impossibility of exposing the third hand tactics to others who are unaware of that level of game manipulation. 

The basic strategy of third hand devices is to use both the flamboyant and concealed hands to conceal the actual intended manoeuvre. 

Effectively the obvious is a front for the hidden while the hidden is a front for the even more well hidden which nobody suspects because they are too busy engaged in the first hidden. 

A classic famous example of third hand strategy can be seen in the 1981 movie Diva; regarding the Citroen Traction Avant. 

Thanks to KBL who as a master of it has been my observational case study of The Third Hand Strategy for over a decade. 

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Gordian Knots

“We do things our way around these parts.” 

One Horse Town

In a one horse town everyone knows everyone, everyone knows everyone’s business, everyone relies on everyone else which usually means everyone relies on the one or two people who’ve got their heads together. There is a general attitude of ‘us versus them’ between the locals versus outsiders. Outsiders typically will not be able to fit in, will not be made to feel welcome, and will be exploited. A xenophobic attitude toward outsiders. Everything is kept simple, reliant on the basic system which works around here. Black and White thinking reigns: if it ain’t normal it’s wrong. A strict hierarchy order is easily recognisable as the power structure and respected by locals as an absolute. Alternately this may be a trade town reliant on outsiders to bring necessary resources in exchange for local produce. 

Two Horse Town

In a two horse town, there are two encampments. There is an ‘us versus them’ mentality between the two camps often flaring toward unresolvable hostility. The dynamic is such this typically keeps going indefinitely. Outsiders are welcomed so long as they empower us, and warred upon if they empower the other. Black and White thinking reigns. Competition exists between factions each of which has its own hierarchy with a relative counterpart in the other faction. Usually there is a singular strong leader for each side. 

Three Horse Town 

A mediation exists between polarities permitting for greater diversity. Typically the factions are greyscale rather than black and white, creating versatile dynamics where each faction exists at an equilibrium between the other factions. This is the simplest form of the most stable structure.  Each faction may be polarised to both others, allied with both others, polarised to one and allied with the other, subservient or dominant, or more typically a mix in different areas of life. Outsiders are usually tolerated with a mixture of courteous respect and manipulative or overtly hostile exploitation. 

Five Horse Town

“Folks from around here ain’t from around here.”

There are so many possible dynamics in a cosmopolitan culture more used to enabling and supporting people to do things their own way. There are multiple options and opportunities available so the mindset is one of working with what works best for the individual rather than conformity to practicality, and of accepting dismissal in favour of alternative approaches. There are more variety of specialists found within this community. Xenophobia is rare while multicultural differences are embraced. This melting pot is a distillation process which eventually leads to a syncretic culture between fractionalised communities and sub-groups. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

No Slavery

“All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to look on and do nothing.” John Stewart Mill, 1867

“Those who look on and do nothing are not good men. They are permissive of evil, which is the same thing as they are supportive of evil.” SnakeAppleTree 

You’ve spoken several times about worrying about your reputation.

Your reputation is excellent.

What I believe is happening is something like Reiki/empathy. 

You open the door to the abusers energy, or they force it open simply because you’re forgetting to consciously shut it as often as necessary. 

So, your absorbing a lot of energetic patterns which affects the mind and behaviour. Anxiety does this. It is how stress transmits from piezo-electric from one person to another even at a distance.

That the brain generates electrical signals is scientific verified fact. 

That the observer affects the observed is scientific verified  fact. 

The faculty by which energy is directed and transmitted is the conscious or subconscious, in either case; the brain, using its electrical antenna called the nervous system to transmit and receive electrical signals. It is exactly how a radio relay works. With humans it’s AC/DC. The energy exchange is both ways albeit not necessarily in equal exchange. 

Scientific studies have showed that for a human brain to function as an electrical antenna for radio relay, it would have to be the size of a football pitch, to amplify any signal the size generated by the brain. This is in accordance with normal electronic principles. 

The remarkable thing is that when a human nervous system is unravelled it is forty-five miles long. It is plenty big enough for conscious and unconscious forms of telepathy to be a practical and real possibility. 

With humans we generate and transmit not only mind but emotional energy which is also measurably electronic. 

When people have negative emotions their  biological system and brain are resonating lower spectrum energies. Positive emotions are higher spectrum energies. We can consciously control this by applying certain over-ride methods. 


regulate all biological functions with conscious rhythmic breathing. Inhale, hold for four or five seconds, exhale, hold fo four or five seconds, repeat. This method puts oxygen into the organs. It causes blood flow speed to stabilise at optimal functioning. All biological rhythms are also stabilised for optimal functioning. All of them. 

Consider how often you breathe compared with how often you purposefully practise getting good at it. It’s not something people are generally very good at nor in control of most of the time. Yet we rely on it to such extent we would be dead without doing it. 


by training the brain to make different response associations to stimuli. Even “doing nothing” is a stimuli because the trigger factors for behavioural reaction are the ingrained super-ego ones. In modern times this is called CBT cognitive behavioural training. It’s an umbrella term for reprogramming our mental and emotional reactions to improve our well-being. 

The most simple method is to say, in your mind or out loud, the word “stop!” every time your mind, the stream of consciousness, goes in a different direction to the most optimal direction it is possible to flow in at any given time. This definitely includes every incident where the stream of consciousness is causing anxiety. 

The big equation here which is raised to awareness is the concept of stilling the mind, de-railing the unwanted stream of consciousness and putting the mind on track with a more positive stream of consciousness. 

Say, out loud or in your mind, the words “I am healed” repeatedly - you can use any mantra at all - until the mind stops yabbering like a stressful monkey and instead does what you want it to do. Be peaceful and well-trained to serve you better. Whose brain is it anyway? 

The reality we generate, the manifestation, the path we walk through life, it’s context, our associations of cause-and-effect, are radiated outward by the body, programmed by the mind. 

If your mind is not generating purposefully the existence you prefer to experience, then it is disfunctional and very probably enslaved to generating someone else’s version of how things should be in which you are simply being used to empower their dominating agenda. 

Reality is intentionally collaborative. When we do not harmonised from within, we are windswept from without. 

Stop reacting to external stimuli the way you previously reacted. You are no longer a zombi because you are aware now. 

The gift of self-awareness leads to the benefit of self-actualisation. Otherwise you exist in a reactionary state, flotsam controlled by the tide of other people’s manipulations and uncaring exploits. 

If you do not respect yourself, nobody else worth being respected by, will respect you either. This is what “reputation” is founded on according to the principles lived by Human Beings. 

We do not care at all for the definition of ‘respectability’ used by manipulative slander networks of zombie-minds who have not yet attained the status of Being Human. They cannot tame themselves yet, certainly nobody will knowingly energise any world they create in which they have forced authority to control others. 







My apology, I was derailed whilst writing that. A lot of the reason you’re worrying about your reputation unnecessarily is because you’re absorbing the abusers energetic grid. By connecting with that person, by their focusing on you obsessively, the pattern is transmitting one from the other. You win when you let go of your connection to that anxiety, to the source of that anxiety, which is the abusers mentality and behaviour. 

It will help your lot to liberate your energy from then entirely by shutting the gate to them. The mantra;

“I return all energy to sender, with love, and I sever all ties.”

You return the energy to the sender “with love” because that way they get a positive buzz associated with the act of you letting go, the act of the cord being severed. 

If you simply sever the cord coldly, they feel the energy drop and so will anger in your direction to see what’s happened, where has that tap feed of attention-energy gone? It often results in the narcissists renewed effort to control you. 

Do it with positivity and the energetic cord is exchanged with one where they actively want to set you free because they get more of a buzz out of that than from of grinding you down by having you on a rope. 


Repeat this as often as necessary.

Monday, 18 January 2021

A Human Test

“They all hate him/her.” 


Does the person on the list of names (haters) who hate the person (target) know that person from having shared time and experiences with them? 

They might claim to have done so. 

This is not evidence of truth. 

They might say they “know” that person because they would recognise them by sight. This is not to “know” a person, it is to recognise a person by sight. To know a person requires shared time and experiences. 

If No, they do not know the person, it defaults to a situation where the person they hate is a fiction in their imagination projected at a recognisable target. This is a form of abuse. A collection of people abusing the same target is an abuse network. These typically have ringleaders. 

The person who they claim to hate simply does not exist. It is a delusion, ergo they are delusional, ergo they are zombies. 


1 have no brain 

(do not think for themselves) 

2 have no compassion 

(no humanity, no empathy for strangers) 

3 angry haters 

(require a target to dump hate on)

If a person allows the opinion of a zombie to be superior to theirself, that person is also a zombie. 

It’s a Human Test. 

Monday, 11 January 2021

Swamp Juice

So many creatives

So little correlation

So much energy to be harnessed for the betterment of humanity

So little focus

So much awareness it can be done 

So little awareness how to do it 

What it takes

Leadership standing up and saying;

Do this for this reason

And people recognising 

That’s a brilliant plan!

Implementing it


What is leadership? 

Nobody who wants that job deserves it

It happens naturally 

Where people demand to be that figurehead 

The creativity is stifled 

The hierarchy system stagnates

It’s already so stagnant it all needs to come crashing down completely 

To be replaced

Pisces into Aquarius 

What we value

Are those who facilitate the think-tanks 

Without domination

With care and compassion 

To keep those creatives flowing 

Integrating and growing together

Bouncing, thriving off each other’s ideas 

This is the renewal cycle

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

The 3 Attitudes

The Three Attitudes

Win Vs Lose 

Needs a winner and a loser.

Creates a situation of hierarchy.

The realm of power and control games.

Competition and Status.

All Are Equals

All on the same side.

All Together Win.

With respect for all being different.

Walk Away

Do not get involved in other people’s games and entangled in their karma.