Sunday 19 June 2016

Lest We Be Ignorant

Lest We Be Ignorant / 1. Self and Society


idiot - someone controlled by id (base drives)
egotist - someone controlled by ego (see below)
ignorant - someone who ignores (arguably also who rants)

We live in a culture (the cult-you-are) ...

(a culture is a bacterially stagnated product; yoghurt, cheese, kephir, kombucha, etc)

... in which people do not know what the id actually is, are taught to resent everyone else for being egotistic yet at the same time you will not get anywhere other than exploited without using your ego, and are encouraged to ignore our own instincts: because cultural programming is controlling social progress.

We can easily make an immediate comparison between the bacteria involved with transforming liquid cultures and the social memes used to socially engineer human social cultures.

Who is controlling the cultural programming?,_ego_and_super-ego

Freuds definitions (see wikipedia link) of what id, ego and super-ego are differ from Jung's use of the same terms. Today people use these words for entirely different things than what Freud and Jung used them for, usually without knowing exactly what they are actually talking about. Basically people very often mistake the concept of the ego and the id. This is itself a social problem. Non-educated people are ignorant of the facts: improper use of language makes that evident.

My 5 year old defined it such:
id (what i really am) - the self
ego (who i am for other people) - the compromise
super-ego (who i have to be to figure it out) - the programming

Cultural indoctrination that we must resent the ego, both our own and other people, is dualistic. We need to be the ego because it gives us a social identity. It is the dance moves as we integrate with others. It is a persona worn as a cloak so that others may orient around us. It is a shield to protect us and achieve social goals.

Ego is a tool although when we identify completely with it, we become the tool of the ego. It is used as a tool by both the id (emotions and urges, the wild self) and the super-ego (the robot which external culture has indoctrinated us into being).

"It could mean one’s self-esteem; an inflated sense of self-worth; the conscious-thinking self; or in philosophical terms, one’s self." wikipedia

We need self-esteem. We need a conscious-thinking self. We need to be the Self. On this basis we need the ego. It is only problematic when it becomes inflated, as with all things when it becomes out of balance.

Thus, the ego is a majorly important feature of all individuals. To hate it, in ourselves or others, is ridiculous. Cultural prejudice against the ego is cultural prejudice against the tool we require so as to function in society. Disabling the ego disables the individual.

We live in a "culture of rejecting the ego" as a counter to recognizing that we live in a "culture of the ego". And yet what is being rejected is not the ego but the inflated ego. This is never explained and never understood - doing so is the core purpose of this text.

We live in a "culture of the ego" however the image, the media stars, popular personalities, those are not real people at all. Those are not the self. They are icons - not of the actual ego although we call them the ego which confuses the picture completely. They are icons which are external to us and yet they fulfill the same function as the ego in balancing the relationship between the wild id and the programmed super-ego.

In Buddhism the concept of ego and the concept of super-ego are both assigned to the same principle for which the word 'sansara' which means both 'the conditioned mind' and 'the confused mind' - the programmed self which is distracted from observing purely. Sansara is not truth. Liberation from this is to observe purely, to know truth.


Today we use the word sheeple to describe human nature as both obstinate and easily-led. At face value obstinacy and being easily-led are polarized opposites. The antidote to obstinacy is an open-mind while the antidote to being easily-led is obstinacy. Obstinacy results in dogma.

Society is a combination of dogmatic progress which involves rejection of the open-mind, which in our analogy is 'sheeple leading sheeple' contrasted with the open-minded form of progress, 'seeking to cease being sheeple'. Both groups resent each other. This model can be applied to almost all situations of social contrast and affect all cultural development.

What people become when they cease being sheeple is independent individuals. What people become when they are led by sheeple is slaves. It is more preferable to have independent individuals leading sheeple toward becoming independent individuals than it is to have a situation where slaves are leading slaves to become slaves. This is common-sense based objective progress.

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Saturday 18 June 2016

The Second Step


The easiest way to do it is to write it as lucidly as possible.
Tell it as it is. This draft is called The Second Step.

The first step is more or less a flat plane. Eventually you get to the rise, its not much. Then you come to the next step. So really, this is the proper title of the draft, The Next Step, because the other title describes two things at the same time, well three now it is associated with this draft.

The literal physical second step is the one which trips your foot and gets your attention, you probably stub your toe on it. Some people call that the first step because the literal physical first step is not so much a step at all. I am detracting from the original intended purpose.

Each step is twice as high as the previous one.

By and large after climbing a few more, initiation experiences, life lessons, achievements, we get to The Wall. It is not really a Wall at all, and this is the one which we refer to as The Second Step because compared with all the others we have already climbed, this one is difficult. Most people look at it and see it as a wall, think they have reached the top as far as it is possible to go. They turn around and see the view, look down on all those still climbing and they rest, and they never achieve any further.

But some of us, some of us know more than that. We know that the wall is actually a step, and we figure it out. And we take that next step. There are those, in fact many, who tread on everyone around them to get there. We all hate those bastards and the easiest way to get rid of them is to give them the boost they need so they are off our backs, although some people prefer to grab them and throw them back down the descent to the bottom. A lot of that goes on.

While climbing the step, a lot of people are going to grab hold of you and try to use your energy, your climb, your ascent, to get pulled up with you. And they will drag you down to their level and insult you for not having achieved the rise, because they thought they could use you as a stepping stone.

So what we learn is that the Second Step is one we have to do by ourselves at night alone when nobody else is looking. Telling them about it is simply going to cause yourself problems of envy and being exploited.

This is where it gets strange. A lot of people do band together, they see that by standing in a circle they can support those who are to climb up and stand on their shoulders, and build a tower to compete with the steps. We know that the base of their pillar is the foundation of everything in their tower. They will fiercely defend their own tower even against imaginary foes, and they do not learn that their tower is not the steps. They will never be able to climb any further up the steps because they have gone their own way, they have diverged from the natural path, from the human mission. Glorious though their ambition might be, they are never going to achieve the climb and eventually they are going to topple and have to start all over again. Because they are not climbing but are deluding themselves that their structure is the way, they will resent anyone who goes the natural path and continues climbing the steps. So we have a lot of very well established power bases actively taking out the natural climbers who are still climbing the steps, who do not see the next step as a wall but only as a big step.

On the next step, knowing the rule is that each step is twice as tall as the last, we have people who have achieved more than most and know this is as far as they will go. They are pushing people back down, they are proud and building their own towers of more elect superior people, often exploiting the lower towers without anyone from the lower towers even aware that is what is happening. And the same thing occurs with each step, with the numbers getting lesser and lesser the higher you climb.

Eventually you come to a step which is the highest you can go, and you know that you can not reach the next one at all until you learn to fly. Don't worry, you will just as soon as you let go of your body and quite literally that is what it takes to get there. We call that the place where X becomes Y (the horizontal axis becomes the vertical axis).

There are offers of shortcuts and distractions plenty. Nobody knows how many steps there are, nobody knows what is at the top. There are legends passed down from higher climbers. We know that the perspective, the view, gets clearer and wider and farther to the horizon the higher up we climb. You can always tell those who have experienced higher views and yet are for some reason still down here on our local levels.

What is it that empowers us to be able to scale the next step, the one which is twice as tall as the last? This is where we encounter metaphysics. It is not having longer legs. It is not having rope and grappling hook. It is to do with how we go about things and who we become by adjusting your attitudes, always, toward the goal of making it to the next level.

Somebody once told me to ignore whatever everyone else is saying and doing. I was told by that somebody that they had been there, to the top, and chosen to come down again to guide us. I asked what it is like up there. The reply, simply:

"When the center is the heart, you have reached the summit."

I smiled because it was beautiful. The next advice is daunting: "That's when you face the skies, and for that you will need to learn to fly."

You read these words and smile but you should also realize that what I said about leaving the body to get there is true. It will happen to us all. Between here and there though, we still have a lot of steps to go and it's not getting any easier to climb them.

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Saturday 11 June 2016



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The Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon took out every electronic system on the planet. We knew that all of the officially existing organisations which could have done it were mere puppets for the organisation which did it. Every nation has star wars weapons targeting the planetary surface. In retrospect it was not a very long time before the effects wore off. A lot happened during that time. It was a long six months and nothing was ever the same again.

The national grids went down. Cellphones stopped working. The internet ceased to exist, all the computers were wiped. The banking records and all other digital systems were wiped clean of their operating systems. Cars and planes stopped working. Submarines sank.

The planet went into regional control. For the consumer nations the first and biggest problem was the food shortages followed rapidly with riots. The militaries rounded everybody they could up into concentration camps where at least bland gruel fed the body and effectively cold turkey’d everyone. The gruel was mixed with chemicals to subdue natural aggression. Once in the camps nobody was permitted out unless with work permit and under guard. There were two forms of work permit; food plantations and the raids.

The raids were retrieval and stockpiling of all collateral from old infrastructure, the houses. We were not permitted to call them homes because that word has to many emotional connotations. Following the restoration the survivors of the concentration camps would be allocated new dwellings in accordance with the New Model Society. The period of the interim is intended to be done with as soon as possible. Six months of no electric stretched into three years of the Interim.

The same thing was happening all over the world. The survival protocol was enacted by every community. Those who did not retreat to the camps were regarded as bandits and exterminated for degeneracy, this included all those whose communities had survived starvation, riots, and oppression from the new government.

The result was the death of both democracy and capitalism. The New Model Society is based around resource allocation. Technologically it has regressed although we are not permitted to use that language. It is taught that the deviation has been corrected. Exploitation of natural resources to create pollution and uncontrollable communications enabled terrorist groups to destabilise all human society. The good which has come from the EMP and the Protocol is to have created an equitable society where we are living more harmoniously with the natural world. We do not need television and mobile internet. We need fresh healthy food which we are all self-responsible for cultivating.

Humanity had been struck back to stone age basics on a global scale and in most places, hunter-gathering is insufficient to provide sufficient resources for the survivors. People hated the control but realised quickly that to go against it would be death. The re-establishment of society required everybody to do accept the Conformity. Together we are stronger. Austerity brought a singularity of focus whereas the old capitalist empire of everybody for themselves had brought nothing but suffering and greed.

The children were educated in accordance with the Syllabus teaching them wha they had to do, to expand and build on the foundations of the new infrastructure. Teams stockpiled old world junk in warehouses. With nobody living in the old buildings, whole cities were left to rot. The new architecture is brilliant. It is designed as open-space with all necessary commodities available for all. Recreation, Education, and Arts with specialist Educational facilities. A Guild system with merits and mentorship to teach traditional crafts, how to process things we have grown into things we need, tools from nature. Electricity is discriminated against as one of the dirty evils of the destructive Old World.

There is no religion other than Earthism. We are earthlings because we are of the earth as are our food, our fabrics, our tools.

The short movie is presented non-linear with super-imposition of scenes of the past such as child slave labor in factories constructing computers for foreign markets, the stock exchange based on international economies steered by warmongers controlled by banking cartels, bombing of innocent foreigners in retaliation for false flag attacks, countless consumers burning up resources and polluting the ecology simply to distract themselves from the hardships of being debt slaves dedicating their lives to the fiction of money, usury and debt.

Scenes of the future where ecological sustainable communities work together, as did the communities of monasteries during medieval era. as do communities of Amish who do not rely on technology beyond hand-craft. Farming the land for food and producing surplus enough to trade with neighbours whose crops are different from ours. Non-ownership of properties and respect for skills, the availability of resources necessary to develop those skills. Musicians more highly regarded than scientists.

And the concentration camps of the period during the interim. Payment of extra food to those who work with the protocol to do what the soldiers command, the census and collections. Sealing the useless goods of a dead culture into the archival warehouses and re-allocating useful goods toward the program. Following which, construction work of eco-communities. Building a better living space where the natural world is integrated into daily life. Fewer, simpler laws including the death penalty for those who break the Conformity.

It is hard for the first generation living through the transition. The second generation growing up in the New Model Society are filled with excitement and anticipation with what is being achieved. Within three generations it has stabilised. Very little of the past remains other than a few sites, the bad places where are stored toxic artefacts of the old ways which were dangerous. By now hand-craft is revered and accepted as normal all across the world. By now the forests and meadows are establishing themselves, rivers and oceans are replenishing themselves so that there will be plenty again by the time the pollution has reduced sufficient to begin hunter-gathering rather than farming.

We see the pine soap factory from the forestry plantation and herbalism being taught to classes so they will know how to extract useful compounds from nature, working directly with the hospices. We see witches executed for using non-organic ancient metal in their rituals. We see rural diversification and teaching of the basic global communication languages of the mono-cultural imprint which everybody needs to know. We see ships built of wood taking trade over the waters to distant lands who produce different artefacts and plants but speak the same trade language.

Other laws such as that forbidding breeding with somebody of your own ethnic background create a society where travel is necessary. The easy provision of all basic necessities because of the structure of the new model society means that nobody need raid the peaceful villages. And yet there are outsiders, those who travel to see the world as it changes, to learn for themselves. Gradually the ranger caste are integrated into the protectorate caste, because to break the Conformity is the death penalty and so they have to. Such travel becomes a rite of passage and is no more or less safe for the individuals than it ever was.

Occasionally villagers report seeing the flying metal orbs taking stock of the human herd which lives openly on the surface. It is assumed they are a remnant of the old world and its corporate elite. Nobody in living memory can remember the transition period and in time even the archeological evidence that it ever happened at all, fade away.

You are reading this as words on a page. Perhaps some day people will be watching it as pictures on a screen. The time it has taken you to do this, you could have been planting food crops in any available patch of land. Because when the EMP occurs and all electronics are disabled, there will be no food available to you from supermarkets. There will be no cellphones, vehicles, governmental aid. There will be riots. Money will become obsolete and useless. There will be lawlessness because the military and police, the armed forces, will be protecting their own individual interests and certainly will regard you as another useless eater and a threat before they will help you. You primary function will be starvation based animal instinct to find something to eat. You will be hunted unless you join the concentration camps as people are rounded up to be given gruel and set to work on re-building a new society which does not rely on electricity.

We already have these EMP devices mounted into satellites orbiting the world. This part of the story is no fiction. That you will starve if you do not grow your own food crops is also no fiction. This is the harsh reality which should steer your focus and activities toward Survival. Because on this planet, throughout Human evolution, survival has always been the goal of life. Eating food which you can easily plant yourself is a major component of that. 

Tuesday 7 June 2016

sniff on the wind

"How do pronounce 'Tao' ?" 
"Oh that's easy, it is pronounced 'doe'."
"How do you pronounce Tantra?"
"Well, that's called Tantra."
"Are you sure? What is a Tan Tien point?"
"Acupressure points. But that is pronounced 'Dan Tee en'."
"So you agree that Tantra can be pronounced as Dan Tey Ra?"
"I suppose it could."
"Because Ra being the Source is the life force energy flowing through the body and emanating from the relative acupressure points."
"Yes that makes a lot of sense."
"Have you ever heard of an Egyptian town called Dan De Ra?"
"Dendera? I think I heard of that place."
"Another name for it is Tentyra. There is a temple complex there."
"I see now, all these words are variations of the same theme. Linking concepts to places."
"Exactly! And all of them are talking about how life force energy flows through the body, in this case through the body of the planet at certain places, to connect with the solar divinity."
"This is religious surely."
"No, this is a science. The energy radiated by the human organism is measurable with electronic equipment. The background energy radiating from places is measurable with electronic equipment. It is not yet widespread knowledge in our culture and a lot of very cynical people simply cannot believe it and are actively trying to suppress such awareness."
"Why would they do that?"
"They try to destroy that which they can not control nor understand. This is why the teachings involved with these knowledge's are secret, passed on to certain members of a society without them being widely advertised. Because not everybody is ready for it."
"That actually justifies why there need to be secret societies operating in mainstream culture."
"Exactly. Except that by the time the secret society becomes an organized structure, the original intention is generally lost and the structure is taken over by all those who want to exploit the power base and who do not care at all about the development of perceptions and skills involved. This is why teachers move on - because they are the first to be executed by the new regime operating through the perceived power base. Sadly, history is full of such examples."
"But we did once build great temples to teach everybody about this stuff, quite openly."
"Yes. We are still living in the dark ages."
"Not everybody."



The picture on the right was 'prepped' in advance of being painted. The technique was to paint a cross on the back of it. The picture on the left was not prepped. It did not have a cross painted on the back of it. 

The front of both cardboards was then painted with a flat layer of paint. 

The prepped painting had drying paint soaking into it and pulling tight, changing the shape of the canvas. Because both sides were painted, the pulling balanced the canvas on the right so that it flattened itself out.

The picture on the left did not have a prepped background and so the paint pulled it only in one direction.

Before the white paint had dried; drips of black paint were applied to both boards. Because it is corrugated cardboard the texture is unique and the paint works with the texture to create the surface marks. 

You can very clearly see that the painting to the right which has been prepped in advance of the application of the detail, has a very different texture to the painting on the left, which was not prepped in advance. The black paint moves differently because the board is a different shape due to the prepping process. 

The technique is identical on both pictures except that the one on the right has been prepped in advance. As a result the final image is noticeably different.

The exact same rules apply when you meet somebody who has been victim to a slander campaign. Everybody who has been prepped in advance about that person see's a very different picture when they look at that person, because they have been prepped in advance.

This is what a reputation is - it inhibits you from experiencing a situation honestly in the immediacy of the moment, 'in reality', because of the prepping. In card games this is called rigging the deck and is regarded as unscrupulous behavior.

Blog Update

Regular followers of this blog will have perceived that the writing style has changed recently. This is because I am targeting a specific demographic member of my audience. Regular services will resume in due course and when the time is right. Meanwhile I have to get the trolls off my back. Some of you are aware of the overview of my situation and will probably accept where I am coming from. If you are new to this blog, you need to back-track to keep on top of it.

The Gift of the Void

The Gift of the Void

If you tried explaining to an educated medieval scholar about hard science of the 20th century, they would happen to be a christian monk because they were the educated people during that era, and they would mis-interpret what you were explaining to them as satanism. The evidence of this is when the first vacuum chamber was created in Magdeburg Germany and the scientists working on it were accused of satanism because they had created something which the monks mis-interpreted as ‘the devil’s work’ because it contained, to use the terminology of the day, ‘a godless void’. Now that the scientific paradigm is better accepted and understood, religiously dogmatic people no longer go around persecuting scientists - or so you prefer to believe.

This millennia Dr Emoto did a lot of scientific studies and experiments into the way plants use their energy fields to communicate even at a distance, also that they have memories of individual humans who pass through those energy fields. Conclusive, materialist proof that plants are telepathic. A human neural system is much more advanced than that of a plant. Kirlian photography is evidence that life forms including humans do emit an electromagnetic field called the Aura which is electronically measurably variant depending on emotion. This is now hard science and yet many people still have a lot of trouble believing that it is real.

My IQ is high, Mensa rate me as a genius. My genius is not mathematical (right-brained) like was Einstein. I am a creative polymath which means I am a genius in several fields of creative (left brained) thinking. This is unusual in a society where the education system indoctrinates people not to use their left brains for thinking process; and from my experiences i can assert that many people actively persecute those who do.

I was scientifically trained and during my twenties I did many experiments involving energy transition and waveforms, resonant frequencies and such abilities. I proved through the series of experiments certain features about reality we all cohabit. However, I am unwilling to train people in this because the majority of people are akin to medieval monks persecuting those who actually recognise the reality of this stuff. Thus, my teachings are occult despite being wholly scientific. Some, a minority of people, can and do readily accept what I am talking about, many are already on the level of perception and cognition required to experience this as real events.

Many are not. It is statistical fact that half the population of the planet have less than average IQ and simply are incapable of re-assessing their own version of reality to integrate what they have been taught is fantasy. This is  mental health condition called cognitive dissonance, and disbelief syndrome, wherein even despite scientific evidence proving the reality of a thing, they deny it in favour of the fantasy. Discussing these topics has brought a lot of problems into my life. The greatest sorrow of my life is that were people to accept this model of science and the technologies and abilities it enables; we would have a much more wonderful life experience.

I have no intention of being burnt at the stake as a witch. I will die and take this education with me, but for a handful of individuals whom I have taught a basic overview and a few steps of the model to, in the hope they can cope with it. All of them require further training before they will be able to encompass the whole model as a lived reality. I do not believe that what I am doing is starting a cult. I believe that I am a hard science based experimenter who has discovered through experiments certain features of reality which most people simply do not acknowledge through lack of educational training and focus.

This statement says nothing in a lot of words. I did at one time make copious notes about some of my experiments however those notebooks were stolen from my residence at the time. I do not believe I am being egotistical in making this statement; simply justifying that the wealth of information which would have benefitted humanity, is consigned to the void simply because mainstream society is abusive toward it. I do not believe that humanity is any better today than it was during medieval era, indeed this evolutionary stalemate establishes that we are still technically within the dark ages despite a minority having benefited from the industrial revolution.

Monday 6 June 2016

The Hate And The Hope

In 2010 under a coalition government and influenced by a hate campaign which included somebody hacking my own and my friends accounts, which the police had told me they would do nothing about, I posted onto the wall of my old Facebook account;

"We live in a society where it costs £1000 to get a court injunction to protect somebody, which is a signed piece of paper, yet it costs only £50 to have somebody kneecapped. This comparison reveals how priorities and the legal fiction of money are arranged to control society so that it is cheaper and more practical to do the wrong thing than it is to do the right thing. The Peace industry is non-profit whereas the Hate industry is profitable and employs a great number of people. This is a reality of our society."

I always remember the sage advice of the Crow medicine healer Estcheemah:
"90% of the time, 90% of the people co-exist peacefully, whatever sort of police system."

The next day I was visited by the police because the person who had been perpetrating the Hate campaign, who I had blocked from my fb account, had hacked it and read the post and told the police it was a direct threat against him. He also changed my password.

The police took the post seriously sufficient to warn me not to kneecap him. I had no intention of doing so and when they presented a print-out of my facebook profile as 'evidence' it was clearly obvious that they had misread my clearly stated intent and were protecting the person who I had previously showed them evidence that he was out to get me.

On that occasion the Police told me that as far as the police are concerned, there is zero privacy on the internet - Private Messages are publicly visible and passwords are irrelevant. They advised me to a) stop using the internet, and b) stop using Facebook. Given that Facebook is now the internet's major marketing platform and I am starting a small business, I actually have to use Facebook in a professional capacity.

The criminal was later thrown off his university degree course for mis-use of the uni computers to facilitate his hate campaign, which is not a situation I was in a position to make any decisions about as I was third party to the University being informed, I did not do so directly myself. The University computer security guy who happens also to be the south Wales computer crime expert for the Police, contacted me about the matter, not the other way around.

The sad thing is that Hate got in the way of today's situation, where: he would now have his coding degree and I am in a situation to start hiring coders to get my company launched. He is a relative on my son's mothers side of the family. Instead, I am having to learn the relevant coding myself which slows progress of my productivity, and to scrape together the money to hire an unknown coder, anyone who can and will do the job. What could have been a family business has turned into a something else simply because of Hate. On and for the record, I do not hate any of them, I never did. You can see where my focus is - family and business.

But why do they Hate? I still do not know. The animosity between my sons mother and her family is something I got caught up in while she was pregnant. All I know is that I was told half-truths and I expect they were too. In her own words "Got keep them fighting each other or they will unite against you." Sadly that is both paranoid and an accurate analysis of society. If everybody united to do their part, we could all be making a lot of money together and functioning as a family. They have made it plainly clear that I am unwelcome although they do accept my son as one of their own.

Police: “Why don't you like him?”
Grandad: “We don’t know him.”
Police: “Why won’t you get to know him?”
Grandad: “We don’t like him.”

As a martial artist I follow the Kung-Fu philosophy of using an opponents own energy against them. I do not need to hate because that will only feed the hate. I simply need to re-direct it so that it feeds upon itself until, consumed, it is gone. Only then can people become Human.

We are now 6 years after the event. We are under a different government for whatever that is worth. Theoretically it would have a consequence on the attitudes of the Police given that they enforce government statutes. This post is not any attempt to stir things up. It is a question as to how different the world is after the heartbeat of time which is six years, to my son is the whole of his incarnation, his whole life and the world he is growing up in. 

I am a trained martial artist but I am also a pacifist. I teach, the very first rule, which my own grandfather who was a championship Boxer taught me; (and he always said he would outlive Mohamed Ali, who passed this week, the legend says that Ali's heart was still beating thirty minutes after all his other vital signs were pronounced dead).

                                                   "Never start a fight. Always finish it." Jim son of Jack