Saturday 27 June 2015

demand and question proof

A lesson in positive mentality. Turning the bad into the good and exposing the self-righteous as the bad. Repressing a person because of reputation despite no actual evidence other than hearsay is the behaviour of the ignorant. All of the people who back the slander campaign are in conspiracy to defame which is a criminal offense. The victim of the slander campaign is liberated from having to deal with both the gullible and criminals. Living in southwest Wales has highlighted this social reality. personally I have and will always strive for gender equality however the data speaks for itself that the gullible are 7/10 times male while the conspirators are 7/10 times female. It is not difficult to ask for proof and to question that proof before deciding your opinion however apparently it is difficult for most people to learn to think for themselves. 

Saturday 20 June 2015

gilded turd vs book cover

A gilded tower of turd verses judging a book by its cover.
You have read the title, now you don't need to read the book.

An almanac compiled by snakeappletree

Is a treatise on coping with prejudice from state workers for those who they are in conspiracy to alienate due to their projected label of your being a non-conformist by questioning to what precisely is it they expect us to conform to.

The story of Samson and Delilah from classical Greek mythology upon which western civilisation claims to have been founded, explicitely teaches short hair in relation to slavery. Monks, Soldiers and Prisoners traditionally have their heads shaved while long hair is a mark of respectability. In todays world, men with long hair are regularly singled out and victimized. This is the wig's split end syndrome.

It is surprising that in this the 21st century of the Gregorian calender, such prejudice still exists and is accepted as a normality by many of those who choose to wear their hair short or equivalent mark of individuality. These same people spread known carcinogenic toxins onto their cropped hair to be absorbed by their skin on a regular basis, for which they pay money. The scientific proofing that herbal soap which costs less to manufacture and purchase and is actively healthy for the human organism, seems alien to them because it is regarded as a part of a non-conformist lifestyle.

This manuscript is an analysis of such examples that 'conformity' is in practical actually a paradigm of endorsed slavery designed to disempower individuals. Also that in most cases the assertion of it is a criminal offense contravening common sense, common law, legal statutes and human rights.

The alternative paradigm is repressed in favour of reinforcing assumed positions of authority, for-profit social masks worn by such abusers. It is these people whom this book is intended to target, by teaching its readers methods of getting through to such individuals and reprogramming them with humanitarian attitude, primarily by use of logical argument and also by training the reader how to expose abusers of position of authority and what processes to go through to have them removed.

This book also deals with histrionic and narcissistic spectrum personality disorders, analysing the relationship between the need to control, reasons for feelings of lack of control, and how this relates to employment and deployment in such positions of social authority. With recognition that the society inherited at the end of the 20th century creates psychotics, it is of major importance to us all to address these issues openly.

We are, all of us, involved with actively constructing a better community with more humane ethics, or failing to achieve that by permitting such abuses to continue and embed themselves deeper into the protective infrastructure of an outmoded social system. It is outmoded because it permits such abuses to permeate.

This is a kickstarter type project and we require donations to give us incentive and ability for it to become a finished product. Overcoming socially induced apathy and depression is a third major topic for this book. We very gladly accept and wish to include useful information from many writers.

Chapter one.
Working title: so what exactly is 'alternate lifestyle' anyway?

Chapter two.
Working title: analysis of system infrastructure and identifying broken clockwork.

Chapter three.
Working title: original intent and compromise; the many layered cake of the zombifying process.

Lets face it, everyone loves cake but do you check the ingredients list? We are made of what we eat. Avoiding toxins.

Chapter four.
Working title: secret audio recording legally to protect your rights and expose system abuse. What to say and what not to say. Why it is necessary to use easily available modern technology to gather evidence for use in court.

Chapter 5.
Working title: what to do when a companies policy is in breach of the law.

To be continued...

Friday 19 June 2015


Do you believe in god?

I know that for social and ego reasons you might feel obliged to answer one way or another, I am not talking about that. I am not talking about religion or the prophets or books written by people, I am talking about something much more basic and immediate than that.

In your heart, do you believe in god.
You should be able to know directly yes or no, because you know, if you are an honest person, honest with yourself. And honesty has nothing to do with god and prophets and religions, most of the time.

The reason why I ask this is simple and can be expressed in two words:

God decides.

In arabic it is one word, inshallah or enshallah if you believe there are more than one god, it means '(it is) the will of god/s'.

Whether you believe in god or not, if you that believe humans decide by arguing amongst ourselves or figuring it out, the situation is that whether we drop the subject now or stay up late every night for weeks debating it, ultimately we have no say over the matter anyway, because; either, god decides regardless of whatever we do so there is no point in debating, we would be better off listening to the natural harmony of the world than to each others futile opinions, otherwise if there is no god then it is all a matter of individual personal opinion - in which case: stop trying to persaude and dominate each other because if there is no god then why do you treat others or allow yourselves to be treated as if some humans are gods while others are not? Do you accept slavery to anything other than divinity?  Do you believe that a 'self labelled as divine' (or commonly persuaded to) social structure and its agents get in the way of or enhance your direct relationship with your god?

If you cannot answer these questions directly them you do need to take time out to contemplate your own integrity before you start mouthing off about whatever confusion is so important to you today.

Which leads us to the next question.

Do you believe in Humanity ?

Causality and Lies

Causality and Lies

Averting domination by paradigms founded on falsety;
thereby maintaining the rule of Law (specifically that against Use of Trickery)

The focal question is as follows:

is it that lies are symptomatic of mental illness,
is it that mental illness is symptomatic of lies ?

Both of telling and of believing lies upon which actions are based and opinions are formed.

Many people are unable or unwilling to delve into this because it highlights their own assumptive nature and encourages self analysis in which we face that in many cases we are going about things wrong. People do not like to accept they are wrong even when doing so opens the potential to improve the way we do things by consciously choosing to do them right from now on. It requires an adult maturity to analyse oneself from a position of detachment required for such work. We cannot realistically improve the general society and our human condition as a whole unless we do so by improving one individual at a time; the only individual whom it is our deep ability to improve is ourself, this is especially true in given context of the subject matter.

It is normal (to use this word as in 'the accepted recourse of the majority') in todays society to identify that when someone has been labelled as mentally ill, it is therefore more acceptable for that person to lie because it is regarded as a symptom of their mental illness.

I question this assumption and that question is the core principle of this explorative essay. It repeatedly poses itself in my experience of working with: mentally ill people, people who are not mentally ill, people who are mentally ill but hide it sufficiently as to persuade others they are not only sane but an authority, those who are not mentally ill but have been diagnosed as such, often by the sick people who are masquerading as an authority, and people who are questionable and undecided as to the status of their cognitive stability.

There is a cohesion between people of similar mindset falling into the same of these five categories and this cohesion affects the general community acceptance of what is right and what is wrong regarding these matters of opinion. We call these different versions of ethical behavioural response; paradigms.

We can easily see that the mentally ill people masquerading as authorities and re-affirming by unspoken agreement that their own particular paradigm is superior, persuasively affecting the lives and opinions of those around them, of all the categories require more scrutiny and consequentially are subject to more pressure than any other category. Pressure is condusive to mental instability. Such scrutiny is necessary as a safeguard for all members of society.

In laymans terms; those assigned a socially accepted right to label others as mentally stable or unstable are a power base which must not be outside of societies ability to question it. Such positions of authority are the hiding place of abusive individuals and abuse networks for very specific types of psychotic.

Ultimately in most cases a persons behaviour must be analysed over time in a variety of circumstances along with discussions about their thoughts, feelings and instincts; justifications of their behaviours whether it be routine or erratic and discussion about root causes of such behaviours; before it can be truly known which of the categories a person properly belongs. It is of paramount importance that a wide spectrum of perspectives and viewpoints be used for such analysis, because what is right for one person is wrong for another; a belief that one glove fits all in regard to mental health analysis is itself a symptom of a mental disfunction. We have to accept different paradigms exist and develop a flexible ability to switch between them, to avoid totalitarianism.

The purpose of asking the focal question of this essay is to establish a quick and easy functional paradigm by which we all can in practical terms identify the right course of action in any situation where lies, fabrication and manipulation are or might possibly be involved with swaying the outcome of situtaions and peoples opinions about subject matters.

All of this is based on a principle that it is a bad idea to put mentally unstable people in control.

The other, no less important  of this question is that to establish a reference point of a functional framework from which to operate with regard approaching mental illness.

If a plant is in the wrong place, cutting off its branches will cause it to grow more branches. The branches are the symptom, not the cause. To remove it, we must dig up its roots. The roots are the cause, not the symptom. Identifying the difference between the root cause and the branching symptoms of any disability or instability is of fundamental importance when treating it.

So, I repeat the core question;

Are lies to be treated as symptomatic of mental illness or as cause of mental illness?

If people believe and act upon lies, does this not mean the falseness has taken hold as the controlling element of a situation which affects other people? Such situation is to be regarded as problematic. We shall explore why that us the case. This is why it is important to establish a solid answer to the question. Strategies must be developed.

Strategy for possibility one - that mental instability causes lies
Strategy for possibility two - that lies cause mental instability
Strategy for possibility three - the potential arisal of grey areas where either both or neither of the above are accurate. This is always case specific. Therefore the strategy developed for dealing with it must also be case specific. There is a diaspora of work to be done in further analysis of this overview.

The following is a real case study example from which information has been drawn pertaining to the thesis.

A policeman attending a junior school to teach child safety on pushbikes, said to the headmaster that the law says children must wear cycle helmets while on their bikes. The headmaster told selected parents about this. One of those parents phoned the police and requested specifically what statute says that children must wear cycle helmets while on their bikes. The police advised the parent that no such law exists, although it is advisory that children wear helmets on pushbikes, which most people agree is common sense.

This situation places the Police as an advisory body into a position where they have contradicted themselves. Three possibilities exist from which specified outcomes arise.

One, the police unknowingly misinformed the headmaster, which means they do not themselves know what the law says and therefore they do not know what they are doing, which means they cannot be trusted. We will call this 'instability causing lies'.

Two, the police knowingly lied to the headmaster, which means despite whether their intent was altruistic or otherwise, they knowingly lie and therefore cannot be trusted. As established above, regardless of position of authority, a known liar cannot be trusted. We will call this 'lies causing instability'.

Three, the police knowingly gave different and contradictory information to different people, for reasons as yet unknown, yet which has a consequence upon society. We will call this 'exploitation' and upon this, we recognise again that the Police cannot be trusted.

In any case it unfortunately results that the Police cannot be trusted.

Whatever your opinion regarding the necessity of the Police might be, we can only go on the facts as given, subjected to logical scrutiny. This is not a personal slant against people doing a difficult job, it is a proper analysis of a real situation which we are using as an example with relation to the subject matter of this essay. It raises the issue of the potential of lies intended as an altruistic form of manipulation (possibility two) rather than as a selfish one (possibility three). This opens up the debate in a new direction although the founding principle remains based on the simple question;

Are lies symptomatic or causative of mental - and here we see this expand into social - instability?

One popular of several attitudes opted by many people assimilating this question is to maintain a paradigm from which no imparted information is to be trusted as fact without sufficient persuasive evidence. This is not the same thing as paranoia although the two things are related; it is intended as a survival response necessary to actively function in a world of manipulative hearsay, wheras paranoia is an inability to function due to either of reality or fantasy. We will call this attitude and its manifest paradigm 'unbelief' to distinguish it from 'disbelief' which is a mental illness wherin reality is denied in favour of fantasy despite actual evidence.

We are collectively building a shared reality experience, in realtime. An astute reader may have identified by now my own personal opinion is that lies can never be a good thing and truth is always preferable. Compared with infinite potential falsehoods, truth is an absolute. As a teacher I encourage you to then question as to whether I am sincere in this, not for my sake but to develop your own cognition and to sharpen your own relationship with truth. It is a simple scientific energy dynamic that we cannot exemplify truth by telling lies. My next question, is a belief that the truth alone is absolute, the same as establishing a totalitarian and superior paradigm?

Copyrite 2015 SnakeAppleTree

Saturday 6 June 2015


The following document is necessary given that in order to notify the TV licensing company that I have no TV they expect me to print out one of their forms to send them by post at cost to myself. Please feel free to copy/paste and adapt it if you are in the same situation as myself.

Here is a useful list of contacts for the TV License company:

                                                                                                                                                full address

Head of Revenue Management
BBC TV Licensing
1st Floor, The Lighthouse
BBC White City
201 Wood Lane
W12 7TQ

                                                RE: first line of address / postcode (or REF number)

To TV License company,

Further to my previous correspondence of ‘nearly two years ago’ which you have ignored by continuing to send me notification;

I do not, to quote your letters; ‘watch programmes on any device, as they’re being shown on TV’ as I have no intention to be programmed. I do not ever intend to change this situation.

Also it is a criminal offense in respect of the Data Protection Act1988 to hold any records regarding a person without that persons consent. You do not have my consent. You may have my consent to hold only the following explicit information as stated below, and none other information. A copy of this notification alone should acceptably suffice.

                first line of address / postcode : EXEMPT FROM FURTHER CONTACT

If you should ever have any justifiable reason to contact me then you may do so by agreed arrangement of prior written confirmation at the following rates;

                                               Fee Schedule:

                                             £500 per letter elicited
                                            £1000 per appearance, per hour or part thereof
                                                       in legal and/or natural person
                                            £10,000 for my acting on any order

Please be aware that ringing my doorbell constitutes an appearance in person. As a gesture of good will you will not be invoiced for this correspondence dated 6.6.15 despite it being unnecessary re-affirmation of previous correspondence.

Any contact from you which falls outside of the listed fee schedule may initiate legal action under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and/or relevant contemporary equivalent.

Thank you

The Legal Occupier, first line of address

Without ill will, frivolity or vexation.

Friday 5 June 2015

Illuminatii Scrapbook Pt1

Illuminatii Scrapbook pt1

There is sufficient energy to maintain base level continuity, although the components dirge along without much change over time. To change over time requires a catalyst.

We observe this as;
1 movement which elevates the base components toward;
2 peak which re-structures the arrangement of the base level components by giving them form.

A peak is a distilled focus force elevated beyond its energy surge in a particular direction.
To peak and to maintain that peak requires energy being fed into the alignment by the component.
The peak level can be maintained for only so long as the base level components can sufficiently hold that form.
When a peak level drains the components beyond their ability to maintain the stable form of that peak level, the structure crashes.
Observation of this over time has revealed;
3 What catalyses the surge motion? That energy which comes through at a particular time in history, now rather than before or later. It is geophysic governed by solar electromagnetics; the geophysics is metaphoric for spiritual given that we are ourselves bio-electromagnetic organisms which by evolution have achieved access to some degree of higher perception.

We picture the above structure as a pyramid. The base level components on the bottom tier, the structure on the next tier, the foci at the apex.
What we do not very often depict in this is the original surge, a sub-sonic / sub terrain energy flow which comes through and affects the whole. This is item 3. It is a thing we identify with the subconscious (both the individual and collective subconscious) because it is not something we can liminally perceive until after it has begun to make form (2A) and distilled into an apex (2B).

1 the soil, 2A the system / the tree, 2B the peak, 3 the sub-current, 4 the fruit.

The sub-current has tides, the energy surges develop over time. It takes a long time to measure these things, to build up and establish a historic record for comparison so as to be able to determine what this evolutionary energy is and what it is doing. We currently have the benefit of several thousand years of history, both the official records show ‘the winner writes the histories and writes themselves as the good guy role and those they have crushed as the bad guy role’ level of dogma and perversion, along with the natural history which can be established by seeing the whole for what it is.

Tyrants typically do not accept nor study the existence of 3 the sub-current, they see 2B as the ultimate goal rather than a stage of a process while controlling and exploiting both 2A the system and 4 the fruit. Tyrants seek to maintain the peak despite natural progress and at the cost of exploiting the structure supporting them beyond its capacity to be maintained. As they require more energy they leech the structure beyond its ability to sustain. The more energy is leeched from the soil, the more cataclysmic a catalyst is required to re-energise that soil, which can come only from the sub-tide. History repeatedly reveals this lesson. Tyranny is both non-sustainable and loathed.

The terminology used here is as close an accurate proximation I can get at this time in history using the formal language. There is confusion inherent within it which I am aware of. The use of the word ‘sub’ which has two meanings might later lead to confusion. The following is an attempt to alleviate that:

Sub means beneath. I use the word sub-tide to describe a flow of energy akin to geo-energy on a spiritual plane over time, the electromagnetic flow from the sun. I do not use the word sub to mean subordinate. It is actually the driving energy for the whole system yet it was historically vastly beyond our power to do much with other than observe over time and become increasingly aware of (which is why tyrants ignore it). This has now changed because we can now identify this energy in more scientific and spiritual terms than our history which deifies aspects an forms of it. We can attune to it as resonant and harmonic energy spectrum. We can therefore map it, the transition over time is a gradual increase in frequency which manifests as whole cultures.

And more; we can identify very stable, high and balanced frequencies from it which we can ourselves attune to individually and culturally as a natural part of our evolution and as a part of the upshift of a culture. Different cultures in the past have achieved this although many of them have fallen, they come also with an awareness that ‘no form of energy ceases; it transmutes’ and therefore the aware souls transmigrate to wherever they require to be elsewhere in the history. So that despite civilisations coming and going, achieving peaks and declining; the same ones who attune to specific spectrum awaken and continue their paths over many lifetimes.

We are all caught in the flow of the highest frequency individuals whose wake steers our own. We flow spiraling around that focus until we lose enough confusion and become pure enough to join into as one with that flow. When we do so, ego dissolves and we are free to flow faster. At the highest speed, we flow so fast as to break through the barrier we perceive as the fastest edge of time, as light-speed. Once we have become focused enough to join with the surge which can transcend light-speed we enter an entirely different set of physics to that which we are familiar with in the material density. Time=Mass.

The elements of the surge penetrate the barrier of the veil and go elsewhere, into faster dimensions. From here, we call those dimensions the Imaginal Realms. On our approach, mystics call that the Magickal Universe, where the dream and the material worlds overlap and miracles occur which breach conventional paradigms such as sciences and religions. Ultimately the Imaginal Realms are accessible by all dreamers, they exist independently of us once having gathered sufficient energy to become self-sustaining. The more energy they gather, the denser they become and the more solidly they manifest. They become real environments which transmigrant souls can reincarnate into.

Currently humanity is investing a lot of psychic energy into imagining and visualizing some of these imaginal realms as virtual reality environments. Previously these places were accessible to a limited number of dreamers through regular dreamtime. Now, a few of them in various incarnations exist as digital environments. They have come a step closer to being solid worlds - we can already visit them, even those of us who have never studied the shamanic art of dreaming. They are strengthened by the investment of human psychic energy into them from a wider number of individuals, the ‘soil’ level of human energy directed into a focus.

Much of this exploration is non-scientific, because todays sciences have not yet at time of writing achieved a level to verify this in layman’s terms; those few who properly understand holographic universe, quantum mechanics and such, have an overview to the relationship between human psychic energy and the manifestation of worlds in the development of reality. We are an active component in the machine. The machine reinvents itself depending upon the imaginations of its components. There will come a time when we attune raw elements of the perceived space and time around us into a new form; dissolving the world we see and replacing it with something else. By this manner we travel to other dimensions, physically. Although our technology is currently at a stage of development indicating this future, our spiritual level of comprehension of the whole is lacking, our abilities are lacking. They cannot be replaced by reliance on technology, it is that the technology shows us how to achieve the spiritual development. It does not replace the spiritual development. We have time to learn and we know that this natural progress is inevitable, for a few of us who can suspend the disbelief in the reality-model we have been programmed with by others who do not fully understand it. Instinct is everything. No form of energy ceases; it transmutes. Ask yourself, what type of energy are you?

You may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with science fiction?

So much of our energy is invested in diminishing returns. We know that the closest world to our own is uninhabitable. Solar winds destroy any survivable atmosphere before it has a chance to generate, so planting forests on Mars will be redundant. Space becomes more hostile the further away we get from beloved Earth. The colonists will be robots sending resources back to us, and some genetically adapted life-forms, squids with human brains in robot suits as depicted by the Daleks of Dr Who are better suited to space travel than are the human form perfected for living on Earth. It is faster and more cost effective to engineer a culture on Earth which develop spiritually enough to be able to transmigrate to the Dreamworlds, than it is to send us to another desolate rock in a tin can. This is a factor which for many is a sad truth, and for many is a load of baloney because they are not yet ready to assimilate the profound level of spiritual information available to us, much less personally develop. Hence the necessity for a designer culture which is itself a focus group. There are archeological ruins all over this planet revealing evidence of historic groups who achieved just that. Many of the stone-carvings left by the Jaguar priests, a global spanning archaic secret society  (egypt, aztec, cambodia, china, tibet, india etc) show precisely that while cultures of oral tradition and wood-craft (celts, american indians, countless others).

There will come a time when your immortal soul will recall its past-life origins as a singularity. It might not be in this lifetime. Until you can embrace this cosmology and integrate its teachings, life will make less sense to you. What is being done to planet Earth, the spiritualization through technology of a promising species. Many of our ancestors have already made the Leap and are guiding us there.

The next installation of this transmission will focus on the culture of Telempathic Communication with those living elsewhere along our timeline.

First Published in Bright Metallic magazine

Thursday 4 June 2015



A spaced out guy on heroin asked me today to do him a big favour. Then he stared at me and said a name; “Martin”. I walked away because I want nothing to do with heroin addicts at all. I have never taken heroin myself and never intend to; as a counselor I have known them and decided that once a person takes heroin, they are written off. It is the only way to survive them.

A few hours later and I recall my friend in the last years of junior school. The teachers put us in groups in the assembly hall to do an experiment, posing our groups as politicians persuading the school to vote for us. We offered free sweets as well as free education, better food and longer playtimes, which was what the teachers were promoting by way of their expectations. Prompts earlier in the day had gotten us on track with this aptitude test.

As a child I was highly psychic, I could see clearly what the expectencies were, because they were goading us but it went further, I could pick words up out of their minds and when I spoke these words back to them, energy flowed successfully. I  had observed this so much that I came to crucial point where I had next to learn what happens when the energy ceases flowing, to experience what life is like for most people who do not have the ability which my bloodline is known to - experimenting with the experimenters.

The spirits were guiding me and had explained that this was what was happening by the same method as the living teachers, who were basically organic robots because I found them easy to coerce into rewarding me with energy attention, the type of energy attention summarised by the word fondness toward me for playing their game almost mystically. It made them glow inside, a feel good response. And I was supposed to extend this outward to my peer group. Usually I did this naturally. At this time something subvert was sliding in and making me step aside from myself, perhaps the beginning of a split mind. A lot was going on in my mental development at that time, all of it ignored by the adults because they were too busy educating me, which I believe is another level of the mind splitting between natural response and programmed mental calculus.

There was a choice between Martin and myself which of us needed most to be the spokesperson, who would be better at it. The group feeling was that I should, but Martin also wanted to. So ultimately the decision was down to me and I was hesitating so Martin spoke up first. I was hesitating only because he was my friend and although at the time I had more confidence, I could see that he needed the popularity and confidence from winning this one more than I did myself; even though it would have helped me to grow also, I could feel that by my growing so much from this one exercise I would be at a league above my group of friends friends and would have to leave them behind in my development. So I chose to remain in the sideline and be the encouragement. Thirty years later and I can see it was a kind hearted mistake, that the best intentions are not always for the best and sometimes selfishness rather than selflessness is the right thing to do.

Most of the talk we our group were giving was points which I had raised as our suggestions or put the thoughts into the other kids minds so they could raise them as their own suggestions. All of which was conducive to the flow which was shaping up to be the right shape, the teacher emotionally and mentally fulfilled that we were ticking the right boxes because everyone was having a say and because what we were saying conformed to the shape of the exercise so perfectly.

I was aware that we were top group already we were far ahead of the other groups in our points to be raised, to the extent that spies from the other groups were listening to us and copying our decisions. The teachers were observing all of this and letting them do it, hurrying us up to finish on time whenever we were distracted by the other groups stealing our ideas instead of telling the other groups to come up with their own ideas.

When the time came to speak in front of the whole school, Martin mentioned about yada yada policies plus free sweets as an extra enticement. This was something we had added at the very last minute before Martin had been placed on the podium. It was interesting to note that the entire school were bored up until the point of free sweets being mentioned and then everyone gave us a lot of energy attention. I watched this like wind blowing over cornfields.

And then some bastard teacher from another group asked; would we also provide dental care for the damage our sweets were doing to everyones teeth? I felt our group taken aback because we had not discussed this. I knew the right thing to say would be that these are healthy sweets, no sugar in them, that they are fruit sweets and good for health. I could see Martin was not too savvy enough to go that far in his thinking, stumble. He thought about it and then decided that we were dealing with the big bad no here, and the concept of healthy sweets would be laughed at. None of us wanted to be laughed at. I tried to give him extra power to do the right thing, to feel that extra confidence that he could pull it off. He looked directly into the eyes of the teacher who had asked the question, the source of the big bad no, and he folded.

The whole room derailed from the positive attention-track of do-the-right-thing, mention healthy sweets; it was too complicated a response and the pressure was mounting fast. Suddenly the power of that sway went over to answering the question directly as a yes or no answer because that is the most which most of the people there were capable of thinking about at that precise moment. All of the teachers looking at the clock and thinking ‘answer yes or no, hurry up about it!’.

I was in Martin's head while he did his thought process of; ‘yes’ would be the right answer but we did not discuss that in the group and because we did not discuss that I cannot speak for the whole of the group without asking their advice first, also then the next question will be about how can we pay for that additional costs and I don’t know the answer for that either - so positive by emotion but mentally no because this is a mental exercise. Everyone in our group was panicking and it amplified between us, came into a peak in Martin's mind.

All of that thought wave or rather feeling out for the right path went through him while verbally Martin said “yer, yuh, yeah-rur - ah, no”. And everyone in the room groaned and I slapped my face into my palm which in retrospect did more damage to him than I had intended. But it was okay because a year later he became the boss character in our group because he was games-master in our dungeons and dragons sessions (it was advanced fighting fantasy the british version of D and D), so we gave him the importance he needed to feel. I could see all this in perspective at the time it was happening. 

And then the next group repeated exactly what we had said. word for word - and added on top that they would also provide free dental care for the free sweets. They were not asked by the teacher about funding for that because the teacher was too busy cheering them on. And of course their group were voted in by the collective programmed consciousness of the entire school. Everyone hated us because the other groups teacher kept reminding the whole school that we were the group of kids who wanted to rot everyones teeth. Why that teacher was permitted to be a part of the rival team while no teachers were a part of our team I cannot answer.

I felt guilty because I should have shouted out ‘yes’ while Martin was dithering but by then I had been told to be quiet and the teacher on our team was using body language, leaned forward and used her hand to ward me down by lingering it over me and pressing down on the air, to prevent me from interrupting the discourse. It annoyed me then as much as it annoys me now as a memory.

This pattern has stuck with me throughout my whole life and today a heroin addict who was sitting on the street while I took pictures of a seagull ripping up a dead pigeon to eat, opened this memory up. By sharing it here I am sincerely hoping to do four things; heal myself, heal Martin, heal the heroin addict, and heal anyone else from making the same mistake. The lesson is;

speak up for what is right 

even (and especially) if people are trying to manipulate you or pressure you into being silent.

Speak up for what is right because the butterfly effect ripples out and prevents people from turning to heroin. Staying quiet causes people to say no when they mean yes, causes mistakes to happen which over time and the decades become bigger mistakes because we did not put in enough positivity to cause the world to be better.

The group of kids who won that debate were the bully kids who went on to beat up on the brainy kids. They really did not deserve to win it. The teachers were out of touch with the way energy flow works. Adults have forgotten and have detached from how kids experience the world where they can feel the energy flowing and know the right thing to do but between that and talking in taught words, being educated; the connection turns into the opposite of what it should naturally have been.

We mourn humanity being detached from nature as a cause for the worlds ills and this memoir is precisely a lesson in how that process happens. Pressure and domination even so simply as a hand gesture, pressuring people to speak before they have thought things through or connected with their instincts and emotions to make a holistically sound decision, because the political games are a world away from doing the right thing.

The adults do not know harmony because they have no connection with it and it is so difficult to detox ourselves to return to that state of being. We are persecuted for being there in that state by the heartless controllers who are not, it happens so often that most of us give up and become like them simply to survive living amongst them. We forget that the friends around us are a part of us too and that our energies never stop; they only change and return to us later. We need to tend for those energies, take good care of them by letting them grow, nurturing them.

This is a true story, especially the supernatural bits.