Monday 16 January 2023


There is a prelude to be inserted here when I find it. 

Brainstorming directly into Twitter is not always the best way to operate. 

Astrologer told me today not to give away all my secrets which reminded me to justify myself to the general public by doing the job properly because its worth doing at all. 

I wrote abstracts and require to elucidate. 

We are leaving the Age of Pisces and going into the Age of Aquarius. 

Out of the Water into the Air.  * 

Symbolically thats a big breakthrough. 

Remember we evolved from fish and left the oceans. 

This is my understanding of Pisces: 

Symbolised by two fish moving in a circle. 

Are they chasing each other or leading each other? 

There is a nexus point in the centre. 

Before Singularity, Distillation. 

After Singularity, Expansion.

Once this pulsation pattern has been established it repeats. 

It also overlaps that the widest polarisation contains a central axis point, its dynamic opposite. 

This creates three points, a triangle. 

However because this occurs both with the focal Singularity nexus point and at the widest polarisation, there are two active triangles connecting at the singularity. The two fish. 

Therefore the symbol of two triangles overlaid and a Solomons Seal is relevant to Pisces. 

Pisces is Yin&Yang but it is 4th dimensional. Rhythmic. Vibrational. 

We see also the two fish are swimming around a central point. 

It represents Shoal in the minimal number required for a group; 

a partnership of two are able to function multidimensionally.

This indicates a vortex energy. 

The basic 2D symbol is a gate, in motion. 

The 3D symbol is a vortex energy. 

&so on. 

*  Some people claim:

We are leaving the age of Reason and going into the age of Empathy. 

Out of the Air and into the Water.  

Age of Reason was 17th - 19th Century. 

Age of Industry (resulted from Reason) 20th-21st century. (metal, electricity, petrol, plastic)