Monday 5 March 2018

Bad Apple

Rotten Apple

1 person is so crap at their job they should not be doing it
2 person abuses position of authority by abusing clients
3 person who was abused makes formal complaint

4 person is fired and replaced by someone else who at least cant be worse and probably is better


Criminal Society:
5 abusive person lies to cover their ass and accuses abused complainer of harassment and threats of violence
6 abusive person is protected and defended by colleagues and employer
7 abused complainer is criminalized as result
8 protectors of abuser are by default an abuse network
9 incrimination of department as abuse network due to abuse of authority by abusive member of that department
10 protectors of that department are extension of abuse network and are therefore the abuse network

Paradigm 5 through 10 has been my experience of dealing with entrenched non-humanitarian state mentality
every. step. of. the. way.
It induces trauma. I am not personally responsible for the actions of other people ergo they are culpable of harassment, prejudice and bullying.


Telephone Conversation One
1 Secretary: "Put that in writing for the boss and drop it in."

At The Office One
2 Secretary: "Can not accept that letter, boss is not here."

At The Office Two
3 Secretary: "Cannot accept that letter today either, boss is still not here. Come back later."  (continues see Part Two)

Telephone Conversation Two
4 Client: "I need to contact your boss. How can I do that?"
5 Secretary: "Write a letter to the boss and drop it in."

Telephone Conversation Three
6 Client: "What is the name of the secretary I spoke with today please?"
7 Secretary: "There are two of us here which one of us do you mean?"
8 Client: "If I knew that I would not be asking the name of the person I spoke with today, would I?"
9 Secretary: "One moment please."
10 Secretary Two: "Her name is Karen."
11 Client: "Thank you very much."

Secretary Part Two

Secretary: "I told you Monday."
Client: "Something has come up, I can't..." *
Secretary (interrupting): "No not Monday."
* unspoken words " Monday its my grandfathers funeral."
Client: (reeling from being told "Monday No not Monday" and at the same time being interrupted to break flow of thought in normal conversational etiquette: this is an interrogation strategy designed to confuse people (it 'creates mental impairment' is the technical term) and is illegal in Britain for authorities to use this technique because it is recognized as inhumane, despite which it occurs anyway).
Client: "When then?"
Secretary: "Its no good turning up here expecting your letter to be accepted. It doesn't work that way. You need an appointment."
Client: "I had an appointment yesterday and you told me to come back Monday because the boss was not here. I can't do Monday because something has come up which is why I am here now. Why will you not accept the letter, put it on the desk or in a pigeon-hole or in-tray or through the bosses door?"
Secretary: "Today is for emergencies only."
Client: "I am sorry you are having a bad day. I hope it gets better."

Secretary Part Three

I watch my stress levels rise and reduce in the same way a characters energy bar goes up and down in a video game or the gas pressure meter on my gas boiler has red and green zones or the speedometer on a car says too slow just right too fast.


The content of the letter is this:

The DWP are requiring my Doctors Notes which say I am stress-based-mental-illness or they will stop my benefits. As your records show, as has been verified by multiple doctors in your surgery, the condition is getting worse. Please print a copy of my medical records for me to give to the DWP.

Telephone Conversation Three
12 Client: "Please can you explain precisely what is meant by your use of the word 'emergency?"
13 Secretary: "requiring urgent medical assistance."
14 Client: "Thank you. I shall remember to ensure that if anything bad happens it will happen on a Friday."

That's not as stupid as it sounds - I cut my wrists last month when the DWP told me they had failed my interview because I was able to walk. It is the best stress release I have experienced for years. I was not suicidal before then. Suffering from cPTSD yes and allegedly schizotypal disorder according to them, but not suicidal.

The root cause of my mental health disorder is threefold:
-Lack of sex with non-abusive sex partner. Freud has merit.
-History of being abused.
-Dealing with the mentality of system workers and the system which employs them, which is a clockwork in which none of the cogs fit.

I cannot apparently do anything to fix any of those issues legally.